The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 7

Pierce went out the next day to get some food. He didn’t like the conversation he and Addison had last night. He asked her about Sid. Addison didn’t really want to talk about him. Pierce knew it was a conversation he didn’t want to have but he had to know where he stood. Addison confessed that she and Sid liked each other. They were planning a future together once they got out of their predicaments. Pierce’s heart dropped at hearing the news. He was right. He didn’t want to hear anymore and so he made up the excuse about going to the store. He needed to go anyway but he was relieved he put it off until now. Pierce sighed as he pulled up to the store. Addison didn’t know what to think of the vampire that attacked her.

She was afraid as she should be. He wondered how she’d handle it when she found out he was a werewolf. He went into the store and barely greeted the employees behind the counter. He went over to the bacon and stood there. What if she never got over Sid? He cursed himself as he became lost in his thoughts. He went back to the front of the store and grabbed a cart. Pierce wasn’t a picky eater but he didn’t know about Addison. He made sure to stock the cart with a little bit of everything, As he stopped on the soda aisle, his thoughts drifted again. It would be weird to tell her how he felt. She didn’t understand werewolves nor did she know they existed.

She would think he was lying about his feelings for her. It wasn’t hard when werewolves mated other werewolves. When a human was involved, things got complicated. They had to brief the human on their species if they didn’t already know of their existence. Humans didn’t understand them and they usually feared them. Pierce hoped Addison would see past the beast within him and love him for who he was. Getting over Sid was a mountain he had to climb sure, but telling her about his species and getting Victor’s approval was another. Addison could be so weirded out by him she might not accept him and Victor along with the colony might not approve of them.

Hell, he knew Victor’s approval would matter most of all. A human killed their father by poisoning him with the flower Wolf’s Bane. It was a slow and painful death. Victor cursed every human after the incident. He even cursed the flower hence the colony’s name was changed from Halton to Bane. A way of laughing death in the face so to speak. He went to pay for the items and left the store. He put some of the groceries in the back seat and some in the trunk of his car. He took the cart back into the store. He came back to the car and climbed in. He cranked up with his mind still whirling with how he would tell Addison what he was and how he would get Victor and the colony to approve of them.

“Might as well start with the easier one first,” he muttered, backing out of the parking space.

If he could get Addison to accept him and be with him before confronting Victor, he might have a chance. Then again, Victor was the alpha of their colony. He had the right to break up their mating ritual if he didn’t approve of it. Pierce groaned in frustration. Being a werewolf was hard at a time like this. He turned on the road leading to the house and gasped. Bryce stood in the yard glaring at him while he drove up. Bryce shook his head. Pierce didn’t have time to think about his decision. He climbed out of the car as Bryce got into his own car.

“Bryce, wait a minute,” Pierce called.

Bryce cranked up. Pierce had to stop him. He couldn’t let him leave. He grabbed on the door handle of Bryce’s car. He had to stop him before he told Victor everything.

After pleading with Bryce until his mouth felt dry, Pierce finally convinced him to come inside the house. Bryce helped him unload the groceries.

“How could you?” Bryce asked, placing the bread on the counter. “She’s a human!”

Pierce didn’t feel the need to explain mates with Bryce. He should know it was out of his hands. He ignored him. He grabbed the ice cream from a bag and placed it in the freezer. Bryce stared at him until Pierce couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You can’t tell Victor about this,” he said.

Bryce shook his head. “You didn’t come home last night. I was so worried that I did tell Victor. He didn’t seem to be bothered by your absence but I was. I went to find you and I find you here with a human.

“You know as well as I do that I can’t control who fate picks for us,” Pierce yelled. “If I could, I would but I can’t.”

“Victor will never approve of this,” Bryce said. “He won’t let you be with her and you know it!”

“I’m not abandoning her. I don’t care what he says.”


“I won’t leave my mate because Victor blames every human for Dad’s death. I won’t lose the best thing that’s happened to me because of his foolishness.”

Bryce let out a laugh. “Did you tell her you were a werewolf? If you did, she wouldn’t be here now would she?”

Pierce ignored him again. He finished putting away the groceries. He went into the living room to get away from Bryce but he followed him.

“Let her go before you get us all in trouble,” Bryce said. “Please, it’s best for the colony and it’s best for you.”

“How would you know what’s best for me?” Pierce glared at him. “So, I’m supposed to get rid of my mate because it’s what’s best for the colony?”


“I’m supposed to give up the woman who I’ve been waiting my whole life for because of the colony? I’m supposed to give up my mate and let me remind you, it takes some of us forever to find our mates if we find them at all, I’m supposed to give her up because of the selfish colony?”

Bryce lowered his gaze. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt. I don’t want you and Victor fighting each other.”

“A vampire attacked her,” Pierce said. “A vampire tried to kill her. Am I supposed to just leave her on the streets to get killed?”

Bryce’s features softened. He let out a sigh and sat down. Pierce couldn’t give her up. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t let her go back onto the streets where she’d be hunted by that vampire. Addison had his heart the minute he laid eyes on her. He went to Bryce and grabbed him by the shoulders. Bryce looked at him.

“She’ll die if I let her leave don’t you get it? Let me be the one to tell Victor about us. Please keep this a secret, for now, Bryce. I never ask you for anything until now. I can’t let her go, I won’t. I’ll die without her. I need her. Please, let me be with her as long as I can be without Victor’s interference, please!”

Bryce smiled. “When you put it that way, how can I say no? I won’t say a word to Victor. I’ll tell him you went to one of the properties to have some privacy for a few days. He might not fall for it but hell, I want you to be happy. It’s not fair to take that away from you. She wasn’t responsible for Dad’s death after all.”

Pierce smiled. “Thank you, Bryce.”

“Anytime, but you do know I can’t lie to Victor forever. He’ll eventually come looking for you himself if you don’t return to the colony.”

“I know,” Pierce said.

As if on cue, Addison came downstairs. Pierce’s heart leaped in his chest at how gorgeous she looked. He heard Bryce let out a low whistle.

“She’s pretty,” he mumbled, nudging him.

Pierce only nodded. Addison came over to them. She glanced at Bryce and offered a kind smile. Bryce extended his hand to her.

“Addison, this is my younger brother Bryce,” Pierce said gesturing toward him. “Bryce this is Addison or Addy whichever you prefer.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said, accepting his hand. “Pierce has told me so much about you.”

Bryce winked at her. “Good things I hope.”

She laughed and it was beautiful. She and Bryce walked away from him. Pierce watched them talk. She laughed at something Bryce said. Pierce was glad Bryce accepted his situation. He only wished Victor could be understanding like him.

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