My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 5: The Night Walker Pack

Cy’s Point of View

“From which pack do you belong?” I inquire the werewolf in front of me. Right now I am in our pack prison, interrogating the wolf I caught just outside our territory border. He better has a good reason to be this close to our pack without our permission. But either way, we will execute him. The wolf in front of me groans in pain. He is tied with silver which is burning his skin and the wolfs-bane is not helping him heal.

Good for him.

“Night Walker.” He manages to utter those two words. I growl at him for this. He does not deserve to be alive if he belongs from that pack.

Night Walkers are considered the most malicious pack in the world. They are our(werewolves’) version of the underworld. They are dangerous and they have destroyed many packs. They kill for joy and ’we destroy’ is their only motto. My pack, The Red Moon is their biggest enemy. They have caused a lot of harm to our pack in the past and fought many battles with us to get our land and every time we won but still, those dumb heads won’t stop attacking us.

“Why were you here?” I ask punching him to keep him from slipping into unconsciousness. His face is decorated with blood and wounds.

“I was just passing.” He answers and I growl at him. There’s no way that being from the Night Walkers, he was just passing by. I know well that he was here to cause some damage.

“You happen to be a member of Night Walker pack and you were just passing so closely by the border of Red Moon pack? Not a coincidence.” I punch him once more and this time I hear crunching of bones before I see more blood come out from his nose and mouth. I assume I have done some serious damage to his cheekbones.

“What is your rank?” I ask. He better not be a warrior or I will kill him right away. He groans in pain and I cannot help but feel satisfied. These bastards should be treated this way only. They deserve the pain. They have killed innocents.

“I am a spy.” I punch him harder this time as his blood makes my blood boil. So he was here to gather information about our pack.

I will kill him.

“What information did you collect about our pack?” I ask clutching his jaw and making him look me in the eye. I will make him spill every secret. I hope that he hasn’t got the chance to pass whatever information he has gathered about my pack to his bloody one. If I could get a chance then I will burn down his whole pack.

I see his eyes roll back signaling that he has slipped into unconsciousness. I will not kill him now. I will kill him after I have got to know what I want to know from him and if he takes forever to tell me then I will make him suffer forever.


“He is a spy.” I declare as I take a seat in Alpha Calix’s office. My words were enough to get his attention. I can see the anger on his face and I am sure if he were interrogating that wolf then that bloody wolf would have been dead now.

“Who seems to be just passing by.” I add. He lets out a small laugh.

“Even if he is speaking the truth, I will kill him.” Calix says. I nod.


I am extremely tired but I am not feeling sleepy at all. I grow more tired when I use fire. It drains my energy and puts a lot of train on Leo. That’s why I try to use it to the minimum extent. Yesterday morning I used it on some rouges. And since I haven’t got any rest since yesterday, I am feeling totally drained right now. I will faint if I use it once more. I think it will be better then. At least I will get to sleep... or be unconscious or just get any chance to escape my reality because it hurts. It hurts really bad now.

It’s been three years since I have given up but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what would have happened had I not given up. What if I really found her had I waited a little longer? I don’t know. I don’t want to know. Okay, I pretend that I don’t want to know but I really want to know what would have happened if I waited longer. But I know that in the end, I will get hurt.

It will always hurt.

It’s afternoon and I am in my office doing some paperwork related to our pack’s business.

“Cy, Cy... look!” Miles comes running in my office with a book in his hand. My lips curl into a smile seeing him. Here comes my happiness. My cure for loneliness. But he won’t be with me always. Someday he will leave and I will be on my own.

“What?” I ask. He jumps into my lap and I let out a small laugh. He opens the book in his hand and points to a picture. It takes me some moments to realize that it’s a picture of a white wolf.

“A white wolf.” He answers. I nod.



“You didn’t tell anyone about the white wolf, did you?” I ask.


“Good.” I say. I can’t help but replay the whole incident in my head. I think about that scent. This morning I went after the scent and ended up catching the spy. It’s so addicting, I can’t help but think about it.

I want to know who she really was because of two reasons. First, how did she manage to get into the territory unnoticed and second, why her scent was affecting me like that and if she is really a white wolf and what pack does she belong to? Is she my ma...

Okay, that’s more than two things but I am eager to find out. Every time I try to go after it, something always comes my way. This time, I have to find out.

I will find out.



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