My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 7: Her

Cy’s Point of View

They growl at us, showing off their sharp canines decorated with blood. Several moments pass away but they do not attack. Everyone is still. They seem to be waiting for a command.

But whose?

Suddenly, that sweet scent hits my nose. Every muscle in my body stiffens. Leo wants to be let out more than ever and follow the scent. It calms me. It excites me. Heck, I can’t decide. My heart beats go faster, my mouth goes dry. I take deep breaths and that sweet scent fills my mouth making me want more of it. I am restless. I don’t know why I am feeling this. My warriors look at me for command but I myself don’t know what to do. I don’t even know what’s happening.

There’s a heaviness in the air. I can feel it. I feel so conscious about my surrounding. The direction of the wind, the rustling of the leaves, the breaths of my warriors, the ground under my feet and the fact that all the birds are silent as if they are holding their breaths imagining the things that are going to take place. Nothing seems oblivious. The scent becomes stronger.

She is around.

It’s pin drop silence. But soon I hear Miles giggle. His voice is coming from the direction of those bloody wolves. I panic. I see the attackers part a little space in between them and she steps out holding Miles.


’Mate.′ Leo howls.

Everything goes blur. It’s just me and her.

Ten years and here you are. I looked for you in all the places I could imagine but here you are. You did not appear then but you decided to walk right to me when I have given up. You came when I least expected you.

How wonderful is that?

She looks up and her eyes fall right on me. She seems surprised to see me but soon it is replaced by coldness. I can’t help but drink in her appearance. She is a brunette and has beautiful blue eyes. Her blue eyes compliment her pale skin and her hair makes all her features stand out. I want to run my hands through that hair. Her lips are bow shaped and a beautiful shade of red. Everything about her is natural. Heck, she is beautiful. She is slightly tall for an average she-wolves which is perfect since I am taller than the average male wolves. In one word she is perfect... but...

She is my enemy.

My mate is my enemy...

Does it matter? I don’t know. I fight back the urge to say the word Mate out loud. I can’t let anyone know that she is my mate, nah, not until I figure out if we will accept each other. But looking at her, I can’t think of rejecting her. Not when I have waited this long. But will she accept me? I want to do nothing but claim her as mine. Seeing her holding Miles is making me imagine as if she is holding my pup.

I want her... don’t I?

“Miles.” I breathe, my eyes never leaving her. He looks at me and smiles.

“Cy.” He answers me. Now she knows my name. But what surprises me that he made no attempt to leave her and come to me. Usually, if he sees me then he comes running to me right away. Interesting. But I can’t help but worry because she is my enemy after all and she can harm him easily. Miles is important to me and her... she is important to me too but... Miles is more important, isn’t he? He is the next Alpha and it’s my sole duty to protect him until he is able to protect himself. And she is my mate who belongs to an enemy pack.

My mind is screaming Miles but Leo is screaming Mate. Funny how both the words start with the letter M and how they are making me go crazy. But at this point, my logical mind reminds me of my priority and my priority is Miles.

“Miles come to me.” I demand. He looks at my mate and smiles. What’s wrong with him? I have taught him several times not to mingle with the people who are not from our pack but he doesn’t listen. He is a smart kid but where is his smartness when he needs it! Can’t he see the situation we are in?

“Miles come to me.” I say once more but he does not make an attempt to leave her. She smirks, I can’t help but admire her perfectly sculpted lips, the angle at which they are slightly turned up. They are inviting. I can’t help but wonder how they will feel against my lips. After some moments of silence, she speaks.

“You have one of my men. I want him back.” I recognize her voice from yesterday. Her tone is serious and it says that she means business. Her tone hints authority and she seems to be someone of higher rank. If she is refereeing to the spy that I caught this morning then she definitely belongs to the Night Walkers.

She seems unaffected by me. I look her directly in her eyes. They seem cold for now. She is unaffected by me. Doesn’t she want me? I already feel the mate pull. Is she feeling that too? I decide to play tough. I have my warriors watching me and I can’t let them know what she means to me.

“He is not going back.” I declare crossing my arms on my chest. She smirks and looks down at Miles who is staring at her in awe.

“He is cute.” She says and looks up. The smirk is still there on her lips. I fvcking want to kiss them. It is taking all the self-control in me not to say that four letter word out loud. Mine. Her eyes go foggy. She is mind-linking someone.

“I am taking Miles then.” She says and looks down at Miles in her arms. A growl escapes my lips. She looks up. If I wouldn’t be watching enough then I would have missed that hint of hurt in her eyes but soon it is replaced my amusement. My heart already aches thinking of her being away from me.

“No.” I say with my gritted teeth.

“Yes.” She says, turning around. I let out a loud growl. She turns her head back slightly and gives me a cocky smile. Her smile said ’catch me if you can’.


She is taking Miles away... she is going away. I won’t let this happen. And before I could do anything else, she starts running.


You are not going away.

Not away from me.


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