Elements: The Gifted

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Chapter 6: Rooftop Getaway

The rest of the day went by in blur. After lunch let out Jordan, Morgan, and I went to our Weapons class. Our instructor, Ms. Peril, was a scary woman. At first I thought she was a man, what with her short, cropped blonde hair and the fact that she was so butch. If it weren’t for her boobs and the fact that we called her Ms. Peril, I really would have mistaken her for a man.I didn’t talk, I barely even breathed as we listened to her talk about the rules of the class. She was terrifying.

As promised I didn’t look, nor did I acknowledge the fact that Alexander was even in this class with me. I kept my eyes straight forward and always on Ms. Peril as she paced back and forth in front of the class, talking about the different types of weapons we would be learning how to use. It sounded like a long list.

“And Wednesday we will be putting weapons for you students to go through and play around with. Whatever weapon works best with you will be you’re weapon of chose and you will keep it with you at all times.” Ms. Peril paused, seeming to consider something. “Well, it’s more like the weapons choice. The weapon chooses the hunter. Not the other way around.”

The weapon chooses the hunter. Those words kept repeating in my head after that, making me confused. It didn’t make any sense to me. How can an inanimate object choose someone?

When it was time for Latin 1, I was sad to realize that I would be parting from Jordan. We’d been together all day, hardly inseparable. It was going to be weird.

“What do you guys have next?” I asked as we walked through the courtyard. They seemed smug.

“We have Independent Study.” Jordan answered.

“Which means,” Morgan said, excitedly. “We have a free period.” They both whooped and hollered as they walked across campus and back towards the dormitory building. Probably going to watch TV. Assholes.

I sat with Gabrielle and Mia in Latin 1. It was nice hanging out with girls for a change. I could talk to them about things that I couldn’t really discuss around Jordan or Morgan. At least not without it getting awkward. I found out as I talked to Mia that she and Scarlett were N’Sync’s, which I guess shouldn’t have surprised me. The way they are around each other reminds me a little bit of how Morgan and Gabrielle act when together. I started wondering after that if it’s the bond that makes you closer to your N’Sync or the passing of time.

Ms. Tabby was a great teacher. She was all smiles and had us laughing at some of the stories she told us. She was sweet, funny, and just a great person in general. Sometimes she would start talking in what I think was Latin – since that was the class we were in – trying to mess with us, I think. She even tried to teach us a few key phrases, which was really neat. I don’t think I’ll remember most of them later, but it was cool all the same. I always wanted to learn something other than English. She had us do a little bit of book work, and we got to get into groups. Gabrielle, Mia, and I put our heads together as we went over the material. We read the chapter together quietly, taking turns reading. Gabrielle and I laughed when Mia read some of her part. She kept getting tongue tied and would occasionally look at me or Gabrielle to ask how to say a certain word. When we were done, we talked quietly amongst each other, trying not to disturb those that we’re still working.

“Do you really like Morgan’s uncle?” I asked Gabrielle, remembering our conversation from lunch. Morgan’s words kept repeating in my head as I thought about it.

You like him. Don’t deny it. I can see it in your mind and on your face.

“Yeah, I like him, just not how everybody thinks.” Gabrielle said. Suddenly she frowned. Probably repeating the same conversation in her head like I was.“Idiot.” She muttered.

I grinned. I knew it.

Do you like anyone here, Spencer?” Mia asked, inquisitively. She cocked her head to the side, looking intrigued.

I frowned. I thought I did. “Not really,” I answered. “I haven’t really noticed most of the boys here.”

“I heard Cameron likes you, or that’s what Scarlett said. She claims she heard him talking to his friends about asking you out.”

“Really?” I asked, incredulous.

Mia nodded. “Yeah, but everyone knows that Abigail likes him. If you do go after Cameron then you’ve got some major competition.”

“Well, good thing I don’t like him, then.”

“Who do you like, Mia? There’s got to be someone that’s caught your eye.” Gabrielle asked.

“Not really. No one here is really that cute. Well, maybe except for that Alexander kid, but your social life is in trouble if you admit even that with people around.”

My heart started pounding at the mention of his name. I hated it. “Why would you be in trouble for admitting you like someone? Is it because he’s Azazel’s son?”

Both girls were staring at me with wide, frightened eyes.

“What?” I asked.

“You said his name.” Gabrielle whispered, fear visible in her light, green eyes.


