The Rejection

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Chapter 3

I am not having fun.

I’ve been here for about one and a half hours. The first hour or so, I did enjoy myself. Lincoln found me in the VIP section and he introduced me to some ranked wolves from other packs that came to FANG on a regular basis. Thanks to our metabolism, there was no need to caution werewolves of the effects of alcohol, so with about four shots of tequila that my brother and other pack members practically dared me to take, I was feeling great.

We were having fun, alternating dancing in the VIP lounge and dancing on the floor with the general population. My brother was close by, but he didn’t hover when other male wolves would try to dance too cozy with me. They never got too frisky with me so I was glad about that. However, anxiety grabbed a hold of me practically every minute when I didn’t see Julien. I was just about to mind link him when I finally saw him walk through the front door.

With Natasha.

A sharp intake of air did little to keep me calm as I watched Julien’s eyes scour over the crowd of people looking for me. When his eyes met mine, I could see the pain in his gray orbs. His lips was curled into a frown just before he mouthed, “I’m sorry.”

’For what?’ I mind linked him. I knew that he had told me that he wasn’t going to break up with her until sometime after my party. I knew he thought he was doing the right thing so as to not ruin my night, but seeing his hand entwined with hers when they walked in was ruining my night as well.

‘I tried to get her to go ahead with the others so that I could meet everyone here, but she practically sat on my bed as I was getting ready. She’s mad that I told her that I’m not going to mark her though.’ That was to be expected. Natasha was notorious about her temper tantrums when she didn’t get her way. I swear she has some really good qualities, but today they were dimmed by her negative ones.

The two approached the dance floor and stood in front of my brother. As soon as they stopped, Julien gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, one that lingered longer than it probably should have, and whispered happy birthday in my ear. I reluctantly played along and simply smiled and said thank you. Julien turned and did the man code hug with Lincoln for the first time in the four months that he’s been away.

I, however stood by awkwardly, while being ignored and glared at by my best friend. I tried smiling at her, but Natasha seemed to think the dark floor was more interesting than starting a conversation with me. My heart hurt that she was still mad at me. This was actually the longest we’ve gone without talking and it’s really depressing.

I miss my best friend.

I also want to forcibly pry her freaking hands off of my mate, and break her nose in such a way that it shatters into tiny pieces and gets shoved into her brain. My wolf is ready to finish what we started, and with the electricity that I felt when Julien touched me, I can’t blame her either.

Now, while I’m sitting back up in the shadows of the VIP lounge, I can feel my wolf stirring with agitation. We, my wolf and I, were picking up challenging vibes from Natasha. I had noticed that even while I was up here, Julien would try to direct them to an area that was in my blind spot. He was definitely feeling uncomfortable dancing with Natasha, trying to make it seem like everything was fine between them.

Yet no matter how much steering away he would do, she would always find a way to bring him back into my line of sight. I had hoped that it was just my imagination, but the more times it happened, the more I was convinced. Natasha knew about us.

She must of smelled my scent on him or his clothes, something that hinted that we did more than talk. Julien had mentioned that she wouldn’t leave him alone while he was getting ready. That had to be it.

I didn’t keep my focus on them while they were on the dance floor. I smile as I catch looks from my brother who is having a blast working the room with other she-wolves. The waitress approaches me and hands me the pineapple ginger mojito I had ordered. However, after taking two sips, it starts to taste funny. I take a quick whiff and I don’t smell anything but the sweet syrup and alcohol. It doesn’t smell like someone put something in it, but I can never be too sure.

But once the nausea starts to kick in, I decide it would be in my best interest to get myself somewhere safe, just in case I took enough of whatever was in my drink that would cause me to be incapacitated. I take an inconspicuous look around the VIP lounge and try to note if there was anyone that had a keen interest in my whereabouts.

A headache starts to form as I make my way quickly to Lincoln. He’s in the middle of a conversation with two other wolves on the lower level, at the booths that lined the east wing of the dance floor. The power that radiates from both of them tells me that one is an alpha while the other is a beta.

I wait patiently for all three to acknowledge me, but the pain in my abdomen is starting to become unbearable. Just as I think I’m about to cry out from the pain, Lincoln turns towards me.

“Ahh, gentlemen, this is my sister I was telling you about! Alpha Thorne and Beta Henry, this is Kairi.”

“Happy birthday, Kairi,” Alpha Thorne raises his glass to me and I graciously bow while hiding the wince from the motion. I’m not sure, however, I hid it extremely well because when I raise myself back up, Alpha Thorne looks like he’s carefully studying me. It was a bit uncomfortable under his scrutiny, and I desperately just wanted to hide away while I already didn’t feel good.

“Thank you. I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to borrow the keys to your office Linc.” I relax a little while watching Lincoln pull the set of keys from his pocket.

“Everything okay?” He asks as soon as they’re in my hand. Lincoln’s watching me cautiously as I clutch the metal in my hand tightly.

“Yeah,” I pass it of non-chalantly. “Just got a bit of a headache. I’m gonna lay my head down for a little on your desk.” I don’t give him a chance to respond, just turn on my heels and try to quickly make my way back through this crowd or partygoers, until I can find sanctuary in my brother’s office. The nausea is definitely not settling well in my stomach and I can feel the bile rising up, searching for an exit.

I feel hot and sweaty with anticipation, almost like my body knows that I’m getting closer to safety and is just anxious to expel the acidic contents from my stomach. I close my lips tightly as a make it to the door. I start to place the key into the lock, but notice there’s no tension to the knob.

