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Chapter Twelve


After our little hot scene, I have been hiding from Xerxes. I was in embarrassment to face anyone right now. I never got the change to show him the tower and the door, but I had a feeling I would soon. But, why did he think I was lying to him? Did he not know of the tower?

I walk out of the closet in the bedroom. I know, silly of me hiding in the closet when he can smell you or hear your heartbeat. But, if you were in my situation you would have done the same or something else naughty. I wasn’t ready for mating.

When the coast was clear, I walk out of the bedroom and into the hallway toward the tower. I walk past the downstairs and continues straight forward. However, I stopped hitting a wall where the stairs would go up to the tower. It was gone, like non-existing gone. What? I frown confused. How does a big tower disappear into thin air?

“Luna are you alright? “I heard a voice saying behind me, questioning my well being. I turned seeing a guard covered in black clothing with a worried look on his face. Yes, I whispered still in shock. He did not seem convinced and got a white layer or blurry over his eyes. He was mind linking, I thought.

Second, later, Xerxes stood in front of me. Wind from his sudden movement caused my hair to dance all over, or look like Medusa hair. I got hair in my eyes, causing trouble to see. Other senses become stronger. I felt arms grabbing my waist, pulling me close to a warm chest before moving fast. I got dizzy and nauseous. Abruptness, we had stopped. I open my eyes, seeing white blurry stars in my vision. I was giddy. Once I saw clearly, we had arrived at his office.

His office was all brown walls filled with bookshelves, containing a book, an hourglass and other decorated items. There was a large window with black curtains aside and a black office desk in front of it. Papers were flying around this place, on the floor, couch, and desk. The garbage can look like it has never been thrown away, and trash was over the edge.

But, after all, I like it. It smelled like my mate in here, making Amy go crazy. She placed all these naughty images in my head, causing me to blush heavily. Xerxes smelled the air and looked at me with dark eyes licking his lips slowly. He began to walk toward me like a predator, but I interrupted his mission. “Xerxes” I whispered. He growled and a shiver of me saying his name. great, I only made it worse. “Xerxes, can you do me a favour?” I asked trying to change the topic and hormones who was flying. If you were to walk into the office, you could see the tension hanging in the air.

He ignored me and kept walking toward me, only a few meters away from me. I could smell his scent only making it worse for both of us. His eyes started to glow yellow, causing me to panic. If his wolf were to come out, I was screwed.

“XERXES!” I yelled at him, backing off onto the wall. He stopped looking at me confused. He raised his thick chestnut brown eyebrows. “i-...uhm...I need a favour” I asked shyly again, still confused about why he brought me here in the first place. He placed his arms in crossed, waiting for me to answer. “I need help to find my sister, Maya” looking at him for a reaction.

He waited a few minutes to give me an answer, breathing heavily. “No,” he said stern and turn his back at me walking toward his desk chair and sat down. I looked at him blinking more than usual. “No?”

He did not meet my eyes, only looking and signing papers, “yes”. Why would he not want to help me find my sister? What is his problem? My anger started to rise higher and I tighten my hands into a fist. “Why?” I asked unemotional and poker face. Still not meeting my eyes, he answered rudely. “Because”.

Why is he so care? He brought me all the way to his office from the hallway without giving me the reason why, and now he refused to help me find my sister. I huffed angrily and turned around to walk out. Before I could open the door probably, the door was slammed closed and pressing me against it. I felt his breath on my neck, taking in my scent. “Where are you going?” he was calm, to calm for my liking.

“Out” my voice was cold and careless. He sighs in my neck, turning me around making me move away from the door and further into the room. I walked away from him and stood by the window looking out across the field seeing small pups playing hide and seek, “one day we will have our own”.

Yes, one day.

Continue to stare outside, no interest to turn and look at him. I heard him moved around in the room, before settling down in the desk chair. “Let’s play a game,” he said suddenly. He placed his hand on his knee, hinting for me to sit down on his lap. But, of course, me being me. I smiled at him shyly, surprise him and walk over to the guest chairs across the desk. His expression change from being surprised and happy, to confused and angry.

Guessing I hadn’t smiled at him before, he was caught off guard.

However, that changed quickly and a smirk appeared. “We are playing 21 questions. I ask you a question and you answer truthfully, and then you ask me. Sound good?” He waited for me to nodded before continued talking. “alright, I will begin”

I rolled my eyes, of course, he is first.

“why did you lie to me earlier today?” he asks straightforward, no emotion showing. Made me think he had none. “I did not lie, I have already told you that. There was a wooden door with a golden family tree with the initial XDV.” I answered truthfully and little mad that he thinks I have been lying to him.

