The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 23

Danag tried to feed but he couldn’t keep his mind nor his eyes off Addison. She stood there with a look of horror on her face as the others fed from the humans in the homeless district. The pain in her eyes was kind of getting to him. She wore a beautiful red dress that made her looks stand out more. Pierce had the right idea when he chose the clothes for her that is if he chose them. Sid stood beside her which kind of made Danag angry. He was still acting like her best friend. Things were different now. Friendship was out of the question.

“Get over here and feed,” he said. “Now Sid.”

Sid ran over to the body and Addison turned her back to them. Danag fed on one side of a man’s neck while Sid fed on the other side. He had to finish this quickly. It wouldn’t be long before the werewolves picked up their scent. The man didn’t scream. It was like he accepted his fate or saw it coming. It could be he was fed up with life on the streets. It didn’t bother Danag not one bit. They were all cattle. They were all meant to die. He stood and licked the blood from his mouth. He went over to Addison.

“How have you satisfied your cravings?” he asked. “I’m pretty sure the werewolves don’t give you fresh blood on a daily basis.”

“Pierce,” she replied. “For your information, Pierce gives me blood on a daily basis. I don’t ask where from and if he doesn’t get me blood from another source, he’s willing to give me some of his own.”

“It’s a sin for a vampire to drink werewolf blood,” Danag hissed. “Werewolves are our enemies and their blood is tainted by their cursed genes.”

Addison laughed at him and it pissed him off. “Pierce’s blood is anything but a curse,” she said. “His blood sustains me and makes me feel alive.”

“That’s only because you’re in love with him,” Danag said. “His blood isn’t good for the children.”

“He’s their father and you better take me to where he is before I kill you where you stand!”

Danag gasped along with Sid. He forgot all about the lie until now. Addison was growing bolder by the minute. He didn’t know she had so much fire within her. All the more reason why he wanted to claim her. Her spirit was wasted on Pierce and the wolves.

“He’s not with us, darling.”

Danag bowed in the direction of his master’s voice. He stepped out of the shadows with Rana in tow. They both gazed at Addison like she was the answer to all their prayers. Danag smirked. In a way she was.

“Is that her?” Rana asked, gesturing toward her. “Is she the one carrying the twins?”

“That’s her alright.” Danag placed a hand on Addison’s shoulder but she slapped it away. “Master, this is Addison.”

Nalen did a little bow. “I’ve heard so much about you. You’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks but I don’t intend to stay here with any of you,” she said. “Where’s Pierce?”

“A little lie we told you to get you to come to us,” Nalen said. “You see the children are important to us and we have no intention of letting the werewolves keep them and you all to themselves.”

Addy had no idea what these vampires thought they were gaining by kidnapping her. Her twins were not going to be used as pawns for personal gain. She didn’t care how they argued their case. She was loyal to Pierce and the colony. She would never betray them.

“I love a werewolf,” she said. “A werewolf is the father of my children. I want to be with him in peace and I want all of you to leave us alone!”

“Addy, please,” Sid said. “Stay with us. The wolves will never accept you nor the children. The only reason they aren’t making a big deal yet is that Pierce is the alpha’s brother. If Victor gives the word you and the twins are wolf food.”

“Victor wouldn’t do that,” Addy argued. “He may have had problems with us being together before but he loves Pierce and he can’t hurt me or his kids without hurting him!”

“The alpha is vicious and feared throughout the land because he fights dirty,” Nalen said. “His reputation speaks for itself. He doesn’t like anything that isn’t his kind.”

“I’ve had enough of this.” Addy tried to walk away from them but Sid grabbed her arm. Addy wrenched around and slapped him so hard he staggered back. The look of surprise on his face told her he never expected her to hit him. Danag and the others looked on too with the same surprised look.

“Addy…” Sid said rubbing his cheek.

“You let me go home or I swear the werewolves won’t be the only thing you’ll have to worry about,” she said. “Unless you’re fine with me hating you, Sid. Try and stop me again.”

When those words left her lips Addy heard the wolves coming. She smiled. Pierce was coming to rescue her like she knew he would. Danag grabbed her and wrenched her away from the others.

“Let go of me,” Addy screamed.

“Keep them busy,” Danag yelled. “I’m getting her out of here!”

Addy struggled to break free of his grasp. Nalen followed as Rana and the other vampires waited for the wolves to arrive. Addy saw another wolf whose name she didn’t catch leap into the alley in front of Danag. Danag let her go.

“You really don’t know who you’re dealing with,” he said.

The wolf ignored him and charged. Addy made sure to get out of the way when the fighting started. She didn’t want to distract him. Addy ran from the alley and tried to think of all the places she frequented when she lived on the streets. She remembered the coffee shop. It was one of Pierce’s favorite hangouts. He told her about it one day when she asked him about why he visited this side of town often. Addy believed it was fate pulling them together and Pierce believed the same thing. She wished there was a way she could contact him. Addy ran in the direction of the shop. She didn’t make it there before a vampire jumped onto her back, knocking her down.

“Get off me,” she screamed.

The vampire smiled. His ashen hair fell into his face as he dragged her to her feet. “Time to go, love. Lord Nalen’s waiting for you.”

“Let me go,” she said. “I don’t care who’s waiting. I don’t belong to him!”

“You do,” the vampire whispered. “We all do.”

Addy fought with everything she had. She kicked, screamed and clawed at him. He dragged her along like she was nothing. She couldn’t give up. Addy managed to wrench her arm free. She ran in the opposite direction of him.

“Hey!” he ran after her. Addy didn’t know where she was headed and she didn’t care. She wanted to get as far away from them as she possibly could. Addy ducked into another alley but it was a dead end. The vampire caught up to her. Addy backed into the wall. The vampire smirked and wagged his finger at her.

“You’re more trouble than you’re worth,” he said.

“Don’t come near me,” Addy cried, shielding her stomach. “Stay away from me!”

He didn’t listen. He closed in on her. Addy turned her head when he was inches from her face. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek. He sniffed her and kissed her cheek. Addy knew what came next. He pinned her to the wall and reached his hands up her dress. Addy wasn’t afraid. She was angry. Addy let out a cry and kneed him so hard in his crown jewels, he collapsed to his knees.

“You bitch!” he wailed.

Addy didn’t know what happened next. One minute he was on his knees writhing in pain and the next minute, his head was gone and his body fell over with a sick thud. Blood splashed onto her face. Addy’s brows crinkled in confusion until she saw a wolf emerge from the shadows. The wolf’s form melted away to reveal Pierce who watched her with a relieved expression. Addy couldn’t contain her excitement. She ran to him.

“Pierce,” she said, embracing him. “I’m so glad to see you!”

“My darling,” Pierce whispered, burying his face into her neck.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” she whispered.

“I’ll never let that happen,” Pierce said. “Nothing and no one can take you away from me.”

“Except Danag. Danag will never let me go nor will the vampires. They’re after our children.”

Pierce kissed her and embraced her again. “Well, they’re going to regret they ever messed with you and me. It’s time we show the vampires what we’re made of.”

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