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Chapter Fifteen


Ocean sparkled from the moonshine. Cloudy yet one could still see the stars flicker. Chilly breeze gave me goosebumps. Perfect temperature.

I sat on an old green rotten bole staring upon the horizon. Across the ocean was clouds letting go of their feeling, pouring into the ocean. The sun went for a swim as the moon took her place. Silver from the moon and Aqua caused a beautiful and peaceful image ahead of me. Wishing I have a photographic memory or my camera with me. I closed my eyes again. The smell of salt and moist in the air gave a welcoming feeling.

I felt powerless, useless. I should have known. Known that the life I once knew as reality was fake. It was too good to be true. Yet, here I am alone in the forest. Do you know what the funny thing is? Every time I have felt insecure, sorrowful or angry I escaped to the forest. Cause I knew it would never betray me. But, at the same time, how could it? It’s just a bunch of trees, birds, leaves and more forest stuff.

I do not know how long I have been sitting here. Relaxing. Thinking.

After I ran, I cried. Badly. The tears could not stop running. I felt hate. Hate for the family I trusted with my life. If the situation got another hand before Xerxes got me, I would think of them. I was doing it for them and me, but now I do not know.

Yes, maybe I am overreacting. But, close your eyes for a minute. Imagine your family, your loved one by your side no matter what. If you were sad, angry or other emotions you could always count on them. Their comfort, saying “everything is going to be fine” or “it happens for a reason”.

Alright? Done? Good

Now, imagine it being a lie. Everything has been taken away from you. Your childhood memory was a lie, every birthday, family members. It was all a lie.

Those were my first thoughts when I ran. But, now? They have changed. Yes, I felt betrayed and never wanted to see their faces again. The quote “time changes everything”, well that is true. Only, this time it changed in a couple of hours.

I went from hating them to understanding, accepting. They could have sent me to a foster home or giving me to the police. However, they did not. They took me in, gave me a family. Giving me a roof to live under, food and love. They are my family and will always be.

“LUNA!!!” I heard voices scream in the forest. I sat with the exit of the forest. I looked away from the forest to see the ocean once again before I had to face reality. “LUNA!!” I heard again.

Sighing before letting the mating bond open. I closed the mating bond or our mindlink to keep Xerxes away. I wanted a few minutes alone, however, it has been hours. Second, I open it Xerxes’ voice filled my head screaming. “WHERE ARE YOU?!” he screamed angry and worried. Both I and Amy felt sorry for him. “Relax, I am fine” not answering him fully. I want to enjoy the silence for as long as I could. “DO NOT AVOID MY QUESTION!”

Damn, was he on man period?

“LURETICA?!” he yelled when I did not answer. Rolling my eyes at his overprotective instinct. “I am on the exit of the for-” before I could finish my sentence, a powerful breeze surrounded my body and lifted me up in the air. Gasping as the air became thin and arms quickly to catch me from falling.

I looked up seeing Xerxes wolf was on the edge, and I have a feeling why. I shyly avoided his dominate glare and looked anywhere but him. The warmth of his body caused me to shiver from pleasure. His expression quick-changed from an icy glare to a playful smirk.


I could not help but feel an attraction toward him. With or without the mating bond, he was dead gorgeous. His night black hair with few curls has grown, not too long but enough. Icy blue eyes along with yellow dots in them caused tingle feeling down in my innocent flower.

His playful smirk became serious when my aroused scent hit the air. Eyes changed into night dark, matching his hair. However, to my luck, we were interrupted by me. I sneezed making an unattractive noise sounding like a stranded whale.

I had no time to reacted before we were running. Probably five miles per the fifth minute, impossible but that is what you get when your mate is Alpha King God. Literally, bit cliché but oh well...

We were in front of the house with seconds to spare. He carried me inside holding me close. I loved feeling his hands on me. Brought me comfortable and safe. I was on cloud nine.

He placed me down on the bed snapping me out from heaven. I gazed at him questioning his action. Forcing me to lie down and cover my body with a non-colourful blanket. “What are you doing?” asks while trying to sit up only to be shoved back down. He held me by the shoulder, not letting me up. “You were gone for hours and now you are getting sick” a quick response before stuffing me with more blankets.

Did he care for me?

“of course kitten” no need to look at him knowing and hearing he was smirking. I can not remember if I ever saw him smiling like a normal person. I had forgotten about the mindlink and quickly blocked him out. Turing my eyes at him, seeing he glared at me for blocking him out. This time it was my turn to smirker.

0 Xerxes, 1 Luretica

“I only sneezed Xer, there is no need to stuff me like a teddy bear” I sarcastic answer rolling my eyes at his behaviour, even though he was kinda adorable.

