The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 21

Danag raced back to his master. The informants had come through for him at last. Addison was having twins. Twins that would have the power of the vampires and the werewolves. The first hybrid children of their kind. Danag landed on top of his master’s building. The cold wind hitting his face was a welcome sting for his excitement. Turning Addison into a vampire was a good thing. She would bring forth the power to eliminate the werewolves for good. Her children were a gift the vampires would enjoy. Danag laughed with delight. He must have them. Lord Nalen must have them. The werewolves wouldn’t welcome them anyway. They belonged with the vampires as did their mother. He didn’t share in this excitement alone. Rana met him before he could get in the place.

“Is it true?” she asked her breath coming out in wisps of fog.

Danag nodded. “Addison has brought a gift to us. The twins won’t find a place with the werewolves. The first hybrid children should belong to us.”

“and we will have them.”

Danag and Rana both bowed at the emergence of Nalen on the roof. He walked over to them. A grin plastered on his face. “Do whatever it takes to secure Addison.”

“The wolves will fight to keep her,” Rana said. “We can’t go against the alpha. He’s too powerful. I heard the twins’ father is just as powerful.”

“Who says we have to fight them?” Danag asked with a smirk. “All we have to do is lure Addison away from them.”

“Can it be done?” Nalen asked. “The werewolves won’t leave her alone.”

Danag knew that without him pointing it out. Vampires had other ways to communicate with each other. All he had to do was enter Addison’s thoughts and convince her the children won’t be accepted by the werewolves. If that didn’t work, he’d find some other way to convince her.

“It can my lord,” Danag said. “It can. The beta is Addison’s weakness and she is his. Once we put him in danger she’ll do anything to protect him.”

“How are we going to put Pierce in danger?” Rana asked. “It isn’t like we can isolate him from the colony.”

“Oh, we can,” Danag said. “and I know just the way to do it.”

Pierce took Addison shopping. He waited while she went about the store picking clothes for the twins. Victor and Hadria came along as well. Victor stood against the wall with a frown on his face. Pierce’s eyes trailed down to Hadria’s purse in his hand and he wanted to laugh.

“Don’t. Say. A. Word,” Victor said, refusing to look at him.

“I’m not going to say anything,” Pierce said. “I think it’s nice you look after her like this.”

Victor grunted a response. Pierce watched Hadria pull Addison over to look at baby shoes. Pierce’s heart swelled at the happy expression on Addison’s beautiful face. She grabbed a pair of shoes and held them up for him to see.

“Get whatever you want,” Pierce said.

“By the way,” Victor said, turning his gaze away from the women. “How’d you know to come to the colony at that time?”

“I know Danag,” Pierce said. “He wanted to find any way he could to hurt me. If it wasn’t you, it would’ve been Bryce.”

“You did all that big talk about how you wouldn’t return,” Victor said.

“Yeah, well, you’re an asshole but you’re my brother. I didn’t hate you enough that I wanted to see you die. What kind of person would I be then?”

“Werewolf,” Victor corrected. “The pack must look out for each other.”

“If you say so.” Pierce moved away from the wall when Hadria and Addison came in their direction. They both held identical pairs of shoes in hand. Addison balanced some clothes on her arms. Pierce took the clothes from her.

“Is this all?” he asked.

Addison nodded. “I don’t want to get too much. I don’t even know if they're boys or girls or boy and girl.”

Pierce didn’t care one way or the other but he did want a daughter. There was just something about them that melted his heart. Maybe it was their innocence or the way their bright, beautiful eyes would stare up at their mothers in wonder. Pierce laughed to himself. It wasn’t to say boys weren’t innocent but their family was male-dominated along with the pack. It would be nice to have a few females to even things out.

“I’m having a son,” Victor replied. “I know it.”

“Uh huh,” Hadria said. “I say it’s a girl.”

“It’s a boy,” Victor argued. “I’ll groom him to be the next alpha.”

“If it’s a girl, I want her to get the same grooming.”

Victor scowled at Hadria. Hadria laughed at him. Pierce smiled at their display. It was a playful argument. It was nice to see Victor let his guard down once in a while. While Victor and Hadria argued over the sex of their baby, Pierce took Addison to the counter to pay for the items. Addison looked down with embarrassment. Pierce didn’t know why she was uncomfortable. He didn’t care how much money he spent where she and the twins were concerned.

“I promise to pay you back once I get a job,” she said. “I’m sorry for taking so much from you, Pierce.”

“It’s not taking when you’re in love and I don’t expect you to pay me back,” Pierce said. “As far as working is concerned that’s out of the question too.”

“You don’t want me to work?”

“I have enough money to take care of us. Actually more than enough.” Pierce pulled out his card once the clerk gave him the total. Addison moved beside him. She leaned against one of the racks as he put his card in the reader.

“I don’t want to live off your fortune, Pierce,” she said.

“Why not?”

“It’s not mine. I’m not some charity case you need to take care of.”

“You’re my girlfriend, soon to be my wife and I don’t see you as some charity case,” Pierce said. He hated when she acted like this. He couldn’t do anything nice for her without her feeling like she had to pay him back or that he was treating her like a charity case. It was starting to piss him off. He walked away from her after he paid for the items. It was best to address the issue later when he had a clear head. If he tried to discuss this now with her, they’d just get into an argument. It wasn’t good for her nor the twins.

“Can I at least work at one of the hotels or something?” she asked. “I don’t want to sit at home all day doing nothing.”

“Out of the question.” Pierce heard Victor say behind him. “Have you forgotten what I said about putting yourself in danger?”

“I’m not talking about now. I’m talking about after the babies are born and-"

“Addison, please,” Pierce said. “Enough. You’re driving me crazy.”

He climbed into the car. Pierce wouldn’t bother opening the door for her. Everything he did, she saw as him feeling sorry for her. She climbed in the backseat along with Hadria while Victor climbed in on the passenger side. Pierce cranked up and drove away. He tried to ignore the nagging voice in his head that made him want to lash out at her.

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