The Quest for The Angel

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A young angel named Golden Cloud is always late, even to her best friend’s goddess ceremony! Things get ugly when a trio of boys attempts to attack the junior goddess right before she can be granted her new title! Despite not succeeding the first time, the trio is determined to get some angel feathers! Will their quest be successful? Or will the boys make a fool out of themselves while trying?

Fantasy / Humor
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The Quest for The Angel

A young angel with golden curls sits alone in a meadow. It is a beautiful day and the sky is very clear. However, something tells this young angel that she may be forgetting something very important. A wind blows and ruffles her hair.

“Wind! I nearly forgot!” the angel cries out, rising to her feet.

Within an instant, the angel, whom is known as Golden Cloud, flies into the air with her magnificent white wings. She checks her bag and finds a golden harp resting inside. This harp is very important for the job she is supposed to be doing.

“I’m on my way!” Golden Cloud cries out as she soars through the skies.

Little does Golden Cloud know, just below her is a neighborhood that is home to three nasty boys. Their names are Henry, Steve, and Peter. They see her, but she does not.

“Steve! Steve! Come quick!” Henry cries out.

Steve gets up from his couch and runs to the window Henry is staring out of.

“What on earth has gotten into you this time, Henry?!” Steve asks, crossing his arms.

“An angel!” Henry cries out.

“Whoa! Really?!” Peter asks, eating a few chocolates from his secret stash.

“Where did it go?!” Steve asks.

“I suppose it went to the woods to this one place... Umm... I’ve heard rumors that angels go there often,” Henry says, “She was gorgeous! Come! Let’s find her!”

Before Steve can say anything more, Henry charges out the door. Peter is next to leave the house and Steve follows close behind...

After traveling through the woods for some time, Henry becomes more and more excited.

“We’re nearly there, boss!” Henry cries out.

“Shush! If you’re correct and they are there, you’ll scare them off!” Steve yells back.

“I’m so excited, though!” Henry whines.

Peter is carrying his secret chocolate stash with him in a beat up old lunch box. Steve notices this and reaches his hand out, putting it through a hole in the side of the lunch box.

“Stop! What are you doing?!” Peter whines.

“Getting some chocolates, I am the boss after all!” Steve says.

“I don’t have any chocolates!” Peter whines.

“Yes, you do! I saw you eat one earlier!” Steve says.

As he grabs a chocolate inside the lunch box, a sharp nail digs into his skin.

“Ouch!” Steve yelps.

Peter giggles as he watches his boss remove his injured hand. Not only is the lunch box beat up with a hole in the side, there are nails punched through the lid. Just as Steve is about to yell at Peter and Henry for laughing, a commotion arises in the clearing just up ahead.

“Angels, play your trumpets! I present to you... Wind! Goddess of wind!” a female’s voice cries out.

Trumpets play a pretty tune and then all falls silent. Steve, Henry, and Peter peer through the bushes to see what is going on. A tall lady with long blonde hair and slightly dingy wings is standing surrounded by a bunch of small angels with trumpets.

“Now... Where is the angel with the golden harp?” Wind asks her angels.

Right as she says this, Golden Cloud drops in from above, landing perfectly where she should have been.

“Cloudy! There you are!” Wind says cheerfully.

“There she is!” Henry hisses.

Steve hits Henry over the head.

“Oof!” Henry grunts.

Golden Cloud bows before the Wind.

“I am so, so very sorry for being late...” Golden Cloud whispers.

“It’s okay... You are here now... Play the song...” Wind says, gently lifting the little angel to her feet.

Golden Cloud raises her harp into playing position and gets ready to strum the first note.

“NOW!” Steve cries out.

Steve, Henry, and Peter burst out of the bushes and rush towards Golden Cloud. Most of the angels fly away as soon as they can and Wind looks around, panicking.

“CALL THE GUARD DOG!” Wind commands, ducking as Henry tries to punch her in the face. He misses.

Golden Cloud narrowly avoids getting captured by kicking Steve in the face. One of the trumpeters whistles loudly and a large canine appears out of thin air. The snarling black furred beast charges at the humans and chases them off.

“Cloudy!” Wind calls out when the humans are gone.

“Yes, Wind...?” Golden Cloud asks, gulping nervously.

