The Impossible Fate That Leads To A God Of A New World Volume 1

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Everything is out of your expectations. Welcome to a futuristic world where science and magic exists. As the name goes, this is a story about a 16 year old human boy, Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare. Without knowing what fate leads him to, he ends up being a God of his new world. Work in progress.

Fantasy / Mystery
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First day of Spring. January.

It`s 7 at the morning.

Like any day as usual, I`m sitting in front of the front door of my house, trying to struggle my left foot in against the narrow hole of my newly brought jogging shoe, despite I`ve already loosen the shoelaces.

It`s not that I felt like wearing new things in a new year. It`s just that my shoes exploded yesterday. As for the details, it`s very simple, I merely stepped on a land mine out of bad luck caused by the black cat of misfortune.

…Why is it so hard to fit into these things these days?

I give a good stomp with my foot on the ground. It finally went in after I struggled with it for about 20 seconds.

“Are the both of you ready yet?” I ask as I tie my shoelace.

“Coming big brother~!”

A girl immediately replies the moment I spoke the last letter.

With that, I turned my head to face the voice coming from behind.

That`s when an energetic girl— my little sister came storming out from the end of the corridor, where the dining room is. She`s running towards me with all she`s got.

The distance between us is 36.7m long, but all it took her— was a perfect one second to reach me. That said, she stomped the ground with both of her feet, and immediately come to a stop just a few centimetres in front of me.

Since she`s moving and stopping in such a short time interval, I had to yank my upper body to the side to avoid the shockwave she generated from her run. And at the same time, I peek the corridor once more.

It`s empty.

That`s when my eyeballs rolled and stared at my little sister.

“...Where`s Ruby?” I said.

That`s when my little sister faced back and shouted.

“Ruby, we are leaving you…!”

No response…


…or not.

Once again, at the end of the corridor, where the bathroom is located on the right side, comes a half-naked beast-kin girl with a pink hair and cat ears and tail, wrapped in a bath towel. Halfway during her sprint, she throws away her bath towel and jumped— as if she`s attempting a long jump in a competition.

It will be pretty unexpected if you imagine what she`s going to do next.

With a ‘poof’ sound, she transforms into a small and cute pink-coloured fluffy cat during her jump, and dived into my little sister`s plump chests when my little sis caught her between her arms. A perfect trajectory, always making a clean and perfect shot without any mistakes. All it took was 2 seconds for her to reach.

Swiftly, my little sis holds the pink cat with both of her hands, and turns to face me— with a bright sunshine smile on her face as always.

“Let`s go, big brother~”

Restia Nightwalker von Nightmare and Ruby— my little sister and magical pet (but she`s also a little sister to me).

Now then, I doubt there are many in this world who would be interested in hearing their tale in the first place. And even, if, there were a class of people so peculiarly predisposed, given the choice, for my own part I`m quite certain I would not be interested in telling their tale. If I were to explain why I`m sure most anyone would understand, but by and by, and large by large, few these day care to bare every last detail of their home lives, and I certainly have no interest in bucking that trend. But even putting such general objections aside— Restia and Ruby are an unusual case. If it weren`t the fact they were my little sis and precious pet, I`m sure I would have never had anything to do with them for the rest of my life.

I suppose it wouldn`t be fair if I wasn`t up front about the fact that feelings of inferiority and jealousy might be colouring my view. While I spent my life slacking off and wound up a loser, Restia and Ruby always had their act together— they`re still in school, though. Looking at them from my current vantage point, I have to admit that they have promise. Whenever anyone who knew them get together, almost like clockwork one of them is sure to say to me, ‘You must be so proud of your sisters.’ Yes, they`re those kind of sisters. By the way, I`ve never heard anyone tell my sisters, “You must be so proud of your brother.” Then again, with a brother as shabby as me, I suppose that would be asking too much.

However, let me make one thing clear, loud and clear.

Both of them may not be losers, but they`re still problem children. May be girls of a character, but their character is bankrupt.

As their brother, I have the habit of always speaking about them as if they were a set. But obviously they each have their own distinct personality and idiosyncrasies, so let me take a moment now to explain them individually, in turn.

First, the older little sister, my one and only blood related little sister.

Restia Nightwalker von Nightmare.

Currently in the third year of middle school, Restia`s birthday is in the mid of September— and just a year younger than me. Ever since elementary school, she`s generally kept her tied back in a ponytail in school and hair half tied back at home. But apparently, once, around the time she entered middle school, she actually tried to seduce me by wrapping ribbons on her naked body, and lay herself on my bed. Or so I heard from Ruby. I still don`t know why she did it, but the predictable consequence was that she was smacked upside the face (Ruby is the person who smacked it) and she had stopped her attempt for around 2 weeks (That`s right, she did another attempt after 2 weeks and so on, with another approach wearing a see-through lingerie, and was stopped by Ruby once again). Since Restia`s attempt was stopped after a few hours (I have no clue for how long she stayed there), from when she waited me on my bed to when Ruby came in to clean my room, I unfortunately never got to witness her irregular behaviour (It`s limited edition, I never got another chance for the ribbon). As much as I wish I had, if it had been me who discovered her instead of Ruby, honestly I might have been to smack Restia upside the face. So who`s to say?

