Immortals Of Byolla Bay

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Human girl meets immortal viking boy in this tale of banishment, betrayal and bitter rivalry. Love and help will come from unexpected places. Kinsley Preden lives in a small, underpopulated town that nobody new has moved to in over two decades. When a mysterious family moves in the house one street up from her, it turns her quiet normal life upside down. Strange things start happening, like her grandmother's ring, left to Kinsley in her will, starts glowing when certain people get near her. Every time Rikki touches her it feels like her skin is on fire and she feels like she is being watched everywhere she goes. It doesn't end there. Soon Kinsley realizes the line between what is real and fantasy is all too thin and what she has believed her whole life may not be all it seems. Who is Rikki really and how does her ring have such a big role in the fate of his family?

Fantasy / Romance
Brittany Tyler
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Even though I was running for my life at the moment, I couldn’t bring myself to regret meeting him that night. If I hadn’t have gone to Meshella’s birthday bonfire my life would have been normal, gone to college, got my heart broken a few times, graduated eventually and lived the rest of my life totally clueless that we share our world with creatures that are coincidentally chasing me right now. I was like all the rest only thinking the supernatural existed in fiction books you could check out from the library, astonishingly ignorant to the signs that humans were not the only species on the planet that were like us.

It’s too late to dwell on the past even if I wished I would have never met that 6 foot 3, blonde haired and green eyed man who haunts my dreams. What I should be focusing on is pushing past the burning pain in my legs and also my lungs, as well as not slowing down, but I can’t help it. I’m only human. Ha Ha. That joke is only funny when he says it to me I guess.

I started lagging behind everyone else and I knew I was going to get caught. I was going to die before I could even see his breathtaking face again. No! I have to still try!

Within seconds I slipped on an uneven patch of dirt by the cliff and the ground gave way. The last thing I remembered hearing was snarling from somewhere above me, then my world started fading to black. Please, don’t let me die before I can tell him how sorry I am.

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