My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 6: Attack

Cy’s Point of View

It’s evening and I am at my house, reading. But things don’t feel right. Leo is behaving oddly. He is pacing in my head and saying stuff I don’t understand. I try to communicate with him but he is shutting me down every single time.

‘Leo’. I call but he doesn’t answer me.

‘LEO.’ I shout at him and finally, he stops pacing and grows at me.

‘What’s wrong with you?’

’Something’s wrong. He answers and blocks me.

I try to ask him for more information but he did not listen to me. Sometimes, I think of beating the shit out of him but then it will be self-harm. He smirks at my thoughts and goes back to pacing.

If he is saying something is wrong then something is actually wrong. Call it instinct or whatever but when your wolf is behaving this way, then something must be wrong. I decide to go and check around. As I close my book and place it on the nearby nightstand, my doorbell rings signaling someone’s arrival. I freeze. Who could be visiting me? I have very few visitors...okay only Miles visits me but he can’t ring the doorbell. He isn’t that tall to reach the doorbell. Usually, he calls my name from my porch and I open the door for him. If it’s not Miles then it must be an adult. I exit my bedroom and climb-down the stairs carefully. I don’t know why but right now opening a door seems a dangerous task to me, thanks to Leo’s warning.

As I near the door, I calculate the possibilities of having a rouge on my doorstep, waiting patiently for me to open the door before it attacks. Please note the sarcasm.

I open the door and sigh in relief as I find Luna Aphrodite standing there with a hand on her swollen tummy and a worried expression on her face.

“Is Miles with you?” She asks. She looks very worried.

“No. Why?”

“I can’t find him anywhere.”

“He must be in the playhouse playing with other pups.” I try to calm her down but she shakes her head and her expression becomes more troubled.

“I searched him everywhere. He is nowhere.” She answers. I panic wondering if this was what Leo was trying to refer to.

“Okay, I will find him.” I say and leave my house. I search all the places where he could be but I can’t find him.

Calix is not in the pack. He has gone to a nearby park for a meeting. For a moment, I think of telling him but if I do, he will come running straightaway and that meeting is too important. It’s the Annual Alpha Meet where Alpha’s from all over the world meet at a place and discuss their strategies for running their packs efficiently. I can’t tell him. I am his second in command, which means that I am responsible for the pack in his absence. And Right now being the Beta, I am the in charge and I’ve to find Miles as soon as possible.

My wolf becomes more restless by every passing minute. He is going mad. I run my hand through my hair and take several deep breaths to calm us down but it is not working.

Where is he?

Finally, I go to the pack warriors and tell them to create search parties and search for Miles. Miles has not disappeared like this before and his disappearance is nothing but scaring. I mean if any pup in our pack disappears then we will be in the same state as we are now but things are little different for Miles. Since he is the next Alpha, our enemies will target him, they will try to eliminate him in his weak state. This way they can hamper the Alpha’s bloodline.

Soon the whole pack knows that Miles is missing and everyone is searching for him. It’s all chaos. Suddenly, I hear some wolves howl in the distance.

’Beta Cy, we are being attacked.′ One of the border patrollers mind-links me.


This can’t be happening, not now when our future Alpha has disappeared and our current Alpha is not here. My whole pack is in chaos. Everyone is trying to find Miles. I don’t know what to do in this situation. I can’t decide.

Should I find Miles first or should I go and handle the attack? If I ignore the first option then there are high chances of Miles getting hurt in the attack. Most probably the attackers will be looking for Miles and we don’t know where the hell he is ourselves. I have to find Miles and deal with the attackers simultaneously.

I divide the warriors into two groups. One will be finding Miles while the other will be fighting the attackers with me. I instruct my warriors to get ready for the attack and instruct the border patrollers to keep fighting the attackers while I get the situation inside the pack under control.

’We are being attacked. Everyone take shelter.′ I mind-link everyone in the pack at once. Women and children are sent to shelter while the other men in the pack get ready to fight along the warriors. I feel my stomach twitch and Leo grows impatient inside my head. He is going all mad. He wants to get out.

Something bad is happening...

Soon, I smell blood. They are in. They have entered our pack. I clench and un-clench my fists. Suddenly, something clicked and I realize that this is all planned. The attack. It happened when Alpha Calix is not in the pack and when Miles is missing. I hope Miles does not fall in their hands first. They will kill him. NO! My warriors have to find Miles before they can get their bloody hand on him.

I reach the clearing with my group of warriors and take our fighting positions. Things are going to get bloody now. Everyone is ready. I feel my adrenaline course through my veins along with blood.

It’s a war.

First, their smell reaches our nose. They are not rouges. They are from another pack and as far as I can guess they are Night Walkers. I feel rage flowing through my veins. Leo is praying me to let him out so that he can spill some blood. I will kill every one of them. I will reduce them to ashes. I will teach them a good lesson this time.

They are near. Soon, I see several wolves coming out in the clearing from the woods. Most of them are covered in blood and all of them look to be warriors. Surprisingly, they don’t attack right away. They growl at us, showing off their sharp canines decorated with blood. Several moments pass away but they do not attack. Everyone is still. They seem to be waiting for a command.

But whose?

Suddenly, that sweet scent hits my nose...


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