Blood Drops

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Isla thought she was safe and that her practices went unnoticed but when a new neighbour moves in, she soon becomes the centre of attention. When a new neighbour moves into town strange things start to happen, and people are being murdered all over the place but no one has found the culprit, little does Isla know she could be next.

Fantasy / Horror
Raven Valentino
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Chapter 1

The bell tolled in the town square once again, another murder had just been discovered the sun was just rising and Dawn was making her presence known, I was just leaving the forest my nightly duty was complete, both Chronos and I were exhausted. Chronos was my raven black Friesian, his long mane and tail had a tight wave and was long, my red cape fell over his rump with a great elegance.

I reached the barn and the sun was now at it’s highest, I was glad I had an underground tunnel connected to the house, I put Chronos to bed and then walked into the house. My maid took my cloak and I walked to my room, the mansion was dimly lit by candelabras and hid the mould ridden walls that were falling apart and covered in cobwebs, I collapsed on to my bed the only room in the house that had been well looked after.

It had a dark wood floor, candelabras sat on my wall with silver bats hanging underneath them, my chest of draws were black and had purple roses say on it and had a walk in wardrobe, a four posted bed sat in the middle, my sheets were made of the finest black silk. I pushed one of the bats into the wall and the wall slid away and revealed my secret room, full of trinkets, potions and spell books. I walked inside and the door shut behind me.

I whistled and both my black cat Huginn and my Raven Muninn came running to me, they meowed and cawed as they greeted me. “Evening,” I smiled and stroked them both affectionately. Muninn sat on my shoulder and rested his head in the crook of my neck, I picked up my grimoire and flicked to the page of resurrection. I began to mix the potion I needed but found myself feeling drowsy perhaps I should have left this till later, finally when I had finished my concoction and the potion was ready I retired to my chambers.

Even though my dress was a little dusty and cobwebbed covered I collapsed onto the bed, I found it easy to fall asleep but my slumber was disturbed by a horse and carriage driving by, I got up and moved the curtain slightly and saw a black carriage being driven by two great black Percherons and the carriage had a red dragon on the side but the windows had been blacked out. I didn’t worry myself about it o just went straight back to bed but the whole time the red dragon was spinning around in mind.

It wasn’t till that evening when I emerged from my slumber and went to ride into the forest that my ritual was disturbed. “What is a young thing like you doing out here?” A deep voice, thick with Romanian charm asked.

“Enjoying an evening ride,” I lied resisting a smile.

“Well enjoy but be careful, there are men out here that would like to murder such a beauty as yourself.” He said.

“I’ll try and remember that,” I said nodding and riding off as I rode away I turned and noticed he was watching me with a slight sinister grin, for some reason his voice sounded so familiar but I couldn’t think why.

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