“Are you injured...?” Wind asks.

“I don’t think so... Are you?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Just a bit emotionally... The ceremony is ruined. We’ll have to try again tomorrow,” Wind says.

Golden Cloud flicks her right wing, noticing that it feels slightly different.

“I... I think I lost a feather...” Golden Cloud says.

“Never mind, let’s go back to the clouds,” Wind says.

The large canine comes clumsily back to Wind, clearly upset at not getting to capture the threats.

“You’re a good boy...” Wind says.

The canine smiles and they all teleport back to the sky.


Henry, Steve, and Peter have made it back to their neighborhood and are hanging out in Steve’s house at 9191 Arch Way.

“Steve! You’ll never guess what I got!” Henry says, grinning from ear to ear.

“I don’t want to know. Ugh! That plan completely failed! None of us grabbed the angel!” Steve says, covering his eyes. He is in pain because he got attacked by the guard dog.

Peter eats a bit more chocolate while sitting on a coffee table. As soon as Steve uncovers his eyes and looks over there, Peter pretends not to have any chocolate.

“Hey, Peter, do you care to know about what I got?” Henry asks.

“Yeah! What is it?!” Peter asks.

When he smiles, it is quite obvious that there is chocolate stuck between his teeth. Steve scowls at him, but he ignores it. When Henry opens his hand, Steve suddenly has his attention shifted from the mysterious chocolate stash to the object being held. Within Henry’s palm is a small pure white object that appears to be radiating brilliant light.

“Is that...?!” Steve asks, gasping.

“Thought you didn’t care!” Henry says.

“AN ANGEL FEATHER?! Oh, Henry! You aren’t as useless as I thought!” Steve says, hugging Henry tightly.

The little white feather drifts out of Henry’s hand and Peter quickly snatches it up.

“Cute!” Peter says.


The excitement rises as a whole new idea comes to Steve’s mind.

“Surely the angels will return to their meadow... We must get more of these... If a single feather is worth thousands, we could become millionaires, no... Quadrillionaires! We just need to take the wings off of that gorgeous golden haired angel!” Steve says.

“Won’t that kill her...?” Peter asks.

Steve shoots a sour look at Peter.

“Peter... There is something you need to know... Gorgeous angels like that are likely to become goddesses... and that’s exactly the last thing we need! In fact, we’d be better off without any!” Steve says.

Henry claps cheerfully, not entirely aware of what Steve is getting at.

“Imagine... Us three... being the richest people on earth ever! And, no more gods and goddesses!” Steve says.

“No more gods, no more goddesses! We don’t need those losers anyhow!” Henry cries out, giggling.

“Now you get it! Peter, join us!” Steve says.

Peter reluctantly joins in and they all begin singing songs about killing the gods and goddesses as well as harvesting all the angel feathers they can. Their behavior at this moment is similar to a group of drunk adults.

The phone starts ringing and Peter breaks from the group to pick it up.

“Hello?” Peter calls.

“Is this Steve?” a lady’s voice on the other end asks.

“No, but this is his house,” Peter says.

“May I speak to him?” the voice asks.

“Steve! I think it’s your girlfriend!” Peter cries out.

Steve quickly grabs the phone.

“Vanessa?” Steve calls into the phone.

“Yes, it is I,” the person on the other end confirms.

“What do you want?” Steve asks.

“Just wanted to know what you were up to. Something told me to check on you,” Vanessa says.

“We’re in a good mood. We have a plan to rule the world!” Steve says.

“What on earth has gotten into you?!” Vanessa asks.

“We can kill all the gods and goddesses, Vanessa! You can be queen and we’ll be kings of the universe!” Steve says.

“Steve, listen... I think you are out of your mind...” Vanessa says.

“...You don’t care about them, do you...?” Steve asks.

“I do, actually. Steve, we wouldn’t exist if they didn’t create us,” Vanessa says.

“I thought I knew you...” Steve says.

“I thought I knew you too...” Vanessa says, “If, perchance, you fall back into your right mind, contact me.”

A buzz sounds, alerting Steve that his girlfriend just hung up. He hangs up the phone and slowly turns to face his friends. At first, he is frowning, but soon, a grin crosses his face.

“No more gods! No more goddesses! We’ll take their angels for their feathers!” Steve cries out.

