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Chapter 6


After everything that happened on my spare period, figuring things out with Nova, learning about Nova’s ex-boyfriend that’s going to be staying at her house, and talking about my birth parents, a period away from my mate was a good thing. I got to clear my head, get back into good spirits, and by the time lunch came around I was desperate to get to the cafeteria so I could see a certain hazel eyed beauty.

“Hey Nova.” I greeted her as casually as I possibly could as I sat down beside her. All I really wanted to do was pull her into my arms and never let her go, but we had an act to keep up in front of everyone. And I didn’t know if she’d be comfortable with me doing something so bold even if circumstances were different. We only just met, and even though we’re mates, I’m sure she still has boundaries.

“Hi.” She greeted back, sending a sweet smile my way.

I returned the smile as her vanilla scent swirled around me. I was on cloud nine just looking at her and being in her presence.

“Hey so I was thinking maybe you could come over to the pack house after school.” Kenzie cut in, ending the moment between Nova and I.

We both directed our attention to the blonde, and I waited for Nova’s reply, silently willing her to say yes. More time with my mate, and a chance to meet the rest of the pack, seemed like a great idea.

“Sure, I’ll just text my mom to let her know I won’t need a ride home.” She finally replied, and I had to suppress an ecstatic grin.

“I can’t wait! Everyone’s gonna love you!” Kenzie gushed, showing the excitement I felt.

Nova gave her a smile in return as she sent the text to her mom, twirling a strand of hair with her other hand. By the gesture, I could tell she was nervous. Was she scared that the pack wouldn’t like her, or that her secret could somehow come out?

“It’ll be fun.” I spoke up, offering her a reassuring smile. She doesn’t have to worry about anything, I’ll make sure she has a good time and that no one finds out who she really is.

Nova coming over was a great thing, I’m sure mom and dad want to meet her so they can form their own opinion on the new wolf in town. I’m actually surprised they haven’t invited Nova and her mom over yet. They like to make sure any newcomers aren’t a threat to the pack.

And maybe if Nova comes over, my parents won’t feel the need to meet Nova’s mom. My mate’s whole secret would be revealed if anyone met her mom. Come to think of it, why would Nova’s pack come up with a plan to send her to school here knowing that her cover would be blown immediately? They couldn’t have predicted that Nova would be mates with someone from my pack.

How could they think this plan would work? It’s basically a suicide mission.


“Hey you said your father is the Alpha of your pack right?” I asked Nova, quiet enough that no one else heard.

She nodded, “Yeah, why?”

“I was thinking about how your cover would be blown if anyone from my pack met your mother, but if she’s the Luna and you’re their daughter, then you two should be protected from the whole intense hatred thing. I should’ve thought of that before, I just never thought past you being my mate, since that cancels out the hatred too.” I explained, still keeping my voice low.

Nova’s eyes got wide, “I never even thought about that. I was just going through with the mission without ever second guessing it.”

I shrugged, “All wolves are taught to follow orders without question.”

“But I’m next in line, I should be questioning things. I should be more responsible.” She muttered, anxiously spinning a section of hair around her finger.

I rested my hand on her thigh under the table, giving it a comforting squeeze to calm her down, “You’re still learning. Just like me. We’re not born perfect Alphas, were moulded into them.”

Nova released the tight hold on her hair, visibly relaxing, and I held back a smile. I calmed her down, just like a mate should.

“What are you two all hush hush about?” Mason asked, pulling my attention away from Nova.

“Just talking about a project we have in English class, much too boring for the whole table to be involved in.” I swiftly lied.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nova nod in agreement.

“Boring.” Mason teased, humour dancing in his dark brown eyes.

“Just like you.” Josh chimed in, and the whole table laughed at Mason’s expense just as the bell rang.

“This is the pack house.” I proudly announced as we drove up to the large white farm style house.

“It’s beautiful.” Nova breathed as we pulled into the garage, and I didn’t miss the awe in her voice.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car, meeting Nova at the door leading into the house, “What’s your pack house like?”

Her shoulders sank, she looked defeated as she answered “It’s like a jail. Grey brick building, most of the rooms in the basement. The only thing missing is the metal bars.”

I’ve never been to the town her pack resides in, but I’ve heard it’s not nearly as nice there. I always thought the Blood Fang pack deserved being in a run down town, but now I’m not so sure. They can’t all be bad, Nova isn’t, but all my life I grew up seeing them as monsters.

“Nova!” A girly voice squealed, lunging at my mate.

I had to hold myself back from protecting Nova, but I knew she wasn’t in any danger when I saw the flash of blonde hair flying towards us.

“Hey Kenzie.” Nova choked out, probably finding it difficult to breath in Kenzie’s tight embrace.

“Do you mind showing Nova around? I need to talk to my father.” I asked when Kenzie finally released her death hold on my mate.

“I’d love to.” She replied, linking her arm with Nova’s and skipping away without another word.

