Elements: The Gifted

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Chapter 13: First Dates

The bell rang the moment I made it back to the auditorium. I wanted to smack myself. No doubt I missed my friends and their performances. When it was time to part ways from the Grey brothers, I waved goodbye to Jordan – who to my relieve wasn’t mad that I missed his act – and walked with Scarlett to Algebra. It was sure to be boring without having Alex to look at, but maybe it was also for the best. God knows that I suck at this subject and that it needs all my undivided attention. If I want to pass the final exam at the end of this year then I’m really going to have to start cramming.

Algebra went by slowly as usual, and when it was over, Scarlett and I went to the library to go study for a test in Elemental Magic that was taking place tomorrow. I was positive that it wouldn’t be too hard, and that I would pass it with flying colors, so I wasn’t really worried about it. Time still went by sluggishly and I just wanted the day to come to an end. Yeah, so you can spend the rest of the evening with Alex, my subconscious teased. I smiled involuntarily. Me and Alex. All alone on the roof – with no one to judge or make fun of us for being together. This was no doubt going to be the best night ever!

I was just pondering what I was going to wear tonight when I was suddenly whisked inside Jordan’s head. He and Morgan were in Biology, trying to ignore Mrs. Donald as she prattled on and on about microorganisms.

“Dude, I still can’t believe you’re actually going to ask Alicia out!” Morgan whispered, trying to be discreet as he leaned towards his brother. His lips twitched into a playful smile that was unlike Morgan. “When did you suddenly grow some balls, man?”

I was little hurt that I didn’t know about this and jealous that Jordan told Morgan about it instead of me. Then again, I wasn’t planning on telling Jordan about my date with Alex so I guess it was kind of unfair of me to be upset about it.

Jordan fought a smile and nudged his brother. “I’ve asked girls out before.”

“Have you? Because I remember you always running away.”

“Well, this time it’s different. There’s just something about her.”

“Yeah, that’s you’re manhood talking. It’s been too long, huh?”

Jordan blushed. “Is not! And no – it hasn’t been that long.”

Oh boy. Maybe I need to get out of here before I accidentally learn about Jordan’s sex life. I tried pulling myself out of his head, but it was no use. His nerves were so strong that they literally had me pinned inside his head. The only way I could probably escape is if Scarlett was to kick or slap me and I really didn’t want either of those options. Maybe I could send a psychic message to Jordan...

“So let’s say hypothetically that Alicia does say yes,” Morgan said. “What are you guys going to do? I mean, its Hallowville for crying out loud! There are only so many places you can take a girl.”

“Well, I was planning on taking her to Sweet Sally’s Bakery. She said she’s been meaning to go there anyway.”

“Lame,” Morgan said. Jordan glared at him. “Why don’t you take her to see a movie or something? Girls love the movies”

“Maybe the girls you go out with! I don’t know. We might after we go to Sweet Sally’s Bakery.”

Morgan shook his head sadly. “You two aren’t going to last a week.”

It was then that the bell rang, causing me jump and to return to my own my head. I sighed in relieve, but still felt a little uneasy. I still couldn’t believe Jordan didn’t tell me that he was planning on asking Alicia out. Then again, maybe it wasa sudden decision he made during Biology. When I was sure Jordan wasn’t going to drag me into his head again, I got up and grabbed my stuff. Scarlett was eyeing me wryly.

“Did you have fun spying on Jordan?” she asked.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that she knew. Every Reaper has that blank look on their faces when there in their N’Sync’s head.

“Not really. It just kind of happened.”

Scarlett nodded, understanding. “I know how that is. What was Jordan thinking about so intensely?”

Since our group already knew Jordan’s feelings for Alicia, seeing as he was practically with her during the whole Halloween banquet, I decided to just tell her the truth. Besides, she’ll find out sooner or later.

“He’s planning on asking Alicia out.”

“That’s awesome. I knew he had it in him.”

I didn’t reply. I was still hurt that he hadn’t told me first. Suddenly I wondered if things were okay between us. Then another thought hit me. Had he “been there” when Alex and I were talking? Was he pissed that I was hanging out with him later? Maybe I was overthinking this, but usually Jordan tells me everything before he tells the others.

