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Celestial being fell from the sky as they take the appear of animal. Ever wondered what star you're born? You know, your zodiac signs and elements.  But the stars you're born, remains a mystery. Thus, no one can remember the locations of where they're born. Including colors of our auras. Expected the birthstone on the month they've born. For this purpose, which included the seasons.  Hence, there're many of the zodiacs within the heavens. Include, the zodiac's names. Not to mention their strength and weakness. And, their friends and enemies. In view of their hidden talents. Only a few cans solve and learn the secret of zodiacs. Regardless, most were half true. The true secret of zodiac disappear over centuries. And, no one has re-discovered it.  Discover the secret of zodiac. When a dark elf name Kimzo went to his journey.  With his comic companion, a periwinkle wolf's name 'Phantom' and his unique abilities. In their journey, they will learn more of themselves. Include their unbreakable bond where Kimzo must learn for himself.

Fantasy / Adventure
D. F. Tomes
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At ancient times, stars used to guide traveler to different places. Or, told stories. Due of their shapes and names. Not to mention, the patterns. Taking forms. Which, include animal and mythical creatures. And, heroes.

Stars are most the magnificent and amazing sighted. They are full of wonders and mysteries. Untold stories in the history. Not in books nor scrolls. Henceforth, their stories were to cease to exist.

Everything but one. They retold this story from long ago and forgotten. Until now, it re-discovered. And, too showed its story.

A story of a young elf boy search for answers. Of his parents. And, his purposes. Included the star he’s born.

It’ll be a journey of his life.

It was a full moon tonight. And, everything was quiet. Everything, expected for one.

Inside a cave, a woman screaming. She’s in pain, hence she is close of giving birth. But she isn’t alone.

There’re three women. Plus, an Elder. Although, she’s called an ‘Elder’ she is young. Braided her hair into two. With a unique X-symbol on her face.

Half above her face as the edge close at her cheek. Color matches her hair, golden-yellow and sky-blue highlights. And, greenish-brown eyes.

She, and the other woman tries to help the young woman as she tries to give birth. Passes the warm water to the other women. She places a cloth in the water and dried it. There she wipes. Only on her faces as she continues to breathe hard.

Shush her to calm at her birth, a young man with raven-colored hair and red highlights. Pale skin with red up-side-downs triangular on his cheeks. Which, included the worry looks in his grayish-green eyes. Unable to hear anymore scream, he went to check but someone blocks him. Thus he’s not allow in when the woman is giving birth.

Regardless, it’s against tradition. And, men realize it. No one allowed to enter during the birth. Even, you’re the father or husband.

Back inside the cave, the woman continues to breathe hard as she feels her child coming. Thus she and her child was ready. With the uses of her strength, her child came. The cry of infant birth was a miracle.

The child cried, was a joyful pleasure sound. But something caught their attention. A wolf howl. Conceive it’s a sign.

Once the howl stop. They wonder what it means. Before they can figure, a familiar cried turn their direction.

As they turn, the Elder came. There she holds an infant in her arms. The man from early, walk as he looks at the child. To discover a baby boy.

A fine baby boy with a raven-haired that reflected purple shade and magenta highlights. With grayish-green eyes. And, his skin reflected as the moonlight.

Smile at the child, he places his arms around the baby as he holds him closes. Due to that the child is his.

And, tiring woman is his wife. Curious of his wife, he looks at the Elder as she figures what he’s thinking.

With a gentle look in her eyes, she nodded as she accepts his wish. He bow before he leaves. There he found his wife, lying on the ground.

She breathes as she tries to regain her strength. As she move, she saw her husband and her child at the entrance. She smiled.

He strolls to his wife as he sits next to her. Since they close, they can see their son together. Only to see that their son is fast asleep.

It warm their hearts to looked at him sleep so peaceful and calm. Thus, it means he’s having a pleasant dream.

Still, staring at their son. The Mother and Father stare at each other as they both decide a name for their boy. Glimpse back to their son, the Mother said a few words to her newborn child. “Kimzo. Your name is Kimzo.”

To their son’s response, he made a soft sound as he smiles. Likewise, it means their child accepted his name.

As he yawn, both parent knew it’s time for their son to rest until the next day.

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