Immortal and The Seven Deadly Sins

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Book Three in Angels, Gods & Demons series

Fantasy / Drama
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1. Back to the past

Six years ago...


"Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go,
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do, nowhere to go oo,
I wanna be sedated
Just get me to the airport, put me on a plane,
Hurry hurry hurry, before I go-”

“Hey what the fuck?” I stared at the side of her stupid head in disbelief as I soothingly rubbed the side of my arm, the song now barely audible from my dropped earphones since that pinch still hurt like a bitch.

“We’re here,” She bluntly announced, nodding her head to point out to the windshield.

My gaze immediately shifted, the bright sun making me squint my eyes a little bit as I peered outside my sister’s Range Rover, noticing the sea of flashy cars and people passing by, each one of them walking in the same direction; the huge imposing concrete building standing tall several feet away.

Oh yay.

“Are you gonna sit here and stare all day? Get the fuck out, knuckle-head!”

Letting out a sigh, I quickly grabbed my backpack and climbed out of the car, giving her one last cold stare as I ground out,
“Don’t forget to be here at noon!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever!”

“Rebbeca, I mean it!” I shouted back as she had already turned on the engine, barely giving me the time to shut the door before she swiftly reared back, not even giving me a single last glance as she sped off on the driveway.

Great. Just freaking great...

I sighed as I already knew I will have to just handle myself back home since she will most certainly not bere here when school ends, then flung my backpack over my shoulder and started walking.

Keeping my gaze trained on my simple black converse shoes hitting against the stone pavement, I started to absently humm that song from earlier before my dear big sis so rudely interrupted, failing to notice when I have reached the first step, almost tripping over it when a girly voice suddenly reached my ears.

“No, I’m sure, just let me breathe will ’ya?”

I rose my sight, just in time to notice some girl standing at the top of the stairs, crimson red streaks contrasting her light brown locks gleaming in the sun as she absently stared somewhere past me, her somewhat childish features contorting into a rather cute than fierce frown as she practically yelled over the phone,
“No, I don’t need Kieran, I said I’ll be fine!”

I cringed a little bit as that tiny screech in her tone almost made my ears bleed, moving a few steps to the side as I climbed up the stairs in my way towards the entrance, consciously avoiding her.


“Goddamnit!” I heard her once again shout before she suddenly stormed past me, shoving herself through the double doors before I could.

Letting out a small shrug I then moved forward and finally entered the bulding too, like a lost kid now staring at the sea of people roaming the crowded hallway, momentarily frozen to my spot.

“Move it, pinkie,” A male voice suddenly reached my ears, feeling someone shoving me to the side, ultimately realizing I was still standing right in the doorway.

Now I wasn’t sure if he called me like that because of my height or current hair color but either way, I wasn’t going to get on someone’s bad side from my very first day here, so instead of giving him a colorful remark, I simply let it slide. For now.

Keep it cool Leila. Keep it cool...

Finally convincing myself to move I eventuall started walking, aimlessly wandering around as I kept reading the tags glued to every door I’ve past by -getting it only easier and easier since the halls were gradually emptying out- until I casually stumbled upon the secretary.


Knocking twice, I didn’t wait for an answer and quickly got in instead, noticing the tiny old lady sitting behind the desk, giving me a friendly smile once her beady eyes landed on me.

“Good morning! How can I help you?”

“Can I get my timetable please?” I quickly asked, timidly approaching the wooden desk, giving her a small smile as well.

“Sure! Name, please,” She kindly asked, slightly leaning forward in her leathery chair, seemingly trying to get a better hearing.


Letting my gaze lower somewhere on the wooden floor, I reluctantly answered,
“Leileena Roberts.”

Yup, I hate my name. I absolutely hate it.

Damn my slavic roots.

“Ah, yes, Leileena Anastasya Roberts,” She then said, rapidly rummaging through a pile of poorly organised sheets on the desk, the sound of my full name making me pull out a grossed-out grimace.

“Just Leila, please,” I lightly whined, giving her a pleading look, warily taking a glance around to make sure no one else heard that hideous excuse of a name.

“Sure, whatever you say sweetie,” She simply replied, still keeping that sweet smile plastered over her wrinkly features, her bony hand stretching over the desk right towards me, finally handing me the damn sheet of paper.

Giving her a small thank you, I then hurried outside, my hand tightly clutching onto my backpack’s strap as I glanced at the paper in my hand, reading my locker number and combo.

Finding it relatively quick, I then threw my backpack in it and took another glance at my timetable, noticing the first class was AP calculus.

Oh great. My “favorite” subject.

Letting out a small sigh I half-heartedly pulled my notebook out, taking a glance at my phone to check the time afterwards.

“Oh fuck!” My eyes widened as I realized I was actually pretty late after that aimless stroll around the hallways, with a hard slap loudly slamming the locker door shut then started running around like a lunatic down the now completely deserted hallway, hastily searching for my class.

“Shit shit shit! No. I will not be late on my first day! Not today,” I rambled to myself as I desperately looked around, checking every tag on every door until I have finally found the damned classroom.


I breathed, lightly tracing my fingers through my wild curls for I was pretty positive that I looked like a crazed witch by now, after that so unexpected “marathon”.

Twisting the doorknob I then timidly entered, noticing how every single pair of eyes in that room instantly averted from the teacher right towards me.

Oh great. So much with the “low profile”...

Feeling my cheeks lightly heating up I then directed my attention towards the relatively young teacher casually leaning against his desk, mumbling a small “hi” as I kept struggling to ignore the curious stares I was still receiving.

“And who you must be?” He nicely asked, curiously raising one eyebrow.

“Roberts. Leila Roberts,” I hurriedly blurted out, mentally praying he won’t check his students list and say that stupid, created-in-Hell name out loud.

“Right. You’re the new student, right?”

I only nodded, exhaling a small breath of relief, thankful that he didn’t even bother to check that damned list.

“You may take a seat now,” He then simply said and I nodded again then made my way towards the back of the class, to the only vacant seat which also happened to be right next to the angry girl.

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