Scarlett could somehow sense my unease. She patted my shoulder. “Are you alright? Don’t tell me you have feelings for Jordan and your jealous?”

I scoffed at that. “I love Jordan, but not that way. I’m just hurt that I had to find out through his head.” Then I frowned. “Not to mention he told Morgan before he told me.”

“Oh,” she said. “I see. I can understand why that would be upsetting.”

“He always tells me things before he tells anyone else. I just hope he’s not mad at me for missing his performance.”

“Actually, I’m sure he was more relieved than upset, sweetheart.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, let’s just say you were definitely the best performer of the day.”

I met up with Jordan when it was time for our end of the day training. He looked happy, which had me assuming he asked Alicia out and she said yes. I didn’t ask, though. I just smiled at him as he prattled on about his day.

“So how was your evening?” he asked as we walked side-by-side down the hall. There were still students that loitered in the hallways, mostly girls, as they gushed about boys and the latest gossip. Some girls smirked and giggled as they watched us go by, which had me wondering if they were laughing at me or Jordan. I had a feeling in was the former. I tried to ignore them the best that I could, but it was still nerve wrecking.

“It was okay. Very interesting.”

“Care to elaborate.”

“Well, I heard that you asked Alicia out.” Jordan looked taken aback. I narrowed my eyes at him. “When were you going to tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hanging out with Alex later?” He shot back. I gaped at him.

“So you were in my head!” Part of me wasn’t surprised, but I was still annoyed. “Did you do it on purpose or accidentally?”

Jordan bit his lip. He looked a bit sheepish. “Well…”

“You’re a jerk.”

“I was worried, okay. I don’t like you being alone with him. The guy is more unstable then you know. C’mon. He sets people on fire!”

“And Scarlett doesn’t? Look I know you worry, but I’m your N’Sync, okay. I don’t need protecting.”

“I know you don’t, but still just be careful, okay. We still haven’t established that he is the real mastermind behind all these threatening notes and animal slaughters. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Well, too late for that,” I grumbled. We had completely stopped walking and were standing just outside Mr. Grey’s room. I crossed my arms, eyeing him sulkily. “I can’t believe you told Morgan before you told me that you were going to ask Alicia out!” The words tumbled out before I could stop them. Jordan’s mouth fell open. I tried to look anywhere but at him.

“Oh, I see how it is. You can get mad at me for sneaking into your head, but then you turn around and do the same—“

“It wasn’t the same thing!” I snapped. “The difference was I was pulled into your head without my permission where as you did it on purpose. Do you know how hurt I was to find out that way? And how long were you planning on asking her out?”

Jordan face reddened. “It’s been awhile.”

“It may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me. You’re my best friend and my N’Sync. I want to know these things.”

“Well, I doubt you were planning on telling me about your little date with Alex.” He said sharply.

“The reason I wasn’t going to tell you was because I knew you wouldn’t approve. You don’t like him and that’s fine. But I do. I really, really like him Jordan so please,” I begged. “Don’t ruin this for me. Aside from you, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I know it’s the same way with you and Alicia.”

Jordan sighed. “I just don’t trust him.”

“Then trust me. I really don’t think it’s him that’s trying to hurt me. Even Death thinks it’s someone else.” Then I wondered something. It was question that just occurred to me, but also something I’d been wondering about for a while. “This is a major change of topic, but do you know what Azazel—“Jordan groaned. “Sorry. Do you know what his unique ability was?”

Jordan actually looked grateful for the change of subject, even if it was about Azazel. “Well, from the stories I’ve heard, he could control the darkness and even shadows. There are even rumors that he could become darkness as well. It’s how he got into people’s houses.”

I just gave him a look.

“Okay. You got me there.” He sighed, resigned.

I grabbed his hands. “I’m sorry for snapping at you about the whole Alicia thing.”

