Skye Silver & The Soul of Fire Vol.1

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What happens when a young woman living a horrible life in the inner-city finds out she’s much more than she ever imagined she was? Follow Skye Silver on her journey through the Land of Astral battling Skye Silver was an ordinary young girl living a typically boring life like most humans. That is until she found out she was much more​. Accompanied by her best friend they take a portal to the Land of Astral where she must travel across the hidden country to reach her home region and fight deadly battles along the journey. Follow her as she uncovers the scary truths of her people, her home as well as herself when she finally realizes: Skye Silver Is A Demi-God!

Fantasy / Adventure
Itss Jinx
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Chapter 1 The Foreign Exchange Student

Whoever thought that I, a 16-year-old girl from Las Vegas NV would turn out to be a


Some humans don’t believe in Gods at all, however most humans believe in a God or several Gods. There are those that will go as far as creating their own God to worship. Then there are those who believe they are Gods themselves. If at some point while reading this book you feel you may be a God or Demi-God yourself; Close the book and leave! The more you know the more in danger you may be. Your best option would be to leave this book and forget you ever picked it up.

Being a Demi-God may sound great if you’re a human but where there is power there will always be conflict. With that said, being a Demi-God is much more dangerous and comes with a lot more responsibility. not to mention as a Demi-God you will likely die a gruesome death because nothing small will do the trick.

If you’re just a simple human that enjoys reading books and believe them all to be mere entertainment and none to be true, Splendid! Continue reading without hesitation. I admire that you are able to convince yourself that these stories are not real.

But in the instance, you feel that you relate to these pages stop reading. You may be a Demi-God. And the more you know of yourself and your people the more you expose yourself to other Demi-Gods, Some aren’t very fond of others!

I hope you heed my advice.

My name is Skye Silver. I’m 16 years old.

Up until recently, I was a Junior at East Side High School. A dangerous public school most parents try to keep their children from attending. I was unable to transfer schools because you needed your parent’s consent and my foster parents cared nothing about what I wanted in life. they were evil for as long as I could remember. They received checks from the government to support raising me but they gambled it all away and treated me as if I was their personal slave.

That may sound horrific but it was nothing compared to some of the things I have witnessed and been through in my life now.

There are many stories I could tell you about me that would make being the slave to a human a walk in the park but no story is quite like the one on how I discovered who I truly am.

It had seemed to be a normal sunny day. We were out for lunch hour at our favorite restaurant not far from the school when a few football players from our school walked in. I’m sure this particular scenario sounds similar to that of many human interactions but like you, these football players were unaware of the powers instilled in me.

The leader of them Chris the team Captain and Quarter Back. He was a senior that stood 6’2 weighing about 200 pounds. His hair would reach his back when it was braided but he normally kept it in a tall afro. Easily one of the biggest guys in school his appearance alone was intimidating to most students and he was also one of few students with any facial hair. You would think he was a school role model but to the students, he was known as a class clown as well as a bully. he passed classes because he won games for the school and is never suspended because it would make him miss games.

I had faith that they would mind their business and not bother us but my faith fell flat. as Josh and two of his friends approached where we were sitting.

You may think my wish for them not to inconvenience us was for us to not be victims of high school bullying. On the contrary, it was because I did not wish to hurt them myself. See for as long as I can remember I’ve had what feels like a fire inside of me. And when I reached the age of 12 the fire seemed to burn more intensely. So intense that if anyone even touched my skin the point of contact on them would be burned severely. Also as the intensity of the fire grew with age I began to discover that fire could not harm me. This is why I was such an outcast in my school.

I had reason to believe Chris had no idea I existed. However, he had a history of bullying and my best friend Kitai had a reputation for being far too nice and unwilling to stand up for himself.

Kitai was a bullies favorite type of victim. He wasn’t very tall compared to the athletes in school. and he would never agree to physically fight anyone but he wouldn’t back down either. He was the teacher’s pet of every class making him the envy of many students. His hair was salt and pepper as if he was 75 years old but his face was still that of a young man. Also, his eyes were much more naturally squinted than most of his peers leading him to be made fun of a lot for being a black man with squinted eyes. Lastly, for some reason he always wore a bandanna.

