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Chapter Eleven


I woke up feeling myself being carried. Sparks flew upward by body identified the person. Not wanting him to know I had woken up, I pretended to sleep. I tried to figure out where we were by listening and smelling the air. However, it was hard with my wolf purring at the feeling of our mate touching us. I hush at her, I do not want his wolf hearing her purring and howling for mating.

The fresh air had a hint of pine and water. A river a few miles from here, not big nor small. The water came running down the mountain and into the ocean. I had to be on the west – side of the country. But, I knew nothing about the packs in this area.

I heard a click and a swish sound of a door open and closed. He walks up to the stairs, into a room and laid me on a bed. The softness and warmth hugged me and dragged me to sleep, I did not argue. I felt lips pressed against my forehead as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up again only it was dark outside. I laid on a huge king size bed with dark sets and many pillows. I looked further around the door, seeing the walls were dark grey with no photos or painting. It lacked personality. I sat upward and took the sets of my body, noticing I had different clothes on. Before I wore training clothes and now a silk baby blue pajama just about my knees. It had light pink lace on the bottom and the heart-shaped with my breast. I secretly liked it, however, it was too revealing. But the main question is, who am I to kill for changing my clothes?

I saw no other clothes lying around, I had no other opinions but to wear these clothes downstairs. I listen outside for guards but when I head nothing I walk outside. The house was huge because the hallways went down forever. One the left side, the hallway was painted with dark red and photos of old males and females in gold frames.

However, the right side had the same dark red panting only no old photos. There were statues, green large plants and chairs to sit on. Seeing there was a stair railing further to the right, I walk over and followed the stairs down. As I got down I hear voices talking. Stopping in the stairway in case they heard me, I sharpened my ears. A familiar voice hit my ears, Elijah.

“Is she still asleep?” Elijah asked somebody while moving around the room. His footsteps stopped as if he had sat down. “yes” Another voice said. Amy purred at the voice whispering mate repeatedly. I blocked her out not wanting to hear her dirty imagination about our mate and focused on their conversation. “I had right then when I first meet Jacklin,” Elijah said with confidence. He did not say Thanatos title, maybe they grew up with each other or are close friends?

“he couldn’t have grown up with him...our mate is over hundred years old. “Amy commented. HUNDRED? Nasty I was mated to an old man. “Relax he stopped aging when he was twenty-eight” Still do not help.

“-it was her,” Thanatos said stern as he walked around the room, making a clicking sound and pouring. The air withholds a small amount of sweet and bitter scent, alcohol. What did he mean by her? And why is Elijah right?

“Do you think she knew as well?” Elijah implied. Knew what?! My curiosity grew further into their conversation. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of the girl they were talking about. She had captivated my mates mind and Elijah. I wanted to listen further, but hearing footsteps coming close behind me stopped my investigation. Looking desperately around for a hiding place and succeeded. There were few curtains with the windows along the stairs and I hurried to hid behind it. I hold my breath as someone walk past. However, they stopped by the curtain I was behind sniffing the air.

Crap. Busted.

“Jacklin, dear are you coming?” Elijah yelled from the living room they were in. It was Jacklin?? She moved away from the curtains and continued down the stairs. I let out a deep breath, that was close. They began to talk about something else made me lose my interest. I walk back up the stairs. Along the stairs, there were windows with a view of the forest and backyard. It was beautiful but got ruined when guards start to show up on patrol. They had big guns and safety vest on as if someone was going to attack any moment.

I continued to walk the stairs arriving on the floor I got from. However, I saw another stair further right at the end of the hallway. Since I had nothing to do, I walked forward passing statues and flowers. Looking up the stairs went in a circle. It was a long way up. After walking what seems like forever, I arrived on the top floor and looked down. I think I was in a tower or castle. The high made me feel nervous and I looked away from it and forward. There was a small wooden door with a gold tree symbol. It went over the entire door with branches, leaves falling from the tree and birds flying around. It looked like a picture from a book. I walked closer to it seeing the details, initial was carved into the different tree branches.

It was a family tree.

I looked around trying to figure out which family, but nothing. Then I looked for Thanatos but nothing. I do not understand, whose family tree, was it? On the root, there was XDV initial meaning it was that person’s family tree. Weird. This person’s parents had an X over it, and others as well. Were they dead? Poor human, losing their whole family must have been tragic. I desperately wanted to go into the room, but there was no door handle. Nothing, it was weird. How do you open it?

“WHERE IS SHE?!” a loud male voice yelled angrily. It came from downstairs, maybe even the first floor. Whoever made this person angry I prayed for. But, since the voice interrupted my thought and mission, I was time for me to walk back down. My stomach rumbles agreeing with me.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” the same voice yelled even angrier than last time. How was it possible? He already sounded mad. Coming down from the tower, I kept walking toward the stairs I once stood in a few minutes ago. Only this time I did not stop on the stairs. The first-floor contents chairs, a drinking table, where my mate probably drank his alcohol and a door kitchen. As I walked toward the kitchen door, I thought it was weird that no one else was around.