“I’m sorry too. For invading your privacy and watching things get romantically disgusting between you and Torchwood. You two have completely shattered my piece of mind, you know.” I didn’t respond. Instead I punched him lightly in the shoulder. He winced. “Ow. That hurt.”

Jordan didn’t say anything to the others about my date with Alex. I could tell he still didn’t approve as he sat cross legged on my bed, prompting me about what we were going to do tonight. He seemed very inquiring as I told him that Alex was just helping me with my Latin homework.

“Are you sure he’s not going to try and get down your pants? Because you know, with nobody liking him, I’m sure he’s never—“

I took my shoe off and threw it at him, aiming straight for his forehead. Of course, Jordan was faster. He swiftly grabbed my pillow and shielded his face, the shoe making contact with the pillow instead. I frowned. Jordan lowered the pillow, a wry smile on his face.

“Good aim.” He threw my shoe back to me, which I caught easily and slipped it back on my foot.

“Thanks,” I said, trying to fight a smile. I couldn’t stay mad at him and he knew it. Jordan’s smile widened. He must have read my mind. I felt my recurring frown appear once more. “You better keep yourself busy and not ‘slip’ into my head.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t want to witness you making out with tall, dark, and evil. Unless you get really emotional about it and I have no choice.”

That last comment had me very curious. “Have I ever got so emotional that I accidentally dragged you into my head?”

“All the time,” Jordan said, nonchalant. He sat up straighter then, ignoring my narrowing gaze. “I didn’t want to tell you this, but I’ve pretty much witnessed everything between you two.”

I squeaked. “You’re kidding.”

“I wish.” he said.

I wish you hadn’t told me that.”

“Well, you asked. So don’t get mad at me.”

“I’m not,” I said, which was true. Jordan really couldn’t help it sometimes. I know from experience how hard it can be when stuck in your best friend’s head because they’re too busy drooling after someone they like. I kind of felt sorry for him. I examined myself one more time in the mirror and then grabbed my homework. “Just try to keep yourself busy, okay.”

Jordan scrambled off my bed and stretched. I cringed as I heard some bones pop. “I think I’ll study for Mr. Hans test for tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“Anything’s better than watching you lock lips with Torchwood.”

As promised, I went immediately to the roof once dinner was over. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and the sweat that covered my palms as I held my text book. I could hear my rapid breathing as I slowly ascended the top floor and each heartbeat as I walked closer to the door that lead to the roof. I took one deep breath before turning the doorknob.

Once I saw Alex seated on the ledge of the roof, all my fears seemed to disappear. What was there for me to be afraid of? I closed the door softly behind me and approached him cautiously.

Alex turned around then and I saw in astonishment as he smiled at me. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. I smiled back as I took a seat on his left side, my legs dangling freely over the edge. I swung them slowly, still feeling a little bit nervous.

“How was your evening?” he asked, his voice polite.

”Very good. Thanks for asking. How was yours?”

“It was nice,” he said. “I got to take a nap.”

“Dang. Maybe I should have ditched school too.”


I pulled my book and homework onto my lap, eyeing it bleakly. “Sorry you have to help me with my homework, but it’s due tomorrow and I don’t want to make a bad grade.”

“It’s fine.” Alex said. “I’m just glad you’re here.”

My heart seemed to speed up at his words. At this rate, my heart is going to give out before the nights over with. I felt my smile soften. “Me too.” God, I just hope Jordan’s not watching, or this is going to be completely embarrassing.

“So what is it that you need help with?” he asked, after several minutes of comfortable silence. I handed him my homework wordlessly, my hands shaking visibly. It definitely caught his attention. “Are you cold?”

Now that he brought it up, it was definitely chilly outside. I started shivering involuntarily. “You know, despite ice being my strongest element, I’m somehow unable to become immune to the cold.”

Alex chuckled and sat my homework aside. “Let me see your hands.”

“W-why?” I asked.

“Because it’ll help. I promise.”

I eyed his outstretched hands wearily before hesitantly putting mine in his. I gasped when our hands suddenly caught on fire. The fire didn’t burn, nor did it really touch our skin, but it was definitely chasing away the cold. He was right. It really did help.

