The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 14

Pierce didn’t return to the colony. He didn’t answer calls from them either. A few weeks had passed since Addison turned into a vampire. Pierce kept an eye on her through the change. She was sick until her change was complete. She was able to get out of bed. Pierce was glad through her change she still remained her old self. She called him her guardian angel and Pierce found he didn’t mind it all that much. He blamed Victor for what happened to her but she didn’t see it that way. Addison understood Victor’s unwillingness to accept her. Pierce could not. It was foolish to blame all humans for their father’s death. Father was naïve and he trusted the wrong human. That didn’t make all of them bad.

Pierce bought a new place and he didn’t bother telling the colony where he was. He even made sure to keep his thoughts concealed when he shifted into his wolf form. From the thoughts of the other wolves, the colony hadn’t given up on him. Victor hadn’t filled the beta position. He still held out hope for Pierce’s return. Pierce found this annoying. Victor wouldn’t let him go. Pierce had no intention of returning to the colony. He wasn’t about to be miserable while watching Victor have his mate. It wasn’t fair. He listened to Addison humming in the shower while he read the newspaper. Pierce flipped to another page and frowned. A whole page dedicated to the massacre in the homeless district. Pierce skimmed the article.

“Maybe you should talk to them. Don’t ruin your relationship with your brothers for me. It’ll make me sad.”

Pierce didn't know Addison came out of the bathroom. He folded the newspaper. He didn’t want to talk about them. Pierce smiled and glanced at her. Addison stood in the doorway wearing only a towel. Pierce caught his breath. He tried to ignore the ache quelling in a place it shouldn’t. Her scent seemed to be all around him. It drove his wolf wild.

“I will eventually,” Pierce said, clearing his throat.

“If I put myself in Victor’s shoes, I can understand him,” Addy said.

Pierce grunted a response. He watched as water dripped from her hair onto her shoulders. He looked away when the droplet trickled underneath the towel and between her breasts. His wolf didn’t miss that. Pierce stood and placed the newspaper on the table.

“You should get dressed, Addison,” he said, clearing his throat again when his words came out in a husky purr. “You know it’s cold out.”

He tried to move past her but she caught his arm. Pierce stiffened. If she didn’t let him go, he didn’t think he’d be able to control himself. Addy moved from the doorway and stood in front of him. Pierce watched her. Addy bit her lip. She wrapped her arms around him. She leaned up and captured his lips with a tender kiss. Pierce groaned. Her kiss ignited him. He gathered her into his arms and carried her back to the couch. Addy straddled him as he sat on the couch. She trailed kisses on his neck.

Pierce let out a sigh that made her feel good inside. He was enjoying this. Addy held off as long as she could. She wanted to honor Sid’s memory by not giving her heart to anyone else. All of that changed when Pierce entered her life. The fact Pierce ignored his brother’s demands made her sad but it made her see what she truly meant to him. Pierce was more than her guardian angel; he was her lifeline. She apologized over and over to Sid but she knew he’d want her to be happy. If she met him in the next life, she’d give him a chance. Right now, she wanted to be with Pierce.

All she could see was Pierce. She wanted to hold onto him and never let him go. Addy lifted Pierce’s shirt and pulled it over his head. Pierce removed her towel. He pulled back to look at her. Lust was present in his dark eyes. Addy smiled. She wasn’t ashamed in front of him. He made her feel beautiful long before this. The way he looked at her when they first met. He tried to hide it but she could see. She was beautiful to him. Addy closed her eyes when he took one of her breasts into his mouth. She let out a little moan as he sucked and gave it a little nip. Addy tugged at his hair. The softness teased her fingertips. Pierce went to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. Addy let her hands slip from his hair. She reached between them and grabbed the button on his jeans.

“Addison,” he whispered against her flesh. “Are you sure you want me?”

Addy had a hard time answering him as he kissed and licked her. “I do want you,” she whispered.

Addy placed her hands on his face and made him look at her. Pierce gazed at her with hooded eyes. Addy kissed his lips.

“You’re the only one I’ll want from now on.”

Addy’s lovemaking with Pierce went from the couch to his bedroom. Addy closed her eyes, her face pressed against the wall. She was so enthralled with Pierce and the feel of him that she didn’t let go of him when he carried her to the bedroom. She stayed wrapped around him. There was a time when they found themselves on the stairs getting it on. Addy moaned. She threw her head back when Pierce’s fingers found their way inside of her. She reached down and gripped his wrist as he touched her core. Pierce kissed her shoulder as he thrust into her from behind.

He braced his free hand on the wall. Addy didn’t want that. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. Pierce squeezed gently and let out a growl of his own. Addy didn’t know how much more of this she could take. His fingers inside of her, making her clench her legs as if to dull the pleasure a little, his hand on her breast and the feel of him inside her from behind. Addy turned her head, hoping to get a kiss before she screamed. Pierce kissed her. Addy moaned when he slid his tongue into her mouth. She returned the favor as her orgasm threatened to claim her. He quickened the pace. Pierce moaned louder when Addy’s juices coated his fingers. He broke the kiss as his own orgasm claimed him. To keep himself from crying out, he sank his teeth into her shoulder.

His roar was drowned out by his marking of Addison, claiming her as his own. Addy screamed at first from the pain of Pierce’s bite but it turned to pleasure soon after and heightened her orgasm. Addy collapsed against the wall in a heap. Pierce removed himself from her. Addy turned to face him. He brought the hand that was coated with her juices to his mouth. Addy watched him lick his hand clean. Addy swallowed.

“Pierce,” she said, reaching for him.

Pierce kissed her and lifted her in his arms. He carried her to the bed. He climbed in beside her and wrapped the sheets around them. Addy smiled at him and closed her eyes. Pierce traced her features. He planted another kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” he whispered. “You are my heart, Addison Richards.”

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