So…it’s bad luck. No one says his name. His name is completely banned from all of Eden. Most people try to pretend he never existed.”

“Yeah, I bet that’s hard seeing as his son is here, walking around the school somewhere.” I said sarcastically. “How can people pretend some one that killed a lot of innocent people, and created a lot mischief in Eden, never existed? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I don’t know. It’s just easier, I guess. Pretending none of that happened,” Gabrielle shuddered. “I was only five when all that stuff went down, but I still remember some things.”

“I was five too,” Mia said. “And I remember my parents never leaving the house because they were afraid he was out there, waiting on the streets to kill.”

“And that’s all he did,” Gabrielle said, grimly. “He killed anything in sight. I heard once that he killed Mr. Ommen’s dog and that he written I’m coming for you next on his front door – in blood.”

“Well, I heard that the dog was also pinned to the door, next to the bloody message.”

I swallowed back the bile that was beginning to rise in back of my throat as they kept going on and on about Azazel and some of the horrible things he’d done to the people of Hallowville. Most of it included animals and bloody messages on doors. And the more stories they told, the more I wondered how anyone could be so cruel? What was it that Alexander called him? A madman. Well, if the stories and rumors that Gabrielle and Mia exchanged were true, then Azazel really was that – a madman. A loony. How do people go from ordinary to insane? And what made him go to such extremes to have a demon possess him? Death said he knew it was wrong – that it was illegal. Surely he must have known the consequences of his actions. Did he think he wouldn’t change in the process? What was he thinking? And what was my father thinking, befriending someone so horrid in the first place?

Mia, Gabrielle, and I had Independent Study together too. We were just walking out of Ms. Tabby’s class when we knocked into Jordan, Morgan, and even Scarlett. Mia immediately jumped to her side, claiming her attention. They were laughing about something when I turned back to Jordan.

“I hope you had a nice break,” I said. “I guess Latin 1 is your next class.”

“Yeah,” he said morosely. “And the fire and the unique users as well. Man, we’ve been with the fire group all day!”

“It’s annoying.” Morgan said, perturbed.

“Well,” I said brightly. “Lucky for me I have Independent Study next. It’s my turn to just sit around and be lazy.”

“Um, actually Spencer,” Gabrielle said, nervously tucking a strand of brown hair behind her ear. “We’re supposed to study during this time.”

Jordan and Morgan just smiled.

“B-but,” I stammered, flustered. I pointed to the two brothers that were still grinning at me. It was annoying. “They didn’t study. I know they didn’t. They went back to the dormitory building and probably watched TV for an hour.”

“Perceptive.” Morgan said.

I gave Gabrielle a look that said what did I tell ya! And watched as Gabrielle turned to glare in Jordan and Morgan’s direction.

“C’mon Gabby,” Jordan said. “It’s the first day. No one has homework to do. Just take a load off and have some fun. Relax.”

Gabrielle seemed reluctant as she thought about it. “Hm…I don’t know.”

“Please Gabrielle,” I said. I tried to give her my best pouty face. “I really need a break. I’m so tired.”

“And I’m not studying,” Mia said, adamant. “Just so you know. It’s the first day and I’m taking whatever chance I can to relax before school starts getting really hectic. You and Spencer should do the same.”

Gabrielle sighed, succumbing to our pleas. She didn’t look happy about it. “Fine, but tomorrow we’re hitting the books.”

Mia and I exchanged smiles.

“Well, looks like we gotta go.” Scarlett said. She was looking at Ms. Tabby’s door apprehensively. “God, I don’t even want to learn Latin. You know how hard this language is? I’m so going to fail the finals next semester.”

We said our goodbyes and left the others as they went to class. None of us wanted to go back to the dormitories so we just hung out in the courtyard until the bell rang, talking about a lot of nonsense that involved boys, clothes etc. I wonder if any of them consider me socially awkward because I’m beginning to think I am. I never know what to say when we have these conversations. It’s embarrassing.

We didn’t talk about Alexander again or mention his father. No, it seemed this time Mia and Gabrielle were trying to be careful about what they brought up around me.

I just couldn’t understand why everyone was afraid of a name. Was it because hearing it was too much? That it made everyone think of him and the bad memories he created? Alexander wasn’t afraid to say it. Then again, from the way he spoke of his father, it sounded more like he hated the guy then feared him. I sighed. Why would any father try to harm their son? I mean, Death said he killed his wife to get back at her, but why try to kill Alexander? What did he do that made his father immediately think he deserved to die, too? He was just a kid.