“Thank you,” I sighed. “This feels wonderful.”

“Maybe I could I teach you this technique sometime.” Alex said. He sounded hopeful.

“Well, that would be awesome. I’m always trying to find ways to learn new, interesting techniques, especially with fire.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right person then.” Suddenly Alex eyes gleamed with curiosity. “What’s it like being gifted? My D – well, Azazel used to tell me that it could be overwhelming at times.” His tone went bitter at the mention of his father’s name. I scrutinized his pained expression before gently rubbing his hand in mine. He went completely still, but didn’t snatch his hand away.

“It can be a little overwhelming. I mean, there’s so much power to sift through. Most of the time you don’t really know what you’re capable of because sometimes it’s actually really hard controlling all the elements. Especially when you’re feeling strong emotions. And you’re drained all the time!” Alex made a face I couldn’t quite decipher. I eyed him quizzically. “What?”

“Well, it sounds very…hard.” Alex said. He seemed to be struggling for the right words to say. “How do you handle that every day?”

I shrugged. “It’s not easy, but I try not to use my powers very often. It’s just easier that way. Makes it less difficult, because like I said, you get very tired from using different types of magic every day. And I think that takes a toll on a Reaper later in life.” Suddenly I laughed as I realized something. “It’s like Mr. Han’s. Everybody knows he’s not very sane and that’s because he uses different types of magic all day long. It does something to your mind overtime. And I’m afraid that one day I’m going to end up like that too.”

“And if you do,” Alex said tentatively, stroking my hand softly with his thumb, sending warm shivers up and down my spine. I felt my pulse pick up and hoped to God he couldn’t hear it. “Then you’ll still have people that will care for you no matter what.”

It was then that I was sure Jordan was pulled into my head because the emotions that were racking through my body were too strong to withstand. And I realized that Alex really did care about me, whether he would admit or not. I could see something in his eyes, something he was trying to hide, but failing entirely. There was adoration, captivation, and reverence that seemed to shine brightly from his eyes as he regarded me.

I laughed inexplicably. “So if I do go crazy…will you still be here?”

“Of course.”

I felt my heart swelling and pulsating in my chest as we stared at each other in silence. It was one of those rare moments that you never wanted to end, but knew they had too eventually.

I sighed ruefully. “I guess we need to get started on my homework.” Curse you Latin. “The sooner we get done the better.”

Alex picked up my Latin homework then, his face unreadable. “Let’s get started.”

To my relieve, it didn’t take us as long as I thought it would. But to my dismay, it was nearly curfew when we finished. “I’m sorry we couldn’t talk more.” I said as we headed back to our dorm. “That must have been pretty boring for you.”

“Not really,” he said. “I liked helping you with your homework.”

I felt myself blush. Alex chuckled. “Well, I liked that you helped me. It was nice getting it swiftly done for a change. It gets tiring after two hours.”

“I’ll bet.” When we entered the dorm house it was completely desolate. All the lights were turned off and the only sound you could hear was our steady breathing and the constant ticking from the Grandfather clock.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” I said, after several minutes of silence. We had stopped in front of my room, the corridor completely vacant. It was kind of a relieve. Not that I was ashamed of being seen with Alex, but it was easier being with him when people weren’t gawking at you.

“What is it?” he seemed nervous for some reason.

“I told you that I didn’t care who your father was. Why did you say that was scary?”

