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Chapter Sixteen


A scream hit the air.

Blood flushed away from the face.

Tears appeared.

Hands shaking with confusion and fear.

Scream again.

Emotions flew into my body from pack members. Anger never appeared. No one dared to argue with the Alpha. The rumors are true. He is a monster who kills for joy. I got carried away. I knew deep in his true form, yet I ignored the red alarm in my head. I am marked leaving no escape for me. I was a prisoner, trapped forever with the beast. I wanted to help and for a moment I thought I did. But I was wrong. He was born this way and will stay like this forever.

I did not like her, but I did not want her dead. Why could she not become a prisoner?

A tear dripped down my cheek, my body automatic moved toward her. Feeling everybody eyes on my neck as the only sound in the room was my light footsteps. I kneeled next to her.

Tears streamed down my face in a hurry to leave the earth. Sniffing, wiping away a few tears and pulled my mouth into a frown. Knowing he was watching, he would be furious at me for taking her side. She will get a proper funeral. I stayed with her a while before standing up. I am their Luna and I need to use my voice.

I turned giving my back to Britney and watching the pack members. Eyes withhold fear and respect gave me the confidence to stand up. I did not need to look around to find Xerxes, as he stood in the middle of the room staring intensely at me. His eyes held no emotions but the mating bond did. I felt his pain, anger, and regret as he looked at me. I was shocked by the last one. Did he feel regret? For killer her or killing her in front of me?

Amy wanted badly for him to fall to his knees apologizing for us and Britney, however, it never happened. We stared at each other intensely, sharing our emotion through our bond. Opening my thought to let him hear and feel what I did. His face changed quickly letting us see his emotions for a second. He looked heartbroken as his soft eyes did not dare to meet my eyes anymore. I wanted him to feel how I felt toward him.




I walked toward him slowly unsure of what I am doing. I need to think before I could face him again, I thought as I walked past him looking ahead. I could feel his eyes on me but ignored it. I walked upstairs letting my legs take me. I found the spiral stairs that led up to the tower. My legs carried me up and stopped seeing the golden door came into view.

I touched the XDV initials with my fingertips. The letters were carved in black surrounded by gold. It was beautiful. I looked at the other initials seeing something was different or odd. I pushed it slightly but nothing happened.

I gave up and turned around not interested anymore. However, as I turned my back at it ready to leave I hear a click. Like a key opening a door click. I stopped unsure if I was I who made the noise or something else.

The clicking noise continued making me turn around fast knowing it was not me. The tree on the door changed moving in different directions. The birds and leaves that were once there flew away as if it never there. I watched in awe as the tree changed into a symbol I could not explain.

A broken circle with different shapes inside mixed with colors. Tiny icy flowers with silver. It was elegant and cute. The circle was rose gold with one pearl inside of it. A bright light came out from the door. It was painful to my eyes but I kept looking. I walked inside feeling the adrenaline rush of excitement and adventure.

As I open the door to get a clearer look inside I was left empty-handed. The room was empty with only one window. I frown as I walked further toward the window. Weird, the sun was up but it the clock said midnight. The sun was high in the sky with no clouds. The forest looked quiet and lonely.


What was that? I wanted a few seconds but nothing happened. Probably nothing, I thought.


There it was again, what is it? I turned around giving my back to the window and looked around.


Okay, that is it! I am going creaky and paranoid. I ignored the room and start walking toward the exit.


Arghhhh, I stubbornly turned around since my curiosity was high. But, what I did not expect was a bird in the middle of the room. It was bright red with a few yellow feathers highlight. It was small, cute and somehow fluffy. It reminded me of fire and sun. It looked at me with small eyes, tilting his head while studying me. But, found me uninterested and continued to make cracking noise onto the floor.

I knew I was not going insane

“You sure?” Amy commented on a playful smirker. “Shut up and help me find out how this bird is in here!?” I hissed at her comment and asked for her help. Maybe there was a hole or window was open and he got through.