And he saw his mom murdered.

I wasn’t listening to a thing Gabby or Mia were saying as my heart beat painfully in my chest, thinking of Alexander and how he must have felt. Obviously he was heartbroken. Any child would be devastated when having their parents murdered right in front of them. Is that why he keeps his distance from people? Not just because people shun him, but because maybe he’s hurting over his mother’s death and he doesn’t want pity? Maybe he doesn’t trust anyone either. Suddenly I felt angry. I would kill Azazel if he ever touched my mother. I would show him a reason to be afraid and he would be because I wouldn’t stop until I killed him. I was confused by this sudden rage. Where did it come from? As my anger slowly started to subside, I wondered something. Did Alexander feel the same way? Was he just waiting for the chance to see his father again? So that he could avenge his mother’s death? Would he—“

My thoughts were interrupted as the bell rang.

“Aw,” Mia said, petulantly. “But I was having fun.”

To my amusement, Gabrielle actually looked ecstatic. “Oh, look it’s the bell,” she said, trying and failing, to act nonchalant. “Time for class.”

Mia looked bemused as Gabrielle grabbed her things and skipped onto her next class. “She is a strange girl.”

I laughed. “Yeah.” I’d never seen someone so excited to go class before. It was odd, but I was glad to know a little bit more about Gabrielle Swan. “That she is.”

I was excited for Demonology. Not only because I was back with the air and fire users, but because I was going to see Ash – Jordan and Morgan’s uncle. I’d seen him once at the orientation, talking to my mother. I still wonder what that was about. Why would Jordan’s uncle want to talk to my mom? Had he really been flirting with her? No. I’m not much of an expert on that field, but I know when two people are flirting. To me, it looked like they had been fighting, but why? Did they know each other? And if so was it because he used to be good friends with my father? Did he blame her for my father’s disappearance?

As usual we sat in the front and waited for class to get started. Mr. Grey wasn’t here yet, which gave us the opportunity to talk for a bit. When he finally arrived, everyone went silent.

“Hello class,” He was very quiet with his smooth, deep voice. He seemed to watch the class with brown, perceptive eyes. “Welcome to Demonology. My name is Ash Grey and I am paid to teach every one of you the knowledge of the types of demons that are out there. Personally I don’t think they pay me enough to sit up here and blabber about this and that, but I do believe that you guys have the right no know what’s out there.” he sighed, resigned. “And that’s why I’m here. When you graduate and become licensed hunters, it is your job to know what kinds of demons that you hunt. You don’t want to just jump into a job that pays well without asking questions. The study of demons is very important here at the academy and the things I tell you in this class should be heard, not ignored. The final that you all will be taking in this class will cover everything that we go over. So make sure to keep your ears open, take notes, and then you should be okay when taking the final.”

The thought of finals made me sick. I’d never been good when taking tests. I always get nervous and flustered, causing my thoughts to get all scattered. I hate it.

When class was over, Jordan and I stayed behind. Here at Hunter Academy everybody is assigned to have a mentor. Their also you’re advisors and they give you permission whether or not you can go into town, visit home etc. They also have meetings with parents, to let them know if their children are doing well in school. I thought it kind of biased to have Mr. Grey as Jordan’s mentor and advisor. After all, he was Jordan’s family. But since Mr. Grey had control in ice and air that immediately made him our mentor. Then again, with Mr. Hans being gifted, you would think the school would have assigned us to him, but maybe they considered that a conflict of interest, considering I’m gifted too. As N’Sync’s we had to train together. Others who don’t have N’Sync’s train with others who are just as bondless.

We didn’t do much. It was the first day and Ash thought that we deserved a break. “We will start tomorrow. So be ready.”

When the hour was almost up, Mr. Grey had Jordan run an errand for him, leaving me alone with Jordan’s enigmatic uncle. It was silent and awkward at first, until Mr. Grey broke the uncomfortable silence.

“You look a lot like him, you know.”

“What?” I asked, bemused. Where did that come from?

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just I couldn’t help but compare some similarities between you and you’re father. Like you’re brown eyes,” he seemed to gaze into my eyes for a moment, which caused me to turn red. “It’s like looking in your fathers eyes.”

“Did you know him?” I asked, hopeful. Maybe my mom couldn’t give me answers, but I’m sure Jordan’s uncle could.

