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The Damned Princess

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Finding a mate is the most important purpose of a lycan's life. Sienna's most important purpose is to never come across her mate. What happens when fate leads her to the exact person she does not wanna meet. Sienna Amore Castello, is an Italian lycan princess, the daughter of the most powerful man in the world. What happened in her past that made her leave her home? What scares her so much that she does not want to meet her own mate? Jayson Hunter, a handsome human, whom every girl wants to make theirs. But he never lets them come close to him. What happens when he sees Sienna? Will he be able to ignore her like every other girl? What happens when the lycan princess comes across her human mate. Will, she rightfully claim him as hers or her past will stand in the way?

Fantasy / Romance
Hunter Raine
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I looked around but I didn’t know where I was. It was like out in the wild, too dark to see clearly, even the sky was clouded taking away the moonlight. Something was wrong, I knew it, I could feel my heart aching, I could sense he was in trouble. Suddenly, I heard a gut-wrenching scream and I started to run in the direction of the voice. I ran with all my strength but it felt like he was getting away from me as I was getting closer. Tears were flowing down my face, I was screaming for him and then after what felt like running for hours, I finally found him. There were so many men, few holding onto my mate torturing the life out of him. I screamed for him, I begged them to stop and let him go but they were not stopping. When I tried to save him, the master of all these men came out and looked me in the eyes, I could see his hatred for me, I begged him to let my mate go and take my life instead but he just laughed at my face and held me to watch my mate die, as his men ripped his spine out. I screamed so loud because it felt like they ripped my heart out.

I felt someone was shaking me and calling out my name loudly, that’s when I woke up, all sweaty and with a tear-stained face, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. After taking a few deep breaths, I looked at my brother, I could see concern and pain for me in his eyes. “Another nightmare?” he questioned.

I didn’t answer his question instead asked him to leave me alone. “I’m fine”, I told him when he didn’t move. He knew I was not, but he also knew he could do nothing for me so he left me saying “just call me if you need anything, okay?” I nodded and he left closing the door behind.

I stood by the window looking at the night sky trying to calm myself down but I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream. I never see the face of my mate because I’ve not met him yet but the pain is so real, every time I have this nightmare, I feel like I lose my mate, over and over again.

With the nightmares, the memories of everything that happened years ago come back to me. My one mistake changed my whole life, I had to leave my old life behind and move to a different country because my father was scared for my life after what happened that night. I have been moving around ever since, with my brother and his mate. We don’t call any place our home.

We are lycans, kind of werewolves but stronger, better, and more monstrous than them. While werewolves can only turn into their wolf form on full moon nights, once in a month and even that is not out of their choice, we lycans can turn into our other form any time and any place we want.

We are stronger than them because we can’t be killed as easily as werewolves. Silver has no effect on us, only ripping out the spine of a lycan can kill one, but even that is not as simple as it sounds because our senses are very heightened and our strength is greater than any other supernatural creature.

We are on the top of the chain of the supernatural. My father is the king of all lycans and alpha of all the alphas and is yet fearful for the fate of his daughter.

We are centuries old; we age even slower than the werewolves. After the age of eighteen years, the process of aging slows down, decades will pass but we will look the same as we were. I’m one hundred and sixty-eight years old but I look like nineteen.

We lycans have mates like werewolves, there is only one soulmate moon goddess has made for us. It’s been so long since I have been looking for mine, I searched everywhere we traveled with my father but the destiny was never with me.

My older brother Liam found his mate Rebecca a few decades back, she was a werewolf but turned into a lycan after the process of mating was complete. She is a very beautiful, 5′6 tall, perfect body every girl dreams about. Lycans usually are in perfect shape and have flawless beauty but she was beautiful even as a wolf.

When my brother found her, he couldn’t sleep for days, I still remember, he felt so complete when his mate came into his life. I think he just fell in love with her the moment he saw her.

She is an amazing person as well; from the moment she came into his life we all accepted her as our family not only because she was his mate but because she made us with all the love she had for the whole family. To me, she is the sister I never had and she also loves me and takes care of me like an elder sister, even though she’s much younger than me.

Looking at her and my brother, I feel the need for my mate. My heart aches with the emptiness that only he could fill. For so long I prayed to the moon goddess to bring him in my life but now after everything that has happened, I wish that I never meet him. I would rather live my life cursing my fate than have my nightmares come true.

We have just moved to California a few nights back and decided to attend college over here because we can’t go back to Italy, our home. This will keep us occupied and also help us stay out of the supernatural circle.

Tomorrow is our first day and I’m dreading it because we have done our school and college life before, multiple times I must add. But I have to go even if I don’t want it because this is our new life now and I’m just hoping that we don’t land in any new trouble because I don’t have the energy to move to some other place again anytime soon.

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