“Fine, it’s a phoenix” saying simply as if it was nothing. A phoenix? that is a mythical creature. But, since Xerxes excised I guess it is possible. However, what was it doing here?

I pulled the blanket I still had wrapped around me and slowly walked toward it. Maybe, I should find a name for him?

Flayme was the first name I could think of. I was inspired by his rich red color. When I got close enough, I kneeled to get closer and stretched my hand out. I desperately wanted to feel his feathers and he did not seem to mind when my hand got in touch with his head.

He stopped toying with the floor and moved his head to get closer to my hand. Almost like a cat want to cuddle, it was adorable. He continued to cuddle his head against my palm and moved closer toward me until he was pressed against my chest.

I sat down on the floor not caring if the blankets did not grab my body anymore as I cuddle with Flayme. We stayed like this for hours not caring about the time. I was in heaven. I finally got to relax and take a deep breath. I can not remember the last time I did.

My eyes suddenly became heavy as the clock went by. I laid down on the wooden chestnut brown floor and curled into foster position with Flame in my hands. He struggles along with me not to fall asleep, however, we both failed.

The last thing I remember was hearing a loud and painful howl.

Bright light hunted the darkness away. Cuddle further into the warmth wanting to sleep more. It was the best sleep I have ever had. I can not remember the last time I sleep this good. I wrapped my legs around the warmth pulling it closer to me and sight.

Half away from dreamland when a hand touched my face. Tender and soft as it strokes my cheek with his thumb. I relaxed against his touched as it gave me sparks and butterflies.

Mhm...I could stay like this forever, I thought as the hand began to brush through my hair.

I do not know what made me snap back to reality but when I did I was in shock.

I open my eyes revealing Xerxes face with eyes closed as his hand did his work on my hair. I quickly snap away from his hand and met his eyes. They were not soft or tender as his hand but rather icy and hard. His hand came back to my face only rougher and dominate.

I whimpered as he forced me closer to him. Lying half on top of him with my legs tangled with his, I blushed at our position, no wonder I sleep well.

I lock my eyes with his icy blue. His face held no emotion but his eyes screamed at me. His action was rough and possessive yet his eyes held softness and love. Confusing of his feeling, I reached my hand to touch his cheek.

I had no control of my body as I pulled myself closer toward him. It felt like Amy was in control or a spell cast over my body. Xer growled in hunger as he quickly switches the position. He trapped me against the mattress growling showing his fangs and dived into my neck liking my mark. I shiver underneath his touched. Not before now, I notice he was only wearing boxer.

His eight-pack screamed at me so touched. My innocent flower starts tickle of need. I bit my lip trying to hold back a moan as he kept licking my neck and nipping at my skin. I arched my back causing my lower half to dry hump on his boxer area.

He growled purred into my neck sending vibration down my body. I shiver again and went to touch his hair. I pulled and scratched his hair enjoying what he is doing. He pulled away from my neck and looked at me with hungry eyes. His charming and playful look only made me want more as I gripped his neck rough into a kiss.

Licking and nipping his neck trying to find where I am to mark him. He purred grabbing the bed head hard turning his knuckles white of desire. Began to dry hump me eager to rip my nightgown off and take me.

My fangs grew out eager to mark him as ours. I nipped and teased his skin with my fangs. I was on my way to sink them deep in when he suddenly ran off, disappearing into thin air.

Did I do something wrong? I licked my fangs clean of his blood and stepped out of bed to shower in need to cool down.

I stood in front of the silver mirror with a towel wrapped around me. A girl with raven hair, bright eyes, and blushed cheeks. She has a heart of gold, soft and gentle yet she throws herself at a guy she barely knows.

What was she thinking?

It was all a blur. I had no control over my body. It frightened me of the lack of control I have. If he did not stop we would have completed the mating bond. Hopefully, it will never happen again.