Alex looked taken aback before he got his expression under control. He still looked a little uneasy by the question. “I guess it was because I’m used to being shunned by everything and everyone that the thought of someone willing to accept me was a little terrifying.” Now it was my turn to look surprised. Alex smiled. “Despite what you think, I actually like being alone. There’s no complication – it’s just me, myself, and I. And I like it that way. It’s easier being alone then getting your heart broken. When you realize nobody really cares about you, much less loves you.” He shrugged. I just stared at him, not sure of what to say. What do you say to a person who feels that way? Someone who feels unworthy of love and acceptance? Poor Alex. I couldn’t help but feel pity for him in that moment. The reason he felt this way was because he had been neglected by the rest of our kind and he had to accept that he was always going to be alone. But seriously, how can anyone feel that way? Why would they want to feel that way? I’m not saying I don’t like being alone – because I do. We all do. Everybody has those moments where you want to have time to yourself. My heart went out to Alex. Surely he’s just pretending he doesn’t care. Because to feel like no one loves you! I can’t imagine how that must feel? I wonder how he copes with that. I was trying to get my thoughts together when Alex started playing with my hair. I felt my heart stop in that moment. I couldn’t breathe as he tucked a strand behind my ear. “Then you came along and changed my life. At first I thought it was annoying, but then I started looking forward to classes because I knew you would be there. Especially in Magic and Spells.” I gasped at what he was saying. Alex stroked my hair, his face inches from mine. “When I realized these feeling I was starting to have for you, I tried to stop talking to you, hoping that maybe in time the feelings would go away.”

Suddenly all the pieces fell into place. The complicated puzzle that was Alex was starting to make sense. “So it wasn’t so much that you didn’t like me—“

“It was that I liked you too much. And that scared me.”

“Because you like being alone.” I breathed.

“That and also I wasn’t used to people being up my ass all the time.” I laughed at that. His smiled at the sound. “I like to hear you laugh.”

“I like that you can make me laugh. And I’m just glad that you’re finally being open with me. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for you.”

“It’s different.” Alex admitted. He reluctantly pulled his hand away. “It’s weird. I’m so used to keeping to myself. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to.”

“Well, I don’t want you to feel like you have to. When you feel ready, and you want to talk more, I’m all ears.”

“Okay,” His handsome face was blank and unreadable, making me wonder if he was trying to hide something from me. I was about to ask when suddenly he kissed me on the cheek before walking away. I turned around to watch his retreating figure, my hand touching the skin where I could still feel the sting from his kiss

The next day I skipped down to breakfast, feeling extremely giddy. I ignored my friends and their bewildered expressions as I took a seat beside Jordan. They looked at me for a fraction of second before turning their curious eyes towards Jordan, who just shrugged and continued eating. Morgan’s frown deepened.

“Why are you in such a good mood?” he asked me finally, breaking the comfortable silence. Or was it just comfortable to me?

“Why? Is it illegal to be happy around here?” I asked playfully.

“Well, no,” Gabrielle said uncertainly. She exchanged an anxious glance with Mia. “But in the morning you’re not usually this, um, happy.”

“I just slept good last night.”

Jordan snorted then, causing everyone to turn and stare at him. I narrowed my eyes in his direction.

He bit into his toast and turned to smirk at me. “Well, that’s good.” he said, his tone mocking. I wonder if the others heard it in his voice too.

I frowned before stomping on his foot. Jordan cringed, while casting me a questioningly look.

You know why I did that, I said to him through our thoughts.

Well, jeeze I was only joking around. He grumbled. There’s no need for senseless violence.

Well, keep up the sarcasm. That’s going to get you nowhere.

I wish I could flip you off right now.

I ignored that last thought and pulled out my elemental text book, trying to do last minute studying for the test. The others didn’t ask about my happy behavior again as they talked about Thanksgiving break.

“I just can’t wait to see my mom,” Scarlett said, while jumping in her seat with excitement. Morgan just rolled his eyes and shook his head as he chewed his food, his mouth closed for once.

“Me too,” Mia agreed. “And I just can’t wait to get away from all the drama and school work! It’s going to be so nice.”

Gabrielle whimpered. I fought back a smile at her expression. Of course she would be upset about leaving the academy. Sometimes I forget that she really likes homework and classes. It makes me wonder how she and Morgan became friends in the first place, seeing as there two different Reapers.

“I don’t want to leave the academy yet,” Gabrielle whined. “I’m having so much fun. It almost seems wrong giving us a whole week off.”

“Well, maybe you don’t need a week, but I think the rest of us do,” Morgan said. I was surprised that Gabrielle didn’t glare at him. Instead she slumped down in her seat. She continued to look at the table, her lip jutting out in a pouting manner.

