The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 17

Addy got settled into her new life at Victor’s place. Thanks to Pierce and Bryce, she had fresh, clean and new clothes to wear every day. Their taste was different. Bryce tended to buy her the usual everyday wear of jeans, sweaters, and so forth whereas Pierce bought her formal wear. Addy usually opted to wear what Bryce bought her much to Pierce’s dismay. Addy explained to him the clothes he gave her were too beautiful to wear on everyday occasions. Addy didn’t tell him she felt comfortable wearing jeans instead of dresses and skirts.

Pierce’s mom was coming to visit. She should wear one of the dresses then. Addy laid on the bed. She had trouble sleeping ever since her change into a vampire. She didn’t know if it was her throat being scratchy every now and then from the thirst or if it was the changes in her life. Addy stared at the ceiling. She didn’t share a room with Pierce but maybe she should have. Addy didn’t want to cling to Pierce. She tried to be strong while living with the wolves but it was hard. Every noise she heard made her think Danag was close. She jumped at everything. Addy sat up.

“Forget your pride,” she mumbled.

Addy walked to the door but stopped short. She heard something. Addy thought her mind was playing tricks on her but she heard it again. Addy went to the window. She pulled back the curtains. Addy gasped. She let the fabric slip from her fingers. Sid stood in the yard. Addy couldn’t believe it. She grabbed her shoes and put them on. She had to get out there and make him leave. The pack told her Victor didn’t like unwanted guests in his territory.

“Sid,” she whispered, running downstairs.

Addy heard Pierce and the others talking but she didn’t want them to know. If Pierce found out, he wouldn’t let her leave. Addy ran out the door. Sid waved.

“You look good,” he said.

Addy almost cried. Sid looked exactly the same. He was the same Sid she loved ever since meeting him. Addy ran to him and embraced him.

“Sid, I’ve missed you so much.”

“I bet you did.” Sid scowled. “Considering you’re holed up with the wolves and all.”

“Pierce rescued me,” Addy said, gesturing toward the house. “I wouldn’t be standing here now if it weren’t for him.”

“You’re a vampire now.” Sid placed a hand on her cheek. “We can do anything we want now. We can have the life we always wanted. All you have to do is come with me.”

Addy was tempted but she didn’t want to leave Pierce. It was sad really. The only way they both got the life they wanted was by being something other than human. She placed a hand over Sid’s. Addy removed his hand with a smile. There was no way she could leave. As much as she loved Sid, she loved Pierce more.

“All I ever wanted was to live my life with you,” Addy said, tears streamed down her cheeks. “It was all I ever wanted until Pierce came along.”

“Addy…” Sid said, his own tears began to fall.

“I thought you were dead and in that length of time you were gone, I fell in love with Pierce. I’ll always love you Sid but I want to be with Pierce.”

Sid nodded. He wiped his eyes. “Pierce is a werewolf. You can never belong in his world. We vampires should stick together.”

“Pierce loves me and that’s all that matters.” Addy smiled. “I love him and that's what matters to him. We’ll find a way to belong in each other’s worlds and if we can’t, we’ll find a world where only we belong.”

Sid sighed. “I guess I understand. I knew it when I came here but I wanted to at least try. As long as he makes you happy, I’m cool with it.”

“Thank you.”

“I want to remain one of your close friends if that’s okay.”

Addy hugged him again. “Of course.”

Sid shoved her away. Addy fell to the ground. She was about to call him on his rudeness but he disappeared in a blur. Addy frowned. She was able to track his movements thanks to her newfound abilities but she didn’t go after him.


Addy got to her feet. Pierce jogged over to her as she brushed the dirt from her clothes. Addy glanced in the direction Sid took off in but he was long gone now. Pierce grabbed her hand in his.

“What are you doing up so late?”

Addy shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep so I was thinking of going down to the meadow.”

Pierce shook his head. “It’s too cold. You should go see the meadow when it warms up a bit.”

Addy didn’t argue. She let him lead her inside where she saw Victor and his mate, Hadria waiting for them. Hadria smiled at her.

“I thought Victor scared you off,” she said. “I was about to lay into him.”

Victor snorted. “I’d do no such thing. I told you I accepted her, didn’t I?”

“Well,” Hadria said.

Addy looked away when they shared a kiss. Hadria seemed to be the only one exempt from his wrath. Maybe Pierce and Bryce were too if they did nothing to piss him off. Addy made her way back to her room with Pierce close behind. She expected him to head to his own room but he followed her. Addy sat on the bed as he closed the door behind him. He locked the door and turned to her with a dark look.

“What is it?” Addy asked.

“Why did Sid come here?”

Addy pretended to play with the sheet. She should’ve known nothing got by him. She was surprised Victor didn’t say anything. Maybe he felt he was hard enough on her. Pierce cleared his throat to get her attention. He sat beside her and waited for her response.

“He just wanted to check on me. No harm was done.” Addy placed a hand on his. “You have nothing to worry about. I’m all yours.”

She leaned in to kiss him but he turned away. That kind of hurt her confidence a little. Pierce stood and went to the door. He paused with his hand on the knob.

“I wish it were that simple. I know Sid expects you to return to him. I’m not a fool, Addison. Don’t treat me like one.”

“Pierce, I wasn’t-"

“I should be the first and last man in your life. I refuse to come in second place.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what’s it like?” Pierce turned to look at her. “You both professed to love each other. You may say it’s friendship but how do I know it’ll remain that way?”

“I chose you didn’t I?” Addy said, getting to her feet. “I chose to be with you.”

“You thought Sid was dead. For all I know, I could be a rebound,” Pierce argued. “Would you have chosen me if you knew Sid lived?”

Addy didn’t have time to answer. She only hesitated for a second. Pierce left. Addy didn’t understand what happened. Pierce wasn't second in her life. She wouldn’t let their night end with an argument. She went after him.

“Pierce!” she called, running to catch up with him.

When he turned to face her, she grabbed his face with both hands and gave him the biggest kiss that was so full of passion, she prayed it would make him see what he meant to her. She pulled back to look in his eyes. He had a dreamy look on his face. It worked.

“Don’t ever doubt what you mean to me,” she said. “Yes, I love Sid and I always will, but what you and I have is special. You stole my heart the day you saved my life. If I knew Sid was alive at the time, my answer would remain the same. I’d choose you. I regret what happened to Sid, but I don’t regret meeting and falling in love with you. Sid and I may have loved each other but maybe it wasn’t in the way we thought.” Addy kissed him again. “Loving someone means being happy for them no matter who they wind up with. Sid is that type of guy. If the roles were reversed and Sid met someone, I would be happy for him too. He knows what you mean to me, Pierce.”

Addy waited for him to say something but instead he scooped her up in his arms and returned her kiss. Addy moaned and tangled her hands in his hair. He took her into his room and shut the door behind them. Addy giggled when he tossed her on the bed. She watched him remove his shirt. As he settled onto the mattress, Addy hoped he would never question her feelings for him again.

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