“We’ll rule the world!” Henry cries out.

“We’ll rule the universe!” Peter cries out.

“We’ll be in charge!” Steve cries out.

“Uh... We better think up a good plan for capturing that first angel... We have to start somewhere...” Henry says.

“Henry! What a lovely idea! We’ll capture the one goddess and use her as bait! You can wear her clothes and pretend to be her! The angel will be dumb enough to fall for it for sure!” Steve says.

Peter puts his lunch box away and looks up with a serious look on his face.

“Steve... Um... Do goddesses wear underwear...?” Peter asks.

Steve’s mouth slowly falls open. Unsure of how to answer this question, he gets up and leaves the room.

“Henry...?” Peter asks, slowly turning to face Henry.

Henry gulps and sweats nervously.

Back in the heavens, Wind is pacing around in a room made from pearls. An angel with black curly hair and black wings is trying to fan Wind to keep her cool. This is Dark Storm, Golden Cloud’s twin sister.

“Stormy, there’s no need to do that. I can create wind, you know,” Wind says with a sigh.

“Of course. I just thought I’d make myself useful,” Dark Storm replies.

“You can be useful, but not like that. Bring your sister to me, I need to talk to her,” Wind says.

“Yes, Wind,” Dark Storm says.

With that, the wildly curly haired angel whisks away to collect Golden Cloud. Wind walks around wondering what to do next. Moments later, Dark Storm is dropping off Golden Cloud in the pearl room.

“I can fly, you know!” Golden Cloud says with a pout.

“Yeah, but you’re always late!” Dark Storm says teasingly.

“Cloudy! We’re going to have to return to earth again. I want to get my ceremony done with as quickly as I can. However, I fear the clearing may need to be fixed up a bit. Do you mind coming with me to check it out?” Wind asks.

“I don’t mind,” Golden Cloud says.

“Be careful out there, Cloudy...” Dark Storm says and flies off.

“Huh, I wonder what has gotten into her,” Golden Cloud says.

She has little time to think about this as Wind quickly grabs her and flies her back to the surface. The two land in the same clearing they were in previously, and, as Wind had feared, it is a mess. Deep dirt ditches have been dug and the generously green grass isn’t quite so green anymore.

“What a mess... Where to begin?” Wind asks, mostly thinking to herself.

“If we can smoothen the ground back down, we might be able to save the grass that is left,” Golden Cloud comments.

“True, but there isn’t quite enough grass left... Maybe you can help smoothen the ground for me?” Wind suggests.

“Sure!” Golden Cloud says and gets to work.

“...I think I know where to get more good grass from... Keep working, I’m going to go grab some more grass. If the humans try to hurt you, you have my permission to use your bow. And... If anything seems slightly off, don’t trust it. Got it?” Wind asks.

“Yes, Wind. Please come back soon,” Golden Cloud says.

Wind turns and flies off seeing as she still has wings. Golden Cloud continues her work all alone. The clearing is rather large and she is but a tiny angel, perhaps one of the smallest for her age. Even her twin is slightly bigger. For some odd reason, the wind current halts and the air becomes very still. Ten or fifteen minutes pass and Golden Cloud is halfway done smoothing down all the disrupted dirt when suddenly, Wind returns!

“Wind! You’re back already!” Golden Cloud says cheerfully, “Did you get the grass?”

“Uh... Grass...? Oh... That’s right, silly me! I tried to get the grass, but it was all sold out. What a shame,” Wind says.

Golden Cloud grins and flies over to her best friend.

“Well, I’m just glad you made it back safely!” Golden Cloud says.

“Uh... On my way, I ran into a few other goddesses who were in town and they mentioned you,” Wind says.

“What? What were they saying about me?” Golden Cloud asks.

Her sky blue eyes become wide in wonder and awe as she waits for Wind’s response.

“Uh... They... They said that you are very gorgeous and brave, too. I agree with them,” Wind says.

“Aw, that’s so sweet!” Golden Cloud says.

“Uh... Yeah! Ummm... They... They also said that you should become a goddess. They suggested you become the goddess of protection,” Wind says, clearing her throat a few times.

“Wow! Me? The goddess of protection?!” Golden Cloud asks, ignoring that Wind just had to clear her throat.