Anyway, Chris approached us with a sinister smirk. his two friends behind him look as if they have just made some sort of bet and are coming along to ensure the dare is completed. As I look over to Kitai, I can see his blood pressure rising. his cheekbones protruding as if he is grinding his teeth. and his breathing obviously heavy by how his chest is moving.

“Hey glove girl,” Chris said, “why do you wear those around?”

his two accomplices snickering in the background. I turn to look at Chris in shock because I was sure he would target Kitai.

“Back off Chris,” Replied Kitai.

Chris was caught off guard by the response which assured me he was aware of Kitai’s school reputation. Which is why at the moment I did not expect him to target me.

“Oh what now he’s your boyfriend or something,” exclaimed Chris “you know what that’s perfect, Glove girl and Bandanna Boy a match made in heaven.”

His friends were all laughing out loud at this point. My stomach sank in embarrassment and I could tell Kitai wasn’t enjoying it any more than I was.

“what do you want from us” I yelled, “Don’t you have some balls to go play with or something.”

You could hear some of his friends in the back of the restaurant laugh at the comment and he was noticeably embarrassed. Normally I wouldn’t condone instigating or escalating a negative situation but I felt my hand was forced and my tongue spoke before my teeth could bite.

“Oh so she does speak” Chris joked with his two friends

“Well I was curious to find out why you wear those gloves, but now I’m even more interested in why your boyfriend wears this headband.” replied Chris “How about you take it off and let us see whats under there.”

As he reaches for the bandanna Kitai dodges his attempt to snatch it off and stands up out of his chair. Compared to Chris he had to lean his head up to look in his eyes.

“Hey!” yelled the restaurant manager “leave those kids alone, you’ve been here long enough without purchasing anything so I think its time you and your friends left.”

When I think about it today because of course, I think of the day I discovered I was a Demi-God every day of my life. I wish I had touched him at least once but I was afraid my strange power would be exposed to the students in my school and my choice to be an outcast would become a requirement. But it wouldn’t have mattered to me after that day.

Chris and his friends left the establishment. It was apparent they had unfinished business with us. Kitai sat back down next to me. We finished the rest of our food without saying much. But when we were on our way out the doors Kitai offered the idea of skipping the rest of the school day and I now annoyed with and on the radar of Mr. Popular happily obliged. It was a strange request coming from someone that I’ve never seen miss a day of school. I wondered if he had thought of plans to do something as we were eating or if he was winging it simply to dodge going back to school. Either way, I agreed and we were off.

We took the back alleys in the direction away from the school to be outside the distance that the truancy security patrols. after walking what felt like 10 miles in the desert sun but in reality was more like 10 minutes we arrived at a public library. Initially, I was confused as would most teens be. Why would anyone skip school and go to the library? However, I followed him blindly because he was my best friend.

As we entered the building the transition from bone dry heat to ice cold air was almost immediate. Kitai explained that he needed to go there to meet with someone but did not specify who. He requested that I stay in the lobby as he started toward Mrs. Green the Librarian.

I was familiar with Mrs. Green because she was a substitute teacher for our school that seemed to take a keen liking to me. She was always nice and in my corner if anything ever happened to me in her presence. She was a thinner woman and Looked to be in her mid 40’s. She was a lighter brown complexion with naturally squinted eyes like Kitai. Her hair was very long but she kept it tied in some kind of bun. I wished night after night that she would become a full-time teacher so that she could put certain students in their places.

Mrs. Green was the first and only teacher, even being a substitute to tell Chris he would be good for nothing. While most teachers sucked up to the school football stars Mrs. Green only admired the students that excelled academically which happened to be Kitai and I.