Mia patted her shoulder comfortingly. “It will be okay. Thanksgiving break will be over before you know it.”

“Yeah, speaking of Thanksgiving break, when is that?” I asked.

“Next week.” Scarlett answered.

I blanched. “You’re kidding.”

“No. Are you okay?” She asked, clearly confused by my reaction. “I thought you would be excited too.”

“I am it’s just…kind of soon.”

“Well, you knew it was coming up, didn’t you?” Morgan asked. “I mean, it’s all everybody’s been talking about.”

I bit my lip. Before I could reply, Jordan answered for me. “Her mind has been elsewhere.” He smiled slyly at me. I wanted to smack him.

“Are you still worrying about him?” Gabrielle asked.

“No, but thanks for reminding me.”

“Then what’s keeping you here.”

I didn’t reply. I just looked at Jordan, who raised an eyebrow slightly at me. I shook my head. Everybody waited for my answer. When several minutes passed and I still hadn’t replied, Jordan cleared his throat, trying to get everyone’s attention off of me. They looked at him curiously. I sighed inwardly. Once again, Jordan came to my rescue.

“So seeing as we’re leaving this Sunday, I think Alicia and I are going to have our first date this Saturday.”

“Well, that’s good.” Gabrielle said. I smiled at the direction our conversation was going. Jordan and Alicia date will definitely be enough of a distraction.

“Where are you taking her?” Scarlett said, intrigued.

“Yeah,” Morgan prompted. “Please tell me you aren’t still taking her to that bakery.”

“It’s where she wants to go.” Jordan replied, through clenched teeth. “And then after that I think we’re just going to wander around and visit some tourist shops while we’re out.”

“I think that sounds nice.” Mia said.

Morgan huffed. “Are you kidding me? That’s the lamest date I have ever heard off.”

“All dates are different,” I said. He glowered at me. “Some even like dates when it involves just talking and studying.” I was fighting the smile that was trying to spread across my face as I thought about last night. I grabbed Jordan coffee without thinking about it and took a sip. I had to fight back tears as the hot liquid scalded my tongue.

Gabrielle and Scarlett seemed to exchange smiles as Morgan continued to frown. “I still think it’s stupid.” He mumbled.

The week went by rapidly after that day. Before I knew it, it was Saturday, the day of Jordan and Alicia’s big date. I was excited, yet I felt weary. If this relationship was to go somewhere, where would that leave me and Jordan? I’ve seen girls and their friends back in the Powerless world, and they will usually – not always – drop you for your boyfriend. When you get in a relationship with someone, you usually become the center of each other’s worlds. I didn’t care if Jordan and Alicia crawled up each other’s asses, just as long as I can crawl up there too every now again.

Though it was a constant worry that Jordan may dump me for his girlfriend, I knew I had bigger problems then my friend and his future lover. Despite my constant bickering about homework and classes, I was kind of on the same page as Gabrielle. I wasn’t ready to leave the academy. I mean, I was looking forward to seeing my mom instead of hearing her voice over the phone, but I was worried about bringing my problems like threatening notes and bodies of dead animal’s home with me. The last thing I wanted to do was bring my mother into my nightmares. Then there was the disturbing thought about not seeing Alex for a whole week. What if – a week apart – he turns back into the cold and distant person that was once Alexander Torchwood? What if – when we came back to the academy – he doesn’t want anything to do with me? As mercurial as Alex is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started ignoring me again.

All these thoughts seemed to sift through my mind as I lounged on Jordan’s bed. He didn’t seem to notice my distracted state, seeing as he was trying to find something to wear for his date tonight. So far, the only clothing he seemed to find was the dark blue jeans that hung from his hips, leaving him bare chested, which wasn’t a bad sight. Jordan – for a thirteen year old – had an amazing body for his age. He had tan skin that contrasted nicely with his silver hair, with well-defined arms and chest. His back was hard and lean, the skin looking very smooth and soft. The only imperfections were the few scars that were scattered all over his body. I guess that’s what makes you a true Reaper – or demon hunter. Scars that tell a story of battle and blood that will never be forgotten. Most people would find them horrific, but to a Reaper they are more than just imperfections in the skin, but an honor and trophy to the fights that we had won.

