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War of the Godstone

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Chapter 2

Part 2

Grains of sand, stones

And perfect beat

What is your purpose?

What is your plan?

With your changing patterns

And perfect rhythm

More than predicting eeves

You are very much pointless

It has been four wisp of sand since the princess disappeared leaving a sealed note and an empty throne. Alverto Diocalli, the current Steward of Spikefall was left with the task of being the Keeper of the Realm.

"I will find a King for our people."

It was signed, Queen LeGrant at the bottom.

To Diocalli, this note creates fear and worry for the life of his beloved "Little Queen"

Alverto Diocalli is almost reaching his Third Season of Eeves and as far as everyone knows, only few manages to stay alive longer to see the fourth. He has spent almost all of his life serving the LeGrants and he along with the King and Queen were the ones who had the deepest love for the Little Queen.

He love her like his own child.

When Trisha was just little, because of the duties of the King, the steward spent more time taking care of the princess. She calls him Gran Papa. Something that he always forbid her to say. This makes her say it even more.

He had seen her as she grows. To become a strong fighter.

And a fine lady.

She is a first-born of the Bearer. And to "protect" the current heir to the throne, it was the rule of the highest Laws of the five realm to conceal the identity of the princess Queen-in-line until a new Season or a first born son came.

Whichever comes first.

On all public gatherings with the princess in attendance. It always make the old steward smirk and think, 'if all of you, only knew how beautiful this young lady is, you will all beg to be the next King!'

But the princess does not always went out wearing her thick veil with only part of her eyes barely visible under a very thin wool.

Sometimes she, along with his Gran Papa travel in secret to different places. To learn the ways of the sword and the life of the commons.

Diocalli was a sell sword the first time he encounters the young Gustavus LeGrant during his own secret travels. They met with their swords and ended with friendship and great respect.

Now, it is his duty, to teach her what he and the King have learned on their journeys before.

Diocalli, on his early season was instituted to the Brotherhood of the Shadowind. There, he grows and learn the ways of the Silent Dropper. But he only reached up to the second level. He got bored of all the rules and later decided to become a mercenary instead. Now, he is passing all his knowledge to his Little Queen.

With all their training, he was pretty impressed how quickly she learned the stance and the movements.

'She was truly a LeGrant', he said in amazement for the young girl's capabilities.

They travelled. And there they fought bad men.

Her first kill came from a man maybe past middle his second season. He was an offender of young women. Some even on their early first season.

Being an offender is sometimes fairly normal specially on towns far from The Realm's several central district. But this man is different. This offender is far more horrendous with his ways.

This man only known as the white butcher.

After the white butcher selects his prey, he abducts the victim. He then takes the girl on his lair. That is where he brutally rapes and torture the helpless victims for days. Some, only a few skyflames. Most reached up to forty.

And the love ones count.

They always hope for something to arrive on the lesser days. Few days means less pain. For when the butcher is already satisfied, he chops the girl into manageable pieces and throw her carcasses in front of the girl's house.

He then hides and watch in full excitement as he look at the parents when they found what he just did. For him, that is a very good dessert for a voluptuous meal.

Trisha was in total shock and disbelief when she saw with her own eyes what had happened to the victim.

She cried.

She cried for the girl. She cried for her family.

'I cannot believe that such monstrosity exist!' she told her gran papa with streams of water pouring out of her eyes.

Diocalli said nothing. He want her to learn the horrors of life. He wants her to open her eyes to the dark areas of the realm. He want her to know that there is no such thing as a perfect kingdom.

She wept for days. Trisha knows that she can't do anything to ease the pain of the victim's family. She must not show them she cares. For them, she and her gran papa were just travelers.

A commoner who knows or cares nothing for the realm.

In the open field. In a temporary camp Diocalli built, she let it all out. She mourns for the victim. She does not even allowed herself to know the victim's name because she believes that a name would make her grief ten folds.

She grieves skyflame up and out that her eyes begin to swell. On the fourth light of day, the old steward was surprised when the princess approached him.

'I want my first blood' Trisha said without batting an eyelash.

Diocalli recalls what the Great Sand Flask looks like when they left the castle.

The Flask is located at the center of the throne room back at Spikesfall.

It contains sands and twenty and five rocks.

