The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 15

Danag entered the Bane Colony territory. He brought the king’s mistress Rana with him. She hid behind a cluster of trees. Danag laughed at how stupid she was. He explained to her the situation with the werewolves. Well, it was a lie but what the hay. This was his way of killing two birds with one stone. He told Rana the werewolves meant to harm Nalen. They were plotting to wipe out the vampire population. The werewolves wanted to remain under the radar from humans and since the vampires made their presence known with their attack in the homeless district, it wouldn’t be long before the humans started to worry.

They would search to see if there were other supernatural beings in existence and try to wipe them out or capture them for experiments. It was amazing to him that she believed every word. When Danag required the flower wolf’s bane and ground it up to make a deadly toxin to take out the werewolves, she pleaded with him to take her along for the ride. How could he say no? It was what he wanted anyway. Pierce wasn’t here to protect his brother and the alpha was easy pickings for them now. Pierce would be racked with so much guilt, he’d forget about Addison and then Danag would swoop in and take her away. The plan was so good Danag even amazed himself.

“All we have to do is give this to the alpha?” Rana asked, giving the vial containing wolf’s bane a little shake.

“We can’t afford to make any mistakes,” Danag said. “The alpha wolf is who we’re after. Once he’s out of the way, the pack will crumble.”

It was a shame really; Victor having to pay for his brother’s sins. Danag laughed. Then again, the alpha was formidable. It won’t be easy to take him out. Luckily, if Victor wound up winning the fight Danag would be long gone. It was the reason he let Rana take possession of the vial in the first place. He peered out from behind the trees. There was his target. Danag nudged Rana. She glanced at him before peering out to look for herself. She gasped.

“He’s huge,” she whispered.

“He’s only huge in his wolf form,” Danag said. “All we have to do is get him with this and he’ll change back. Once that happens, we kill him.”

Rana backed away. Danag rolled his eyes. She couldn’t chicken out on him now. When the wolf looked in their direction, she jumped. Danag grabbed her as she turned to flee. She dropped the wolf’s bane on the ground. He cursed. He prayed she didn’t spill so much as a drop of the stuff. If she did, he would kill her where she stood.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” she hissed. “We can’t take him by ourselves.”


Rana glanced at him and swallowed nervously. “Danag, let’s just go. We can find some other way to get back the girl and-"

Danag didn’t let her finish. He picked up the vial and placed it in her hand. He shoved her out in the open where Victor could see her. She fell to the ground with a yelp. Victor growled. He stalked toward her. The closer he got to her the larger he became. Danag whistled. His presence was not only intimidating but ominous.

Rana glanced at him with fear in her eyes. She glanced at Danag. He gave her a little nod. With a scream, Rana charged. Victor slapped her away like she was nothing but a pesky fly. Well, at least the distraction worked. While Victor was distracted with Rana, Danag leaped onto his back. He tried to get a good grip on him as Victor flailed to try and get him off.

“It’s over,” Danag whispered into his damaged ear. “You can thank Pierce for this.”

Danag sank his teeth into Victor’s shoulder. Victor roared. Danag had to find some way to weaken him. He had to take enough of his blood where he wouldn’t put up a fight and then he’d give him the poison. Victor proved to be too strong. Danag’s grip on him loosened. He had to fight. Good thing Nalen sent him reinforcements. Danag smirked. Rana got to her feet. This was it. They had the advantage. Victor’s own allies came to assist him but the vampires kept them at bay or at least kept them distracted. Victor fell to his knees. He was weakening from the blood loss.

“Get over here, Rana,” Danag said. “Now’s our chance.

Rana pulled the wolf’s bane from her coat pocket. She handed it to him. Danag turned Victor over. Victor shifted back into human form. No matter. It would still work. Dang watched Victor struggle underneath him. He had to act fast. Victor wouldn’t stay weakened for long.

“I can’t wait to see Pierce’s face,” Danag said, opening the vial. “When he sees your remains lying here in your own territory.”

Before he got the chance to use the wolf’s bane, another wolf emerged out of nowhere and caught his arm. Danag screamed and dropped the vial. He hit the wolf repeatedly, trying to free his arm. The wolf wouldn’t loosen its grip. Danag reached for a knife on his holster with his free arm. He slashed the wolf in the face but it did nothing to him. Realization hit him as he heard his arm snap. The wolf was Pierce.

Danag screamed when Pierce ripped his arm off. Danag fell to his knees. Pierce moved in front of Victor to protect him. Pierce spat his arm out and moved it behind him with a paw. Danag looked around. All of his comrades were dead. Only he and Rana were left standing. Rana ran beside him to help him. Victor was now back to his feet. Danag gasped. It was like he didn’t bite him at all. The pack surrounded him. Low growls resonated all around him. Danag tried to locate the vial but it was nowhere to be found.

“We should get out of here,” Rana said.

Danag was about to tell her they weren’t going to let them go but she ran. The wolves went after her.

“This isn’t over, Pierce,” Danag said.

He leaped into one of the trees and disappeared from sight.

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