I continued to watch in amusement as Jordan ran around his room, looking for a shirt. His long, silver hair looked disheveled as he ran a frantic hand through it.

“I cannot find a damn shirt.” he said in annoyance.

“Well, it would help if you weren’t so messy. When’s the last time you did laundry?”

Jordan paused, trying to think. “I think it was two weeks ago.” He groaned. “I don’t have time to do laundry. I’m meeting Alicia in an hour.”

I held my hands up in a calming gesture. Jordan took a deep breath. “It’s going to be okay,” I said soothingly. I jumped off his bed and staggered to his bathroom. I could feel him behind me as I opened his closet and sifted through his clothes. There were only five shirts hanging in the small closet.

“So what are you looking for?” I asked as I examined each shirt. Three of them were plain white t-shirts while the other two were hoodies with logos on the front. “There’s not much of a selection here.”

Jordan sighed quietly and moved me aside gently. I didn’t protest as he too looked through his closet. When he didn’t find what he was looking for, Jordan closed the door silently and looked at me pleadingly.

“You have to help me.”

“Well, there’s not much I can do. You only have five shirts, and two of them are hoodies. I wouldn’t wear either of them if I were you. She may think you’re a joke.”

“I love it when you’re honest.” Jordan said dryly.

“C’mon,” I said, while reopening the closet and pulling out one of the white t-shirts. I handed it to him, which he took, still looking a bit dissatisfied. “It’s just the first date. You guys are just talking and getting to know one another.”

“Why did you get all fancy for Alex Tuesday night?”

I felt myself blush. “I didn’t dress that fancy and besides I’m a girl. We’re supposed to look cute on the first date. As long as you dress appropriate and you’re pants aren’t hanging around your ankles I think you’re good to go.”

“What did Alex wear on Tuesday night?”

“Um…” My mind went blank. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed. “I’m not positive, but I think he just wore the school uniform. He probably didn’t feel like changing out of it. Sometimes I don’t.” I shrugged. “I don’t know.” Then a thought hit me. “Are you saying you never got a peek at my date Tuesday night?”

“I fell asleep when I was cramming for Mr. H’s test.”

“Well, that’s good, I guess.”

Jordan cocked his head to the side, his eyes curious. “What did you two do? Did he try to kiss you?”

To my relieve, my face remained impassive. “Not that it’s any of your business, but no. He did walk me to my room and kiss my cheek, though.”

“Are you serious? He didn’t even try to get some lip action! Wow. What a loser!”

I felt my temper raise its ugly head and glared at him. I watched him take a step back in fear. “He is not a loser. Unlike you, he was being a gentleman.”

“You can’t say that you weren’t disappointed.”

I huffed and crossed my arms. I was trying to look anywhere but at him. I hate it when he’s right. “Can we please just drop it?”

Jordan shrugged and pulled the shirt on. I had to say he looked very sexy. I smiled. “I don’t know what you worrying about. You look hot.”

He gave me one of his bad boy smiles. “I know.”

I couldn’t help but smile in return. I loved being around playful Jordan.

“Hey, this is going to sound insane, but do you mind doing me a favor?” he asked suddenly, his gray eyes serious.

“Of course.” I said.

“Do you mind ‘watching’? I would feel more comfortable knowing that your kind of there.”

I was totally taken aback by his request. “You want me to spy on you and Alicia, while you’re on your date!”

He just nodded.

I sighed, feeling drained all of sudden. “I guess I can, but if things start getting all hot and romantic I’m out of there.”

“Thanks Spence,” Jordan said. He nudged me playfully, nearly knocking me over. “We’ll try to keep the romance down a notch.”

“You better.” I grumbled.

He smiled and mussed my hair. I screamed and tried to get away, but then somehow my struggling turned into a game of tag and I found myself chasing him down the air user’s corridor.

