Of Wolves and Magic

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I stood up on my four legs, swishing my tail back and forth. I stretched, feeling the bones in my spine stretch and pop. I blinked and the entire world was visible to me. I could see every blade of grass, the tail of a mouse as it scurried for a hidden hole somewhere.

Someone bumped into me, and I turned around. It was Talia, her blonde fur shining in the moonlight. My jet black fur (the same color as my hair) glistened, looking like a dark river of smooth muscle. I chuffed at her, steam billowing out of my muzzle. I began trotting around, my instincts telling me to chase after a rabbit I heard. There’s nothing like moving around in another body. I could feel my muscles, relaxed, yet ready to spring at a moment’s notice. I looked around for Calliope, spotting her small frame, a dark blonde wolf.

Calliope was the only one of the children who had actually achieved her Change, so she hunted with the older wolves.

I turned around searching for Connor. I saw him at the edge of the group, his red fur making him easy to spot. His eyes locked with mine and he growled. I growled back, and everyone else made a circle around us.

Connor hadn’t always been like this. He used to be one of the kindest individuals in the Pack. However five years ago, he had changed. It was all thanks to a freaking vampire.

By this point, it’s no surprise that werewolves are real. Vampires too. Spell casters. We share this world with humans. Werewolves had learned to coexist with them, living regular lives and this life. Others weren’t like that. Specifically vampires.

We had appointed ourselves as defenders of Boston. We kept the city safe, fighting against whatever would harm the humans. As always we were careful. I had barely turned 16, and was on one of my first few hunts. Connor had been our enforcer at the time, the Alpha’s right hand. He executed enemies, traitors, and kept order within our Pack.

It had been a bad summer, with a lot of people being murdered in their sleep. The only evidence left behind? Two small pinpricks on the necks of the victims and drained of blood. The wolves of Boston knew what was going on, but with no way of drawing out the leader, we knew what we had to do. Storm their base of operations.

I was one of the few chosen to remain in human form, as at the time, my skills of hunting in wolf form weren’t great. Also I had one advantage that no other wolves in the Pack had. I could cast magic as efficiently as any witch, sorcerer, or shaman.

A werewolf is supposed to only rely on his strength to help him or her in a fight. My magic was seen as an abomination to our ways, a coward’s ploy in a fight. I didn’t see it that way, neither did my mom. She helped me find a teacher, a good man named Joel. He taught me how to cast spells, how to make fireballs and rain lightning on my enemies. I was able to mess with their minds, cause chaos amongst my foes.

Other members of the Pack didn’t like that. One day I was challenged for the right to even be in the Pack by a couple of the other kids. A few energy bolts later and a mixture of fighting moves I had learned in the Pack secured my place. No longer was I called a coward. While I was encouraged to rely more on my wolf senses, my Pack mates began seeing how my powers could help against our war with the vampires.

As the Pack began changing, Connor explained what we were going to do. With some of the wolves protecting me, he would lead the charge in the compound, while I was to lobe fireballs, play support in case anyone got overwhelmed. I nodded.

“Talia,” I said with a low voice, as whispers tended to make more noise.

She had also recently completed her Change, and so she was included in this hunt. Anyone who was able to change was here, with the exception of my mother. Her duties as Alpha indicated that she stay with the children and protect the future generation of wolves. I could still see her tears as we had marched away on our mission.

Talia came over to my side, and so did three of my other Pack mates. Two brown haired wolves, twins Mark and Jessica. One black haired wolf, Petra. All three of them had been wolves nearly as long as I had been born. The only reason Talia was in this group was because I had specifically asked for her.

Connor finished his Change, and then he looked at me. I closed my eyes and concentrated. Joel had taught me how to see auras, colorful visual representations of emotions.

I took a deep breath.

Volo Videre,” I breathed. I waited, felt the click of a successful cast and opened my eyes.

Color was all around me. Black fear surrounded most of the younger wolves, and even some of the older members. Connor shone a rich blue, his confidence giving me power. Talia shone a darker blue, her fear mixing in with her confidence. I looked towards the abandoned compound where the vampires where.

Vampires didn’t give off emotions the way we did. I saw about fifty staticy spots inside, and a few more upstairs. I raised my hand 6 times, signaling Connor that there were around 60 vampires inside. He nodded. I felt a huge presence in the ground below us, and extended one finger down.

The leader was in the basement.

“Talia…I’m scared,” I let loose a weak chuckle. She got closer, rubbing her head against my hand. She made a small whine in the back of her throat and licked my palm.

Connor howled.

I felt all the spots inside the compound almost tense, and I knew that it was about to begin.

All hell broke loose within a few seconds. Vampires swarmed out of the compound and my Pack charged forward. Everywhere I looked I heard screams and howls of pain as vampire attacked wolf and wolf attacked vampire.

Connor was dealing with a big brute of a vampire, almost as fast as he was. Almost. Connor was able to down him and use his powerful jaws to sever the vampire’s head from his shoulders. He didn’t see the vampire that jumped out of the window a few stories up. I did.

Ignis Saggita!” I yelled, and an arrow made of fire burst from my hand and set the beast on fire. By the time he reached the ground only dust remained.

Connor looked over at me and chuffed his thanks. I nodded and I followed him inside the compound, Talia, Petra, Mark, and Jessica hot on my heels. We had to reach the leader in the basement. The rest of the Pack stayed outside, battling whatever stragglers were left behind.

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