My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 4: White Wolf

Cy’s Point of View

“Who are you?” He asks, his voice filled with innocence.

Who is he talking to?

“I am a werewolf.” A female voice answers. It’s the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Leo howls. What’s really wrong with him! I try to speak to him but he blocks me.

“What’s your name little one?” The female voice asks. That voice is angelic. I can listen to it all day.

“I am Miles. What’s your name?”

“I am June.” That voice answers and Miles giggles. I can’t help but smile. But I am confused on the source of my smile. I can’t decide whether the smile is from Miles’ little introduction or that I got to know the name of the owner of that sweet voice.


Leo purrs. Something is really wrong with him. I have never seen him act like this. He is more active today compared to other days. Usually, he is just sitting back and observing things and making some sarcastic comments occasionally. But today seems different.

She giggles too and I can’t help but wonder who she really is. She is not from this pack and I am very sure of that. She does not even smell like rouges. But whoever she is, she is trespassing and I have to make sure that she knows it. I continue to follow the direction from which their voices were coming.

Suddenly, I hear a loud growl followed by Miles screaming. I start running instantly panicking about Miles’ safety. Finally, I spot Miles lying on the ground, crying. I pick him up and calm him down.

“Are you hurt?” I ask him. He shakes his head, wiping his tears. I can’t help but sniff Miles. He smells like June. She must have picked him up.

“What happened?”

“I saw a white wolf. She was a white wolf. She saved me.” He says sobbing. I freeze at his words. White wolf does not exist. They used to exist but they have become extinct a long time ago. White wolves are said to be a special creation of moon goddess. They are blessed with immense power. Their blood can heal anyone and their heart can make anyone immortal. Due to these traits, people used to hunt them down and now there are none. I haven’t seen one myself. Today, white wolves exist in books only.

“White wolves don’t exist Miles.”

“But I saw one. She is a white wolf.”

It’s considered lucky to see a white wolf. Miles is lucky if he really saw one.

“Who?” I ask guessing the answer to my question.

“June.” I freeze. Was it the only reason that I was feeling that way and Leo was acting like that to her smell?


I can’t help but wonder who she really was.

“Let’s go home.” I declare as I sniff her scent on Miles. It calms and excites me oddly at the same time. It’s nothing I have ever smelt. I can sniff it all day, it’s addictive. It saddens me somewhere knowing that I didn’t get to see who this June was and also, that sometime later the scent from Miles will fade away.



“Don’t tell anyone what happened here. Okay?”



I can’t sleep and it’s common. I toss around the bed trying to find the softest portion of the bed which can comfort me and help me sleep. But I fail. I sit up and take deep breaths thinking about sleep but I don’t feel sleepy. I am tired as hell but I am not feeling sleepy. I groan.

’Let’s go for a run.′ Leo says.

‘Okay’. I answer him back remembering that it’s been long since I have let him out. I get out of my house and make my way towards the woods. It’s night and there’s no one around. I turn into my black wolf and start running into the woods.

Leo howls with joy. I internally shake my head. After some moments we are in the same place where Miles and I came this afternoon. Leo starts sniffing around.

’What are you doing Leo?′ I ask. I think I know his answer already.

’Finding that smell.′

’What! Are you serious?′ I ask. He is behaving really odd after the afternoon’s incident.

’Don’t talk to me like that. I know that you too want to know who she is but you are not admitting it.′ He says and I mentally face-palm myself.

Yup, he has got me this time.

’Do whatever you want to do.′ I say and sit back as I watch Leo sniff around. Leo is very curious about this and to be honest, so am I. This time I can trace the smell and follow it, unlike last time. Last time I wanted to follow the scent badly but then I had to look after Miles. Now I am totally free to follow it.

’I told ya.′


Finally, Leo finds the scent. It’s very faint now but it’s enough for him. We follow it to our territory’s border. At the territory border, it’s strong which means she has been here recently.

But why?

Leo becomes restless. He sniffs more and follows the scent which now leads us outside our territory. There I find one more scent. It is a manly scent.

I don’t know why but I feel jealous and Leo growls.

Something is wrong.

Suddenly, I hear a growl from behind. I turn around to see a brown wolf and instantly realize that the manly scent belongs to him. Even though this place is not marked as our territorial land but still I can charge him for being soo close to our territory without our permission.

’Alpha Calix.′ I mindlink Calix.

‘Yes.’ He answers.

’We have a trespasser.'


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