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Chapter Ten


How could I be that stupid? Elijah mates to Jacklin and has a friend called Thanatos. Lucretia? I wanted to slap myself badly right now but since Christian was here I had to remain calm. “Thanatos? Mhm no I have not heard of him. Can you say something about him?” I said. It could be another male that had the same name.

“you are really stupid.” Amy applied. “I am not that stupid, I had 4.0 in high school!” I hissed back offended by her comment. “Thanatos means God of death,” she said and left the conversation or discussion. Oh....really? god of death and he is my mate. Great. Sarcastic.

“Well he is the Alpha King Thanatos, my son is his beta and they are here to look after his mate who escape the mating game” Well...that says it all. I am fucked. “I told you to never run away. Now, look where it got you”. I huffed and kept walking behind Christian trying to come up with a master plan.

“Ohhh does he have a mate? I did not know” I said fake surprise. I was fucked no matter what may happen, I should concentrate on getting as much information about my mate before I was taken. “I am as surprised as you and others. We did not think he could have a mate, and neither did he.”

He did not expect to have a mate?

“mhm...poor girl. He is the devil, I only hope she will survive him” I said only to see the reaction to Christian. Will he agree? Disagree? “if you stop thinking and listening you will find out” damn..why is she cranky today? I thought she would be happy knowing we would be caught. “I am happy, no thrilled! But, I have been talking to his wolf and let’s just say he is not that thrilled”

“YOU WHAT?!” I stopped quick. She talks to his wolf!! No wonder why he is here, he knows I am here. Ohhh god this is bad, very bad. Biting my nails and hands running through the hair of stress, what am I going to do now? I can’t escape knowing the she-devil have been talking with him. She betrayed me, lied and probably that why she had been ignoring me. She had been talking to him!!! How could she??

“stop freaking out, I have only spoken to him three times” I interrupted her. “You are my wolf! My best friend and I trusted you! Yet, you betrayed and went behind my back! How could you?!” and I was not done speaking. I was furious. “I am sorry, but I had to. I want my mate and I need him if I had the chance to go back in time I would do the same AGAIN!”

Did she just yell at me?

“I do not care! You could at least stop ignoring me or told me you are speaking to him!“. I was disappointed, sad and hurt. ” I am sorry, Alright Is that what you want to hear?” but I ignored her not in the mood anymore to talk to her or anyone. My life is about to change forever in a few minutes and I want to enjoy the feeling of being alone and free. I shout her out completely before closing my eyes breathing in and out calming myself down trying not to hit something or someone.

“Tia? Are you okay?” A male voice in front of me asked. Well...the peace lasted longer than it thought.

I boost my confidence, a fake smile and open my eyes. Christian had a worried look and took a few step closers toward me. I nodded while talking waving my hands, “yeah, of course, I just wanted to enjoy nature before walking inside”. Walking past him not caring if he believes me or not, he will find out the truth soon anyway. Hearing him sigh to himself before following me. We walked like this the rest of the way, in complete silence.

The house came into view, but one thing was missing. There were no cars outside the cabin. Have they yet to arrive? Or did they run in wolf form? Anyway, it does not matter. I walk toward the door hesitating if I should open it or not. But, before I got the chance engine sounds came behind. Too afraid to turn around I continue staring at the door, which was open the second the engine sound came by Elaine. Not noticing me and run past me toward where the cars had just parked. She and Christian were eager to meet their son again, I, however, did not.

I watched the scene in front of me in slow motion. It all happened at once. There are two cars in the driveway, one black like a cop or FBI car and a red Lamborghini. The cop car opens its doors relieving Elijah. He wore a black suit and no tie, he waves and smiles to his parents before opening the passenger’s door. A beautiful girl walks out wearing a white dress with a flower crown on her head.


I wanted badly to screw everything and run over to her, hugging the life out of her. But, I couldn’t. Elijah guides her toward his parents introducing his mate. While they were to busy hugging and talking together, I saw the door on the red Lamborghini was open yet no one came out. Weird. I started in the car for a while, noticing the details. It had all black windows, sleek glossy red shine, and the door that went up like a spaceship. I liked it.