“What did you say?” he quickly responded, dropping everything in his hands and stood by my side in a flash.

“that you do not need to stuff-”

“no! not that, before!” he quickly interrupted me.


“Xer?” I asked questioningly, insecure about demanding. However, I had a hunch it was correct. His eyes changed into the black with one yellow dot in the middle. His eyes followed every move I made as if I was his prey and he the predator. I had déjà vu of this exact moment.

I wanted to run desperately, but I knew better this time. His right hand caressed my cheek, sweeping back and forward with his huge thumb. His hands are three times bigger than mine, feeling small compared to him.

We were interrupted for the second time today, only not by me. The bedroom door was brutally open by his beta, Elijah. Xerxes growled angrily at his intruder. “What?!” he bitterly spits out his words. The tension was real and Elijah quick noticed it.

Showed his neck submissive before start talking. “Alpha, Luna” he bowed to us before continuing. “You have a visitor Alpha”

A visitor? Now? the time was probably 2 or 3 am in the mooring slash midnight. Elijah walks out not before saying “Alpha, Luna”. Xerxes pasted a few times running his hands through hair, messing it around. No matter how much he messes it up, it always ended up looking sexy.

It made me wonder, what shampoo and conditioner do he use?

“I have to go down, but I will be back soon!” he stopped pasting and kissed my forehead. “sleep kitten” whispering into my ear. His voice is like a drug, I can not get enough. I managed to nod and laid down closing my eyes.

Half away to sleep I heard yelling from downstairs. At first, I ignored it, wanting to go back to dreamland however the yelling became louder. Not wanting to leave the bed, I peeked into Xerxes mind seeking answers. All I saw was red. He was clearly very angry at the person. I became more curious and since there was no going back to sleep, I stood up. Dragging a black fluffy blanket with me, around my body covering my innocent parts.

Whoever undressed me have a death wish!

I followed the stares down to the living room only to stop in shock. The person in the living room was the last one I expected to see here, but that did not mean I was sad. I was on my way to run over and hug her when I saw something that made me and Amy furious.

She kissed XERXES!!

I tighten my hands into a fist ready to fight when Xerxes paused her away and growled at her angrily. She only looked at him confused about his action. Clearly, they have a past and I need to know.

“What is going on here?” I asked stepping into the living room. I was calm, to calm and I think everyone notice. They all had the same expression. Shocked, fear and respect.

“Luretica?” Britney shocked almost stutter out. Why was she shocked?

“Yes?” I asked shyly and fake innocent. I stood in the middle of the living room not moving anywhere. Xerxes was the only one who did not be shocked but somehow glad? He walked away from Britney and over to me kissing my forehead, wrapping me in his arms. He stood behind me holding me close.

I kept the smirk inside as Britney’s face went from shock to anger. I knew from the moment I met her she was trouble, and now I know why.

“Thanatos? What are you doing with that bitch?”

What?! Did she just call me bitch? I growled inside my head along with Amy. I wanted to tear her head off.

Xerxes growled loudly shaking the household. Everybody showed their neck in submissive, except me. I only shiver secretly loving his possessive way. “Do not speak to her like that!” He threaded her, annoyed by her existence. I bite my lips from laughing my ass off.

“But, but Thanatos!! Look at her, she is a slut! She did not even bow to you!” she yelled angrily at him for taking my side.

Did she really call me a slut in front of the whole pack and my mate?

Before I could even get angry Xerxes had her on the wall, holding her neck choking her. Everyone was silent not daring to go against their Alpha. Their hope laid on me. I froze not knowing If I should stop him or not.

Slowly I walked over to him. “She is not a slut!!! How dare you call your Luna Queen that?!” he yelled angrily at her. She whimpers feeling weak and bad from betrayed her Alpha. “i- did not know” she stutters as he tightens his grip on her neck.

“Of course, you knew!!! She bears my mark!” still yelling. Her face starts to turn blue from the loss of air. I did not want her to die because of me. “Xer” I whispered behind them, touching his shoulder softly. I had to be calm to calm him down, however, my inside was crazy.

He turned his head to look at me. Giving him a squeeze on his shoulder and a soft smile, hoping he would release her. “Xer, let her go please?”

Everyone hold their breath waiting for their Alpha to react. His eyes soften before seeing around the room, looking at the different expressions in the room. The same when I arrived, only it was shocking, fear and respect. His gripped loosen a bit. Her neck was cover in blue and red bruises as she gasped for air. Her hands went wildly against his hold trying to escape somehow, even when we all know and see that there was no way out.

He looked at me again before snapping her neck taking her life.

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