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Chapter Fourteen


“Maya” I whispered. Desperately want to run over and hug everything away, but I was trapped. Trapped in a tight gripped, reminding me of where I was and who it was. How could I have forgotten? He was not only an Alpha king but a god too. A god that has lived for hundreds of years, spreading evil like the wind in autumn. He has murder, tortured and created an evil pack, which I am to lead with him now. It was no escape.

While I was busy trying to escape, I forgot about my family. Maya is there because of me. I caused this, and I must change it. I will do anything to help her and unfortunately, Xerxes knows too.

I stepped further toward her, trying to seek an answer for both me and her. Xerxes let me go, releasing his tight gripped curious of what I am about to do. However, I was curious as well. My legs think for them self as they continued to walk toward her cell. The closer I got, the stronger the scent became. Urine, not shower for weeks, the scent of a rogue mixed with an unfamiliar scent. Did it come from her? But that was not possible, she is not a rouge. Maybe she was not alone in the cell.

“t-tia” she stutters. Bring me out of thought and hurried to be her side. I gripped the cell bars not thinking as I wanted to be close to her as possible. “do not worry, I am getting you out of here” I promised her, settling her fate. I do not care what Xerxes says, if am Luna Queen I have the power to free her, right?

“Luna Queen!!! You are hurting yourself!” the two guards yelled in a union, running toward me to save me.

Save me from what? I was in no pain or danger. I frown as the guards ran toward only to be stopped by a loud growl. They stopped right in front of me, a centimetre from touching my arm and dragging me away. I looked over to Xerxes, seeing his wolf has arisen. He was in front of me with a flash, ripping my arms away from the cell bars. Holding me as a child and carried me on the other side of the room, leaving us alone in the dark. I hear Maya hoarse voice half scream after me, scared for her and my life.

“what is your problem? I can not see my sister?” I yelled frustrated. He placed me down in a hurry, order the guards in another language before taking my hands into his own. He whispered calming words into my ear as a suggestion to calm me down, but from what? I open my mouth to ask only to be interrupted by the pack doctor running toward us with the same guards Xerxes ordered.

He took my hands from Xerxes and into his, examined them carefully. After a few minutes with him searching my hands and Xerxes pasting in the background, he was done. Nodding to Xerxes and leaves in a hurry as his white coat flying along with his body. Xerxes carefully walks toward me, as if I would break or shader like a class if he walked with heavy steps. His eyes clearly spoke his feeling, confused and curious. His jaw was sharp, made me think he was biting his inner cheek. Eyes study me, taking me in until he had reached his prey. Head slightly tilted as he takes my hands slowly into his and frowns.

“What just happened?” I finally asked taking my hands away from him, hiding them behind my back. He looked up at me with eyes filled with impressed and proud. Proud of me.

“You touched the cell bars” his voice sends me shiver, as I tried to take in the information. I touched the bars and so what?

“and?” I asked no seeing his point of view. He walked away from me, heading to Maya’s cell. I hurried behind him, checking him out from behind. His back muscles were visible as he wore a simple white t-shirt and black jeans with black boots. My fingers start itching, wanting to touch his back. I shiver at the thought and shoved it away. I had to focus.

We arrived at Maya’s cell. When she saw me, she hurried to her feet only to crumble down again. I wanted to run inside helping her up again, but I knew it was impossible while my mate was here. I stopped walking feeling unease as he walked toward Maya.

“Xerxes?” Scared was the main tone of my voice. He went where I had been for a few minutes ago and touched the cell bars. His face showed no emotion yet I felt it. I felt pain in my palm and hissed. I freaked out and immediately ran over pulling his hands away. His palm was glowing of heat, redness surrounded his normal skin colour as a sign of third-degree burn. However, since he was an Alpha King God his hands went from glowing red to normal after a few seconds. Felt my shoulders relax as I could finally breathe.

“why did you do that?!” I was still scared. He hurt himself on purpose, but why? Teasing me to see there was no way out of that cell?

