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Immortal and The Seven Deadly Sins

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1.2 Back to the past

Even though just about a half an hour ago I’ve heard her screech like a little demon, I decided to at least give her a chance since I was kinda friendly by nature anyway and gave her a light smile once she finally turned to face me. And like a normal, educated person I then presented myself,
“Hi, I’m Leila.”

Only once I’ve noticed how her child-like features quickly morphed into a shocked expression, seemingly almost gaping at me in utter disbelief, my smile slowly faltered, reluctantly lowering my hand as I continuously wondered what the fuck just happened.

What the hell? Does my breath stink or something?

We blankly stared at each other for a few short moments, right before I reluctantly turned back towards my desk, only to suddenly hear her utter,
“B-Blake! Yeah, my name’s Blake!”

“Nice! I-I mean nice to meet you!” I hastily stuttered, giving her a kinda awkward smile as we stupidly stared at each other for a few moments in complete silence, obviously wracking our brains for the next thing to say before she suddenly said,

“Ooh I like your hair! What is it? Cotton candy?”

“Yep...What about yours? Red cherry or something?” I asked with a small smile as I looked at the absolutely awesome red streaks in her light brown hair, noticing her shying out a little bit as she rather reluctantly answered,
“Oh, no no, mine’s not dyed.”

“What? What do you mean’s not dyed?” I curiously stared at her, watching her nervously twirl a strand between her fingers as she quietly said,
“I’ve kinda had them for as long as I can remember...”

“You mean you were born with them?” I watched her giving me a small nod, my eyes widening in disbelief.

“Wow! That’s-”


I suddenly startled in my seat, quickly turning to face the front of the classroom as the male that was our teacher was now intently looking at us, a visibly bothered expression marring his features.

Well shit. Day one and I’m already doing so great.

“Care to share your interesting discussion with us?”

My cheeks quickly heated, notcing how every single pair of eyes were now trained on us, for some reason giving us such weird stares.

We both shook our heads at the same time, I myself preffering to just sink in my seat and make myself as little as possible as I was already starting to feel so uncomfortable at the sudden unwanted attention, from the corner of my eye noticing how she sunk back as well, however, maybe a little bit too affected for something so stupid as a truly saddened expression was now etched on her features.

“Hey,” I slowly whispered once I’ve noticed no one was watching us anymore, giving her a light poke.

“Are you okay?” I quietly asked as she turned to face me for I couldn’t help but wonder why would she react like this. It wasn’t even that serious!

Still, she only gave a rather absent nod and quickly returned to whatever she was doing on that desk, for some reason choosing to refrain herself from initiating any other interaction with me for the rest of the class.


But I just shrugged it off and let her be, deciding not to think too much into it and mind my own business for the rest of the day.

However, when second period came, all that changed, the moment a guy I’ve never seen before suddenly appeared right next to my locker, for some fucked-up reason deciding that it would be so much fun to just slam his fist against the poor metal door and scare the shit out of me, so bad that I let out a frightened scream, dropping all my stuff in the process.

“Hey what the hell?” I yelled at the histerically laughing asshole, giving him a hard shove, making him trip and land on his butt, the sounds of few laughing “hyenas” reaching my ears right after that.

Only the moment he got back up all my courage suddenly left me as a visibly angered expression clouded his features, my eyes widening as I could notice that malice intent glinting in his grey eyes.

“Are you fucking stupid or what?” He spat at me, throwing a forceful kick at my backpack that was already lying on the floor, making me startle and instinctually cower in fear as it flew somewhere past me.

“B-but you...” The words failed me as I watched him step closer, screwing my eyes shut in utter fear as I didn’t know what else I could do. He was fucking thrice my size!

“Hey!” My eyelids quickly snapped open at the sound of that feminine voice, turning my head towards the source, only to notice a very angry-looking Blake fastly approaching us.

“I suggest you fuck off before I fucking punch you in the throat!” She practically growled at him in a very scary manner -for someone her size- apparently having that same effect on the male too as I could see that falter in his movements, holding a small staring contest which she apparently won since he eventually let go and went back to his pack of hyenas to lick his wounded ego, I guess.

But for some reason, I could see them still watching us -well, mostly Blake- yet she didn’t even bat an eye in their direction, focusing on picking up my stuff instead.

“Are you okay?”

“Hmm?” I blinked a few times, noticing she was now at eye level and staring back at me, holding my backpack for me to take.

“I said, are you okay? Damn, did that fucker hit you or something?”

“Oh, yeah no, I’m okay! Totally fine!” I dumbly stammered, letting out a small and totally awkward laugh before taking the backpack from her hand and shoving it in my locker.

Wow. Way to go, Leila. Way to go.

“So...do you wanna go grab a bite or something?” She casually asked once I’ve turned back to face her.

I blankly stared at her for a few seconds, her question obviously throwing me off guard since she’s been basically ignoring me the whole morning after that incident -if I can even call it like that... And now this?

“A-aren’t we supposed to have classes right now?” I mumbled unsure, mimicking a small frown.

“Meh, who the fuck cares? Besides, it’s your first day here, so you’re basically allowed to skip!”

“Come on!” She urged me once she noticed I wasn’t reacting in any way and grabbed my hand, dragging me right after her all the way down the relatively empty hallway.

“So, where are you from? Like, where did you live before moving here to L.A?” She casually asked as we were walking towards the parking lot since our classes were over by now -not that we had attended any of them after going to that nice coffee shop- my hand involuntarily clutching tighter around the backpack’s strap at the mere sound of that apparently innocent question as that heart-wrecking image suddenly flashed before my eyes, making me screw my eyelids shut for a few seconds.

Calm down. Don’t make a scene. Not in front of her.

“Actually, you know what? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to,” She quickly said once she noticed I kinda had some trouble answering to that, not to mention that I could still feel my heart beating a little faster.

“You can tell me what classes you have tomorrow instead, so we can check if we’re in the same ones or not,” She rambled on, earning only a small nod since my gaze was already searching through the parking lot, noticing that as predicted, Rebbeca’s car was nowhere to be seen.


I sighed, mentally preparing myself for a sad and painfully long walk back home.

Only once I turned my head towards Blake to mumble a small goodbye or whatever, I realized that she had actually disappeared from right next to me.

The hell?

Wow...So much with the friendly act...

I let out another sigh, lowering my gaze to the concrete alley. But not only a moment after, I could hear the sounds of shoes hitting the asphalt, suddenly noticing her running straight back towards me once I’ve raised my sight.

“Hey! So do you have a ride?” She quickly asked, a little breathless once she’d reached me.

“I...” I simply blinked a few times in utter astonishment since I definitely didn’t expect her to ask me such thing -or better said care at all, since we’ve only known each other for just a few hours now- and didn’t know how to answer to that either.

I was supposed to have one, but my asshole of a sister decided to just bail on me, like always?

No way.

I lightly shook my head in dismissal at the thought, only to suddenly hear her say,

“Come on, ride with us!”

Wait what?

“Come on!” She beckoned, grabbing my hand for the second time that day and before I even knew it she was already dragging me right after her, again.

“O-okay...” I scrambled after her as she kept dragging me around through the parking lot like some excited five-year old, until we have finally reached her ride.

Only once my eyes landed on the tattooed male leaning so casually against the hood of the black SUV and rather boredly watching the both of us, my breath stopped inside my chest.

Holy fuck...

My stupor-induced mind spewed as my gaze met those honey brown eyes for the briefest moment, forgetting even how to blink.

“Hey Leila this is Ricky, my brother!”

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