“However, they want me to run a few more tests to see if you are truly worthy,” Wind says.

“Oh... Well, if you believe in me, then I can!” Golden Cloud says.

“I do. Say, here’s the location we’re meeting at. Go tell your family first,” Wind says, “It’s down on Arch Way.”

She hands Golden Cloud a piece of paper.

“Yeah, I’ll tell Stormy! She’ll be interested for sure!” Golden Cloud says.

“Please meet me right after that!” Wind says, backing away.

“Right,” Golden Cloud says.

She flies back to the heavens quickly to bring the news to her sister.

“STORMY! I HAVE GOOD NEWS!” Golden Cloud announces as she flies into the room her twin is in.

“Oh, yeah?” Dark Storm asks.

“Wind just told me that she and a few other goddesses have decided that I should become a goddess next! They said I could be the goddess of protection!” Golden Cloud announces.

Dark Storm puts down her fan, mouth and eyes wide. The goddesses she was fanning look up in confusion and surprise as well.

“But... She also said I need to prove myself... What do you think she has planned?” Golden Cloud asks.

“I have no clue. It’s a mystery! If you see Wind again, tell her to turn the air back on. It’s getting stale up here,” Dark Storm says.

“Okay! I will!” Golden Cloud says.

She glances at the slip of paper briefly and then flies back to earth.

Back at 9191 Arch Way, Henry has finally returned, dressed up as Wind. It’s not that great of a disguise as he has brown eyes instead of green. Also, having no way to make fake wings, he has none on his back. The green lipstick he applied is sloppy and the necklace is huge and heavy.

“That angel better get here quick! This outfit is horrible!” Henry complains.

“Shush, Henry... This is necessary...” Steve says.

Right at that moment, there is a knock at the door. Instinctively, Steve and Peter hide, allowing Henry to answer the door. Unfortunately for them, it is not their prize awaiting them at the door. Instead, it is Vanessa.

“Well, I came here to talk some sense into Steve, but it appears I am too late,” Vanessa says upon seeing Henry dressed up, “I didn’t think you to be a drag queen...”

“Uh... Hi, Vanessa...” Henry says, not using the fake voice he had been using to speak to Golden Cloud.

“What have you done?!” Vanessa asks, angrily.

“We... Uh... We’re succeeding!” Henry says, with a nervous chuckle.

Steve makes his appearance and walks over to Vanessa.

“So... You’ve come to visit...?” Steve asks, grinning.

“What have you done?!” Vanessa repeats, grabbing Steve’s shoulders and shaking him.

“We caught a goddess! And we’re using her as bait to lure in the pretty angel!” Peter says excitedly, “She’s in the basement!”

“Shut up, Peter!” Steve yells.

“The nerve of you three! Gosh! You know what?” Vanessa asks.

“What?” Steve asks.

“I’m done. I’m just done. You are clearly insane and I do not intend on staying your girlfriend any longer!” Vanessa shouts.

“But... But... Vanessa!” Steve wails.

“Goodbye!” Vanessa yells and walks back out the door.

Henry shuts the door after her, slowly turning to face his boss. Steve is crying a little, but he quickly wipes away his tears.


Steve then runs off laughing maniacally. Henry itches, shifting around uncomfortably in the oversized dress.

Golden Cloud is going to earth, but not to where the boys want her to be. She arrives at Arch Way and begins searching for the right house.

“1616 Arch Way...” Golden Cloud says, holding the paper upside down, “She said Arch Way...”

Out of nowhere, a little dog comes running down the street right towards Golden Cloud.

“WAH! WHAT IS THIS?!” Golden Cloud screams.

Never in her life has she ever seen such a small canine. The one she knows is a large wolf, not a puppy. The excited puppy jumps at Golden Cloud and she just barely flies out of the way.

“SCRUFFY! NO!” a girl’s voice cries out.

A young girl with blonde hair comes running after the puppy.

“Please excuse my dog! He gets excited easily!” the girl says.

She then falls silent upon realizing she is speaking to an angel. Golden Cloud remains hovering in the air, batting her little wings to stay afloat.

“Are you lost?” the girl asks.

“Yeah... I... I’m looking for 1616 Arch Way,” Golden Cloud says.

