Blood of William

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Girl meets boy but instead of a happy story, she's the slave to his family and he could care less about her. Unfortunately she needs his help to escape the vampire community. Hard to know where you're going and where you came from when you don't remember who you were and you find yourself working as a slave to the infamous Salionte`s. A human in a vampire community, I'm lower on the food chain than dirt and if I'm going to be able to figure out these missing pieces of where I came from, I'll have to use William Salionte` to get there, and let me tell you, that guy is the definition of rebel. Between his temper and his controlling parents, I'm not sure if I can get his help.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I woke to the feeling of cold metal rubbing against my skin. Voices murmured around me and grew louder the more aware I became.

Do you know the feeling of waking up and struggling to remember who you were and what era you lived in? That was me and I couldn’t remember anything about how I got here and who I am.

I sat up and looked around me. A girl, who looked no older than five, sat in the arms of a sleeping man I could only guess was her father. Noticing my gaze, the girl grinned at me and talked to me as if I were her best friend. Her arms waved around to show the emphasis on what she was jabbering about and she didn’t seem to notice that I made no response to anything she was saying.

There were approximately 20 people crammed in this vehicle. We were in the bed of a mover’s truck. Some people were sleeping; others looked partially dead with a blank gaze of sorrow and misery painted all over their faces.

Unlike the clueless child next to me, all the other souls in this vehicle had the will of life sucked out of them.

“Where are we?” I asked an older man who sat across from me. He blinked slowly and wheezed painfully. He looked like he wanted to answer but all I heard was raspy breathing as his lips moved, forming words I couldn’t read.

I was about to ask another person within hearing range over the hum of the truck, when the truck groaned, shuddered, and before I could blink, every person who sat across from me were thrown towards myself, the little girl, her dad and all the other lost souls that sat against our wall. The sound of a crowd yelling from outside the truck walls grew louder and the hum of the vehicle died.

“Everybody out!” Someone yelled from the other side of the walls as light flooded in from the back doors. I cried in pain as bodies crushed me against the metal wall. A gunshot boomed around us, my ears ringing from the echo. The bodies that were on top of me scrambled to get out of the doors. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the truck.

A warm, soft breeze assured me that I was out of the compacted truck. I looked around and was amazed by the chaos that unfold. People ran around in a panic. Some of the crowd in this chaos were standing near the truck with homemade signs reading “Blanks Have Rights Too!” Others were pulling people out from the truck which I now noticed was tipped over on its side.

“Free the Blanks!” Protesters yelled in unison. I don’t know what Blanks are, but my instincts told me to run. Two men staggered out of the passenger door of the overturned truck and were yelling on a phone for reinforcements.

Time flew faster than what I could comprehend. It took me an extended moment to register where I found myself minutes later while I gasped for air from running. There were a lot of homes and plenty of manicured lawns to show I now stood in a wealthy neighborhood. A few gardeners were pulling weeds and clipping hedges. They noticed me, gasped, then murmured to each other. I heard the phrase “Runaway Blank.”

I didn’t know what to do next or where to go. Nothing looked familiar and my missing memories were of no help to give me an indication of what was next.

My clothes smelled fresh, like spring water mixed with my sweat but my clothes were dry, so wherever I was before waking up on that truck is long gone by now.

The word, Myia, popped into my mind and the best I could guess was that it is my name. I glanced over at the housing development’s welcome sign and sighed. It was named, Myian Runes. Myia most likely wasn’t my name, given I probably just read it off the sign subconsciously.

“Where to go.” I mumbled while picking my brain for a plan.

Behind me, I heard a motorcycle. It was quickly growing louder and by the time I turned around, the bike squealed to a brief stop next to me and the motorcyclist grabbed my wrist, jerking me onto the bike in front of him.

I went to push away but found my wrist bound with a ziptie.

“Let me go!” I yelled over the thunder of the engine. The bike lurched forward and I screamed as we sped down the street. The biker must’ve slammed his helmet into the back of my head for my forhead hit the tank and I saw bright lights.

An hour could’ve passed as easily as minutes by the time we arrived at a silver and white gate entrance. It took me the entire bike ride to try and get my eyes to focus on anything to rid my pupils of dancing lights and darken corners.

“Mr. Salionte`.” A guardsman I didn’t notice before nodded at the biker. He didn’t give me a glance or any acknowledgement of my existance. Did this biker normally kidnap people? Was it his job? It would explain the mansion we were pulling up to.

This home was unnecessarily large. It had 3 garages separate from the home, what looked like a double story guest house, and an expanded yard that looked to host many parties. We pulled up next to the garage.

The biker slid off the bike and my ears pounded from the hit of silence when the engine was cut off. I was pulled off roughly and half-dragged towards the front door of the home. I couldn’t find any words to say and allowed him to drag me to the door.

He reached out to the doorknob.

“WILLIAM!” The door was thrown open and the biker jerked back. A woman with wavy, blonde hair yelled at the biker as she stood in the door way. His grip on me was released.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO THIS TIME!” The woman grabbed the biker’s jacket and pulled him inside.

“You! Inside, now!” She pointed at me and gave me a chilling glare. My heart pounded and I was afraid to move. She grabbed my arm and threw me inside. I wasn’t sure if I was lighter than I felt or if she was a strong person, but I was thrown hard enough to where I slid far away from the door.

“Take off that damn helmet, William! What the hell did you do? I recieved a call from Sheriff Daniels and he told me you help raided the transport truck.”

The biker took off his gloves, unlached his helmet and pulled it off. I blinked hard as I looked at his face and hair. I didnt expect him to look like a troubled, yet attractive soul.

The biker waved in my direction.

“Blank 7344. The drivers weren’t careful enough and I delivered this Blank so we can show they don’t have strong enough security.” The biker, William, said with a calm and soothing voice.

The woman sighed. “We’re not worried about the security. Each and every Blank is inplanted with a tracker chip so it’s not hard to find any Blank runaways. Now that you’re here, you can talk to your father about the insident after you get Blank 7344 set up.”

The woman looked exhausted. She turned and walked up a ceramic set of stairs.

William sighed and looked at me. I flinched and pulled myself up to my feet.

“Follow me.” William said as he walked past me. I complied and felt my knees shook. What was I part of?

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