As Kitai talked with Mrs. Green across the library I began to aimlessly browse through the library isles. I contemplated the titles to all of the old books and wondered if anyone even reads regular books anymore considering electronic books are fairly cheap. But my train of thought was broken when I noticed a strange man out of my peripherals at the end of the isle I was standing in. However, when I glance up to get a better look at who it was they were gone. I stared down the isle for a while to see if anyone was there or walking by but nothing happened. I brushed it off and turned around to go back to the lobby when boom! Out of nowhere, I crash into a guy with his arms full of books. His books came crashing to the floor.

“Sorry about that,” he said “Couldn’t see where I was going.”

“Oh no it’s my fault” I replied” I’m the one empty-handed here after all.” as I help him stack this books.

He stopped for a moment and looked at me with a strange face as if I looked familiar to him.

“Do I know you from somewhere” he questioned, “you look familiar.”

“I don’t think so” I replied, surprised because no one has ever said I looked familiar.

“Oh that’s right!” he said while picking up a book on the ground Titled “Maverick Mythology”. he flips through the pages until he finally stops. He gasps at the picture in the book and then glanced back up at me like he had just cracked a sherlock holmes case.

“If I didn’t know any better id say this was you,” He said, turning the book to reveal the picture.

“Loraine Silver, Queen of The Caves, Master of Fire” The book read.

I was intrigued and startled by not only the fact that we shared the same last name but we did undoubtedly look just alike. She had long black hair just as I did. Her skin glowing with the same mocha skin complexion as me. On top of that, her title read “Master of Fire” and I without a doubt had something strange going on with fire. I thought to myself “could it be?” but almost immediately denounced the idea. “There’s no way my real mother could be some queen in a mythology book” I assumed.

“Do you read?” he asked “mythology, I mean.”

“No” I replied.

“Well this is a book on Maverick Mythology”

“Oh, I’ve never heard of that one.”

“It’s not very popular here” He looked extremely enthused “care for a crash course… I didn’t get your name.”

“Its Skye” as I look across the library to see if Kitai is heading back to the lobby yet. “sure why not, tell me about her.” Pointing to Loraine Silver in the book.

“Ahh, Loraine Silver.” He acknowledged “Known as the only woman to ever love and happily carry a child for Fugaze but if you ask me she probably had Stockholm syndrome.” He joked.

“Its said that after Fugaze slaughtered as many Gods, Demi-Gods, and humans as he could, all while destroying planets in the process he was finally captured and banished to the dark world. Loraine Silver flee’d with her child to earth with other survivors after his capture.

“Is their child referenced in this book?” I asked impatiently. “No, as a matter of fact, her child is never mentioned outside the fact that she has one and that her child holds part of the Soul of Fire”.

“Whats that?”

“Well after Fugaze wrecked havoc the Gods sent people without homes to planet earth.”

“So you’re telling me there are Gods and Demi-Gods walking amongst us?”

“Well as the story goes I would think so.”

“I see”

“Anyway they were all under the guidance of the Goddess of Nature but she too soon became bored with watching over them. Being that she is also the Goddess of Games & Festivities she came up with a plan to make the people she had to watch more entertaining. She instilled certain powers in 5 regions of a hidden land. They were all nearly impossible to attain and if you reached it first your were automatically crowned King or Queen of the particular Region that the power was in.”

I noticed Kitai walking back towards the lobby, he was still conversing with Mrs. Green but walking backward as if he was trying to escape the grasp of her boring conversation.

“what happened after that,” I asked impatiently. “Hoping he would bring the story to a swift end. “not to be rude but I’m sure ill be heading out soon”

“Oh sure,” he acknowledged “Well as the story goes Loraine Silver was the first and only person to ever enter the Darkest cave on the land and come out with what was known as the Soul of Fire. Legend has it after she became Queen of the Caves many grew envious and her secret child with Fugaze that now holds part of the Soul of Fire was somehow exposed to the public. Many power hungry people would come for the Soul of Fire and they had no chance of defeating the Queen for she was stronger than them all now. She knew they would target her child so on the Night of the fullest moon she opened a portal and put the child in it never to be heard from again.”