“That’s my house! Here, follow me!” the girl says.

She grabs her puppy and leads Golden Cloud away down the street.

“So... What is your name?” Golden Cloud asks.

“My name is Terry... And you?” the girl asks.

“Golden Cloud. My parents are Dark Cloud and Golden Storm,” Golden Cloud says.

“Interesting... You know... I’ve never met an angel before,” Terry says.

The puppy yips excitedly and tries to turn to look at Golden Cloud again.

“Scruffy, no...” Terry whispers.

Terry, Scruffy, and Golden Cloud arrive at house 1616.

“Have you been visited by a tall lady with blonde hair?” Golden Cloud enquires.

“Uh... Aside from my mom, no...?” Terry says.

Golden Cloud falls silent and flies into Terry’s house.

“Would you like some tea?” Terry asks.

“Sure, thanks!” Golden Cloud says.

Terry goes to the kitchen and puts her puppy in a kennel before starting some water for tea.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Terry says.

Golden Cloud sits on a couch which appears to be massive in comparison to her. On a coffee table is a framed photo of Terry and a little boy.

“Do you have a brother?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Yes, his name is William. He’s away at school right now,” Terry answers.

Golden Cloud silently sits on the couch counting her feathers. Three minutes later, Terry comes out with a cup of tea and some sugar cubes.

“Thank you,” Golden Cloud says and accepts the tea.

“So... Why exactly did you need to come here?” Terry asks.

“My best friend Wind told me to meet her here,” Golden Cloud says.

“Oh! That’s... Interesting... Why my house?” Terry asks.

“I have no clue,” Golden Cloud says.

A few hours pass and Wind does not show up. To pass the time, Golden Cloud and Terry share stories about their homes, earth and heaven. The air is very still and it quickly becomes hot and sweaty. Golden Cloud attempts to cool down the house by flapping her wings, but eventually, she becomes tired.

“You say your friend is named Wind?” Terry asks.

“Yes, she was just about to become the goddess of wind,” Golden Cloud says.

“I think it is quite obvious she isn’t around,” Terry says.

She goes and rummages through some stuff until she finds a fan. She plugs it in and is instantly relieved.

“I’m glad we didn’t throw out the fan,” Terry says with a sigh.

The front door swings open and a little boy runs in wearing soccer cleats.

“Terry! I’m home!” the little boy cries out.

“Come into the living room, William,” Terry says.

William walks into the living room and sees Golden Cloud.

“Wow! Who is she?” William asks.

“This is Golden Cloud. She says she is waiting for a friend of hers to show up,” Terry says.

“Wow! Hey! Are you good at finding things?!” William asks.

“Maybe? Why?” Golden Cloud asks.

“I lost my favorite soccer ball outside somewhere. Can you please help me find it?” William asks.

“Alright, I might as well give it a try...” Golden Cloud says, glancing at Terry.

Terry nods and smiles so Golden Cloud makes her way to the backdoor led by William.

“This is my backyard!” William says, grinning.

Outside the door is a medium sized yard with neatly trimmed grass. The perimeter of the yard is an old picket fence with a boarder hedge with holes in it. The sun is shining brightly and it nearly is as hot outside as it was inside. The grass, though so neat, is beginning to die from the heat.

“Gosh... You never really think about how important the wind is until it is gone,” William says.

In the distance, there is a storm, but it is not moving anywhere close to them due to a lack of wind to guide the clouds.

“Do you see my soccer ball anywhere?” William asks, leaning against the closest soccer net.

“What color is it?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Gold and silver with sparklies,” William says.

“Okay,” Golden Cloud says.

She decides to check the hedges first, which is a good idea. In the second hole she searches in, there is the missing soccer ball.

“I found it!” Golden Cloud says.

She grabs hold of the ball and attempts to back herself out of the hedge. Unfortunately, her wings get snagged in the sharp branches and she becomes stuck.

“Ouch! William! I’m stuck!” Golden Cloud announces.

“Oh, no! This is all my fault!” William wails.

“Can you pull me out?” Golden Cloud asks.

William quits panicking and grabs Golden Cloud by the legs, yanking her free. A few of her feathers fall out.

“Here’s your ball,” Golden Cloud says, wincing.

She hands the ball back to the little boy and he hugs her tightly.

