Of Wolves and Magic

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The Basement

The moment we reached the door that led into the basement, Connor stopped. Thanks to my aura vision, I could see the ripples of magic that surrounded him as he Changed back to a human. He stood up, naked as the day he was born. I didn’t look away. Living in amongst werewolves sort of killed any prudish tendencies. I had seen more naked people by the time I was 13 than most normal teenagers.

I handed him some shorts that he slipped on quickly. He pulled a couple of stakes from a backpack that I had on.

“You ready kid?” he asked me.

Ready to vomit. The smell of blood was everywhere.


“Stay behind me. Protect yourself and the others,” he said sternly, looking deep into my eyes.


“One more thing. No matter what happens in there, if I tell you guys to run or to chase him, you do it ok. If you think you have a shot to launch a fire ball or arrow or whatever take it. Don’t worry about me,” he cautioned.

Sensing that I was about to object, he held up his hand, “Remember. It’s always about the mission.”

I shut up.

He nodded, content that I wasn’t going to object anymore.

“Let’s go.”

He kicked in the door and ran down the stairs. I followed him, a fire spell already on the tip of my tongue. I didn’t notice that he stopped, and I crashed into his back.

His back had tensed. I could see his whole body stiffen in shock. He stepped forward and as he did, my vision was no longer blocked by his body. When I saw what lay before me, I vomited.

There were so many bodies.

Men. Women. And if I looked further in, I could see the smooth faces of children. All dead. All pale, drained of all blood. And in the middle of it, a vampire. A woman.

She turned around and smiled. She let go of the body that she had been holding. A small child. The body thumped to the floor, making no noise. My eyes filled, and I heard Talia let loose a small howl of sadness.

“Hello dears,” she said, her voice lilted with an older French accent, “Come for supper?”

She began laughing, and at that point Connor sprung. Even though he wasn’t in wolf form, he still had the enhanced strength of a werewolf. His fist connected with so much force behind it she had no option but to fall, to crumple to the floor like a sack of rice…

No such luck. The hit didn’t even faze her. She only smiled, grabbed Connor’s outstretched fist, and broke it. He howled, and tried to break free from her grasp. She forced him on his knees, and lowered her mouth to his neck.

Pulso retro!” I said, knocking her back into the wall.

She looked at me and cocked her head.

“Magic? But I can smell your disgusting wolf smell…,” she said, “What are you?”

I didn’t answer, which only made her laugh.

“So rude! No manners this one!” she said to Connor, who was getting up off the floor, “I have learned that the only proper way to teach manners is punishment.”

She moved so quick that I didn’t see her till it was too late.

She snapped Petra’s neck. She slammed me into the wall.

I blacked out. I was awake.

Mark and Jessica were on the floor, heads at angles no neck could be in naturally. I stood up, looking around. There! Talia was backing into a wall, her eyes huge and her fur on end as the vampire closed in on her. I saw Connor on the floor. My heart plummeted-wait! I saw his body stir.

S-s-saggita ignus,” I whispered, and a small flame arrow shot out and hit her. I grabbed a stake that had fallen to the floor as she turned towards me.
“Tut-tut child,” she hissed, “I wanted to keep you alive, see where this magic is coming from. However, I don’t need you.”

“Bring it bitch,” I said.

She snarled and ran towards me.

Solis,” I whispered. I hadn’t mastered this spell yet, but this was my one chance. I had to make it work.

I saw her coming. I saw a glimmer of light in my hand. I poured all of my energy into it. It blossomed. I felt the inner click of a successful cast. Sunlight bloomed in my outstretched palm, filling the entire room with light.

She began screaming, covering her eyes as her skin began to smoke. It wouldn’t kill her as actual sunlight could, but this was good enough. I took my chance and drove the stake into her heart. Blood splattered onto my shirt. No matter what television shows, staking a body is bloody. It’s disgusting. My disgust showed on my face.

“M-manners young man,” she stammered before she turned into a fine dust.

I fell to the floor, exhausted by the use of so much magic. Talia, having Changed back to a human, walked over to me and hugged me. Connor managed to stand up, and stared at the pile of dust in front of me.

He walked over and clapped me on the shoulder, and I nodded my thanks. I handed Talia a long shirt that would cover her and we began to walk out of the basement. We were almost to the door when we heard a shuffling noise behind us.

The bodies were beginning to move. The body that the vampire had dropped began moving. Talia began crying, but she grabbed a stake from the bag. I did too.

“No,” Conner said, “Get out.”

We began arguing, but he wouldn’t budge. He pushed us out the door and closed it. It felt like days had passed when he finally came out. Except he didn’t. The old Connor had died. What came out was an angry man, someone broken. The kind man was dead. The man that came out now, covered in a fine layer of dust and blood, had had enough of this.

That is what had led to this fight on the night of my Ascendance to Alpha-hood.

This was the man that was challenging me. Five years ago, he performed his duty. He had staked over thirty bodies, most of them children. After that, he had stepped down as enforcer. He had distanced himself from the Pack. I didn’t want to fight him. It hurt to even think about fighting him. But I would.

It was all about the mission.

This was my Pack. My mother’s legacy would be mine. I would not let him take this away. I bared my teeth. He leapt towards me.

The fight had begun.

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