Chasing the Omega

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High school shapeshifter's, mutilated bodies, sex and mystery. One night, everything changes for eighteen year old Alice. When the full moon invades Small Town, where a young innocent Alice Smith is ending her shift at the diner, she comes face to face with a big terrifying wolf. When the wolf attacks Alice and runs away, leaving only a single bite, she has no idea what troubles lie ahead of her. Could it have been that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time or the opposite? When the school's most frightening gang becomes interested in her, they will do anything to find out the truth behind Alice, especially their leader, Ryder King. Alice wants nothing to do with Ryder but when the time comes, Ryder could be the only one who can help her survive....

Fantasy / Romance
Jessica Edwards
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Chapter 1

Tonight hasn’t been so bad. I mean, you have good days and bad days right? Sundays are usually quiet around here but it’s not so bad really. The regulars are kind and generous with their tips, and even my boss Robbie isn’t so bad. He’s a little on the lazy side and stares a little too long at my backside, but he always pays on time and lets me take any leftover food home with me.

I look up at the old round clock hung up on the wall and sigh in contempt.

Only half an hour to go.

I stare at the last customer of the night and pray silently that he’s close to finishing. I grab the coffee pot, walk with a forced smile and approach the customer.

‘More coffee, sir?’ I plead with my eyes in hope that he would say no.

‘No thank you, my dear,’ he says as he stands from the table.

I help him put on his coat and grab his umbrella. He hands me a ten pound note and walks out the door without a word. I put the money in the till and turn off the lights in the diner.

I head towards the back of the diner where the kitchen is and realize it’s only me and Terry left. He looks at the schedule hanging up on the office

wall, Terry sighs loudly when he looks at the dates he’s working. Terry’s worked at the diner for over 30 years and not once has he had a day off.

His hair is starting to grey, but he can cook the most delicious food I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

‘Hey Terry, the last customer just left. Do you want me to lock up the diner for you?’

Terry waves at me but doesn’t look away from the schedule, ‘I’ll lock up the front but could you do me a favour before you leave, dear?’ Before I could respond to say anything, Terry gathers 6 plastic bags full of trash and drops them at my feet.

‘You want me to take these out to the dumpster?’ I gather all six bags, three in each hand and look up at Terry.

‘Please, I would really appreciate it.’ He grabs his jacket, waves and leaves.

I stare at the swinging door dumbfounded and shake my head.

With the bags still in my hands, I leave through the back and walk towards the dumpster; it’s pouring down with rain.

Great. Thanks Terry. Thanks a bunch.

I push open the top of the dumpster and grab the first two bags to throw in when, from the darkness behind me, I hear the faint unmistakable sound of

growling. I freeze, wondering if that was just my imagination playing tricks on me. Terrified, I clutch the bags close and turn around, holding the bags as one would a sword, ready to strike out.

I turn, and as I open my eyes, I see the source of the growling, as standing not 2 meters away is the largest wolf I’ve ever seen.

I whimper in fright, and slowly start to retreat backwards, dropping my makeshift weapon as I go. I feel my back touch the dumpster and realize there’s nowhere for me to go. Shaking in fear, I close my eyes, praying the wolf doesn’t see me as a threat or worse, a meal.

‘Please don’t hurt me,’ I whisper repeatedly to myself.

I open my eyes and wish that I hadn’t, its eyes will haunt me for as long as I live. Its eyes were blood red, filled with pure hatred towards me. A dull shade of grey covers its whole body with big chunks of its fur missing; like it’s been ripped off, and looks as though it has scars everywhere on its body.

This wolf can put up a good fight if it has this many scars.

How has it managed to survive this long?

I do the only thing I can think of, I kneel down on the wet floor with my head bowed down in hope it’s a sign of submission. The wolf howls into the

night and lunges for me. I scream as it tackles me to the ground, but soon runs into the bushes and out of sight. I look in the direction the wolf ran and start laughing hysterically.

What the fuck. ?

I shake my head and pick myself off the floor - my uniform completely ruined. I check myself over and notice on my right shoulder that my clothing has been torn apart.

Why does my shoulder hurt so much?

It looks like something took a chunk out of my shirt!

‘Ouch!’ I wince, but as I touch my shoulder, I see red liquid coating the skin on my hand.

Blood! Did it bite me!?

I look around, trying to figure out whether that really happened.

Shaken, I chuck the last few bags in the dumpster, grab my bag, lock up and head home.

As I walk home in the dark, the rain no longer pouring, I look up into the night sky, and notice the full moon.

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