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Chapter Seventeen


His expression spoke for itself. I got another flashback but this time it was different.


“why did you lie to me earlier today?” he asks straightforward, no emotion showing. Made me think he had none. “I did not lie, I have already told you that. There was a wooden door with a golden family tree with the initial XDV.” I answered truthfully and little mad that he thinks I have been lying to him.

He was shocked by my answer as if he knew what I was talking about but shoved it away. “How did you find it?” he asked me again, only this time showing me emotion of excitement.

Flash forward

I feel betrayed as I look him in the eyes. He knew and yet he kept it a secret, why? We are mates, we are supposed to share everything.

I block him away from the mindlink and emotion. I badly wanted to push him away but that would only make him angry, and I do not want that. He growls when he senses I had blocked him and tighten his grip on my wrist.

Amy hollowed inside me wanting to claw her way out, but I refuse.

He knew.

“Why?” I ask hearing my own voice filled with betrayal and disappointment.

He frowns unsure of what I am speaking of. He is a great actor.

“Why did you not tell me you knew!!?” I asked again with anger. I wanted to run away from him. I was done with his bullshit. I want out and free, I thought while struggling against his tight hold.

As if he hears my thoughts, he growled loudly flashing his fangs and pushing me further to the wall if that was even possible. Making me show my neck in a submissive way and whispered into my ear.

“You are not going anywhere –” he paused pulling himself away from me making me fall onto the floor. I look at him with tears of frustration and growled lightly at him.

“If you want an answer, you can ask three questions and I will answer them truthfully-” he paused again kneeling beside me looking me deep into the eyes. I thought for a second he would live me over his shoulder like a caveman and lock me in my bedroom, but it was worse.

He lifted the Birth of fire making the jump on my feet trying to take it away from him. He lifted the book high above his head making it impossible for me to reach.

He ended with “and this book is mine” and walked away.

I followed quickly after him wanting to ask my three questions. “Why did you not tell me you were XDV?” I ask curiously for his answer. I was to busy playing with my fingertips to notice he had stopped and crashed into his back. I could feel his muscle move as I touched his back. Amy purred wanting us to rub ourselves against him but I block her out.

He looked over his shoulder and down to me. I would not be surprised if he was a model because damn. I wanted to like his jaw to see if I would cut myself, weird but whatever.

“Because if I tell you, you will be in more danger than you already are”


“What does XDV stands for?” I ask and stepped away from him. He huffed and look forward to seeing if somehow was listening to our conversation.

“Xerxes Dimitri Vadimovich” he whispers. If I did not have werewolf hearing, I would not hear what he said. “Vadimovich?” I said trying to see how it felt on my tongue. I was weird and hard to say, maybe it is Russian?

“It is,” he said and watched Elijah coming around the corner in a hurry. “Alpha” he was out of breath and kneeled with his hands onto his knee trying to catch a breath.

Xerxes only nodded not interested in Elijah and kept looking at me. I felt his eyes on me as I watch Elijah trying to breathe.

Werewolf has an extremely good condition, however, it seems like Elijah did not. But, he is a beta meaning only one thing. He had to run for miles.

“Alpha we need you in the meeting room,” He said and caught his breath. Xerxes nodded and leaned forward kissing my forehead and walked away with his hands behind his back. It was weird watching how calm Xerxes is when Elijah told him something important.

Before Elijah walked away, I quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. He looked at me confusion but did not dare to move since I am his Luna. I made a few fake coughs before opening my mouth to talk.

I expected him to say “oh everything is fine. The funeral is –” and etc. But, he did not. He looked at me confused.

“Britney?” I only nodded not wanting to speak. He frowned again as if he was thinking or progressing what I just said.

“You mean Harper?”

What?! What is going on?

Before I got the chance to ask, his eyes went blurry white and ran off to somewhere. Harper? No that is not right, her name is Britney, not harper! I need an answer now. I hurried around the big house getting lost with every turn I do.

I stumble upon a maid and ask her for direction. She pointed toward the big door with a wolf head symbol on the door. I should have known.

I hurried and open it not caring if they were busy and walked straight toward him. My steps were heavy as I reach up to him and grabbed his ear pulling him down to my level. ” I need answers now!” I hissed with anger. I was tired of being manipulated and kept secrets from. He only nodded and said a few orders in another language making them all leave. When we were alone, he sat down in the chair at the top of the table. I took the one on the right and was about to question him when he interrupted me rudely.

“Remember, you only have one question left” he sternly said leaning back in his office chair and feet up on the table in a cross.

What should I ask? I had two questions I wanted an answer on. The first is who is the girl that he murdered and a second is why did I discovery Flayme. But, I had a feeling I would soon find out and went to the first one.

“The girl you killed, what is her name, age and where is she from?”

A few hours have gone since I ask the last question to Xerxes. His answer shocked me and I hurried out of the office. I was glad to see he did not follow me, but deep inside I wished he did. However, I was on my balcony with a blanket wrapped around me enjoying the breeze. The view was beautiful tonight. The sundown made purple and pink clouds giving a summer vibe.

Harper Ally Johnson.

Her name was Harper Ally Johnson. He had a past with her four years ago but ended it when she entered the mating game. However, that was is not the part that shocked me out of the office and onto the balcony.

She entered the same year that my maid did, Harper. It made me think. They were similar. Same age looks, and apparently, their name is mixed with each other.

It only means one thing.

Something happens four years ago in the mating game making them switch identity and life. The grave with the name Britney written on is Harper. Her parents who I stayed with for a few days are Christian and Elaine. Her brother is Elijah. She is alive!

Its too much for me to process my eyes became heavier. The last thought I had, was what went wrong and who is Harper really?

Weeks have gone by and nothing. I have read every book in the library, search the Internet and ask people in the mansion but no one knew. I am chasing a ghost.

