The Forbidden Mates: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Chapter 9

Danag didn’t have to look far. He heard from the vampire spies in Nalen’s group that the beta hadn’t been home to the colony much. Danag paid the informants well. If they got caught by the wolves, they would take the fall for him. The thing about Nalen’s informants was they sacrificed everything for their job. Danag thought it was stupid but hey, who was he to judge? Maybe they felt like they were doing the vampires a service or something by reporting about the werewolves. Danag met the latest informant who stood in the shadows.

He was dressed in all black. His glowing eyes hidden by dark sunglasses. A hood covered his head. Danag reached into his pocket and pulled out the thing vampires craved the most, fresh, human blood. The vampire’s neck craned in his direction when the scent hit him. He removed his sunglasses to reveal his glowing eyes. For good measure, Danag shook the silver cylinder slightly. He listened to the blood swish around inside but it didn't swish around much.

“He hasn’t been back to the colony since when?” he asked, glancing at the informant.

“Since…since the night you attacked the girl on the streets,” the informant said, eyeing the cylinder. “I saw one of the wolves leave to look for him but they returned empty-handed.”

Danag smirked. “Did the wolf look similar to him except for his blond hair?”

The informant nodded. He reached a hand out for the cylinder but Danag pulled it out of reach. The informant groaned and clutched his stomach. Apparently, he hadn’t fed for this reason. Danag needed more information than that.

“I need you to find out where Pierce went. Wherever he is, that’s where Addison will be. Find him and I’ll get you more blood than this.”

Danag tossed the cylinder. The informant caught it with one hand. He unscrewed the top in a hurry and drank the blood down with hungry gulps. He let out a sigh of satisfaction and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He bowed to Danag and disappeared in the shadows. Danag smiled. Once he found Pierce it was game over for him. He would destroy him and make Addison one of them. She would be his forever although Nalen wanted a piece of her first.

“Sorry, boss,” he muttered. “Addison’s not for sale.”

It was time to put Sid to good use. Once she met him again, Pierce wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Danag laughed as another thought crept in his head. It was time to spread the word to the alpha of Pierce’s colony. Another informant appeared from the darkness.

“Time to let Victor know Pierce’s holed up with a human,” he said. “Spread the word but do not get caught.”

“Yes sir,” the vampire said. “I think the alpha heard of this already. Perhaps one of the wolves in the colony spied on them.”

“Perfect,” Danag said. “All I need to do now is wait.”

Addy washed the dishes while she waited for Pierce’s return. Pierce hadn’t said much to her in the last few days. Addy tried to make conversation with him but he would say a few sentences and leave her alone. Addy wanted to tell him she was sorry for bringing Sid up all the time. Addy sighed. Why did she feel the need to tell him that? Pierce liked her or at least she hoped he did. Addy liked him but she couldn’t tell him if he was mad at her. Better yet, she probably won’t tell him at all.

She scrubbed a pan a little too rough. A scar appeared. Addy cursed. She couldn’t afford to replace Pierce’s dishes. She needed to be careful. She left the pan on the counter. She finished the other dishes with care this time. As she wiped down the counters, she heard a car door slamming outside. Pierce was home. Time to do the ol’ meet and greet. Addy smiled when she heard the key turn in the lock and the front door open.

“Welcome back,” she said. “How’s everything at home?”

Only loud footsteps coming in the direction of the kitchen greeted her. Addy frowned. This had gone on long enough. She understood he was mad at her but this was ridiculous. Addy bit her lip. She heard him stop in the doorway. She whirled around to give him a piece of her mind but the words caught in her throat. It wasn’t Pierce who greeted her. A man towered in the kitchen doorway. His right eye was closed and marred by a nasty scar. Half of his head was shaved and a scar was present where his hair should’ve been. Addy swallowed and cowered in terror against the sink. The man glared at her with a black eye similar to Pierce’s. He growled at her. He stalked towards her with long strides.

“Get out,” he said with an ominous tone. “Get out now before I kill you!”

Addy hurried past him with the dish towel clutched tightly in her fist. She hurried for the front door as Pierce came through. Pierce saw the look in her eyes as she hurried past him.

“Addison,” he said, grabbing her shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

Addy moved behind him. “T-t-there’s a m-man,” she said pointing toward the kitchen.

The man emerged from the kitchen with a dark look on his face. Pierce gasped and moved in front of her, shielding her.

“Victor,” he whispered.

Addy gasped. She peered at Victor from behind him. This was his older brother Victor he told her about? Victor didn’t say a word. Addy screamed when he punched Pierce right in the jaw. Pierce fell to the ground. Victor glared at him. Addy kneeled down to help Pierce to his knees.

“You are to return to the colony now.”

Addy winced when Victor glared at her. He pointed at her like she was a filthy creature. Maybe she was. She had been homeless for a while.

“Get rid of her and return to your rightful place,” Victor said. “Get rid of her or I will.”

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