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Chapter Thirteen


I felt pain from my neck aching. It was too painful to move. Every cell in my body hurt, it felt like somebody ran over me with a car.

What happened?

Touching my neck with my eyes closed. A bandage covering half of my neck. Not remembering what happened or where I am, I open my eyes. Blinking a few times getting used to the bright light, I rubbed my eyes. I pushed myself up, groaning of the pain as I pressed my back against the wooden bed frame. Let out a breath, exhausted from using the energy I did not have. I was busy wiping away sweat from my forehead to notice Xerxes sitting across me in an old chair.

I froze in my act not moving. He stood up walking toward me with determined steps. He was wearing a black suit, look beautiful and delicious as always. Before I met him, I wished my mate would be ugly, making it easier to reject him. However, turns out I am the ugly duckling in this relationship or whatever this is.

Why was he here?

“Good, you are awake” sat down the end of the bed, touching my foot. I quickly pulled away from him, not liking how my body turned against me. Biting my lips from moaning, what was happening to me?

I did not react this way before, it scares the crap out of me. “No shit Sherlock, what do you want?” bitterly I said, trying to keep my shit together.

“what? I can’t see my mate?” he sweetly said, clearly hiding something from me. I narrowed my eyes at him, studying him further. Why was he “happy” Amy suggested.

His eyes were lighter than I remember, and sort of smiling in his way. His mouth was pulled upward, smiling at me/angry expression.

“No” simply saying, trying to avoid the feeling of need to touch him. All Amy could think about was jumping on his bones, stripping his clothes. However, instead of fighting against her thoughts this time I agreed to them. What is wrong with me? I kept asking myself that question. I hate it.

“What did you do to me?” I asked him before he could say anything else. I pulled my legs up to my chest, keeping myself as far away as possible. He hesitated before standing up. “What. Did. You. Do. To. Me?!” I asked him again, more stern and mad.

“I marked you,” he said simply as it did not affect him. He marked me?!! That assh- “tsk tsk, very naughty word for my little kitten”

What was that? I watched Xerxes yet his mouth did not open. How did I hear him? He did not speak, Am I going insane?

“I am in your head, darling” he smirked, not opening his mouth. How? does he hear everything?

“you had some naughty thoughts earlier kitten, both I and my wolf are glad to make it happen” his smirked only grew bigger and a light growl came from him. It was not a threatening growl, but a purring slash satisfied growl. His eyes had small yellow dots in them.

“ho-ow?” I shudder, not sure if I understand the situation. Normal mates can not talk inside their head before or after being marked. We can only mind link, but this was a whole another link. Mindlink you can send a message or speak to a person inside your pack, but I am not in his pack. He was in my head, not sending me a message but he could look around in my memories. And, that scared the shit out of me.

“Well...have you forgotten who you are mated to? I am Alpha King Thanatos, a god. Our mating bond will not be normal” pride and power was the main tone. I forgot that my mate is an evil god forcing me to become his luna, but since he has marked me I will never escape.

“what will happen to me?” feeling sleepy and dizzy, probably the lack of food and water. My eyes start feeling heavier by the minute with heat rising upon my body. I could barely see Xerxes from my watery eyes, but enough to see his mouth moving with none sound of words coming out. He suddenly stood over me hovering my sight, waving his hands like a manic shaking my body. I tried to speak but felt weak.

The last thing I remember was Xerxes hovering over me, screaming my name.

“Alpha King, I can assure you Luna will be fine. She needs to sleep and rest for a week, it’s only a side effect from the mark.” A woman voice spoke gently and caring. The next sound was a door closing before complete silent. They were speaking of me, I feel fine just sore. Not wanting to open my eyes, knowing Xerxes was in the room. I wanted some time alone before going all rogue on him.

However, he did not leave the room. I felt the bed sunk beside my head, indicating somebody was watching me. A hand touched my hair, stroking it caring and adoration. Sparks just ensured me of who it was, but it did not help my case. I wanted him out of the room, giving me a break to breathe. But, he kept coming back almost choking with his scent and feeling he brought me.

When he was not around, I felt confident, strong and powerful but that all went away as soon he arrived. He took it all away by only being in the room, and it scared me. Made me feel insecure.

The hand kept touching my hair, pulling a few pieces from my face. It made me sleepy and comfortable. The warmth of his hand was like a blanket, it wrapped me around it and placed me into the dreamland. Amy was there with me, laying on her back with tail tucked between her legs and eyes closed enjoying the peace and company with our mate.

