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Alyx was more than happy to leave her horrific memories of Ebbtide in the past where they belonged. But when her past invades her present, she has no choice but to return and face her demons. She was easily the most stunning creature I had ever seen. I could tell she was a werewolf, but somehow not purely one; her fragrance was altered slightly. Perhaps a hybrid of some sort. Our eyes were still locked on each other, and I realized I had been staring at her for too long. She radiated astonishment mixed with an underlying sense of fury. I was unable to connect the dots that had so readily been presented in front of me. This entire exchange lasted only about a split second, but as soon as she regained her bearings she was only able to whisper a single horrified word: “Jordan.”

Fantasy / Romance
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This time I was the one leaving.

I could only stare out the window of the car, watching the landscape pass by with despair clawing at my heart. I didn’t want to leave, but how could I stay? How could I just stay there after everything that happened? After Ella?

So I didn’t. I left.

There was something different this time around, though. I wasn’t alone. I didn’t have to go to sleep at night wondering if I would wake up into the bleak solitary life that I was sure would await me come morning. I went to sleep knowing that I had something to live for tomorrow: my Sister, Skye, and for the utter determination to just keep living. I didn’t want to just exist anymore. I wanted to live.

That was over a year ago. Now, I just existed.

I didn’t feel alive anymore. My heart was gray and still, devoid of the life that used to set it afire.

I felt dead on the inside.

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