Stone Warriors

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A storm was brewing over the horizon. Lightning flashed and woke a blonde, brown-eyed five year old girl from her deep sleep. She grabbed her favorite stuffed dragon and scurried across the floor.

Opening the door, she peered down the hallway and noticed that it’s a lot more scary at nighttime. Moonlight cast shadows through the window and shapes moved across the walls due to the wind in the trees outside. It looks as if monsters were waiting for her to leave the safety of her doorway.

Mommy and daddy’s room is right next door, but the distance seemed so much bigger because of her intense fear. Just then, the door opens and someone grabs her from her hiding spot. The little girl screams, but after another flash of lightning, she sees it was just the person she wanted to find.

Her mommy’s violet eyes were warm as they searched her daughter, making sure she was alright, “Do you want to sleep in here with Daddy and I?” The little girl nodded and threw her arms around mommy’s neck.

Mommy carried her small frame to the bed and nudged her daddy over. “Zakyrik, slide over. We have company.”

He lifts his head and smiles at his daughter, “Come down here, baby girl. Daddy will protect you from the storm.” The little girl giggles and jumps down to her daddy’s arms.

She cuddles in between her mommy and daddy. They both wrap their arms around her and she once again feels safe. Now everything in the world seems perfect again.

The end

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