Legend says that the flask contains an exact number of sand grains. Each grain of sand falls on a perfect beat. But nobody understands the way each rock falls. Sometimes it falls every three hundred seventieth skyflame. Sometimes shorter but not lower than three hundred fifty and five dawns. To Diocalli, it does not matter at first but when the princess was born, he started counting.

'First kill on the thirteenth rock..' he thought.

He remembered how many rocks were there the first time he held the infant born of the queen. It was nine rocks at the bottom.

When they left several nights before, it was twenty and two.

He looked back at her. The words 'Are you sure?' wants to come out of his mouth but he did not. He knows what she wants to do. He tried to analyze the the reason for the young princess' decision.

'Is it pity? Anger?' he really cannot resolve it at the moment.

But he saw it.

The very same eyes he saw a couple of seasons ago. The eyes of a future ruler of the Five Realm.

He stood up.

They started the hunt.

It was not really hard for them to track the white butcher.

They started the search on the first sign of light. And found the butcher's lair when the skyflame is well above their heads on the east, for the skyflame rises on the west. They spent the rest of the day watching. Studying everything. Planning. And on the nightfall, she attacked.

'I will only be the spectator', the steward recalls during the time he told her what her first blood would be. 'I will not do anything to help you', he knew himself that he was lying when he said it. He loves the child as his own. He assures himself that he will not allow the princess to go into harms way.

The white butcher is very huge man more than six feet in height. At first glance, Diocalli thought that it would be a hard kill for the princess. That perception changed when the princess begins the attack.

It was already dark outside that barn on a secluded trench when Trisha looked at the old man. Waiting for something. Diocalli gave a quick nod, and the princess starts to move.

All serial killer loves to collect things from their victim. They treat it as a trophy. For the butcher, it was the hair.

Hair is one of the main factor the butcher considered in choosing a victim. It was also the first thing he checks after he brought his prize to his lair. He immediately cuts a small portion of hair and keep it. And when he is done with the girl, he clips it on a board and admire it for days.

He was admiring his trophy when he felt a sudden surge of pain on his lower right leg.

He took a short glimpse on it. His mind was suddenly filled with terror and disbelief when he saw his right foot bent sideways in a not very normal fashion.

The butcher knows his anatomy. He knows that there are joints on his knee. But now, there is a new one midway between his kneecap and foot. And it was bended the wrong way.

He felt the gravity pulling him on his side when he heard another cracking sound on his left leg. But this time he was not able to get a quick look. The force of impact made him launch forward. His head hits the edge of the table in front of him. The broken portion of that leg of him falls first on the ground carrying all the weight of his entire body.

He should have fell unconscious by that hit on his head but the searing pain is unbearable. He cringe in pain. His eyes rolled up. he wanted to fall into deep slumber but he just cannot. He panicked. He was still puzzled by what has just happened. He tried to look back. And there he saw.

The most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life.

Diocalli knows what is happening when the princess cleans off all the dirt on her face, the morning they began the hunt. Every time they go on a journey, the steward purposely place dirts on the princess' face to conceal her fair skin. They needed to look like a vagabond. And her radiance is something that is not what he can call normal to the likes of them. What she always do is to cover her face with dirt, wrap her hair with dirty rug, and wear a worn up cloak.

But on that day, she wants to be beautiful. She wants to look like one of the butcher's highest pick for a victim.

To become the best game he will never have. And she want him to know that this game is no longer a prey.

The butcher is still in full confusion with what he saw. With the girl looking at him, he thought he was just hallucinating or something. But as his eyes looked down, everything became clear to him.

She is holding a sword. But she is holding it the wrong way. And at that moment he knows what had hit him.

It was the blunt edge.

All commotions and confusions were replaced by one single emotion.


He wanted to escape. He wanted to get out of that place fast. he tries to get up. As he tries to holds that table with his right hand, a flash of light swifts fast on top of his head followed by another cracking sound. He watched in horror as he saw his arm sways with a newly created joint between his hand and elbow. He whined in pain.

He looked at her.

This beautiful young girl seems to be looking for something. She then paused as if she already found it. When she walks towards it, he knows what is going to happen next.

She kicked him and forced him to lay on his back. Then she spoke on a very lovely voice.

'A butcher's work place is not complete without a hook right?' she smiled.

He wanted to answer. He wanted to beg but he choked on his own spit.

She points the tip of the hook on his shoulder and stepped on it. The butcher screamed in pain as he felt the iron scraped his shoulder bones.