However, there is one good thing. I good a new friend, Leo Goodwin. He is nineteen years old, single and gay. I felt bad for him. He is from Black turtle pack but got kick out because he is gay. The black turtle pack is known for the kindness and cleverness, yet they kick him out. Called the pack black turtle because there is a lake outside the packed house with one black turtle that has been there for hundreds of years. Rumours say they drink the water once a year to stay young and smart.

When he told me, I got furious and sad. I wanted to push whoever kick him out. I cried and hugged him close.

That reminds me, Xerxes has ignored me the last couple of weeks. But, when he felt my anger and sadness he came flying by within seconds and ripped me away from Leo, growling at him thinking he had treated me bad. He almost killed Leo but I stopped him.

You do not want to know how...

After calming him down and back to reality, he steps away from me and ran away. Leo and I said “sissy” at the same time and that is how we became friends.

Today we have a mission. Go into Xerxes office and steal the birth of fire. Before I explain why and how it is Leo’s idea.

I told Leo about the dreams I had before I met Xerxes, Flayme, and Birth of Fire. And, lucky for me he remembers from his lessons in his former pack. His pack is known for studying magic or unexplained things. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of the pack when he was twelve years old meaning he does not remember much. The only thing he remembers was using the Birth of Fire in the lessons.

That is why we are inside the janitor closet trying to come up with a plane. Xerxes has a security camera inside and outside his office reveal us as we sneak into the office. Since we are not professional thief we are stuck.

I looked at Leo as he watches a youtube video about who to hack into a security camera. Hilarious to watch him frown, nodding fake understanding before closing his phone. A smirker was placed on his face as his eyes shine of evil.

Ohh Ohh...

Leo was taller than me but shorter than Xerxes. He had pure blond hair, deep chocolate eye, and freckles on his nose. Handsome, intelligent and kind, he was everything a girl wants. If I had not met my mate, I would have the biggest crush on him. Sadly, the mating bond stops every feeling toward another male.

“The guy in the video said and I quote. ‘follow the red wire to a security box and turn the blue switch down’” Leo changed his voice when he quoted the guy from the video with a lower and darker voice. Laughing at him while talking. He made the biggest double chin I have ever seen when he tried to speak darkly.

He figured why I laughed and playfully hit me on the shoulder. Rolled at him before standing up dusting away the dirt from the floor. Janitor closet was small and narrow making it hard to be two people inside at once.

I open the door slowly to see if there was somebody around before stepping out. Leo pushing me out making me almost fall onto the floor. I gave him a glare which he answered with an innocent smile.

Innocent my ass.

Since Xerxes have been ignoring or avoiding me, Amy has been quiet and it worried me. She is never quiet without a reason, unfortunately, I have a feeling why. The stubborn, ignorant and hands-

NO! bad, bad person is the reason. Ugh I hate him

Lucky for me, I have a new friend who entertains me. He makes me laughed until my stomach hurts. He reminds me of Joseph and Amalie. I miss them terribly. Often memories of our childhood sudden appeared inside my mind, playing the good days. Someday I would laugh and another cry of my heart breaking. I really miss them. I saw them as my own brother and sister.

A hand waved in front of my face. I watch Leo with a worried look but when he saw me smiling, he smiled back before stalk talking.

“Are you ready?”

I bit my lip nodding signing my death wish. Xerxes is going to find out somehow, I just know. We walked toward the office. We stopped around the corner and looked at the door in silence. I was nervous. Hands were sweaty and my breath was short. Leo placed his hand on my back in comfort.

I wish he was my mate. I thought as I looked at the double door before seeing a tiny red wire coming out from the office on the ceiling. I pointed at the wire to Leo and placed a finger in my mouth indicating that we need to be silent.

They could probably smell us, but they do not need to hear us as well. Following the red wire into a dark hallway with one door in the end. We gave each other a look of fear before opening the door. Closing my eyes, ready for the impact. We expect a monster or a guard to jump onto us but nothing happened.

I opened my eyes slowly to find nothing. Leo walked into the room and turn on the light bulb in the middle of the room hanging from the ceiling. There was a Grey small box with a black handle.

Leo opens the box to find not one but five blue switches. Badly wanted to giggle at his reaction, but kept it inside knowing we would get caught if I did.

Glaring at me and start counting with one to take. Before he could turn one down, I interrupted him by taking another one.

I do not know why I did it, but something told me it was right.

“what did you do?!?!” Leo asked shocked at my behaviour. Smiling innocently and give him a puppy look.

“Ops?” it was meant to sound like an answer and not a question.

He glared at me ready to attack me for my mistake but got interrupted when a click sound appeared from the box.

He pointed at me giving me a sassy look saying, ” I am not done with you” narrowing his eyes and look me up and down.

I rolled my eyes at me running down the hallway to see the red light gone on the camera outside. Grinding and high five each other. I walked toward the door handle and turned it down slowly trying to be quiet. Successful walked into the office with Leo behind me. We had five minutes before the guards would walk their routines around the house.

Searching drawers, upon the desk and behind a shelf. I was left with nothing and sat down at one of the office chairs disappointed. I had lost hope for a moment before hearing Leo cheering loudly. Quick hush at him before seeing what he held inside his palm and cheered with him.

He found it!

Cleaning up in a hurry and ran out of the office to run on the camera and hide inside my bedroom. Seeing it was dark outside, we pulled my eiderdown over us and used a flashlight ready to read.

Squeaking of excitement and ready for answers. Leo sat down beside me wrapping is an arm around my waist to warm me. Cuddle further with him before opening the book. The first chapter was about ′The Prophecy’.

However, I did not get the chance to read before the eiderdown was ripped away from our bodies, relieving Xerxes pissed.

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