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Chapter Eighteen


Trees became blurry with my speed. Frustration bubbled inside me as I knocked trees down. Burning desire to scream my anger and lust out in the middle of the woods. Angrily hitting the nearest tree with full speed breaking my knuckles.

My wolf, Dimitri growled at me. He was furious at me for running away from our mate. But, I had no other choice. Dimitri tried clawing his way out and take her on the spot, and I could not let that happened. She would hate me forever.

Blocking Dimitri anger out and concentrate on the tree in front of me. Soon as my last punch came the tree flew ten meters away from me, hitting the ground with a large bang. Only In my boxer, I walk back slowly to our house. I was miles away, it will take me hours to get back.

My only thought as I walk in the middle of the night was, ′she is not herself right now’.

It was late in the evening when I stepped inside. I sniffed around finding my mates scent upstairs. She was in the library, I thought while walking toward my bedroom. Before I am to see her again I need clothes. Black jeans with boots and a white T-shirt became my outfit.

Walking down the hallway greeting some maids as the walk by bowing their head in respect. Ever since I took over the Alpha position, people either greeted me with respect or fear. My father, Eston was a great leader. Everybody looks up to him, he was their hero. My mother, Winter was the perfect luna. She would lighten the room up with her laughter and kindness. Her tender heart was rare to come by, and yet she was my mother.

I was the luckiest kid in the universe, right?


After my mother died from a sickness werewolf rarely get, my father went nuts afterward. The darkness consumed him and swallowed him whole. I was seven when she died. Sometimes, I think I died with her. My father beat me every day saying it was my fault. I should have never been born. He threw me in a cell where I would rotten.

I was fourteen when I killed my father. I beheaded him with my mother’s sword, and have ruled since. That was in 1817, and how I became a god?

“You are unbelievable!” I hear Maya yelling following with a hissed of pain.

Tighten my first. Mate. I growled loudly when I saw Maya holding my mate’s hair causing her pain. I kept growling at her until she let go of her hair and stepped away. Lucretia message her scalp to ease the pain. It only angers me with the thought of what would have happened if I did not interrupt. She began shaking and whimpering, begging me to let her go.

If only she knew

Feeling my fangs grew out of my gums and walked threatened toward her. Walking past Luretica, expecting her to look at me but she was busy looking at Maya. Fear hung in the air thick making want to smile. I love the scent of fear.

Flashing my fangs and growled at her angry before ordering, “уходить” I spoke directly to her wolf. It was easier that way.

(leave In Russian)

She hurried on her high heels out the exit. Notching my mate followed Maya path with a red book against her chest. My eyes widened while cursing rapidly inside my head. She can not read that book!

Using my Alpha speed making everything in slow motion. I hurried to her side, grabbing my arms around her waist and slamming her against the nearest wall. I made sure she did not get hurt before placing her hands on her head and spread her legs. She could kick me in the nuts if I did not do that.

“We should spread her legs more often” Dimitri growled and purred. Wiggling his tail loving the sigh of our mate. Blocking him out before my boner would get bigger, and growled at her.

I tried to make the growled scary and serious, but Dimitri lust made it more sexual. Diving my head into her neck to smell her.

Mhmhm....she smells like vanilla and lavender.

Purring as I lick my mark slowly causing her to shiver against my hold. However, when I heard her moan I lost control. Everything was black for a few moments meaning Dimitri was in control. I feared what he would do, but before I could try to take control my vision came back.

I saw Luretica shocked expression, but her eyes held betrayed.

“You are XDV?”


After telling her name real name and answer a few questions, we were interrupted by my Beta. Sending him a glare for ruining my time with my mate, even if she is angry at me. He spoke of something important and that they needed me in the meeting room, I don’t know since I was staring at me mate the whole time.

Once, Elijah was done speaking I bend to kiss my mate’s forehead before walking down the hallway. I was not interested in a stupid and boring meeting, but I had no other choice.

“The downside of being an alpha,” Dimitri said. Mentally agreeing with him before opening the double wooden door with a wolf symbol on.

Walk past the long table and to the chair in the front. They all stood to wait for me to sit down before starting this meeting. I sat down in the chair crossing my arms and looking at them intensely. This better is good. I would have been with my mate, I thought. They all sat down with me, bowing their head in respect but I could sense fear from some of them.

Both me and Dimitri smirked. Loving the power, making them fear us. But, Luretica could never know that I love being evil. In her pretty little head, she thinks she can change me and save me from the darkness, and I need her to have faith in me.

But I will never change.

“Alpha Thanatos” one of the alphas stood up, bowing before continued to speak. “I am Alpha Jack from Water pack. We have discussed and agree that you can not and will not be crowned the Alpha King” he finished with less confident that what he had started with.

Looking around at the twenty Alpha’s to remember their faces when I kill them later. Dimitri was not happy with the information about the gathering and talking about us. We killed the former king because of disagreement, and I could easily kill them all for the same reason.

