The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 26

A few weeks later.

Addy laid on the mat. She giggled at Lucille and Hadria who had their legs stretched in the air. Addy met Lucille when she came to visit Hadria after the birth of Elara. Hadria told her Lucille was a member of her old pack. They were like sisters. When she usually visited Addy would stay in her room.

She knew Hadria wouldn’t mind the intrusion but she felt out of place hanging around them. Lucille put all her fears to rest when she invited her out to dinner. Addy was thrilled. They started talking and now they were close. Addy thought Lucille was in great shape and learned that she did yoga from time to time. Lucille lowered her legs and sat up. Addy watched as she crossed her legs and let out a low sigh.

“We should stop,” she said with her eyes closed. “Addy shouldn’t overdo it.”

Addy mainly laid on the mat. She did some of the moves but her stomach was getting bigger every day which kind of surprised her. From the look of it, she was due any day now. Addy found it hard to sleep. She would get cravings out of nowhere and poor Pierce was up most of the night along with her. Addy would usually be up before him in the mornings and when he tried to get up she’d tell him to get more sleep. She felt sorry for bothering him most of the night.

“You’re right.” Hadria’s voice brought her out of her thoughts. Hadria and Lucille stood and went to help her sit up. Addy laughed. It was the norm now. Her stomach was so big she had trouble getting up from a lying position. Addy grimaced when one of the twins kicked her. They were ready to come out and see the world.

“Easy,” she said rubbing her stomach.

“Do you know the sex of the twins?” Lucille asked, handing her a bottle of water.

At first, she wanted it to be a surprise. She didn’t care what they were as long as they were healthy, but when Pierce and Bryce kept buying presents without knowing the sex of the babies, she decided to find out for sure. She went to the doctor's and learned the twins were boys. When she went to Pierce with the news, he was over the moon. He went to his knees and kissed her growing belly. Addy thought it was a picture perfect moment. Too bad she didn’t have a camera at the time.

“They’re boys,” she said.

“I bet they’ll be so cute,” Lucille squealed.

“I know,” Hadria said. “Have you thought of names for them?”

Addy swallowed. She had thought of names alright. She didn’t know if Pierce would like them or think she was crazy. She asked him about names but he said he would be satisfied with whatever she came up with. He did throw out some names of his own.

“Don’t laugh,” she said, taking a sip of the water. “I um... had a dream about the boys.”

“Okay,” Hadria said.

“In the dream, I saw their faces and the names just came to me. I’m going to use the names Pierce picked too.” Addy closed her eyes and took a deep breath for courage. “Pierce likes the name Remington and I like Rockwell. So Remington Rockwell Halton.”

“Not bad,” Hadria said. “What about the other one?”

“Pierce chose Luca and I like the name Gustav. So Gustav Luca Halton.”

“Remington and Gustav,” Lucille said. “It has a nice ring to it.”

Addy was relieved they liked the names. She hoped the pack wouldn’t think her names were too out there for the boys. Addy felt another kick. Maybe the boys liked their names too. Hadria leaned down and placed a hand on Addy’s stomach.

“I can’t wait to meet you, Remington and Gustav,” she said. “Elara will be excited to meet you too.”

Addy stood with the help of Hadria and Lucille. She should hit the shower while Pierce was out. The last thing she wanted was to approach him smelling like sweat. She wanted to run the names by him. Victor entered the room with Elara in his arms. Hadria went over to them along with Lucille. Addy watched her give Victor a kiss and Elara too. Addy left the room. She was excited to meet her boys.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” she said.

Addy didn’t think she would be this kind of mom. Her mom never talked to her while she was in the womb at least that’s what she told Addy. Addy talked to the boys all the time and she even read to them. Pierce was the same. If Addy ate something and it didn’t agree with her, she’d always apologize to the twins. She was probably being silly but she didn’t care.

She was enjoying this new adventure life led her on. Addy saw Bryce coming to meet her in the hall. She waved at him just for laughs because he liked to joke around but he wasn’t laughing. His eyes stayed frozen in horror at her legs. Addy looked down to see a trail of blood trickling to the floor. Maybe she overdid it with the yoga. The babies weren’t due for another few weeks.

“Remington,” she whispered, touching her stomach. “Gustav?”

They weren’t kicking anymore. It was fine. They didn’t kick all the time, did they? Addy felt something else trickle down her leg. She looked down and started to panic. Her water broke or her babies were aborting themselves. It was impossible. She made sure to eat the right foods and maintain her stress level. Bryce ran to her side as she collapsed to the ground.

Addy awoke to Pierce by her side and lying in a hospital bed. She saw an IV in her arm. Addy looked up to see a blood pack on the pole. She’d lost a lot of blood or it was time for her to feed. She touched her stomach to find there was nothing there. The babies were gone.

“No,” she screamed, startling Pierce. “Where are my babies?”

“Addison,” he said. “Calm down, it’s okay.”

Addy tried to get out of bed but he held her until she calmed down. Addy glanced around the room. She didn’t see them nor hear them crying. Maybe they couldn’t handle it. She was too weak. Maybe they were werewolves and because she was a vampire they died from her drinking so much blood. Pierce kissed her. How could he be so calm? She forgot he was used to tragedy. He almost lost Victor one time before.

“Pierce, I’m so sorry.”

“For what?”

Addy wiped her eyes on her gown. “I wasn’t strong enough. The boys didn’t make it, did they?”

“They’re fine.”