She dragged him. He is a very heavy man. He could saw her having a hard time pulling him. And as she pull, the hook sinks deeper into his flesh. She drags him out of the house and into the open.

To where he usually hangs them.

The butcher finally knows what it feels like.

As she work to tie his both hands and hang him, the butcher felt his right hand snaps like a small rope a little over its maximum capacity. He can feel every strands of his muscle breaks as it pours a thousand small pains into his body.

He knows that he is out of his mind when he did those things to his victims. But now, his current condition brought his insanity to a higher level. He screams. He laughs. He knows no one can find him. Just like how sure he was when he rapes all those girl. They cried. They seek for help. But nothing came. He is getting more and more delirious with all the consecutive torture he is getting. From a very fine girl.

A girl who supposedly his prey of the highest value.

She stood there in front of him. As she looked at him, he could see no anger. Nor fear. Nor hatred.

It was nothing.

And he could see that she was not looking at him.


It is not his eyes where she glares.

It was his soul.

The pain is no more.


His broken arm and legs. His wound. All numbed. But his fear grows. Her stare feels like ripping each and every fiber of his soul.

Finally, he managed to speak.

'Oi'l ye.. goin to.. make fancy.. here..' he choked while smirking.

That is when the young girl realized the purpose of that particular place. This is where he strips them off their clothes. Where he rapes them. Where he beats them. Where he left them for days to continuously rape and torture.

She finally knows how to end this.

She walks slowly back to the barn and when she returned, she is carrying the butcher's long knife.

Even Diocalli who was a former sellsword. Who has personally killed hundreds of men, cannot believe what happened next.

When the butcher sees her wielding the knife, he knows it. He will die.

The question is how.

He raised his head and gawk on her face. The fine young lady is gone!

It was replaced by a monster. If a while ago there was nothing. No life nor emotions within those eyes of her, now it is burning with pure anger and hatred.

She is walking faster as she approached him. He was tall but not as tall as he was now that he was all tied up and hanging with his broken legs on the ground. She grabs and pulled his hair.

'I want you to look closely' she said almost whispering.

She inserts the knife into his trouser. Moments ago, he thought she was his death. Now, he knows better.

She is his executioner.

With one single sweep, she rips his undergarments. He knows what will happen next. He tried to move his head to avoid it, but the girl pulled his hair to down using her full body weight. He felt a snap on his right arm followed by a gust of warm liquid running towards his armpit. He cannot see it but he knows what it is.

He was terrified by the idea that the girl's pull has ripped his bare flesh and slowly taking his arms away from his torso. And that was just a small portion of the entire process he is into right now.

She wants him to look down.

As she pulls his hair down with her left hand, she moves the blade towards his inner thigh.

She was staring at him.

As the blade found its place, it quickly slides down. The white butcher screams in pain and terror.

His eyeball is almost popping out of its socket as he screams. He cries as the blade slowly cuts his entire genital. He witness how inch by inch, it fell off. He saw how it gradually falls to a thick pool of blood below him. And that girl. That monster in front of him, never took her eyes away from his face. Then she spoke.

'I am LeGrant, heir to the highest throne in all five lands. Keep those words for you're dead!'

He cried as she lets go off him. He cried and begged her to end his misery. It annoys her so much to hear him.

She thought, 'Did they plead? Did he ever killed anyone of them out of mercy?'

'NO!' she shouted.

She looked around and found a large pincer near the bonfire. Without any warning, she picked the white butcher's manhood and shove it into his mouth.

It was badly deformed. The monster was not looking as she incise it away from him. Some part of the top skin and a portion of his balls were caught in the process. Now, it is inside his mouth. All of it!

He choked. He vomits. It was pushed too deep that he cannot spit it out. But everything is too big for him to swallow it whole. He tasted his blood.. and something else.

He was so disgusted with what had happened. It is awful. He vomited several times. He can feel a lot of hair on his tongue and throat. He cannot breathe well as it blocks his air passages. And if he does, he can feel some hair circling his throat and possibly his lungs. He cries and scream in silence.

As the butcher saw her walk away from him, he knows that he is no longer a point of interest to her. She will no longer kill him. She will just let him die. On his own.

Trisha sits near the fire and waited for the white butcher's end.

She did not sleep. She cannot.

Several thoughts repeatedly, randomly and endlessly questions her sanity.

Did she overdo it?


Did she enjoys it?


Did he deserve it?


Did it justify anything?