He was shocked by my answer as if he knew what I was talking about but shoved it away. “How did you find it?” he asked me again, only this time showing me emotion of excitement. I smirked at him, “oh nooo! Only one question, now it’s my turn” I waved one finger in his face still smirked at the sudden confident. He leans back in the desk chair, arms behind his head still looking me deeply in the eyes, trying to figure me out but failing miserably.

“Why won’t you help me find my sister Maya?”

I was curious about his answer. He had been ignoring it and it drove me crazy. If he had something against me or my family he should say it to my face, instead of hiding behind the stupid Alpha King title.

“Because I know where she is” simply said along with my heart shuddering. Does he know? I open my mouth to ask him how, but he copycats my movement by shaking his finger back and forth, smirking. He said, “tsk tsk tsk” as if I was a child again being punished for stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

“how did you find the tower?” why is he so obsessed about this tower? I thought. I was getting a bit boring. ” as I told you, I do not know. I was walking down the hallway when I saw a stairway railing and the rest is history”.

I did not wait for him to react before I jumped in with my question. “Where is Maya?” I sat at the edge of the chair, fingernails into the cushion and biting my lip wanting to know the answer. It has been too long since I have seen her, maybe one week or two.

“she is safe in our dungeon, now my turn-” I quickly interrupted him shocked. “SHE IS WHAT?!?” not caring if anyone heard me. Has my sister been in their dungeon this whole time? How dare he???

Seeing my reaction, he stood up and was by my side fast with arms around me, thinking it would calm me down. Only, he made it worse. “Shh, relaxed shhh” stroking his arms up and down my back.

If looks could kill, he would be dead now.

“Get. Her. Out. Of. There. Now!” I said with breaks in between each word. He was in deep trouble. He stepped away from me within hands in the air, showing he means no harm. Even Amy was pissed at him, and that says a lot. “No” he shakes his head.

“NO?! WHY?!” I scream at him, getting angrier as he refuses to release my sister. He stepped closer to me, touching nose to nose. His eyes had a light tint of yellow in them, meaning he was becoming mad. He has no right to be mad, I thought. I went to slap him in the face when he stooped my hand in the air, causing me to freeze.

The light tint yellow has no overtaken his blue eyes completely. “I am your Alpha King, stop behaving like a child and start acting like a Luna Queen” He hissed at me tighten his grip on my wrist. His word cut deep into my heart, and Amy whipped. Instead of wiping, I ignored the emotion and start him right in the eyes.

“Why am I here than?!! If you know I will act like a child-” I ripped my wrist from his gripped and walk backwards. “-I am not fit to be a Luna! Hell, especial not the queen of Luna!!” Waving my hands. He growled loudly clearly pissed, but I do not care.“You are my mate!! You were made for me before you were born. Do not EVER speak of yourself in that way again! Do you hear me?”

Ignoring his look and question I stared at the floor, angrily. I had that he had complete control of my body and feelings, however, I still had my mind. Hearing him growling again made me look at him. His eyes were big yellow, mouth pulled back with fangs sticking out. Hair coming out of his body sending me a red signal. Shiittt! He was about to shift.

“Comfort him”

Obeying her order, I walk over slowly reaching for his body. He growled at any movement my body made. My breath became shaking and heart out of a chest. I was scared. I went to touch his arm but he had other plans. He quickly grabbed my waist before I could react and smash me onto his body. He stopped shaking and hairs were going back. His head was placed on my neck, feeling his breath on my skin made the hairs jumped of excitement.

I felt his fangs teasing my skin, looking for the soft spot to were the mark should be. I prayed to god that he did not find it, however, I was too late. I let out a moan before I knew it when he licked a spot. He chuckles before licking the spot more dragging his fangs back and forward. I tighten my hold on his body, scared of falling since I have lost all feeling in my legs a long time ago.

I was in heaven, as was Amy. However, when he starts nipping at my skin around the spot I came back to reality. I struggle against his hold stressing and nervous about the thought of him marking me. I was not ready, I had still plans on escaping. And knowing Maya was here, increased my need for escaping. But, that was not possible of he marks me, then it was over. He could find me anywhere in the world.

He growled at me, tightening his grip. “Stop”. I knew that voice too well, his wolf was in control. “Mate wants to escape from Mate” He whispers into my ear, tickles me with his breath. “yet, she moans when he licks her neck” He started walking around me, holding my hair sniffing it, touching my body, making me feel uncomfortable. I tried squeezing away from him but lost.

He purred into my ear sexually, taking away pieces of my hair on the neck before sinking down to my level and into my neck. I felt his fangs tickle my skin, giving me shivers. “Mate likes when mate touch her there, right?”

I did not dare to say anything, too scared. Instead, I shake my head as “No” but he only chuckles before marking me.

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