Blood Drops

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Chapter 2

He soon faded into the darkness, and I broke into a gallop, we halted in the middle of the forest and I dismounted, elegantly throwing a leg over my horses head. I lit all five candles and placed them each on the corner of my pentagram that I had already drawn on the ground, I then lit the candle in my hand and began to walk around the circle chanting as I went. The wind began to whip up around me, the leaves rattled and the branches shook. My pentagram began to light up, and the soul of my father appeared in the middle of it.

“Why do you summon me earlier?” he asked, his voice deep and echoing. He looked like how he died on the battle field that dreadful day, his armour now clean of the blood and was a dull silver, but the family crest sat on his chest, his long black hair was immaculate and fell down his back, stubble lined his cheeks but his eyes were a bright red and seemed to glow and he still clutched his sword in his hand.

“I need your assistance,” I replied, taking a deep breath in.

“What troubles you?” he asked and rested a cold hand on my cheek, his eyes then grew wide. “Your power is dwindling.”

“That’s what I needed to talk to you about.” My head dropped. “How do I solve this?” I asked sitting down on a rotten log.

“Solve it? Isla someone’s stealing your power, you must stop them as it could kill you,” he said stabbing his blade into the ground and kneeling in front of, he rested his hands on mine. “My daughter, you are too young to join me yet.” He finished.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“You are to find the person draining your power, and you must end them.” He said.

“How do I find them?” I asked.

“Using either a tracking or locator spell,” he told me. A twig suddenly snapped in the forest and I stood up and my father disappeared. I saw two golden eyes glowing in the forest.

“Who are you?” I yelled. They didn’t answer, a loud growl erupted and the shadow grew as it, the light from my pentagram flickered, and it revealed the figure, it was a beast, its fur black and its teeth and claws sharp, it advanced towards me, it snarled and growled, its jaws gaped open and saliva dribbled off its teeth. I stood my ground and attempted to intimidate the beast but it continued to advance and struck me in the shoulder, I fell back and the beast collapsed onto all fours.

It growled lowly and its jaws opened wider. I retreated back as fast as I could but the beast grabbed my legs and pulled me towards it, before I could push it away it sunk its teeth into my shoulder. I tried pushing its head away but it only bit harder. I whimpered and cried out, the beast continued to sink its teeth in till finally breaking my shoulder a loud crack echoed around the forest, but before I could succumb to blood loss the beast was suddenly dragged off of me, it pined and snarled. I tired to sit up but found I didn’t have the strength, “rest,” a familiar voice told me.

I only heard a scuffle before the woods soon falling silent after a loud snap and the thud of a body hitting the ground, the figure walked closer to me but it was a little difficult to see their face the dark hiding them. “I’ll take care of you.” He said and picked me up in his arms.

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