Did she manages to take vengeance for all the victims?


Did she make the realm a little bit safer?


She answers it loud as if she was chanting. And as she chants, she wept.

As she waited for this to end, she realized something.

Her first kill was not even an actual kill..

The skyflame is rising on the west when Diocalli finally decided to approach the camp. Princess LeGrant looked at him as he go down the trench.

After what she did, she felt her senses heightened. She became very cautious. Each drop of leaves. Every gust of wind. She is waiting for any of his accomplice to appear.

But there is none.

All there is, was the white butcher.

She took a glimpse on the hanging carcass. He is no longer suspended with both hands. The blood is red no more. It already became a thick solid mass.

'He is dead.' she said as the old man approached her.

'Do you need me to burn him?' he asked.

'No' she exclaimed, 'Let the maggots and the wildlings of this realm feast upon him.. He will serve his purpose'

They travelled back home in silence.

Spikesfall is an island surrounded by seven uninhabitable volcanic islands. The locals call the waters "seas of seven hell".

Because of the volcanic activity, Spikefall became rich in gold and other minerals. The entirety of the island has no lowlands. It is encompassed with high rocks, a hundred and ten feet above sea level at its lowest point. The only safe passage to the island is through the Winding Burrow of Spikefall's Peak. It is a high tower sprouting from the seabed into the bottom of the Peak. The tower is consisting of large winding stairway with levels full of markets, shops, merchants, and dealers that trades at the port located at the lowest dock of the Winding Burrow.

The tower passes through the rocks and cliffs up towards the center of the city. It has been said that the tower was the initial structure built by the first formal settlers of the realm headed by King Andes LeGrant, King Founder of Spikefall and the fifth Bearer of the GodStone.

The merchant's ship has passed one of the burning isles of Spikefall. At that distance, Trisha could see the completeness of his father's kingdom. At that point, she breaks her silence.

'It was me.' she said looking at the island.

The old man glanced on her.

'I am the one who can do it.. I am the one who should do it..' she paused.

'I could not bear the thought of.. anyone.. doing what I.. just did!' Trisha paused again but this time it is longer.

She exhaled and finally speak.

'I will not allow any of my people to carry this burden!'

At that moment, the old man is certain.

This young lady is the true rightful Ruler of the Realm, Queen of Spikefall and Bearer of the GodStone!

But now, as he stood facing of an empty throne, holding a letter of hope for her people. He knows the possibility of the the Queen never to return.

The problem is that he knows her.

Dozens of men have already been invited to the kingdom. Most are wealthy Lords. Some are sons of LandMasters of Districts from each corners of the four realms. All of them were very fine men. But the princess has never shown even a slight interest to anyone of them. All that she ever cared about is her sword skills and her hoards of pigeons.

And everything is working perfectly as she plans it. She waited as each rocks of the Great Sand Flask falls. Those were twenty five rocks. Now it has one. And when that single rock falls, the Season of Eeves will follow. It's flower will bloom and reveal its white petals. The Watchers of the Realm will signal the coming of the new season by changing the beacon of Cloud Needle's red flame into white. All lighthouses across all four realms will follow.

King LeGrant will declare his daughter as the rightful heir to the throne. Everyone will praise her.

Some Lords, LandMasters, and even Kings may show deep remorse for what had happened. But they will do nothing. For it was written.

"The Bearer of the GodStone holds the absolute rule over the Lands, the Waters, and the Skies.

No one shall defy him, no one shall test him. For I am with him.."

- Proverbs of Cardan Cardall, Founder of the Lands

But the King died before the final rock falls. Without any declarations and "proper" bearer, everything becomes a fair play. And Ascar, being the richest and the most powerful realm. Leads the race to get to the princess.

'Goodby my Little Queen! Wait for me in your forefathers' kingdom..' the Steward whispered as he gave a final glance at the the empty throne.

He walked out of the Throne Room. He knows what he had to do. As he walked down the hallway, he saw the guard on duty. He called him and declared.

'Alert everyone! The Queen is missing!'

The guard was surprised with what he just heard. He tries then to compose himself and bowed. He runs and disappeared into the dark hallway.

Diocalli went and walked calmly forward until he reached the end of the corridor west of the Throne Room.

To the Royal Praying Room.

The room is a small empty square space with another door. The old man opens the door and behind it is a very long narrow straight stair. The stair is so narrow that only a single person can either climb up or down at a time. It consist of eighty and eight steps. Diocalli begins his ascend.