Lincoln wouldn’t have left this unlocked. I want to open the door slowly and catch whoever broke in there in the act, but I desperately need to get to the bathroom in his office; who cared about a burglar. I push the door open, more like tear the door open seemingly off the hinges. But the sight is enough to eject entirety of the contents in my stomach on the two people who were in the throes of passion.

Natasha shrieks like a banshee, the only enjoyment I’d be able to take away from this moment, as she’s covered in pineapple flavored acidic puke. Funny how those things taste good going down, but coming back up, it’s nowhere near as good. She held her arms out to the side, not wanting to touch anything or even believe that she was just threw up on.

I can feel my tears practically carve a river down my face. It all began to make sense to me now. I now know that the discomfort that I was experiencing before, wasn’t due someone slipping pharmaceuticals into my drink. No, my former best friend was spreading her legs for my traitorous mate.

I wipe my disgusting mouth and move inside the office, closing the door behind me. I can’t look at either of them as I walk past the couple and stand behind the heavy desk in the office. My brother always kept a bottle of mouthwash at his desk, why he didn’t keep it in the bathroom that was attached to the office, I had no clue. I dig it out from the bottom drawer, take a swig, and swish. When I’m ready to spit, I can’t help but be petty and spit the mouthwash on Natasha.

“You two didn’t need to stop on account of me.” My heart breaks a little when I see Julien slowly slip out of her. A spot that I was in just a few hours ago. The tears, I’m so over with, and wipe them off with a tissue from Lincoln’s desk.

“You knew he was my mate, how?” I ask coldly with the alpha command burning through the question. Natasha, is standing naked on top of her puke covered dress, and her skin is also slick with my foul sick. She tries to cover herself from me as much as possible, but all she manages to do is smear it all over her. She’s still whimpering behind Julien, who I refuse to acknowledge, even though I can feel his eyes bearing into me. I’m glad he hasn’t moved to speak to me because if he even opened up his mouth, my wolf was ready to take control and exact vengeance on my behalf.

“While he was in the shower, I snuck in the room. I could smell your scent and the arousal of both of you on his clothes.” Natasha is such a pathetic wolf cowering against the wall under my stare. I would love to know how she expected to act as the Beta Female in the pack.

“That only says that we were close to one another and that yes we were both aroused with each other. Doesn’t mean that we were mates. Just horny.” Yes, we may have had sex, but the bond was incomplete. There was no marking, so our scents hadn’t intermingled as one yet.

“When I saw you two greet each other,” she whined. “I saw the lingering stares. But I didn’t put two and two together until you went to the VIP lounge. He kept looking for you and he wasn’t his usual touchy self.

Part of me was happy that Julien wasn’t the one to tell her that we were mates. I wasn’t sure why since the betrayal still cut deep. He obviously knew we were mates, and she was smart enough to figure it out. The betrayal hurt me from the two people I was supposed to be able to trust the most; outside of my brother.

I force myself to look at their relationship from their point of view, even though it sickens me. They used to flirt more than I would study, at least whenever I saw them around each other. Then about two years ago, their flirtations turned into an exclusive relationship. One that was not physical until six months ago. There was some history between them. I understood it perfectly. Maybe the conversation turned physical because it was a discussion that was too emotional for them to handle on their own.

Either me or my brother should have sat Natasha down alongside Julien and explained that he found his mate. It couldn’t have been easy for Julien to break off their commitment to each other after they’d be together for so long. I walk closer to them. Ready to forgive them since once my mark is on Julien, him straying to another she –wolf would be too unthinkable for him or his wolf. The hurt is still there, and we’ll probably never reach the level of camaraderie again, but I know we can move past their indiscretion and remain at least civil on my behalf.

I glance at Julien for the first time since entering the office. He’s covered in as much vomit as Natasha, if not more. It was like even through the shock of the century, my body was able to distinguish that Julien deserved to receive more of it than Natasha. Sure she knew about us being mates; but other than breaking the imaginary ‘girl code,’ she wasn’t the one that was promised to me. Julien however, knew that I was the one for him and yet he continued to betray me. I could forgive, but could I forget?

My eyes narrow as I notice something is different about him. My heart is racing when I catch the scent of their lingering arousal and realize there’s only one scent between the two of them. My eyes are drawn to his neck where I see a mark that I didn’t place there. Deep breaths and hard swallows can’t keep me from looking back at Natasha.

Knowing what I am looking for, Natasha flips her hair back to reveal the mark that Julien, my mate, no, my former mate left during their moment of passion. I think I am going to be nauseous all over again. There is no going back from this. Realizing the few moments of elation that I had earlier were all just lies was too heartbreaking to bear. The silent tears kept coming but I can’t look at anyone in the face.

Julien reaches out for me, but I refuse to be comforted or whatever he thinks he wants to do, by him.

“Don’t,” I pull back from him before his skin can burn mine. The mate bond that we shared earlier is already fading, the pull is hardly there anymore. But the sparks from skin to skin contact will always remain. And I can’t feel that right now. We will forever be broken because he was weak. “You are not my mate anymore. Comfort your whore.”

I storm away towards the door and without looking back, I let my heartbreak again as I remember the moment why I was sick in the first place. “And clean this up.” My alpha command slips in. I don’t even care that I pull rank on the both of them. They’re nothing to me.

The door slams behind me, and I wipe my tears. I determine in my heart right there that I was going to allow myself one day, just twenty four hours to cry and feel sad for myself. But come Sunday morning, I will get back to work.

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