“Thank you so much!” William says.

“You’re welcome!” Golden Cloud says.

Terry opens the door and steps out.

“Cloudy, there seems to have been a mistake,” Terry says.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Golden Cloud asks.

“This is your paper, isn’t it?” Terry asks, holding out a slip of paper.

“Yeah, what about it?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Well, it appears you had it upside down. The actual number is 9191, not 1616,” Terry says.

Golden Cloud falls silent, unsure of what to make of this situation.

“What is going on?” William asks.

“Cloudy has somewhere important to be and we’ve accidentally kept her here too long,” Terry says.

“Oh... So she wasn’t meant to visit us...?” William asks.

The young boy sadly drops his soccer ball back onto the ground and looks about to cry.

“I do not believe any of my time has been wasted. I learned a lot from this visit,” Golden Cloud says.

“Are you going to leave and never come back...?” William asks with a sniffle.

“I will visit again, one day...” Golden Cloud promises.

“Thank you...” William says.

William hugs Golden Cloud again before allowing his big sister to walk her to the correct address.

“I hope we haven’t kept your friend waiting too long...” Terry says.

“She should know by now that I am always late,” Golden Cloud says.

When Terry and Golden Cloud arrive at 9191 Arch Way, they part ways.

“Golden Cloud, this is where I must go back. I don’t think I deserve the honor of viewing a goddess... I just want to say a few things... Stay safe, and come back for a visit as you have promised. William would be heartbroken if you were to never return,” Terry says.

“Of course, Terry. You can also keep the feathers I dropped in your lawn. They aren’t much, but they will be a reminder of my visit,” Golden Cloud says.

Terry hugs Golden Cloud goodbye and races away. Golden Cloud knocks on the door. Henry disguised as Wind answers the door.

“Oh good! You’re finally here!” says Henry in his fake Wind voice.

“Sorry to keep you waiting...” Golden Cloud says.

“Come on in,” Henry says.

He leads Golden Cloud to a little room that is just about as shabby as the disguise he is wearing.

“So... Why are we meeting here?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Uh... The humans won’t suspect that we are here. Why would we want to be in such a trashy place, right?” Henry asks.

“And your wings! Where have they gone?!” Golden Cloud asks, finally noticing the lack of wings.

“Uh... I... I had to remove them! As it turns out, I was supposed to get rid of them before my ceremony!” Henry says.

“Oh! I never knew that!” Golden Cloud says, she smiles a little.

“Anyhow... It is time for your first trial!” Henry says, trying not to laugh at Golden Cloud’s foolishness.

“Oh boy! What is it?” Golden Cloud asks.

“I have a list of random stuff I need you to obtain... If you can find them... It... Uh... Proves you are good at seeking things... and... Well, you need to be good at that to be the goddess of protection,” Henry says.

“Oh! This should be easy!” Golden Cloud exclaims.

Henry passes Golden Cloud a list with chocolate finger prints on it.

“Now go, find me that stuff!” Henry says.

“Thanks, Wind! Oh, and before I go, just thought I’d tell you, turn the wind back on. It’s getting hot everywhere!” Golden Cloud says.

She grins and flies out of the house with her list. As soon as she is gone, Steve and Peter emerge from their hiding places.

“She fell for it!” Henry says.

“Yeah, but wouldn’t it have been easier for us to just trap her while she was here?” Peter asks.

Steve’s mouth falls open.

“Should we next time...?” Peter asks.

“Well... When she comes back, she will have the supplies we need to tie her down and pluck her wings...” Steve says, rubbing his now hurting head.

Henry goes to change into regular clothes, hoping that Golden Cloud will be late again.

“Wait, if Henry is wearing Wind’s clothes... What is Wind wearing...?” Peter asks.

“Err...” Steve says.

Peter turns towards the basement.

“No, Peter! Do not go down there!” Steve warns, putting a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“...Is it for the reason I think it is?” Peter asks, eyes and mouth wide open.

Golden Cloud is flying back to the heavens with her list, making sure she is not holding the paper upside down this time. When Golden Cloud enters the temple, she finds it empty of people. Since Dark Storm isn’t there, she checks the school building. The school building is also empty.

“Where is everyone?!” Golden Cloud asks.