Lips touched my forehead, barely but enough. It lasted longer than the last time. A knock on my door interrupted him. He pulled away slowly before whispering “come in”.

I kept my eyes still and close along with my breathing. I do not want them to be suspicious of me. “Alpha King, their test result came back. I think you want to look at them.” The lady voice from last time said. Hearing him not respond, meaning he probably only nodded since the door closed again.

Thinking he was going to walk away and follow the lady was wrong. Dropped his face into my neck, smelling me before whispering into my ear “mine” with a soft growl and walk out.

I had trouble sleeping afterward.

I had been in the library for three hours, thinking about how I could block him out of my head. If I could not escape him, at least I could block and ignore him. Thankful, there was a library in this house. After he walks out, I waited ten minutes, taking off the bandage and went straight toward liberty. I got lost a few times but after half an hour I found it.

I have been reading multiple books trying to find the answer to my question, I felt lost, defeated and I was sick and tired of feeling that way. I had to be strong for my family, I am getting out of here no matter what.

I kept reading books, but the numbers of them were in a different language, Russian is one of them. However, I found a picture or model with a word above saying “mindlink”. Sadly, the library did not have a Russian dictionary.

“You won’t find anything” a male voice appeared behind me. I jumped seeing Xerxes was standing in the doorway arms crossed, looking at me deeply. He often did that.

“how do you know what I am looking for?” Closing the books around me. I sat on the floor surrounded by piles of books and paper. He smirked and pointed his finger at his head, I sigh. He walked over, stepping over the books and kneeled in front of me. Ignoring his appearance, I kept cleaning up my mess.

A hand grabbed my jaw forcing me to look at him. I tried to escape his hold but hearing him growl I stopped. “I have to tell you something” by the sound of his voice it meant unwelcome news as if I need any more right now. I am still healing from the mark which was less than twenty-four hours ago.

“What?” I tried to sound calm, which I was not but he does not need to know. He is the reason for my depression right now. “The doctor found something interesting in your blood” he stopped halfway, releasing my jaw and stood up. I rubbed my jaw after the hard hold. Not surprising if a bruise appeared by the end of the day. I only looked at the floor and books around me, waiting for him to continue.

“What is your parent’s name?” he asked instead of telling me the unwelcome news. I only frown and arch my eyebrows. “what do my parents have to do with anything about my blood?” He sighs, scratches his hair and hands down the face. He was stressed. “Just answer the question”.

“Ace and Melody Summer, again why?” what is going on? Amy had the same feeling like me, something bad was coming.

“Your DNA does not match Ace or Melody Summer,” He said looking at me for a reaction, outburst but nothing. I was to shock to think. I open my mouth multiple times yet nothing came out. “Wh-ha-at?” I tried to stay calm but failing desperately and visibly. My hands start shaking and heat came back to my body, he was lying. He had to, there is no way. He is a monster, that is was he does lie to everyone.

“I am not lying, kitten. They are not your biological parents”

How? When? Why? There are way too many questions in my head, causing a headache to emerge. I felt betrayed.

“No, NO! you are lying! That is what you do!! You’re a monster!!” I yelled at him while standing up. I had my hands into a fist, ready to fight him if I had to. Seeing my rage, he only chuckled.

“Yes I am a monster, but I am speaking the truth. And if you do not believe me, ask Maya” suggesting, raising his shoulders like it was no big deal.

I only nodded to him, not trusting my voice or him. He starts walking, guided me through the hallway passing guards and servant people.

Everyone bowed their head to us, whispering “Alpha King, Luna Queen”. It felt weird being called Luna Queen, but since the jerk ahead of me marks me I had no other choice.

We continued to walk downward, further away from any social life. The hallway was dark, tight and light blinking constantly. Light bulbs are flickering like a star soon to die. The scent made me sick, it smelled like vomit. I think we are in the dungeon where they keep their prisoners.

After five minutes of walking in the long hallway, we finally arrived at the end with a huge steel door. Xerxes stopped in front of it, finding his keys and open the door. Both outside and inside the door were four guards, guarding whoever is in the cell. An enormous prison cell with silver bars. A werewolf cannot stand silver, it hurts and you could die.

I saw a shadow inside the cell, in the back leaning onto the walls. However, the scent of the person shocked me. How could they treat her like this? I run toward her, thinking I could save her when I was pulled away and into a warm chest. “do not be reckless” he whispered, kissing my mark. I shiver, biting a moan away and struggle against his hold.

“T-ti-a-a?” a woman voice interrupted us. “Maya” I let the name out with my breath.

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