The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 3

Addy gazed at the handsome stranger approaching her. His dark eyes never left her face. Addy blushed but she didn’t know why. It wasn’t like this man was interested in her. Addy smiled when the man pulled a twenty dollar bill from his wallet. The man offered her a small smile which made her blush more. She never saw a man so gorgeous before. She loved his dark hair. It was slightly curly and slicked back from his face, not quite touching his shoulders but almost. He wore dark blue jeans and a leather jacket. Addy noticed there was something lethal about this man. From what she could tell he was powerful or at least he looked that way. Maybe his family owned businesses or something. Addy accepted the twenty when he held it out to her. Her fingers brushed against his and sent a jolt through her.

“Thank you,” Addy mumbled. She gazed at the stranger through her lashes. The man smiled again before moving on. Addy watched him. The man crossed the street and disappeared into a store.

“Yay, luck finally.”

Addy shook her head trying to clear it of the beautiful stranger as Sid approached her. Sid grinned from ear to ear when she held the twenty up for him to see.

“Enough to get us a meal for the day,” she said.

“I knew putting you on the front line would work.” Sid took the twenty out of her hand. He brought it to his nose and gave it a whiff. “Men love a damsel in distress especially a pretty one.”

Addy rolled her eyes. “Sure, I’m dirty and I can’t wash my hair except every now and then. I’m a real treat for them.”

“Aw come on Addy,” Sid winked at her. “You’re pretty regardless. I think you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Uh huh,” Addy squinted her eyes at him. “Once you meet a woman who’s not homeless and can offer you more than what I can give you, you’ll abandon me.”

“I’ll never abandon you.”

Addy noticed the change in his voice. Sid sighed and lowered his gaze to the ground. “I know what it’s like to have someone you thought you could count on just give up. I thought my dad and brothers would always be there for me.”

A tear slid down his cheek. “Hell, I messed up. It’s okay. I can do better. They’ll always look out for me, so what if I fall again and again? I know they’d be there. I was so wrong.”

“Sid...” Addy placed a hand on his shoulder.

Sid smiled. “I guess I don’t blame them either. If a person wants to keep banging their head against the wall no matter how dangerous it is, you’ll wash your hands of them too.”

“Sid, thank you,” Addy said. “You don’t know what it means to me; having you look out for me.”

“Of course,” Sid took her hand in his. “I’ll always be here for you, Addy no matter what. I’ll never leave your side.”

“And I will be here for you, so stop drudging up the past. We’ve got each other and that’s all we need.” Addy gave his hand a firm squeeze.

“You’re right. Now let’s go celebrate our victory. This little money is burning my hand.”

Addy laughed as Sid ran through the alley with her hand in his. Her and Sid would always be there for each other. Nothing and no one would ever come between them. If they made it out of this situation, she wanted to start her life with him.

Pierce never felt so excited in his life. As he sat in to hear the briefing from Jacinth, he thought of the female. He wanted this meeting to be over so he could check on her. Pierce couldn’t get his mind off her. He thought about her all night. It was hard to sleep. He spent the night clock-watching; waiting until morning. Now that it was here, he needed to see her.

“Anything else to report?” Victor asked in a bored tone.

“No, sir. That’s everything,” Jacinth said.

“You’re dismissed then.”

Jacinth inclined his head to him and left the room. Pierce stood up so fast, Victor glared at him. Bryce glanced at him too.

“You okay, Pierce?”

“Yeah,” Pierce answered clearing his throat. He turned to Victor. “I must go now.”


Pierce frowned at the tone in Victor’s voice. He didn’t like for him to rush away during a meeting, but there was nothing else to report. He should be free to do what he wanted now.

“Just out and about,” Pierce mumbled. “My wolf's restless as of late.”

Victor watched him with an expression he couldn’t read. Pierce knew that once Victor found out about the female, he wouldn’t accept her. Victor hated humans for what happened to their dad. Pierce hoped he would have time to prep her before she met Victor. To do that he had to find some way to stay in contact with her. He couldn’t just pull her off the streets as he wanted. He didn’t want to scare her. Pierce needed her to trust him. He needed her to want to go with him of her own accord. Victor yawned.

“Stop going out so much and take care of your duties.”

Pierce didn’t think he noticed. “I do take care of my duties which have dwindled since the arrival of Hadria.”

“Victor got to his feet. “You better watch your ass. You don’t disrespect my Luna in front of me.”

“I wasn’t disrespecting her,” Pierce stated. “I only meant-"

“Leave now.” Victor shoved Pierce away from him. Pierce sighed. Bryce stood ready to get in between them if they fought but Pierce could never fight Victor. Victor glared at him until Pierce grabbed his coat. Pierce shrugged on the coat and left the room. It didn’t matter if Victor accepted his mate or not. He had no reason to tell him to stay away from her.

Pierce drove back to the streets where he spotted the female. Last night was chilly and he prayed she’d gone to a shelter at least. He saw a homeless man and woman but the woman wasn’t her. Pierce waited to see if his wolf would pick up on her scent. His wolf was quiet this morning and it pissed him off. Maybe she wasn’t here.

“Where are you?” he muttered turning onto a side street.

He saw the beach blond man from earlier. The man darted out in front of his car with a woman in tow. His wolf reacted. She was with him. Pierce craned his neck to see them dart into a small store on the corner. Pierce parked and got out. He would just watch her. He wouldn’t approach her. He just wanted to see her even if it was just a glimpse of her. Pierce walked up to the window and peered in. He spotted them. Apparently, she stretched the twenty he gave her. She picked up two bottles of orange juice. Pierce growled. The man took one of the bottles from her and gave her a lopsided grin.

He meant for the money to be for her and her only but he could understand her wanting to help out her friend. For some reason, Pierce already didn’t like him. The man was just too close to her for his tastes. Were they in some kind of relationship? The way they shopped around for items. It was like they were a couple. Pierce’s eyes burned from watching them so long. They each picked up a breakfast sandwich.

The female went to the counter to pay for the items while the man placed his hands on her shoulders. He massaged her neck and she smiled. Pierce growled again. He wanted her to smile for him like that. He didn’t want her to smile for another male. Once she paid, Pierce moved away so they wouldn’t see him. They stepped out onto the sidewalk and opened their juices.

“I can’t thank that man enough for this,” the man said.

“Yeah, me too.” The female said.

Pierce smiled. Her voice was beautiful. He listened to them as they talked about all kinds of things. Pierce wanted to stay here with her. He wished he could take her with him back to the mansion. They began to walk away and Pierce came out of his hiding place. He watched the female giggle at something the man said. Her laughter was music to him. It reminded him how alone he truly was. Pierce needed her.

He just found her but it ached to go home alone without her. He went back to his car. He knew it was crazy but he had a strange idea. Tonight, he would become a part of her world. If only for a night. He didn’t want to go back and see Victor and Hadria. He didn’t want to see Bryce either. All he wanted was to be with this female whose presence brought him to his knees.

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