“Outside... In the water...” an angel with silver hair says.

“Thanks, Silver Gloom!” Golden Cloud says.

She flies down to the water’s edge and finds that, indeed, all the angels (aside from Silver Gloom) are out there along with many gods and goddesses.

“It’s too hot!” one angel wails.

“Here,” says a goddess, splashing some cool water onto the angel.

“Stormy!” Golden Cloud calls out.

Dark Storm flies over holding her fan.

“Cloudy! Didn’t I tell you to tell Wind to turn the wind back on?!” Dark Storm asks.

“It took me awhile to get to her, but I told her when I saw her. She should turn it back on soon,” Golden Cloud says.

“Took you awhile?” Dark Storm asks.

“I had the address upside down...” Golden Cloud admits.

“Oh, Cloudy...” Dark Storm says, shaking her head.

“But... Something seemed off... I’m so confused!” Golden Cloud says.

“I know someone who might be able to help you understand,” Dark Storm says.

“Who?” Golden Cloud asks.

“The god of mysteries,” Dark Storm says.

“Oh no...” Golden Cloud says.

“He’s on his island, as usual... Good luck!” Dark Storm says.

The dark haired angel flies back to continue her duty of fanning the other inhabitants of the cloud island.

“I guess I’ll give it a try... Worst he can do is convince me that I am a loaf of bread...” Golden Cloud mumbles.

Golden Cloud glides carefully to the island where the god of mystery is said to live. As soon as she lands, accordion music starts up.

“Yooooooo! A visitor...?” a voice calls out.

“It’s me, Golden Cloud...” Golden Cloud whispers.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOUUUUUU!” the voice cries out.

“IT’S ME, GOLDEN CLOUD!” Golden Cloud yells.

“Oooooooh! And it is I! The god of mystery!” the voice calls out.

A man appears wearing question mark sunglasses and circus striped pants. In his hands he holds a scepter with a question mark on it. He takes a deep breath and out comes a song that Golden Cloud had been dreading.

“I am the funtastic, fantastic god of mystery! Any questions you may have, I can annnnnnswer! It’s splendid! It’s magnificent! It is I! All the mysteries of the wooooorld! I know them allll! Just give it a whirl! Ask away! I’m here to stay! The super funtastic, fantastic, splendid, amazing, wonderful, terrific, god of mysteries!”

Golden Cloud smiles nervously. The guy approaches and hugs her.

“How ya doin’ Cloudy?” the god of mystery asks.

“Mystery, something odd is going on...” Golden Cloud says.

“Ooh!” the god of mystery says.

He vanishes and is replaced by a jack-in-the-box.

“Turn the crank!” a muffled voice calls out.

Golden Cloud takes the crank and turns it. Music plays as the crank turns and suddenly, pop! Out comes the god of mystery.

“Yes! I love odd things!” the god of mystery says.

“It’s Wind... She’s hiding in an old ugly house on earth and... Well, she gave me this list...” Golden Cloud says, holding out the list she received.

“Say! That is mysterious!” the god of mystery says, taking the list.

He flips upside down and also turns the paper upside down and he just floats there. He has no wings so it must be magic he is using.

“An iron chain, a baseball bat, a pocket knife, and... a gummy rat!” the god of mystery says with a giggle.

“What could this mean?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Well... Most of these could be torture items...” the god of mystery says, “Oh! You can get me a gummy rat too!”

“Is something wrong with Wind?” Golden Cloud asks.

“Yeah. By the finger prints on this paper, I conclude she has had too much chocolate! She didn’t even share any with me!” the god of mystery says.

“Where is she now?” Golden Cloud asks.

“In a basement in 9191 Arch Way...” the god of mystery says casually.

“Oh... That’s... Weird... Well, thanks. I have to get these items for her now,” Golden Cloud says.

“Come back soon! And bring some candy next time!” the god of mystery says.

Golden Cloud flies back to earth.

While Golden Cloud is looking around for the items on her list, Steve is up to no good.

“Hey, Henry! Peter! Come look what I got!” Steve calls out.

Henry and Peter come running over and find Steve holding up a large set of dingy wings.

“Whoa! Did you get that from the goddess?!” Henry asks.

“I did! Maybe we can bleach the feathers and sell them for a lot of money?” Steve suggests.