“Skye!” Kitai called for me across the library.

“Shhhhh!” Said, Mrs. Green

As he signaled to me that he was prepared to leave.

“Well, I’ll see ya later, good chat!” as I begin to walk toward Kitai in the lobby.

“Hey wait! Would you like to take this book? You don’t have to sign it out, I work here and I haven’t seen anyone with the exception of myself touch that book in years.”

My initial thought was to kindly decline but when he asked I was compelled to say yes. I never had interest in any mythology up until this point. but my mouth said yes before my brain could even process the question. I took the book put it in my book bag and started towards Kitai.

“Thanks a lot!” I said, walking away “ whats your name?”

“Its Antonio,” he said, waving to me.

As I approached Kitai his face was very clearly annoyed and I wondered if I took too long for him. He kept looking at his watch as if he could not miss a certain minute. I approached him as if I didn’t notice. Not that I didn’t care but my mind was dead set on the Maverick Mythology book in my backpack.

“Hey, you ready?” Kitai asked.

“Yea whats up, where are we going?” I inquired.

“We have to go back to the school,”

“What, why?” I exclaimed.

“Shhhhhh! Mrs. Green loudly whispered from across the room.

“Come on ill tell you on the way.”

We leave the library on our way back to school and I can’t help but wonder why he would possibly want to go back to school right now? Was he getting cold feet about skipping? I mean he is a perfect attendance student after all. What could possess him to go back to where he is bullied and harassed after finally being bold enough to leave for once. All of these thoughts were going through my head as we turned down the alley adjacent to the Library.

“Well, are you going to tell me why you want to go back?” I questioned.

“Mrs. Green told me we have a new foreign exchange student coming in today.”

“So, What does that have to do with us?”

“With us, nothing. With you, just a little” he giggled.

’Whats that supposed to mean, and whats so funny?” I exclaimed.

“Mrs. Green just told me you’re signed up to give the new guy a tour of the school 6th period.”

“What!” I screamed in frustration.

ME! The outcast of the school. The girl no one can touch. even though they don’t know that but me, why me? Most of the walk I contemplated it in my head. How was I even selected? I flew so under the radar most of the teachers didn’t even know who I was and I was sure the upper staff had no idea I existed.

“Why do you think they chose me?” I asked.

I was sure Kitai didn’t know but I had no one else to ask at the moment and it was giving me a headache thinking about it as we walked.

He looked to me as if he was about to give a good reason but hesitated before answering “I’m not sure. Maybe its because you’re a straight A student.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you” I responded.

Kitai has always been this way since I met him. He would stand up for me before he would stand up for himself. I never understood his strange overprotectiveness of me. Whether I was being confronted by people or in a situation, Kitai was always there to help.

We continued towards the school. I’m continuously trying to wrap my mind around this Foreign student. Who are they? Where are they from? Are they an outcast like me or the popular type? Why me? I never signed up for anything like this and no one brought it to my attention before now.

As we continue the route to school my stomach began turning with nervousness. Kitai seemed to be speeding up his walking pace the closer we got to the school. I thought to myself how can I slow him down without telling him I’m a little nervous.

“Hey, Kitai!”

“Yea” he responded without turning back to look.

“Have you ever heard of Maverick Mythology?”

Kitai froze in his tracks for a moment and looked back to me.

“Yea, but very little.” He responded,” Since when did you become interested in mythology?”

I froze because I didn’t expect him to stop walking when he seemed to be in a rush, also I didn’t want to tell him about the woman that looked just like me and shared my last name. I figured he would take it for a joke and laugh at me.

“Oh, I’m not!” I chuckled to hide what I felt was an obvious lie.

“Hmm, Well you must be pretty into it if you’ve heard of that one. It’s not popular in this area of the world at all. How did you hear of it?”

“A friend mentioned it to me.”

“Oh, I see. well what did this friend mention about it?”

“not much, nothing important really.”