Restia`s a smart kid, she`s able to learn anything in a short time. Her grades are always at the very top one of her school, pulling off unbelievable stunts like scoring a perfect 700 across seven courses in five core subjects, and yes, I still remember her utterly monstrous results for her second year last semester finals like it was yesterday, when across every single subject, including P.E. and Art, she missed only one question, a chemistry fill-in-the-blank which she finished in just 25 minutes across 50 questions. Not only that, she even took the top ranking in ‘any’ sports she enrolled, the trophy awarded to her are all placed in her large cabinet, there`s so much that it needs to be stacked one after another, over-and-over. Adding that cute and beautiful appearance of hers, she`s a celebrity on her school. If you were to describe it, a genius is probably the best description about her, who constantly took the top spot in her school in almost any possible way, the perfect role model student. Perhaps that`s the reason why she seemed lonely— okay, I don`t really know, but it seems like she doesn`t have any friends. Despite she always declared “Big brother I love you so much~!”, but she never told me one bit about her friends at school. Well, mainly it`s because she was getting confessed to, I don`t have an exact number, but it`s roughly around five times a day, at least. Have some shame, boys and girls, don`t mess with my little sister, the more she was confessed to the more she would stick around me, I sincerely hope you`d stop (Even though it`s semester break, her confession emails were over four hundred by now, in just three months).

For her personality, I think it`s my fault for spoiling her a little too much, she developed a princess type personality (those that need to be taken care in terms of nearly everything) and a brother complexed personality whenever she`s around me, yeah, only me. Is this what you call a brother-con? Slacking off and providing her three meals a day is necessary. It doesn`t apply to the others, so I guess I`m the only person who ever need to deal with her troubles, but she`s reliable, so I don`t worry too much. It`s a different case whenever she`s in front of Ruby, she had the big sister act on her. If Ruby had a bed hair or something, she would be the one to groom her instead of me, well, she probably just wanted to mess with her later, so in the end I`m the one who will groom her again. Although it`s pretty twisted, but she acts completely different at school, that is, acting like a normal school girl who brags on how great his big brother is. Or so I heard from Ruby. By the way, the best part about her would be her slyness, incredibly sharp senses and incredibly accurate judgement right-on-the-spot. Even if it`s just a simple confirmation calls from a random salary man from a random company, she`s able to tell who it is just from either one of my body language (choice of words, eye movement, body gesture). If it`s a woman, I`d probably be dead meat. Her jealousy is waaaaaaaay off the charts.

And then there`s the magical pet, the younger little sister, also the only maid in the household.


Currently in the third year of middle school, Ruby`s birthday is in the early of October. She is currently 8 years old in human age, but if it`s in terms of beast-kin age, she`s 16-year-old— same as me. Compare to other beast-kin, Ruby`s a bit special, don`t get it wrong, swapping between a cat and half-cat is nothing, any beast-kin is able to do that. Ruby, apparently, is able to change into any type of beast as long as she wants to, except magical beasts. The one she mainly stays are in cat or fox form, as for the reason why, it`s nothing special, it`s just because I like it. However, if you ever had a beast-kin at home, there`s a serious problem you need to dealt with— that is, taking necessary precaution against estruses period, it`s extremely dangerous if not handled carefully. Although during estruses period, male beast-kin`s sexual drive is provoked by the females going into heat, but in my case, Ruby`s the one getting sexual driven instead. As for her target, it was me, yeah, me— which is irregular, since I`m just a human. Back to the day it happened for the first time, which I still remember it like it was yesterday, it took me and Restia to go all out in order to stop her. In other words, Ruby had an excellent fighting prowess. To begin with, Ruby had the fighting instincts of all type of beasts, she`s a born natural fighter. On top of that, I personally trained her under the weight of gravity and taught her magic (but she`s unable to use it when she`s sexually driven), so it turns out I ended up creating a monster with a power to probably destroy a city.

Anyways, I don`t have a memory on how Ruby was born, but I was told that she was— hatched from an egg… Isn`t she a mammal? Sadly, I`m unable to get an answer but one, Ruby is the only one who`s able to transform from one form to another, an extremely rare breed, perhaps the one and only in this world. To be careful not to let anyone else to know about her secret, Ruby only stays in her cat form, where she goes to the same school with Restia. Compared to Restia, Ruby`s dumber— okay, I know it`s rude, but beast-kin had slightly lower intelligence compared to humans, and Ruby`s better than most of the beast-kin so it`s actually a praise. Her subjects are all average except P.E, which is the only thing she`s able to be on par with Restia. If Restia is famous as the role model, then Ruby is the idol of the school because of her simple-minded, air-headed personality, her beautiful and cute appearance, and because she`s a beast-kin. Unlike Restia, Ruby rarely gets confessed to, since she always ignores the love letters, bluntly rejects any confessions thrown to her, plus doesn`t have an email account, nobody dares to attempt it from getting heartbroken, or so I heard from Restia.