The steps ended in a small open field.

The place is a small patch of land located at the highest point of the Château LeGrant. It is made up of soil covered with green grass. It's edges are filled with Eeves. With its purple and green leaves and buds extending out closed as if it is waiting for the right moment to show its beautiful white petals.

At the center of the "open" room is the Kneeling Stone. A white rock carved for praying. It is facing the sky of the east.

The entire open space platform looks like an egg cut in a half with its major portion carved and flattened. On it's edges, some of the Eeves hang freely.

Diocalli's was there but praying is not what he intends to do (Even though he wanted to). He walk past the kneeling stone and tried to reach something underneath it. When he found it, he pulled it.

A low sliding sound came from the wall beside the entrance leading the stairs. He approached it and slides his hand on the wall. When he felt that his hand is in the right place, he gave a small push. The wall swings inward. He entered a secret room and closed it.

Only royalties know of its existence. Kings called it Thinking Room. Diocalli named it Isolation Room.

When he closed the door, he hear another sliding sound followed by a small click. He felt the thinning of the air. It is and empty small room. The place is very quiet that the old man can hear his blood flowing through his veins. It was pitch black. It is very dark that one cannot even see himself. He moved his hand gently reaching the wall. He leans on it and began to slide his foot towards the wall's edge. He was searching for something. Something he hid there long ago. Something he uses every now and then.

It was a small box. A cube less than two inches thick. He always place it at the corner of the room. When his foot found it, he guided his hand to reach it.

He opens it to check for something.

A crystal.

He picked the crystal gently and placed the box on his pocket. He then placed the small crystal on his right hand and cover it with his left.

Then he stood there and wait.


It was a whisper. Diocalli felt like there is another person inside the room, placed his lips an inch away from the old man's ear and say. It was so silent yet so vivid. He even felt the warm wind pass his ears.


Another voice came. It sounded like a woman's voice.


The number of voices grew. The room is definitely empty. It was the whispering crystal. It was whispering to him the voices of the likes of him.

Dozens became hundreds. Most are men. Some are women. And even children. Whispering a single word.


He inhaled then finally spoke.


He sounded different. He made his voice a bit deeper to hide his identity.

It took longer before the voices fade.

A child's voice ended the chorus.


Total silence followed. The Steward can hear coughs, snorts and some other sound. But no one is speaking. It is as if everyone is waiting for anyone to begin.


Diocalli paused for a while to check if someone attempts to also say something.

When everything is clear, he continues.

'The Bearer of the GodStone is missing.'

The room became flooded with voices and whispers. Some in a form of questions. Some dismay, disbelief, awe, and other forms of expressions.


It was very loud that everyone immediately obliged with the command.

'As this is a matter of great interest, all whisperers are now listeners. No questions shall be asked, only information..' the voice said.

'Windpasser!' he said. The steward knows that the voice is referring to him.

'Please tell us what you know.'

'It was the guards of Spikefall,' Diocalli begins, 'I overheard them speaking.. the princess is nowhere to be found!'

'They are on a deep unrest But they are moving and searching quietly not to alarm the people.'

Diocalli lied. It was normal.

'I saw them too! They seems to be in a hurry', another voice said, 'But I did hear nothing'

'Oh! I do!' a child's voice 'I even personally ask the guard.. whom the Steward has spoken to! He said M'lady is absent from the throne.. He said the steward is holding something.. a paper.. with a seal..'

'The seal of LeGrant!' an old woman's voice.

Diocalli smiled with what is currently happening inside that empty room. He needed not to speak more.

'Soo.. the princess has decided then huh?.. To do what is right for her people..' a woman's voice.

'Yer righty bout thay ei!', the conversation continues.

But why would she do that?

Can't see the point of her leaving the throne

It was Ascarius!

Sooo.. what I heard was true then..

Yessshh.. saw hundreds..noo... thousands! Fleets at the harbor of Ascar!

But waging war was only his second option right? he.. he..

Spot on! What he wants to achieve is the total rule over the four lands!

But heee neeeds something to get it..

The GodStone!

Pity.. the king died short of his time..

Without a proclamation from the previous bearer.. everything is now.. equal huh!

And Ascarius! That greedy man!

Want's everything for himself!

Heheeeh.. That includes the princess!

That's preposterous!

Is he not too old for the princess?