“Yes,” he said slowly, sounding almost unsure of himself. Why? “We were…very close. I was thirteen when your father was in his fifth year here at the academy. I remember all the girls chasing after him, trying to get his attention. But he was never interested in any of them. People found it odd, but he was very interested in the Powerless. Here at the Academy in your fifth year, you all have to take a class on the ‘Study of Human Behavior.’ Your father always talked about how much he loved that class. When he graduated, he left home and went to live in the Powerless world.”

“But isn’t that illegal?” I asked. “I know you’re not supposed to marry someone that’s a Powerless, but does that mean you can live among them?” I was pissed when Jordan and Gabrielle told me about some of their laws. One of them was that hunters shouldn’t have any intimate relationships with those that are not like them, which seemed kind of prejudiced to me.

“Yes, you just can’t use Elemental Magic in front of them. There are some Powerless out there that know about us. Some hire hunters if they are having demon problems, but it’s not illegal. You are right, however, about the marriage part. We’re not supposed to have intimate relationships with regular human beings. Of course, if you do they don’t punish you. You’re merely shunned by the rest of your kind.”

“They must have been really pissed when my dad married my mom.” I was pissed that these hunters and their society were so snobby about who their kind could and couldn’t marry. Like it’s any of their business.

“Oh, they were beyond enraged!” Mr. Grey said. “Everyone was so disappointed in him. His own family wanted nothing to do with him after your parents’ marriage was official. The only one who had anything to do with him was…well…” I could tell from the awkward and disconcerted look on his face who he was referring too.

“It was him.” I whispered. “It was Azazel.”

Ash flinched at the sound of his name, but didn’t scowl me like everybody else did. He actually looked impressed. “Yes. They were best friends all through school and afterwards. Always together. He and your father practically owned the school. They were very popular until your dad married your mom. Just from hanging around your dad ruined…Azazel and his reputation. But he didn’t care; he remained loyal to your father, even though the idea was probably revolting to him. He thought the Powerless were scum. He wanted the Powerless to treat and worship us like we were gods.”

“But if that was how he felt then why support my dad and his marriage to my mom?”

“Well,” Ash hesitated. “He…loved your dad. They were like brothers and I believe he would have done anything for your father. He probably would have died for him, which is hard to believe now, of course. You know, with what he did. I can’t imagine how betrayed your father must have felt.”

Poor dad. He took a lot of crap from just marrying my mother, but then Azazel went and stabbed him in the back, putting him in a predicament that meant leaving my mom and me forever. Well, at least until Azazel was killed. Would he return to us once the deed is done?

“What was his name?” I asked, desperately. Mom never told me what my father’s name was. I’d never even seen a picture. I barely know the man that is my father. All I know is that he was an innocent man, who was wrongly treated by his family and friends, and was forced to leave me and mom when he knew Azazel was out killing people. He was afraid for us, I realized. He knew Azazel would come looking for us in time so he did what he thought was best. All this time my father had been trying to protect us. I so badly wanted to know my father’s name, if just that.

Ash opened his mouth, about to say something when Jordan returned, looking slightly irritated. “Somebody has got to do something about Johnson. He is completely annoying. You know what he said to me? He said he was going to ask you out and that there was nothing I or anyone else could do about it.” He paused, thinking. “Then Torchwood set him on fire, which I have to admit, was pretty cool. I don’t like the guy – he’s really creepy, but I couldn’t help but smile while Cameron was running around the gym on fire.” He chucked softly. “It was awesome.”

“And what about, Mr. Johnson?” Ash asked, unconcerned. He sounded more bored than anything, which I found weird. He’s a teacher! Wasn’t he supposed to be worried about Cameron’s wellbeing? ”Was he badly burned.”

“Dude, there were no traces of burn marks on him. All that burned was his clothes.”

“And Mr. Torchwood – what happened to him?”

“Alex was sent to see the headmaster. I don’t know what they’re going to do to him. I know it’s not going to be pretty, considering he’s his father’s son.”

“Oh, no,” I gasped. Alexander, why would you do something like that? What were you thinking? “They’re not going to hurt him, are they?”

“As much as some might find that appealing,” Jordan said. “They won’t. It’s illegal to harm a student in any way. No matter whom their parents are. Or in his case, his father is. By law they can’t hurt him, nor can they kick him out.

“That’s not entirely true.” Mr. Grey said. “They will kick a student out if they continue violent behavior. They can’t keep someone here that may remind others of him. And Alexander would be number one on everyone’s list.”