He only looked at me shocked, as if he never saw me care for hi-....ahhh fuck! My eyes widened my discovery. I had literally run over to stop him and held his hands in mine. I have never ever shown him my feeling about our mating bond. Must be the mark, yes, the mark! I nodded agreeing with my own thoughts

“yeah, sure blame it on the mark” Amy teased me while smirking.

“Shut up!” I hissed back not wanting to admit anything.

“uhm....soo why did you do it?” I awkwardly said letting go of his hands. I looked away shyly while blood rushes to my cheeks. He smirked and chuckle seeing my reaction. His hands cupped my face as he kissed my forehead. How can he be gentle and sweet yet he kills people? Sparks transferred into my body doing incredible things to me. I was left breathless as the sparks consumed me.

“Kitten, I touched the same cell bars as you did, yet you did not get burned”

All noise vanished after hearing what he said. Unthinking I walked toward the cell bars and slowly touched it, seeing if he was lying or telling the truth. I lock my eyes with Maya as I touched the bars. Nothing. No pain.

I was left shocked as well as Maya. Her eyes widened and walk backwards away from me and into the dark part of the cell. Hurt by her action but understandable, I turned around looking at Xerxes who only smirked. How could he find it funny?

How is it even possible? I am a werewolf. Werewolf in a way allergic to silver yet I can touch it. Looking at my hands as if they were on fire. They looked and feels like a normal hand yet they are not.

Hands came in my vision, touching my hands along with me. “There is nothing wrong with you. You are unique.” Xerxes comfort me. His eyes held awe and softened when he saw my expression. I was frowning and a tear escaped my eyes. He whips them away pulling me closer to him. His scent calmed both me and Amy down. A headache appeared, again.

He sensed it and start almost dragging me toward the exit, but I resisted.


“Maya, are you okay?” tender and softness was the main team on my voice as I stepped away from Xerxes. He growls light not liking my distant. I only rolled my eyes at him and gave him a glare. He huffed crossing his arms and walked toward a chair I did not see before now. He looked adorable but he could not know that.

“Ye-es, and you?” she stutters still in the dark. But lucky for me, I shifted my eyes sight to a werewolf, able to see in the dark.

She had a worn out white dress that was torn to pieces, hair like a birds nest and dirty face. She looked like she had run through Forest for her life.

“She did,” Xerxes said behind me.

I did not turn around. I wanted him to finish speaking before I slapped him in the face. After his words left his mouth, Maya expression changed. If only looks could kill, I thought to see the way she looked at him with such hatred. She reminded me of myself when I first met him.

“Tell her,” Xerxes sudden says, pressing his chest onto my back. I had yet not turned around. I did not want to face him before I got all the answer.

“Tell me what?” I asked, not Xerxes but Maya. I wanted to hear it from her if he knew what he was speaking of. I waited for her to answer me, only she did not. It was silent for five minutes. The only sound of the guards breathing.

Silent before the storm.

“Maya?” I bitterly said. Now I was getting mad and reckless.


“Stop stuttering ask speak properly” Xerxes spoke rudely but cutting to the chase.

“All I remember is, mom, dad, me and Emily were watching a movie when the doorbell rang. Dad stood up to open the door, only met a baby girl in a curve. She smiled at us, waving her teddy bear in her hands laughing. She was adorable, and we could not say no. Mom took you inside while dad went to search for whoever left her there. When he found no one, mom and dad agreed to take in the girl and raise her as their own. No one knew. We have kept it a secret until now.”

She paused, insecure if she should continue or not. Seeing her dilemma, I gave her a glare, a glare saying, “if you do not start talking soon I will whip your ass”

“The date was August twenty – two.” She paused again, looking at her feet.

Wait? That is my birthday

Was I the girl? The girl they found? Xerxes was not lying?! More thought went through my head. Who am I? how old am I? when is my real birthday?

“I-I” it was my turn to stutter. Run my hands through my hair in stress and shock. “I-I am the g-girl?” still stuttering. Amy was silent, not knowing what she could say. At least I was not alone with this knowledge.

Maya nodded her head in shame whispering “yes” while looking down.

Right after she confess, I ran.

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