Yes! I believe he is way too past his second season..

And he has dozens of wives!

That is eighty, and four wives to be exact!

That's too many!

Yes! And I heard that some of them were grandmother, mother, and daughter. All his wife!

But that makes the mother.. and daughter his..

Yes yes! That is how greedy he is!

Once again, the room was filled with whispers of dismay. It faded immediately.

But he has the golds!

He is the most eligible.. I guess..

What about King Lordius?

That's impossible!

Aye! He is.. a Watcher!

Yes! But he is also a king!

A very eligible young king, is he not?

But.. It was written.. in the book!

Heheh.. If Lordius shows even a small interest with the GodStone.. not just Spikefall, he shall face.. but all of the five.. errrr.. four realms!

Pardon sir, but I would like to comment to what you just said. It is not all of people but just the followers of the Order of the Light.

So you're sayin tha you're not a follower eh?

I bet yer wife and yer lads do! So better keep yer mouth to yerself!

Voices of tension grew inside the room.


It was the voice of the same old man everyone recognized before.


They are all aware of the rules and the consequences for any disobedience. The room became silent. Everyone is now afraid to begin.

Diocalli knows that he needs to do something to keep the whispers going. He begins to talk.

It was my curiosity to ask everyone.. Does anyone here might have any idea where the princess is?

Probably.. It's just a fluke!

Yes! I am sure she still hides inside her castle..

I saw the guards lock the gates!

See.. No one gets in or out that easily..

Unless.. there is a.. a secret passage out!

That is impossible! I.. I.. studied the books! Spikefall's Peak was made to keep its people in and enemies out!

Diocalli wondered who that man was but he just kept it to himself.

So it is a plausible.. that.. the princess is still hiding inside her own cage!

Whispers starts to grow.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' it was so loud that everyone stopped.

Fools... I believe you miss something here.. the princess is no longer just.. a princess.. she is.. though not officially.. is the Bearer of the GodStone!

You gotta point there mate!

As a bearer.. she surely has.. that.. power!

To open doors!

To create ports.. to other lands!

Well that only means that she could probably be anywhere..

Within the four realms!

Heheheh.. Yes! but I believe you all once again miss something there..

What do you mean..

You see.. the power of the GodStone does not only gave the girl the power.. the capacity.. to open ports.. to our lands..

The Steward does not like what is happening. He wants them to know that the girl is missing and no longer on the Capital but he does not anticipate this.


But that would be dangerous!

I heard it from some folklores that once you enter the port to the other lands, you will never come back!

That was different from what I have read.. I read a book stating that a man once entered the port.. disappeared.. for a single season of eeves.. and returned! Without aging a single day!

That is a lie! Only a bearer can open the port..

Yeshh.. I will not going to argue bout the bearer's power.. howeverrr.. there is another waaay.. Through the pillar!

The pillar of Gardan Cardall!

Just like that boy!

That monster!



The laugh is growing and growing.


Everyone silenced.

This.. is.. interesting..

Very.. very.. interesting indeed!

'Speak!' Diocalli said.

I think.. the pieces.. were fitted.. very.. veeery well!

'What do you mean?' an old man's voice.

'The disappearance of the Bearer.. Gaea.. the pillar of light.. and.. and..'

'The golden headed monster!'

Everyone is eager to listen. No one dared to spill a word.

'You seee.. about..' the man paused for a while and continued, ' Four Tones and Forty Sways ago '

It is a time value everyone knows. A value that no longer exists.

'I saw him with my own eyes!'

'That boy!'

'Of golden hair!'

'Coming out of the pillar of light!'

'and he.. he.. he is.. not.. ALONE!', he nearly shouted saying the last word.

'The princess!' another one exclaimed.

'I do not tell'

'Is it a girl?' What does she look like? What is she wearing?' a woman's voice.

'I.. do.. not.. TELL!'

'Where did you found them! TELL US!'

The voices grew. Everyone is demanding an answer.

'Heheh.. Heheheh.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!'


'I.. do.. not.. tell! Heheeh.. Oyente!'

He is gone.

Most are enraged. Most are disappointed. But they cannot complain. For they know the rules. And that man. Whoever he is. Did not violate even a single one of them.

A short silence was then followed by series of whispers of a word where everything began.


It grew fast as it fades.

Diocalli stood there.

He is trying to digest all the information he just listened to.

And the note he just received.

And he is confused.

Very confused.

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