How dare they even speak to me like this? I am not and cannot be crowned king? Where is my vote in this? They are messing with the wrong person. There is a reason I am a god, and if everyone knew, nobody would disrespect me nor look at me again.

But, for now, let’s keep it a secret. I have enough dealing with my mate’s soon to be power-- the door brushed open and in comes my beautiful little kitten. Desperately wanted to smile when I saw her cute anger face. However, when she reached me grabbing my ear and pulling me down to her level was sexy. Dirty imagine came into my head wanting to be fulfilled.

“I need answers now!” she hissed with anger leaving no discussion available. I nodded toward her before looking at the Alphas in front of me. Their expression was shocked, confused and lust. The last one made me growled at them angrily. “Я король, и ты ничего не можешь с этим поделать! А теперь иди, прежде чем я тебя убью !! В следующий раз, когда вы смотрите на нее с вожделением, вы мертвы. ”

(I am the king and you can’t do anything about it! Now go before I kill you!! Next time you look at her with lust, you are dead. )

I finished tired of their faces. Their wolf reacted quickly as they ran out. when the door closed, I sat down in the chair again looking at my mate while placing my legs on the table.

“soon we will take her on it,” Dimitri said husky and low, clearly in his voice, he was aroused. Agreeing with him, wishing it will be soon.

Seeing she was on her way to speak, I quickly interrupted her. “Remember, you only have one question left” sternly said. I wanted her to think and make the right choice, also to not blow my cover.

“The girl you killed, what is her name? age? and where is she from?”

After giving her my answer, she ran out. I knew she was on her balcony. She usually goes there if she needs to think or get some rest. I waited ten minutes before walked slowly to her bedroom. I saw her wrapped in a blanket outside. Before picking her up and carrying her to bed, I enjoyed the moment. Just standing there looking at her, how peaceful she looks. Her black hair moved slightly with the breeze and her nose wiggle a little. She was adorable, and all mine.

But, she deserved better, somebody who could take care of her every day and not surrounded by darkness. Yet, I can not give her away. She was made for me, and therefore she needs to stay with me where she is safest. Even, if I just ignore her to protect her I will.

I sighed running my hands through my hair before bending down kissing her on the forehead.

“I do not know what I have done to deserve you”

I have been ignoring her for weeks. I have kept her book also, Birth of Fire. It is not safe for her to read it. Coming home late, I notice my office held my mate and Leo scent inside. Weird, I frown. Placing my office suitcase down and look at my computer for a security camera, but there was nothing. Around five pm, the screen went black, but five minutes later it was back. The office looks different.

Growling loudly knowing they both were inside and angrily walked toward her bedroom. I busted the door open thinking I would find her on the balcony or asleep since the clock was ten pm. But, it was worse.

An eiderdown was above two people hiding them away. A light was inside there, and I could hear her giggle. Growling more and ripped the eiderdown away relieving Luretica and Leo cuddling together with the Birth of Fire book. Their shock expression was enough information. His arm was wrapped around her while she was leaning to his touch.

The last thing I remember was growling louder and throwing Leo across the room before Dimitri took control leaving me in the dark. I jumped out of bed the moment Xerxes threw Leo onto the wall, making a huge hole. Xerxes picked Leo up by the collar and start betting him.

Xerxes’ eyes were glowing with yellow and hint of blue. His wolf was in control. I wanted to stop him. He is overreacting, but at the same time, I did not blame him.

He probably thinks I am cheating on him, but I am not. He had been ignoring me for the last couple of weeks and my heat is arriving soon. Sooner than my liking. I felt sorry for Leo. He was a great guy and many misunderstood him, but I love him.

A female scream hit the air making Xerxes freeze. I did not realize it was me before Xerxes dropped Leo with a rumble of thunder and rush by my side.

His eyes gave me the information that Dimitri was still in control. His hands cupped my cheek as his eyes search my body for wounds. His eyes lighten when he did not find any and looked me in the eyes.

Tears formed in my eyes when I saw Leo condition. Leo was covered in blood. His lips, forehead, and jaw were brushed and bloody. Laying on his back with eyes closed and pale face made me worry. I wanted to take Leo far away and never look back. It is my fault he got hurt.

“I... I can not do this anymore” barely whispered out. My throat was the urge to close. Heartaches in the thought of rejection. I could never escape. He could find traveled the world to find me. His eyes looked hurt and confused. “what are you saying?” his voice was weak and soft. “you are never going to change, are you?”

A cough interrupted our conversation or discussion. Leo was moaning in pain as he tried to move but failed.

Rushing by his side kneeling and taking his hands into mine. “Leo?” softly and carefully as I could shake him. When he did not respond, I asked louder. “Leo?!”

Worried filled my body seeing his condition.

“ti-a” he coughs and moaned out in pain. His hands moved to his ribs on the left where a large amount of blood came out.

“Leo!! You need a pack doctor!”