They had yet to notice me standing in the doorway. Taking the opportunity to escape and walked back slowly not bringing any attention. However, as I was walking I met a wall. The wall was warm, hard yet soft and brought me multiple electricity upward my body. My wolf purred by contact with the wall. My eyes winded when I felt arms sneak around my waist trapping me within his hold. I felt his breath down my neck bringing me goosebumps. I had a tough time breathing feeling how close we were. Standing still in his hold staring ahead, watching as the others were getting along. I tried to ignore him but of course he made it worse, by bending down at my level since he was taller and whisper in my ear. “you can not hide from me подача” his voice was husky and stern giving me the message to not run away again.

(mate in Russian)

All I could do was nodded not trusting my voice. My wolf, however, was thrilled and waving her tail crazy. I heard him chuckle behind me before fake coughing getting the attention of the others. His action made me come back to reality and fought against his hold but failed. He tightened his grip making it impossible for me to move before walking toward them with me in his arms. This remained me when we first met.


I struggle against him trying to escape his arms. He only growls at me and stands up with me in his arms. I probably look like a lost puppy in his eyes. My red dress follows as he walks towards the direction I came from. My eyes widened, He was taking me back? Why?

“Alpha King, what is going on?” Christian asked holding Elaine in his arms, protecting her. The closer we got the clearer I could see Jacklin face. She was her mate being proceeded as well from my mate. Why do they feel threatened?

“Because they do not know you are the Alpha’s mate and think he is holding you against your will” Amy jumped in. “But he IS!!!” I almost scream furious. She gave me the “I-know-you-like-it” look before shutting me out. She had become sassier and drama queen.

“Alpha King, she has done nothing wrong please let the girl go.” Elaine walks out of Christian grip and toward us. However, she did not get a fare as my sassy, hard-headed mate growled at her. She stopped in her spot bowing her head showing her neck in a submissive. What is wrong with him growling at an older woman?! I thought to watch the scene.

“he felt threatened because she wanted to take us away from him. His wolf did not like it” only his wolf?

“Alpha King, I am sorry for the behalf of my parents but could you please explain the situation,” His beta asked him looking directly into his eyes daringly. Knowing they were a friend he did not take it as a challenge to his position as Alpha King.

Since I had my back against his chest I could not see his face or the expression he is giving. However, I forgot about my expression, and that’s probably why Christian and Elaine reacted that way. If I were to look myself in the mirror, I would see a scared, pale girl who wanted to run away.

While the beta was having a staring competition with Thanatos I took my time looking for Jacklin. But, Elijah hid her well behind his back. All I could see were her shoes. I wanted to talk to her since she was one of my first friends. But, mister grumpy did not let me go.

“Well...beta-” he forced the word out, putting pressure on it. “I have found what I had been looking for,” He simply said and started to walk toward the red Lamborghini. I wanted badly to see their reaction but was forced to walk away. I heard gasping for behind made me move in his arms. I wanted to turn around. I continue to wiggle trying to find my way out, only making him made and growl at me. He dragged me toward the car and into the passenger set. Or tried.

The minute he let go of me, I split my arms and legs like a starfish refusing to sit in the car. If I had to go with him, at least I would give him a challenging time. Hearing him growl only louder made me look at him for the first time today. He was beautiful, which is one of the reasons I hated him. His hair was messy, dark circle underneath his eyes and a sharp face. Ohhh he is pissed. He took his time checking me out, his eyes travel down on my body before meeting my eyes again. They were much darker from a few seconds ago.

Since I was a starfish pressing myself away from the door and he presses me against it we were very close. Too close to my liking. I could see some freckles on his nose and scar in the eyebrow. I was to busy looking him into his eyes to notice he moved his left hand taking a few pieces of hair away from my face. Sparkle flew into my face and his scent filled my nose. He smelled too good.

We stayed like this staring into each other eyes when a fake cough brought me back to reality and made me tear away my eyes. I looked over seeing they all stood there with a shocking expression on their faces. I cursed inside me, forgotten they were here as well. However, Amy was over the moon about our moment not wanting it to stop. I kinda agreed with her. Just a little. I looked at Jacklin seeing she had come forward and stared at me with shocking eyes and gaping mouth. I wanted to laugh at her expression, she looked like a fish. The one who had a cough, cough again. Elijah started to me bowing his head slightly. “Luna”, he said and grabbed Jacklin guiding her to the car after saying goodbye to his parents.

That was the first time somebody called me luna. I felt proud and power at the same time streaming into my body. Amy hollowed liking the title. I look back at my mate only seeing him staring at me. Had he been staring at me this whole time?

He looked at me, nodding to himself before touching my neck with his finger. I looked at him with a frown on my face, what was he doing? Before I could ask everything went black.

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