“How did you get the wings off...?” Peter asks, reaching out to touch the feathers.

“I snapped them off. Good thing she has the muffler on. That would have attracted the police for sure!” Steve says.

“So soft...” Peter says, stroking the feathers.

“Exactly! Now keep your dirty fingers off of the feathers before you ruin them!” Steve says.

He takes the wings and hides them away in his bedroom.

“Aw man... I want to keep touching the feathers!” Peter cries.

“Henry, you should probably put the dress back on. She could be coming back soon...” Steve says.

“Uh... Right!” Henry says.

He runs back to his room and puts the dress and necklace back on.

“We’re going to be so stinking rich!” Steve says, rubbing his hands together and grinning evilly.

“So rich! So rich!” Peter cries out.

“Peter, get ready! This is what we’ve been waiting for. Our quest for the angel will end with us capturing her! Then, after we become rich on her feathers, we can capture more! We’ll catch all the beautiful beings!” Steve says.

There is a knock on the door and Steve falls silent. Henry goes and answers it.

“Hi Wind! I gathered the supplies!” Golden Cloud says.

“Come on in! We’re going to meet in the same room we met in earlier!” Henry says in his fake Wind voice.

When Henry leads Golden Cloud further into the house, Steve sneaks over and locks the door.

“Why exactly did you need me to find these specific items?” Golden Cloud asks.

She pulls out an iron chain, a baseball bat, a pocket knife, and a gummy rat.

“Oh! What fine items you’ve got there! Hang on, let me test to see how long this chain is...” Henry says.

He grabs the chain and tries to wrap it around Golden Cloud. When he bends over, his wig falls off, exposing his real hair.

“YOU’RE NOT WIND!” Golden Cloud cries out in horror.

“Eh...” Henry says, giving up his fake voice.

Golden Cloud breaks out of the chain and flies to the door. She tries to pull it open before realizing it is locked. Steve shows up and so does Peter. Thinking quickly, Golden Cloud flies out of their reach and into the basement.

Wind is chained up down there with her mouth covered so she cannot be heard. She is wearing a sack as her real clothes were stolen and her wings are gone, leaving two bleeding holes on her back. Golden Cloud starts unchaining Wind as quickly as she can as the three boys are making their way down the stairs. Golden Cloud uncovers Wind’s mouth and breaks the chains.

“You horrible boys!” Wind cries out.

She creates a large gust bellow and uses it to push them out of the way. She and Golden Cloud race up the stairs and break out of the house through a window. The glass shards go flying everywhere like drops of crystal rain. Wind restores the air current to the earth and heavens.

“You saved me! I was afraid those boys would trap me forever!” Wind says.

“Your wings are gone!” Golden Cloud wails.

“Oh... Cloudy... I really wish you didn’t have to go through all that...” Wind says and hugs Golden Cloud.

“It was scary, Wind... I didn’t know what was going on! I even had to talk to Mystery and he wasn’t that helpful...” Golden Cloud says.

“We’re safe now...” Wind whispers.

Then Wind sings a song for Golden Cloud:

‘Close your eyes,


And all your troubles will melt away...

There’s nothing left,

But you and me,

Nothing but,

The sparkling clouds,

All there is is us...

Close your eyes,


And all your troubles will melt away...

And when you sleep,

You should know,

That when you wake,

All will be new...

Close your eyes,


And all your troubles will melt away...

All the pain,

And all the loss,

All of that,

Will be no more,

Just let yourself rest!

Close your eyes,


And all your troubles will melt away...

Do not worry,

About a thing,

I’ll always be here,

By your side,

No matter what!

Close your eyes,


And all your troubles will melt away...

And all your troubles will melt away.........’

Golden Cloud is fast asleep so Wind takes that chance to prepare a mind-erasing beam. Steve shows up unaccompanied by his friends. Henry and Peter both ran away in fear, but here is Steve, ready to complete the quest he started on. Wind does not notice Steve until it is too late and she has already fired the beam. He gets in the way and, like Golden Cloud, he loses his memory.

“Oh my goodness!” Wind says when she realizes what she has done.

Nervously, she picks up both kids and takes them through a portal back to the heavens. With that, the quest for the angel ends and Golden Cloud is safe.

The End

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