I wanted to change the subject because Kitai had a knack for prying for information and boy was he good at getting it out. He could probably get the location of submerged treasure from the fish in the sea if you give him enough time. and the more interesting it seems it may have been to him the more he investigates.

“Skye, you wouldn’t bring up something like mythology just because someone mentioned the name. You’ve heard of several other mythologies I’m sure, what made this one stand out.”

My stomach tightened as my brain scrambled to give him a suitable response without revealing my true reason for inquiring about it.

“Oh its nothing, Today was my first time hearing of it and I wondered if you knew of it because you read so many books.” I joked, with hopes that he would laugh it off with me.

“That’s true” He replied scratching his head with a slight giggle.

He seemed to buy it because he didn’t continue to ask questions and he was notorious for never running out of them.

“Well, what do you know about them?” I asked.

“Oh, I dont know a ton about it either I was hoping you could tell me.”

He sort of stuttered when he said it as if he was hiding something but I shrugged it off to keep from exposing that I thought my real mother could be the Queen in a mythology book.

For the rest of the walk we talked about random topics, mainly started by me to keep my mind occupied from the “Maverick Mythology” book in my backpack and giving the new Foreign exchange student a tour.

As we approached the school I noticed something strange happening around the Campus.

It seemed the closer we got to the school the more the wind had increased. by the time we made it onto the campus my hair was flying behind me due to the wind. To make matters even more strange Kitai seemed to be unfazed as if the wind was blowing no harder than usual. There were small sand tornadoes forming all around the perimeter of the school. However after entering the school I nearly immediately forgot about the wind.

It was nearly 6th period now. For a moment while walking and talking to Kitai about a bunch of random topics and witnessing what seemed to be a sand tornado forming outside of my school, I had forgotten about the new foreign exchange student.

“Well, I have to get to my 6th period.” Kitai said as he started down the hallway “Apparently we’re having a surprise test today.”

“That must be why he was in such a rush,” I thought to myself.

“Ok see ya later!”

As I wave to Kitai, I notice the strange man from the end of the isle at the library is now in the school hallway. I turn around and start heading towards the school office. I looked back once to check if he was still standing there but he was gone. Who was this guy? I had never seen him in our school or around town before and now I see him twice in one day. It was strange for sure but then again most of this day was strange. From Josh choosing to pick on me over Kitai, to Kitai actually leaving school for once, and the abnormally stronger than usual wind. I chocked it up to a coincidence and continued to the office.

As I neared the office I began to think of things to say about the school so that I would not have to hold a real conversation with the new guy and it would be a great way to keep the awkward silences at bay.

Luckily my locker was in the direction of the office. I stopped to drop off my things and when I closed my locker Chris was standing there towering over me.

“Well well well…” he said with a devilish grin.

“I don’t have time for this Chris, leave me alone” I demanded.

“Oh, this won’t take long. Just take off those gloves and ill leave you alone.”

“I don’t think so!” I snapped at him.

“Come on what are you hiding in there?” he begins reaching at the gloves. “ let’s see it!”

I attempted to evade him but he would not let me past and I grew thoroughly angry at this moment which was never a good thing. I recall looking up at his hairline and seeing his huge afro go up in flames. I was not sure how it happened but nothing made me happier than seeing the biggest bully in school running down the hall like a chicken with its head cut off.

However, I could feel the other students eyes watching me in the hallway. I was too nervous to turn around and see what their faces actually looked like. I was sure they were all terrified and certain I would have to transfer schools soon.

I wasn’t even sure exactly what happened and I was standing a foot away from him. The fire came from out of nowhere like a backdraft. Had it been anyone else I may have been concerned with their health but because it was Chris so I continued to head for the office as if it never happened.

Finally, I arrive at the office. Ready as I’ll ever be after my encounter with Chris in the hallway. The office was always full of people. Angry parents, troubled students, staff of all kinds. It was always loud with conversation and phones ringing. If you ever had to come to the office for anything you more than likely weren’t happy about it.