Mr. Grey said there was nothing anyone could do if the authorities decided to throw Alexander out of the school. I felt helpless and anxious as I wandered around, lost in my own thoughts as I kept thinking of Alexander Torchwood. How could this boy – whom I barely even knew – become the center of my world? How did he get under my skin so easily? I sighed as I ran my hand on the banister, climbing the stairs slowly. I didn’t know where I was going, but I didn’t want to go back to the dorms or my room. I didn’t know where I wanted to go – except maybe somewhere far away.

How could Alexander get in trouble on the first day? And why did he set Cameron on fire? Surely he didn’t do it because he just felt like it. There had to be a reason. Then I wondered – could it be…

I stopped the thought right there. No. He didn’t care about me. So why would he go out of his way to do something like that – like setting Cameron on fire – if it meant doing it for me? He said himself today that he didn’t like me. He must have done it out of irritation than anything else. Alexander looked like the type to set people on fire for no good reason.

I stopped in my tracks and looked around myself. Where the hell was I? I don’t remember this place. I don’t think Ms. Tabby showed us this part of the academy. I looked down and saw that I was on the top floor. I vaguely remember Tabby saying something from the tour. Didn’t she say that the top floor was off limits? I don’t remember, but I’m almost positive she did. I was about to make a hasty retreat before a teacher saw me, wandering the top floor, when I saw a door. Where did that lead? My curiosity prickled as I walked towards it. Just one peek and then I’ll go straight back to the dorms. I hesitated as I grabbed the doorknob before twisting it. To my relieve, it swung open. You would think they would keep it locked if the top floor and rooms were forbidden. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the roof was the last place I thought would be behind this door. I know I said I would just take a peek and then leave, but my curiosity continued to flare as I closed the door behind me. I walked forward and looked down. It was very high up here. The people that were hanging around the building looked like ants from this distance. I looked ahead and gasped in utter astonishment. The view from here was spectacular. I leaned forward and almost went over when someone grabbed me by the arm and roughly pulled me back. I turned and saw that it was Alexander. He was frowning, giving me this cold look that sent shivers down my spine. If looks could kill…

What was he doing here? Wasn’t he in trouble?

I was about to ask, but he beat me by asking a question of his own. “What the hell were you doing? We’reyou just trying to kill yourself?”

I frowned in return. His attitude is starting to get on my nerves. “Why would I kill myself? And what are you doing up here? Aren’t you in trouble for setting Cameron on fire?”

Alexander seemed surprised that I knew about that, but laughed nonetheless. “Wow.” he said, releasing my arm and putting some distance between us. “This school never ceases to amaze me. I guess I’m big news right now.”

I was rubbing my arm, looking at him in agitation. Well, he wasn’t denying it happened. I didn’t want to believe it, but I guess when your N’Sync tells you that the guy your infatuated with sets someone on fire for his own amusement, it must be true.


“So,” Alex said, his voice taking on a conversational tone. “What are you doing up here at a time like this? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for tomorrow? Got to look you’re best, seeing as Johnson is going to try and make you his next bitch.”

My temper flared. Is he just trying to piss me off? “For your information I have no interest in Cameron whatsoever. Secondly I asked you first what you were doing up here. So it’s only fair if you answer first.”

“Aren’t you a feisty little thing? I’m up here because this is where I’ll be spending most of my evenings. Do you really think people want me around? This is where I spent most of my time when the orientation was going on. And that first day I made a claim here.” He gestured around himself, his grin cocky. “This is my rooftop getaway.”

“Well, I have to admit, its way cooler than mine was. Mine was the girl’s bathroom.” Alexander snickered. I ignored him and his stupid grin. “So this is where you’ll be spending most of your free time, then?”

“That’s correct. Now scram.”

“Uh, no. Not before you explain to me why you’re not with headmaster Death. What are you doing wandering around? Are they going to expel you?”

Alexander smirked. I couldn’t help but picture myself slapping him. “You sound hopeful.” I scowled at him. “Headmaster Death merely gave me a week worth of detention. I’m supposed to be in my room, but it’s too stuffy in there. And no they’re not going to expel me. Sorry to disappoint you, princess. Death is giving me another chance. That or he’s afraid I might set the school on fire to get back at everyone if he were to kick me out.” I didn’t like how his eyes shined with excitement over that last part.