As I said, Ruby had a simple-minded, air-headed personality, a farce— I mean, it`s the surface of her personality (She`s indeed simple-minded and air-headed). In Ruby`s case, it`s not the exterior that’s her problem so much as the interior. Restia’s insides more or less match her outsides, but Ruby’s outsides belie her insides— her insides, however, do not belie her outsides, which is an important distinction. Ruby had an innocent, bright looking eyes (a contrast to Restia) and a large frame (an even bigger contrast to Restia), as well as a cute, distinctive cat way of speaking. But deep down, she`s even more aggressive than Restia, with a temper to boot. Her emotions are unstable, and she often break the house as a compensation. Ruby`s simple-minded, air-headed personality is the worst match for our genius Restia here. She often offends Restia without knowing, so Restia constantly got annoyed, and Ruby`s too air-headed to understand, this often leads them to a big fight (Not arguing, but actually fighting). At times like this, my house, mostly built by titanium alloy with a total length of 50m of width and 75m of length, one-third of it could not be pardoned, though, most of it was destroyed by Ruby. At any rate, I managed to stop them (as for how much damage I have taken, again, I will leave it up to your imagination). Then again, who initiated the fight by the attacking first? The answer always leads to Ruby. Actually, just by recalling her estruses period— never mind.

Either sister, as you can see, would be a handful on her own, but matters are complicated by the fact that there are two. Forget about just handfuls, it takes feet and shoulders to juggle them both. As their extraordinarily bland older brother, I’m constantly at a loss over how to respond in the wake of each new scandal they cause. The real problem may be how well each sister complements the other when they got together.

At any rate, let`s leave that for next time. It seems we have a guest.

The multilayer force field and magical barrier installed around my house are being broken from the outside. Judging from the flapping sound, it`s a helicopter. There`s no need to check the security camera.

“Restia, stay here with Ruby.” I ordered.

“Be careful…” Restia said.

Before stepping out, I flicked my finger and activated a screen, searching for the pet house system, and locked the pet house to prevent them for coming to my rescue. Even if some of them are S Ranked magical beast, I don`t want to risk it.

I open the front door from my screen. That`s when a strong and cold humid wind smacked on my face, as expected from the first day of spring.

After stepping out and closing the door behind me, I took a step forward, that`s when I saw a helicopter landed at my front yard. 50m of distance from my location, it`s one of the newest model, type X-586, metallic dark grey colour, two propellers on the side and one on top.

A man in a black suit, jumps down from the helicopter afterwards. Not even looking around, he then walks forward, towards me.

That`s why I activated the loudspeaker from my screen.

“Hey, hey are you serious?! Stop moving! There are tons of landmines around you!” I said.

The man immediately stood frozen solid stiff after he took two steps. He looks clueless. If he`s not careful enough, the landmine is more than enough to blow him off to pieces. Why is he even here? He then activated his screen, performing a video call between us, and I accepted.

“I finally found you…!” He shouted.

Dark circles under the eyes, a tired, fatigued, sleepless look as if he`d been awake for several nights. To be honest, I was freaked out by how horrible he looks. I must give him an applause for making all the way here, to one of the island located within the Bermuda Triangle region where it`s extremely dangerous.

“Do you know for how many times have I tried to come here…?! Do you!?”

“And…? How rude. You had a problem with that?”

“Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare! PLEASE!!! I BEG OF YOU!!! Join the Imperial Knights Academy as a special student or else I will be fired by him!!!”

What…?! The Imperial Knights Academy…?! He`s one of the top agents?!

“He told you to come all the way here!? Is he the one nuts or you!? Just go back already!!! I will call him personally myself!”

I quickly switched off the screen, and gave a gesture to Restia through the security camera.

A magic circle suddenly appeared beneath the helicopter and that man`s feet, and there he goes— disappeared. Restia must have send him to the nearest airport at another country, far away from the island.

Honestly, I feel sorry for him. He`s not even here for a minute and I`m already making him to leave.

With that, the force field and magic barrier were all reinstalled. It`s surprising he`s able to break through all of them.

Restia immediately opens the door and bear hugged me with full force, while Ruby stood on my shoulder and rubs her head on my face over and over.

“Don`t go…! You can`t go…! You aren`t allowed to go…!”

This is the third time ever in her whole life, that Restia Nightwalker von Nightmare, my little sister, pleaded me.

“Of course I won`t, I hate him.” I replied.

To comfort those two, I rubbed Restia`s tears away with my finger and stroked Ruby`s head, looking at them with a gentle smile.

Although I said so, but I immediately regretted afterwards.

[Beep Beep]

An email icon suddenly popped out on my screen, the sender`s from an anonymous account. Though, normally I`d ignore it, but with the timing coming so perfectly, this seems important.

So I let those two back in first, and open the message.

’Lucifer Nightwalker von Nightmare,

If you read this, you must what as I say. You must join the Imperial Knights Academy no matter what, no matter how many times those two will try to stop you.’

Those two…? Is it talking about Restia and Ruby?

‘Your problems will be solved there, including the time you have left.’

The last line struck me like a lightning bolt from the blue.

Thus, with no options to choose, I called the principal of the Imperial Knights Academy.

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