Quickly turned around seeing Xerxes staring at us with no emotion. Worried got switches with anger as he just stood there and did nothing.

“Xerxes!! Call the pack doctor!” I yelled angry while pressing my hand against Leo’s open wound to keep the blood stable. Expecting him to hurry out or eyes go blurry with but, nothing. He looks back and forth at us before stalking over and kneeling beside me.

Looking at him confused. What is he doing? Can he not see that Leo needs help? I thought, and this time did not hold back my thoughts, letting him hear me.

“ti” he coughs before he could continue. “Shhh... I am here Leo, I am not leaving you” carefully said. He can not die, I need him. Stroking his hand scared he will let go. Tears became heavy to hold back as one by one escaped.

Hearing Xerxes sight before his right arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest. “No! NO! let me GO!” wiggle in his hold trying to escape but he only tightens his grip before standing up with me in his arms.

“NO!! STOP! LEO!” I scream as tears were streaming down my red face. I was hysterical. Is he crazy? Did he want Leo to die?!

He continued to walk away from Leo and out of the room. Pack Doctors, nurses and others rushed past us and into Leo closing the door with a bang. Xerxes said nothing as he carried me like a child down the hallway and into his bedroom placing me on his bed.

I did not look at him as I sat on his black sheets bed. My hands began to shake as I saw how much blood I was covered in. He was my first and only friend I had in this prison.

Xerxes walked out of the room and into another leaving me alone, cold and scared. He was a monster. I was mated to a monster. How can I ever escape or be happy while he is in my life? Will we always be like this? He will ignore me and want nothing to do with me. I am only an object to him.

He came back with a white cloth and a bowl. Steam came from the bowl hinting it was warm water. Once he reached me, he kneeled in front of me tipping the white cloth into the hot water and began to clean me. We sat like this in silence as he washed my hands, face, and arms.

Once he was done, he stopped up and walked back to the room where he got the supplies. Looking at my hands again seeing they were normal again, but the memories will always haunt me.

“Are you okay?” Xerxes appeared beside me in the bed, taking my hands into his but I quickly took them away from him.

I am not his biggest fan right now.

He sighs, rubs his hands on his face before looking at me again. “I am not sorry. He deserved it” he said with no other emotions but anger.

Glaring at him as I stood up and away from him. Deciding to ignore him from now on as I looked out his window. The woods were beautiful. A fog came from the woods and toward the house, both beautiful and creepy.

“Lucretia” I hear him say my name behind me, but I did not spare him a glare. He did not deserve attention.

“Lucretia,” he said again, less soft and more irritated. Crossing my arms as I watched the moonshine.

“LURETICA!” he yelled, pulling my arm making me turn around to look at him. He searches my eyes for clues and found stubbornness. “Stop ignoring me, and answer me!”

“WHAT?!” he looked shocked at my outburst. “Uh?!“I was furious and done. Done with his games.

“Don’t you dare speak to me like that ever again!” his eyes shine a bit yellow and looked at me threatening, daring me to go against his order. I walked closer to him, standing on my toes and looked him deeply in the eyes dearly.

“I speak however I want, and you can not stop me. You don’t own me” strongly I said with proud and confident. He can not treat me like this anymore.

“What did you say?” Stepping dangerously close, almost pushing me with his chest against the window. I did not back down and continued to look at him. Because of him, I lost my wolf, my friend, and family. I hate him, as the thought went around my head, I could see he heard it.

Before I could react, he slammed his right fist into the wall beside the window. I jumped and attempt to escape, but his left hand wrapped around my waist pulling me into his chest. His chest moved fast up and down as he looked down at me with an intense glare.

“I do not care if you hate me or not, but are never and I mean NEVER leaving ME!!! You are MINE!” yelled at me. His breath had a minty scent to it. When I did not respond to him, he shook me and lifted me to his high holding me tight. “Do you understand?” his voice was darker and lower than usual.

“yes” I whispered feeling weak and betrayed. “I did not hear YOU! who do you belong to?? ” his arms were dangerously tight making it hard to breathe. If he tightens his grip one more time, I will break my ribs.

“You, Alpha Thanatos” I spit the alpha word out making it clear that we were no longer mates, but enemies. He looked furious when I used the word. He hated when I did not call him by his real name. But, he did not deserve it.

He is truly the Alpha of death.

“The rules are: you are not to leave the room without me. You are not to be alone with a male. If I am not around, you are not allowed to leave without five females guards. I am the only one with the key. You are to sleep here with me until we are fully mated, and I trust you not to escape anymore. Understand?”

What? He cannot!

“yes, I can. I am you Alpha and mate, therefore you will listen to me, do you understand?!” I could feel the bruises form on my ribs and arms. “yes, Alpha Thanatos”

He let me go before closed the door loudly and locked it. Feeling my legs fall underneath me and fall to the floor. Tears former my eyes but I refused to cry because of him. I curled into a ball and fell asleep onto the cold floor with the moonshine over me.

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