”Would you? Burn the school down?” Of course, he would. He’s a complete manic.

He shrugged, nonchalant. “I don’t know. I might.” I just narrowed my eyes at him. Alex ignored my expression and walked passed me as he took a seat on the ledge of the roof.

I hesitated, not sure what to do. I sighed and decided to join him. Might as well enjoy this while it lasted. Who knows when I’ll actually get the chance to talk to him like this? Then again, we were partners in Magic and Spells. I could talk to him there, but of course he might not like that. I frowned as I sat beside him, thinking about this morning’s conversation. What a complete jerk. I was trying to keep myself from looking at him, but in the end I couldn’t help it. I turned to look at him and was shocked to see him staring at me too. He was looking at me as if contemplating something. I felt my face redden as I continued to meet his blue gaze.

Alex smiled a half smile. It was beautiful. “You’re very self-conscious, aren’t you?”

I did double take at that. How did he know?

He answered my unspoken question, looking smug. “Believe or not, but I’m very good at reading people. It comes in useful when no one really notices you. I’ve noticed that you always look uncomfortable, especially in a crowded room. At the sorting ceremony you looked like you were about to throw up when you went on stage to perform you’re elements. And when Mr. Hans asked you to stand in front of the class you looked like a deer in headlights.” He chuckled softly. “It was kind of funny.”

I was happy to know that he’d been paying close attention to me. Maybe he was more aware of me then I once thought. If that’s the case then he can probably recall all the times I stared at him. Well, more like ogled. I wanted to smack myself. Get it together Spencer.

“And your posture – your shoulders are always hunched over, as if you’re just waiting to be rebuffed and your face always turns red when you meet people’s eyes. That’s how I know that you’re self-conscious.” Then he added bitterly, “Not that you care.”

I ignored that last bit and asked, “And what about you? You don’t seem self-contained yourself. You always look…tense, on edge, like your waiting for something to happen.”

“Ah, how perceptive of you. But that’s none of your business.”

“You don’t open up a lot, do you?”

“Well, why should I? I can’t trust anyone. Especially in these times. And besides, people rarely even think about me, much less act like I exist.”

I fought the urge to comfort him. He wouldn’t like that – especially from me. Instead, I said gently, “I think about you.”

For once he didn’t leer or glare at me. He actually seemed skeptic. “I don’t know why you would. No one else has ever really cared about me. Why should you?”

“Because I’m not like everyone else here. Believe it or not, but I was picked on at my school, back in the Powerless world. My life was a never ending hell there. They called me names, destroyed my favorite books, and just looked at me like I was a freak.” I smiled sweetly at him. “I can relate to you on so many levels. But now that I think about it, my life doesn’t seem nearly as crappy compared to what you’ve been through. I know about your mom and what happened.” Alexander looked away swiftly, avoiding my gaze. I continued, choosing my words wisely. “I know that our dads were N’Sync’s together. I know my father saved you because your dad was a complete manic and tried to kill you when you were little, but everything else…” I shrugged. “I haven’t got a clue. I don’t know how you’re life has been after that incident, but I can tell it hasn’t been the greatest.”

It became quiet after that, except for the sound of our breathing. After several unmeasurable moments, Alexander looked at me, his handsome face contorted in anger and pain. I don’t know if his anger was directed at me or at himself, but it chilled me to the bone.

“Your wrong.” he whispered, his voice tinged with unhidden sorrow. “It’s been terrible.”

I felt my eyes tear up. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I placed my hand on top of his and just squeezed it gently, trying to sooth his pain. I plan on taking this one step at a time. Let him walk before he can run. Obviously he wasn’t used to comfort or people talking to him with kindness. He’d been dealt with some crappy cards in life, but I’ll do what I can to make it more bearable for him. Even though he can be a real jerk, I know, with every ounce of my being, that I will not give up on him. I know that he needs me, even if he can’t see it right now. Wow. I really sound like a stalker now that I think about. I barely know this guy and yet I wanted help him. His eyes widened for a fraction of a second before he went back to the cold, distant person that I knew was Alexander Torchwood.

He pulled his hand out from under mine roughly, looking anywhere but at me. “Will you please leave?”

I was hurt by his bitterness towards me, but did as he asked. I got up slowly and walked back to the door, occasionally glancing back at him. I took one more look at Alexander before I left. He was still staring straight ahead, with arms wrapped firmly around his legs. I was disappointed that he didn’t turn around to see me go.

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