After Jordan left for his date, I went back to my room. I closed the door softly behind me and sighed tiredly. I really wanted to go to bed, but I knew that Jordan was counting on me “being there” with him. I sighed once more before sitting crossed legged on my bed and trying to relax. I closed my eyes, trying to open my mind and find Jordan’s. It took a bit but I managed to slip into his head. It was still weird, looking through someone else’s eyes and feeling everything they feel. It was a major sensory overload. I tuned into his thoughts and noticed they were on Main Street, walking side by side and laughing about something I missed. And even though I’m sure he looked calm and collected on the outside – inside it was completely chaotic.

It’s going to be okay, I said to him. Just stop worrying and have fun.

Jordan must have heard me because he said, Thanks again, Spence.

I didn’t reply. I became more focused on the streets of Hallowville. Hallowville – over the weekends – was at its busiest because you had students from the academy roaming the streets, shopping. Some – like Jordan and Alicia – had dates, while some others went to find places to party. Every now and again, as I looked through Jordan’s eyes, I recognized familiar faces like a group of girls that were ice users. The group included Kimberly Davis, Ashlee McDonald, September Robbins, and Brittany Hathaway. They all waved and said hello to Jordan and Alicia as they walked by, smiling friendly the whole time.

“So where are we going?” Alicia asked as they slipped past a couple that were making out passionately on the side walk. Jordan didn’t answer immediately. He was still focused on the couple. They seemed to take up a lot of space on the sidewalk. Get a room, he thought. Alicia eyed him quizzically.

“Do you still want to go to Sweet Sally’s Bakery?” he finally asked.

She nodded enthusiastically. Jordan laughed and grabbed her elbow, trying to stir them away from a group of guys laughing and shoving one another.

When they made it safely to Sweet Sally’s Bakery, Jordan was surprised to see it was completely packed full of students.

“Wow,” Alicia said. “There is, uh, a lot of people here.”

“So it would appear.”

Alicia suddenly frowned. “Well, I’ve been waiting for weeks to come to this place and there is no way in hell I’m leaving without something sweet.” She grabbed Jordan’s wrist then and pulled him forward. “C’mon. Let’s get in line.”

“Okay,” He was more aware of Alicia’s hand then the crowded people in the shop. They both got at the end of the line and waited impatiently for the line to move. After twenty minutes of complaining and small talk on the weather, they had both finally made it to the counter.

“What can I do for you?” said a lady with wild, dark purple hair. I could only assume this was the famous Sweet Sally I was constantly hearing about.

In the end, they both ordered a big bag of chocolate and peanut butter fudge to share and left the bakery in a happier mood. Jordan watched as Alicia took the first bite and chuckled softly when her eyes widened. She groaned and closed her eyes in a sort of bliss.

“This is the best fudge I think I ever eaten.”

“Sally does make the best,” he said as they both found a bench and took a seat. They both took turns passing the bag back and forth, stuffing their faces with fudge. Before they both knew it, the bag was empty except maybe for a few chocolate crumbs at the bottom.

“Aw, it’s all gone.” Alicia pouted.

“Maybe it’s for the best,” Jordan said. “We don’t want to end up getting fat.”

“Would you still like me if I was fat?” she asked.

“Well, that depends. How fat are we talking about?”

She laughed, shaking her head. “Forget I asked. So what else do you want to do?”

Jordan seemed to think about it. “It’s a small town and there’s not much you can do here,” He looked at her curiously. “When you go into town, what is it that you like to do?”

She smiled sheepishly. “Well…I like to go shopping.”

“Don’t most girls? C’mon. There’s a clothes store just around the corner.” He threw the empty bag of fudge away into the nearest trashcan.

“You would seriously go shopping with a girl?” she teased.

“Not exactly shopping,” Jordan said. He smiled impishly. “Maybe you could try some outfits on for me.”

Alicia punched his shoulder gently, a wry smile on her face. “Alright pervert.”

Jordan grabbed her hand and held it gently in his, swinging their hands between each other. She blushed but didn’t say anything as they both walked hand-in-hand towards the nearest boutique store.

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