“Skye Silver right?”

I turn to see the principals secretary Mrs. Johnson. She was a short woman with the perfect peanut butter complexion and extremely curly hair. She was probably the nicest person in the entire office, maybe even in the school.

“Yes, that’s me” I replied.

“Come with me sweetheart, the new student is in the principal’s office.”

I follow her to the principal’s office. I was sure she was trying to tell me something as we made our way through the office but I couldn’t hear anything over a couple of parents arguing with a teacher. The school office was a zoo, to say the least.

We made it to the principal’s office and Mrs. Johnson opened the door and signaled for me to go inside. She closed the door behind me as I entered and my stomach sank to my toes. It was him. The strange looking guy from the library and the hallway! Now up close, I wondered who he was. Normally I was great at guessing where people were from but this guy, I didn’t even know where to start.

He was built like a professional Linebacker and had a third degree burn on his cheek that resembled a DNA strand. He dressed strange, at least nothing like anyone I know. it was the middle of a hot Las Vegas summer day and he was wearing wool. It was already strange enough that any Foreign exchange student would want to transfer here but I had also suspected he had been following me.

“Have a seat, Miss Silver” the principal directed me. “meet our new student Assail Flee.”

“What kind of name is Assail,” I thought to myself.

“Hi, nice to meet you,” he said as he reached out to me for a handshake.

Lucky for him, I was wearing my gloves. I only shook his hand because the principal was watching. I didn’t shake hands often but I’ve shaken enough to know his grip was abnormally aggressive especially considering I am a female. he glared at me with a strange stare as we shook hands that shook me to the core.

“Assail here is a foreign exchange student from Brazil. I want you to give him a tour of the school.”

“Sir, Do you think I’m the best person for the job?” I asked with faith that he would reconsider to someone else.

“well yes actually, you’re the perfect person.” He replied. “Assail here has all of your same classes with the exception of PE. So if you could show him his classes and the gym that would be great.”

“Ok” I agreed.

“Great! Well, off you go and Assail if you have any questions when you finish the tour you know where the office is.”

“Thank you, sir, I’ll keep that in mind”

Assail and I make our way out of the principal’s office and into the school hallways.

“Hey wait!”

From the light voice, I could tell it was Mrs. Johnson.

“Young man, you left your book bag.”

Mrs. Johnson practically looking to the stars to see his eyes and nearly lifting the book bag over her head to hand it to him.

“Oh, thank you, ma’am.”

“no problem, Have a good day you two and Skye don’t let him meet those football players.” She said it with a serious tone but cracked a smile after as she turned to go back into the office.”

“Well she seems nice,” he said.

As we continued to the hallways I couldn’t help but think that this had to be the worst day ever. First, the school bully targets me, then I’m not sure how many people saw what happened to him in the hallway and to top it all off I’m selected to give the creep that’s been following me a school tour.

Why was he following me anyway?

To make matters worse when I came near him something strange happened. I could feel a vibe and the fire in my stomach grew more intense. I found it strange because I’ve felt a similar vibe with another person. My best friend Kitai. Its like we’re drawn together not by fate or love but by a certain vibration. The vibe is so intense you can almost feel it in the air. I had also felt it with Antonio in the library but he took my mind away from the vibe with the book.

But why did I have a similar vibe with this creep that I had with my best friend? I wasn’t sure at that time.

Anyway, we continued through the hallways. I was happy class was in session so that whoever saw what happened with Chris was in class as we roamed the hallways. I tried to make the tour as detailed as possible. Not to be with the new guy of course but to burn time. I wanted to make the tour last as long as possible so I could Skip class with a pass and go home.

“This is the lunchroom but my advice, avoid eating here at all cost” I warned him.

“Why, is the food here nasty?”

“Well not in America in general but in this school, they serve the same thing over and over until it makes you sick.”

“Wow, really?” he seemed shocked.

“Did they serve a good lunch in Brazil?”

“Well I can’t speak for the entire country but my school did.”

