Bound by Duty

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A Friend Indeed

As she strode towards the border, she didn’t want to cross the line without telling him about it, because that would be one alpha encroaching upon another’s territory. It was severely looked down upon because alphas were very possessive and territorial creatures. But now, she had no choice, with no way of communicating with him.

She chose the next best route. Her shifting to her human form was to show that she was harmless. Her plan next was not the most advisable in the circumstances. She strode to the border and directly stepped past it.

That got their attention.

Howls filled the air immediately. Wolves on patrol, warriors on standby all rushed towards the place where they felt the breach. She simply stood within the border, not moving. That was the courtesy she was showing Sean. As she watched them alertly, three out of the seven or ten wolves that had gathered, snarling at her, shifted to their human forms. They looked rather gloomy and forbidding but they were still pups in Danielle’s eyes.

“How dare you cross the border? Do you know which pack you have gone against? It’s the Amethyst Pack!” One of them growled at her, trying to look threatening. Danielle stifled a laugh.

Seeing her looking amused, they were enraged. “We will throw you into the cells and skin the life out of you inch by inch! Now, why did you cross our property?” Another one said. “What are you even doing here, Wanderer? Just because we accept your kind doesn’t mean we tolerate breaches like this.”

Danielle rolled her eyes inwardly. “I need to see your alpha. Take me to him.”

The first man snorted, laughing. “You think our alpha is so easy to approach? Or do you think you look good enough to seduce him into mating you?” With a perverted grin on his face, he approached her. “Unfortunately for you, he’s already mated. But you certainly look good enough for me to mate you.”

He stretched his hands to touch her shoulders but before he knew it, he was on the ground, biting the dust. He felt two accurate hits on his hand, dislocating his shoulder and breaking his wrist. Instantly, growls were heard all around. Wolves were ready to pounce on her and tear her apart, but she growled back menacingly. “I have come in peace, and this is your last warning. Don’t test me. Let me see Sean Grant.”

The third man seemed to be a little smarter than the others. His eyes glazed over as he seemed to mind-link with someone. He turned to her then and asked her more respectfully, “Ma’am, your name is...?”

“Danielle. Danielle Ward,” she said. The man sucked in his breath, instantly recognising the name. With his authority as the beta of the pack, he immediately led the way to Sean’s office. He asked her to follow him. He seemed scared of her, at the same time awed by her. They had all heard stories of her — legends of her prowess. But he underestimated the power she held over his alpha. They weren’t even half-way through when Sean came nearly running towards them.

Sean completely ignored his beta, his eyes only for his best friend. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “Goddess, Dani! I was worried sick! We all were! We didn’t know where you were and we couldn’t even track you because you’re so good at evading trackers! And—”

“Calm down, Sean.” She muttered, uncomfortable with the display of concern. She began fidgeting, worming herself out of his clasp. He let go of her. But the other wolf, whose name was Cole, was flabbergasted. His jaw had dropped all the way to the ground. He couldn’t believe that his alpha, who never touched another she-wolf, in fact, hated touching a she-wolf other than his mate, would hug an alpha she-wolf like that. Of his own initiative.

“Cole, why don’t you get out of here. Now,” Sean warned, frowning at his beta. He was then all smiles when he turned to Danielle. “I’ll have to inform all the others, they will have to know you’re safe.”

Danielle was already shaking her head. “No, it’s bad enough that I’ve come here to bother you, but if even the both of them get to know about this, then I would be putting them in danger. Not just them, but their packs too.”

Sean’s brows knitted together. “What are you talking about?”

“You know what happened, don’t you?”

Sean hesitated. “You... you killed your step-uncle...?”

She nodded. “He was the beta of the Jade Pack. And losing a beta to another pack member is a severe crime to them. Now, I’m a criminal who doesn’t deserve a trial in their eyes. For the past six months, my father has sent his warriors after me. Hell, he might have even hired mercenaries. If he is hell-bent on seeing me punished, then he will do whatever it takes to come after any pack that’s harbouring me.”

Sean's wrinkled forehead cleared. He could understand what she was trying to say. But he feigned ignorance. “So?”

Danielle kicked a stone frustratedly. It hit a nearby wall and crumbled into pieces. She swung around to Sean and hissed, “Don’t you get it? If I’m found to be here, Jacob is going to be after your pack. I don’t want to cause a war!”

She bit her lip and gnawed on it for a few seconds. “I think I should leave, the consequences of me staying here could be disastrous,” she said, turning around and getting ready to shift.

“No, no, no, no! No way are you going to run again!” Sean physically stopped her. “How long have you been running? Don’t you think it’s time to stop?”

She struggled a little but he held on adamantly. Finally, she nodded, sighing. She turned towards the mansion and trudged on. He quickly followed her.

Minutes later, they made themselves comfortable in the alpha’s office. When both Danielle and Sean seated themselves, Sean folded his hands across his chest and looked at her intently. “You should try to worry less about everyone else and more about yourself, Dani.” He said bluntly. “Maybe then you wouldn’t get into such a predicament. Now, tell me, what exactly happened?”

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