I shrugged it off and found something to eat. I found ingredients to pancakes and start making it from scratch. Turning on the radio, I danced along with the music waving my hips happy. For a few minutes, I forgot about my life. How I was before I met my mate. I missed my family deeply, however, I still had not heard from my sister, Maya.

I placed my pancakes on a plate I had found in a cabinet, before sitting down and eat. As eat my food I look around my surrounding. The kitchen was modern white with marble kitchen unit and black chair along with a bar table. The room was lightened up with the big chandelier hanging above my head and natural light from the window, giving a view of an enormous green forest.

Just as I was about to turn my head around to seek further into the room, multiple males wearing all black ran toward the forest and split into groups. I frown automatically, wondering what was going on? Is that why there is no one else in the house? Was everybody outside?

I placed my plate in the dishes before stepping closer to the porch door. I saw Elijah holding Jacklin close while speaking with my mate, who looked very angry and worried. I open the porch door making them all turn toward the sound. They looked at me with widened eyes in shock. Did I have something on my face? I went to touch my face when all the sounded I was in within my mate arms, holding me tight and close. He placed his face on my neck breathing my scent in deeply, calming himself down. “Where were you?” he whispered into my eyes, giving me shiver all over my body. I open my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I was in shock. “i-..i uh-m” I stutter.

He pulled back looking me in my eyes. His eyes held worried, love and angry with them. I felt bad knowing it was me they had been looking for. “i-i was upstairs” I stutter again, still had no control over my body. His eyes went from full emotion to none, and it scared me. He pulled further away still looking at me, “I thought you got kidnapped or ran away” his voice became higher and sterner.

Well, that lasted long...

I took a few deep breaths not looking him in the eyes and rather on the floor, “I was upstairs, in the tower” I told him. I was too scared to look him in the eyes. “Stop lying to me, where were you?!” he almost yelled at me, making me jumped and flinch. I played with my finger nervous, I did not lie to him, why does he think I am? “I am not lying,” I said, braver but not enough.

“LOOK AT ME!” he yelled grabbing my jew, making me consider his eyes. He was furious, you could almost see the smoke coming out of his nose and ears. “I am not lying!” I said, partly with Amy. She was getting mad at our mate for not believing us and how he is treating us. He kept looking at me for a few minutes, almost reading me through my eyes. When he did not find anything, he let go of my jaw and said, “show me”. I nodded and started walking toward the stairs.

As we walked in the hallway, I could hear him growl behind me. Not wanting him to be angrier, I kept walking ignoring him. Maybe he was discussing with his wolf. He suddenly grabbed my waist and trapped me against the wall. I lost my breath staring into his yellow eyes, seeing his wolf was in control. He moved closer, placing his arm next to head and sniffed me. His eyes closed as we stood in this position. Him pressing me against the wall, one arm around my waist and the other next to my head. He kept his head deep in my neck, still smelling me taking in my scent. I did not dare to move. He growled again, angry.

“is it fun?” His voice was much darker and slightly different from his normal. His wolf was definitely in control, I thought as he kept smelling me. “what do you mean?” I ask shyly, not wanting to set him off. “have you forgotten what you are wearing my little mate?” he laid pressure on the word little, making me feel smaller than I am. I looked down seeing I was still wearing my pajamas. Shiite...I cursed silently underneath my breath.

“mhm....such a bad word from my little mate mouth? Naughty mate” he purred and pulled me closer to me as if that was possible. Amy purred wanting to tear off the clothes between us, I, however, did not. And, she did not help to force images of him marking me. I tried to shove him away, but of course, he did not move. “Thanatos, we need to focus!” I said nervously. His touched made my insides burn. The way he held me, smelled me (I know, weird) and touched me made me want to jump on him. But, we were on a mission to find the tower.

He growled at me for interrupted his cuddle time and grabbed my face. “You are mine!! If I want to touch, smell, lick my mate you are not stopping me!” he angrily biting my ear, teasing me easily. I felt tingle feeling were my forbidden fruit. I cursed me, wanting to slap myself knowing he will smell it in three, two, on-

I wasn’t standing against the wall anymore, but onto something soft. He had thrown me on a bed, standing over me. He looked like he wanted to eat me as if I was his prey. “we are” Amy jumped in my thought. Before, I could answer her Thanatos jumped on top of me trapping me between him and the bed. His eyes were still glowing yellow as he smirked down at me.

“Before I make you scream of pleasure, we need to make clear something up.” He said, grabbing my waist turning us around and pulled me on top of him. I blushed at his comment, trying to hide my face but failed. He grabbed my head roughly down to his face, smirking still making his fangs come out.

“Call me Xerxes” he whispers before pulling my mouth onto his.

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