“that’s great but sorry, you downgraded,” I said with a straight face to assure him I was not joking.

“ahhh it can’t be that bad” He said optimistically.

“Do you like pizza?”

“Of course” he smiled “I love it”

“they’ve served it for lunch a week and a half straight now.”

“Oh” His smile faded almost instantly

Of course, even if you love pizza you won’t eat it for two weeks straight. I’m sure he got the picture of what I was saying about lunch in this school so I continued on with the tour.

After finally showing him all of his classrooms and a bunch of unnecessary ones as well as dragging him to my locker to gather my things. The school day was finally coming to an end. I decided to take him to the gym last because the school buses were parked directly outside the gym doors. I figured I show him the gym and escape to my bus as swiftly as possible to finally be away from this guy.

We arrive at the gym with a few minutes to the final school bell.

“Perfect,” I thought “I’ll be out of here in no time and this day will be over.”

But I have never in my life thought too soon and been so wrong in my life.

“Well, this is it.” I smiled to seem friendly “I catch the school bus and they’re parked outside the gym so I’m headed out. See ya in class,”

I began to quickly walk across the gym to the backdoors when I heard it.


It was Chris. I was surprised he was still at the school after what happened to him. He was on the other end of the gym. It seemed that he had just come out of the locker room with his football goons and spotted me. I turn to face his direction and to my surprise, Assail is in the middle of the gym. He had stopped to face Chris’s direction as well.

Was he following me again? I wondered for a quick moment before Chris came storming past him towards me. His hair was abridged and he was furious. his two friends followed close behind him.

“What did you do to me glove girl?” He exclaimed.

“Hey, I didn’t do anything to you. Did you see me move?” I shot back.

“That’s bull shit!” He yelled, “Look at my hair!”

“I see, Nice haircut” I joked.

I probably shouldn’t have because not a second later he was launching a full-on right hook at me.

I somehow managed to duck under his punch. It seemed strange because it felt so natural as if I had been a professional fighter of some sort. I punched him in his stomach as hard as I could and he tumbled to the ground. Holding his stomach in pain he signaled his buddies to attack and that’s when it happened.

Assail had realized what was going on when Chris threw a punch and had come over to assist me. Whoever thought the creep could be so helpful in what was already a horrific day.

“Get her!” Chris groaned in pain.


Assail called out to the goons heading towards me. they both stopped in their tracks. His voice was thunderous and echoed through the gym.

“How about you pick on someone your own size!”

“What?” one of the goons responded, “who are you?”

Assail began approaching them.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.” He said.

“don’t get yourself hurt trying to save her dude this has nothing to do with you!”

“Well I’m not the one that’s going to get hurt” Assail Responded.

By now he was within a few feet of them and they had turned all of their attention to him. “Why is he doing this?” I thought to myself. I haven’t been nice to him all day and I just tried to ditch him a minute ago and now he was defending my honor. I felt bad for the things I thought about him and just as those feelings began to sink in. Assail not only defended me but he did it with style.

“So, what you want to do?” Assail stood before them both.

There was not a trace of fear in his eyes. It was two against one and mind you these football players aren’t small guys. They both swung on him at the same time. He ducked so perfectly they both stumbled past and I swear to the Gods if you had blinked you would’ve missed it. He swiftly turned around before they could gather their balance and slammed their heads into each other. they both fell to the ground seemingly unconscious.

“Peasants” Assail mumbled under his breath.

“Assail, thank you! no one has ever done anything like that for me.” I said.

“Don’t sweat it,” he replied. “But can I ask you something”

“Yea, sure anything”

1000 questions ran through my head in an instant. I always try to anticipate what it is when someone wants to ask a question. But this was different usually it was just Kitai asking the questions.

“Do you know which one is bus 7?” He asked.

“you’re on bus 7?”

I’m sure my facial expressions and vocal tone alone told him I knew where bus 7 was. “Yea” I replied. “that’s actually the bus I ride.”

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