Tales from the Devil's Cafe

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Chapter 7: Interlude - Reflections

On a certain rainy night at the Devil's café, its temporary residents were each in their mind's journey, caught up in a momentary trance brought upon by the symphony of falling raindrops. It began with the maiden in a maid's uniform, recalling her first meeting with the Devil.

"So this is the end," – I thought I was a goner then.

"Does it matter? Either way you will have my soul. Winning is not an option for me, it is a set outcome for you. The Devil never loses." – I challenged the evil entity, thinking will triumph always belong to the stronger force? What if…

"You could've walked away, you know. Oh well, such a rare opportunity to present at my last remaining moment. I'd be a fool to turn it down and yet, am one to take it. Yes, I have a wish."I accepted the Devil's deal because am I merely a coward of Death's grip or a foolish human who wants more?

"Let me be with you until the time has come for you to take what is yours in return. So, do we have an agreement?" – These were my own words back then. Is this really what I want? To be on the Devil's leash.

What has happened that led to this? I am Vienne Lexi Blackwood, a girl with a penchant to end her own life. And I've made a pact with the Devil as an ultimatum in my own quest.

In the kitchen knives were chopping away, the rhythm of metal blades hitting on soft squishing cooked tomatoes that produced red liquid. The chef was humming his usual nursery rhyme tunes as he worked. Images from yesteryears flashed through his mind.

'I don't want to die! Anyone…somebody…help me!' – I can't let it end like this, not when it wasn't my fault. They were the ones who drove me into a corner.

"Papa…s-save me…" – What was I thinking then, asking the very person who has caused me pain to rescue me? No, it shouldn't be him.

"Somebody, save me" It was an angle that has heard my call and answered my plea. Dressed in the very darkness that gave birth to the being, the angel accepted me.

"Yes, my Master. I really appreciate the chance you've given me. Rest assured that I won't disappoint you. I will never ever be with them again." – Them, the parents who never wanted me. Why do I still feel the pain every time they're mentioned? The agitation doesn't seem to fade even when I'm drowning in the sweet nectar of a blood bath. My hatred knows no boundaries.

Will this ever end? Amamiya Itsuki, an unwanted child looked upon as a demonic being. I serve my Master with gratitude for letting me see the truth about myself, and we share the same taste for innocent blood.

The lone wolf at the bar was polishing wine glasses so earnestly that his reflection could be seen clear as day on the surface. "How many years has it been?" he whispered to himself. The images of a blood drenched battlefield, a sword piercing through the heart of a king, and a queen who committed suicide plagued his mind. Lycurgus wondered if he had made the right decision back then, the price for a selfish purpose. "I want revenge." Three simple words that sold his soul to the Devil, binding him to serve the new lord for as long as he was needed, "I wonder…" and the rain continued on as with his own guilt.

Up to the very last resident, the downpour symphony stopped with the puppet master's return. Behind the very depth of their minds, the Devil gleefully smiled "Why oh why?"

Interlude - Reflections / THE END?

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