Addy gasped. Dr. Wickman entered the room with two bundles wrapped in blue blankets. Addy watched the doctor’s movements until she put the twins in her arms. Addy couldn’t hold back her tears. She wept loudly which caused frowns to appear on the twins’ beautiful faces.

“I can’t believe it,” she whispered. “I can’t believe I’m holding my babies right now,” she glanced at Pierce. “Our babies.”

“Yes, it is overwhelming,” Pierce said. “I’m excited but at the same time nervous. I want to be an amazing father to them.”

“You will be,” Addy said. “They’ll love you.”

Addy watched as one of the twins opened his eyes. Dr. Wickman removed the blanket slightly from his head. Addy saw beautiful, blond locks. His coloring was different from her and Pierce’s. It was the same with his eyes. They were dark red but changed to a green color. Addy knew the reason. He was a vampire.

“He’s the oldest,” Dr. Wickman said. “You probably don’t remember much from slipping in and out during labor.”

Addy showed the baby to Pierce. “He’s just like me. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course,” Pierce took him into his arms. “I don’t care if they’re both vampires. I’ll love them the same.”

Addy touched the blond baby’s hair. “Remington Rockwell Halton, say hi to your daddy.”

“Rockwell?” Pierce snorted but he smiled. “Hi, Remington. I’m so glad to finally meet you.”

Addy watched Pierce kiss and whisper to Remington before turning her attention back to the other twin. Addy removed the blanket from his head. He had Pierce’s dark hair. He opened his eyes to reveal dark eyes similar to Pierce's. Addy glanced at Dr. Wickman who nodded. He was a full-fledged werewolf. Dr. Nichols was right. The babies weren’t hybrids but a child of the night and a child of the moon. Addy knew the pack would welcome him but would they welcome Remington?

“Here’s Gustav,” she said to Pierce. “Gustav Luca Halton. He’s a werewolf.”

Pierce took Gustav in his arms. Addy expected him to hand Remington back to her and focus more on Gustav but that wasn’t the case. He held both boys in his arms and whispered to them. He offered them the same treatment. This was the reason she loved him. Pierce never disappointed her and he was always true to his word. Victor and Hadria entered the room. Pierce showed the babies off to them.

Addy waited for him to turn up his nose at Remington but he did no such thing. He took the boys and talked to them. Bryce entered and the brothers fawned over the babies along with Hadria who held Elara in her arms. Addy was tired. She was excited and glad the babies survived and glad Victor and Bryce took a liking to them. Addy couldn’t keep her eyes open. While the pack entered the room, she fell asleep.

Pierce let Addison catch up on her sleep while he watched Remington and Gustav. After observing the boys for a few hours, he learned Remington slept more than Gustav. The pack discussed how to go about Remington’s feedings. Pierce didn’t think it’d be a big deal.

He would teach Remington to eat human food and not just live on a blood diet. He hoped that would be possible. From what he read about vampires some did eat human food when the situation called for it. Pierce glanced at him. He was asleep like usual in bed beside Addison while Gustav gazed at the lights.

“I hope you two are close when you get older,” he said. “Don’t mistreat your brother because he’s different, Gustav.

Pierce worried about that most of all. He and Addison both. The vampires weren’t beaten yet. They were licking their wounds at the loss but they hadn’t given up. Pierce was worried once Remington got of age, he might feel he didn’t belong with a colony of werewolves. He might find out about the vampires and rush off to join them. Pierce wasn’t thinking all vampires were evil but Nalen and his bunch were. Pierce heard Dr. Wickman tell Addison something about an evil vampire king.

What if Remington fell in with him? Pierce glanced at him and saw Remington looking at him. Pierce sighed. Not to mention vampires aged at an accelerating rate when they were children. He could be a newborn today and a teenager tomorrow. Pierce chuckled to himself. It wouldn’t happen that fast but fast enough. He frowned. Both twins were looking at him. They could both grow up too fast and he wouldn’t have time to prepare.

“They’re stronger together.”

Pierce heard Dr. Nichols’ voice behind him. He stretched. The twins had turned to look at Addison sleeping. Dr. Nichols came over and stood at the end of the bed.

“The twins have incredible power. They’re stronger together. It’s why the vampires came after them.”

“How do you know?” Pierce asked.

“I just know,” Dr. Nichols said. “The proof is the way they’re acting right now. They’ll age rapidly but may slow down by the time they reach the age of sixteen. They're strong apart but even stronger together. They could be even stronger than you.”

“I know that part,” Pierce said. “Although they don’t have the genes of both species, them being one and the other makes them strong once they combine their powers.”

“You don’t have to worry about Remington joining the enemy. He likes it here with his mom.”


Dr. Nichols laughed. “Remington can speak. He has telepathy you know.”

“But not out loud yet, right?” Pierce asked.

Dr. Nichols shrugged. “Maybe.”

Pierce glanced at Remington and Gustav. The boys seemed to be conversing with each other. Pierce gathered them in his arms. He looked into their eyes. They smiled at him. The world was a strange place. To test the theory, Pierce tried to think of something to say.

“I love you, guys."

Pierce didn’t expect a reply but two small voices entered his mind in unison.

“We love you too, Dad.”

“Gustav has it too,” Pierce said.

“Yeah, he does and outside his wolf form at that,” Dr. Nichols said. “It’s amazing.”

Pierce didn’t know how things were going to turn out for them. The future with them was unclear but he welcomed the challenges. It was a long road to get here. Victor’s disapproval and Danag cutting them off at every turn but they finally made it. He was glad to have them and Addison in his life. For his Addison along with Remington and Gustav, he would do whatever it took to make them happy. He would give them the world just like they gave him the same.

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