Nova looked back at me, sending a glare my way, and I just shrugged sheepishly and smiled. I didn’t want to subject her to the bubbly torture of Kenzie, but I really needed to talk to my dad before he met Nova. I just wanted to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

With that in mind, I quickly made my way upstairs to his office, knocking when I stood outside the large oak door.

“Come in.” Dad’s voice boomed through the wood, radiating power that I could only hope to achieve some day.

Without hesitation I opened the door and walked into his office, taking a seat in the chair across the desk from him.

“I didn’t ask for you, so this must be important.” He observed.

More important than you know I thought to myself.

“The new wolf in school, Nova Foster, is here. Kenzie invited her over, I just wanted to let you know so you didn’t think we had an intruder.” I said aloud, trying my hardest to keep my tone neutral. I couldn’t let him know how much this meeting meant to me. Him and mom are going to meet my mate, that’s a huge deal.

“Very well, I was planning on having her and her mother over in the near future. I suppose this should do.” He replied, standing as he added “I’ll go get your mother.”

I followed him out of the office and waited at the bottom of the stairs for my parents. Hopefully they won’t run into Nova while I’m not around, but I’m sure Kenzie is showing her the game room or something, and that’s nowhere near my mom’s office.

“Where is this new girl? I’m surprised a wolf of her age isn’t mates with anyone from our pack.” I heard mom as she descended down the stairs with dad by her side.

I froze. Was it really that uncommon for a wolf to meet a new pack and not be mates with anyone? Even if it’s unlikely, it’s not impossible to believe that she didn’t find her mate here. I mean she did find her mate here, but no one knows it except for the two of us.

Alpha and Luna want to meet Nova, where are you two? I linked to Kenzie.

The pack house is big, but not big enough that you can’t mind link to someone if you’re on opposite sides of the house, so Kenzie should be able to hear me.

Just getting back to the living room. She linked back.

“She’s in the living room.” I told my parents, and with that we were on our way.

I was extremely nervous when we entered the living room. What if they don’t like her? Or what if they just know that she’s the enemy?

“You must be Nova, I’m Alpha Garrett and this is my wife Luna Rebecca.” Dad introduced, offering his hand out which Nova easily took and confidently shook.

“Just call me Becca, everyone else does.” Mom told Nova, a warm smile on her face as she shook my mates hand.

“Nice to meet you both. You have a beautiful pack house.” Nova greeted back politely.

I couldn’t help but be proud of her for holding herself so well as she met two powerful werewolves. Not many people can do that, they usually shy away and fear the power my parents emit.

“How are you liking the school so far? I hope everyone’s been very welcoming to you.” Mom struck up a conversation, taking a seat on one of the couches and offering Nova the spot next to her.

I could see the relief on my mates eyes as she sat down beside mom and talked with her like they were old friends.

I could tell mom liked her, she doesn’t attempt to get to know anyone that she doesn’t like.

“She doesn’t seem like a threat to us.” Dad said, taking my focus away from Nova.

I nodded, “I’ll keep an eye on her just in case.”

M words made me seem like a responsible future alpha, but in reality I just wanted an excuse to spend time with my mate without anyone questioning it.

Dad gave me a nod of approval, and then tore mom away from Nova.

“You’re going to bore the poor girl to death, let her have fun with her friends.” Dad teased mom.

Mom rolled her eyes at him before addressing Nova one last time, “It was so nice meeting you Nova. Feel free to come by whenever you want.”

With that, her and dad left the room, leaving Nova and I alone.

“They like you, especially my mom.” I told her, beaming down at her as I took a few steps closer.

She smiled back, “I’m glad I have them on my good side, if they ever find out who I really am, maybe it’ll soften the blow.”

My mood dimmed, the reminder of the different worlds we come from ruining my happiness. Why do we have to be sworn enemies?

“Where’s Kenzie?” I asked to change the subject.

Nova perked up at the question, obviously happy for a new conversation that didn’t involve the reality of our situation. “She went back to the game room after dropping me off here.”

“Want to go hang out there?” I suggested.

Nova nodded happily, “Sure.”

With that we made our way to the game room in a comfortable silence.

“Hey guys, how’d the big introduction go?” Kenzie greeted us when we entered the room.

I smiled proudly, “They loved her.”

Kenzie nodded like she wasn’t surprised as Nova took a seat next to her, and I sat down beside Nova.

I nodded in greeting to the five other people in the room, all either watching tv or playing pool. They sometimes sat with us at lunch so I didn’t have to introduce Nova to them.

“You should really wear your hair up sometimes, I think it would be so cute.” Kenzie suggested, gathering Nova’s hair into her hands to show how she would look with that hairstyle.

I could see Nova’s blood drop tattoo clear as day, and Nova quickly noticed what was going on because she jerked away from Kenzie so her hair fell down around her shoulders again, covering the tattoo.

“I always feel self conscious when my hair’s up.” My mate lied, trying to mask the panic in her voice by clearing her throat.

That was close. Way too close.

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