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This time I was the one leaving.

I could only stare out the window of the car, watching the landscape pass by with despair clawing at my heart. I didn’t want to leave, but how could I stay? How could I just stay there after everything that happened? After Ella?

So I didn’t. I left.

There was something different this time around, though. I wasn’t alone. I didn’t have to go to sleep at night wondering if I would wake up into the bleak solitary life that I was sure would await me come morning. I went to sleep knowing that I had something to live for tomorrow: my Sister, Skye, and for the utter determination to just keep living. I didn’t want to just exist anymore. I wanted to live.

That was over a year ago. Now, I just existed.

I didn’t feel alive anymore. My heart was gray and still, devoid of the life that used to set it afire.

I felt dead on the inside.

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