I carried the clothes outside and threw them into a laundry basket before getting dressed. I grabbed a simple white summer dress along with black ballerina shoes and hair in a ponytail.

I hurried down the hall in the hope of no one seeing me. I am ashamed to face anyone. I walked where the spiral stairs would start, however they were not there. Frowning at my discovery wondering how stairs could disappear into the thin air again.

I got a brilliant idea and half run, half jogged toward my mission. If somebody could give me answers it was the library. I open the double door and quickly locked it behind me. No one can know. I walked into the huge library, like the one in beauty and the beast.


Hours after hours I spent looking for a clue or an answer, but nothing. I do not know how many books I have been through, but let’s just say the maids are going to pass out.

“it's pointless,” a women voice said behind me breaking me out of thoughts.

I did not turn around because I would sense the trouble.

“I am talking to you” less kind more annoyed I did not give her the attention.

“What do you want?” I asked getting annoyed by her rudeness.

“You know it pointless, right? You are not going to find anything” confident streamed of her as she walks further into the room. Her high heels click with every step helping me to locate her.

“You do not know what I am looking for,” I said still reading the book about lycanthropy and magic. It was interesting. I figure since my mate is a god, he has power, right? and since he marked me I got affect somehow.

I hope because if not, the last explanation is insanity.

“You underestimate me, sister,” Maya said as she stopped in front of me. I saw her pink high heels full of glitter sparkled with the shine from the sun. How did she get out? I thought as I closed the book and grabbed another one. I had a good feeling about this one.

Birth of Fire

A red and yellow phoenix was the symbol of the book with a black background. It reminded me of Flayme only this was an adult version of him. It was beautiful and draw my attention.

“You are unbelievable!” I hear Maya yelled at me before ripping the book out of my hands and throw it across the room. I hurried up to get the book but got pulled back by my hair. I hissed at the pain feeling my hairs getting pulled out. I have a sensitive scalp.

I was on my way to scold her when a loud growl interrupted us. We both froze knowing we were screwed. Angry footsteps headed our way and normally I would have ignored the person but not him. He rapidly growled at her until she releases her hands away from my hair. I sigh as the pressure was gone and massage my scalp.

I had my back to him and got the view of Maya’s fear. She was shaking and start whimpering. The fear hung heavily in the air as he walked past me and toward her. I was impressed as she could stand with her high heels crumbling underneath.

He flashed his fangs at her making her show her neck in submissive. While they were busy I walked over to my book dusting away the dirt and pulled it close to my chest. It was not leaving my sight again.

"уходить" he orders out growling and watched her leave in a hurry. I joined her and start making my way to exit. I was too embarrassed to look at him, however, I did not get as long as I have pushed again the wall.

(leave In Russian)

He placed my hands beside my head and spread my legs placing his right knee in between. There is no escape. He glowed at me but it was a different one that he used on Maya. This one was more sexual and dominated. He dived into my neck and took some deep breath to calm down. My book laid between our legs open on a random page. I had no time to read the name of the chapter as he licks my mark. I bit down a moan and struggled against his hold.

“St-top” I stutter as he continued to lick my mark. Breathing heavy as my head got dizzy. “Stop” I stutter less this time nothing happened. “Xer-” before I could finish he growled and purred sending vibration into my body causing me to moan loud.

“I love it when you say my name,” he said with a deep and husky voice sending me to shiver down my spine. He pulled back giving me a playful look with yellow eyes. His wolf was in control.

“Dimitri” Amy whispered in joy and with that, I got a deja vu.


I looked around trying to figure out which family, for Elijah but nothing. Then I looked for Thanatos but nothing. I do not understand, whose family tree, was it? On the root, there was XDV initial meaning it was that person’s family tree. Weird. This person’s parents had an X over it, and others as well. Were they dead? Poor human, losing their whole family must have been tragic.

Flash forward

I pushed Xerxes away in a hurry and shock.

“You are XDV?”

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