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Chapter Nineteen


Coldness wrapped itself around me like a blanket. I did not need to open my eyes knowing it was still dark and I was on the floor. The floor was hard, cold and old. A smell of rotten wood hit my nostrils making me want to stop breathing.

I thought Xerxes would come back and apologize for his attitude, but I was wrong. Hours have past and no sign of him.

What did I do to deserve this?

Laying on my knees press against my chest and my chin on top of them, I thought how my life turned for the worst.

Was Leo dead? The thought made me feel sick to my stomach knowing I could have stopped it. He was innocent, yet he paid the price.

Flayme, where is he?

I miss his fluffy wings and small face. As the thoughts ran through my head, a light appeared behind me. The light was strong and on the ground, making my shadow appear on the wall ahead of me. Seeing my shadow form scared me of what I am to become.

Slightly afraid of what is behind me, I turned around making cracking noise from my bones moving after sleeping for hours. Thinking it was a lamp or the moon hovering me again, but I was wrong.

Flayme sat behind me, tilting his head slightly with curious. Probably wondering why I am on the floor with dried tears on my cheek.

He walked with his small feet slowly toward me. His fire-red wings lifted upward as if he was ready to take off. However, that was not the case.

The wings began to move fast back and forth, yet did not take off. Standing his ground as an orange light like lightning spread across the room. I was in shock, but jumped up into a sitting position and watch the magic dance.

It was beautiful. Soon the light swam in the air toward me and wrapped itself around me, keeping me warm. At first, I was scared, but when the heat hit me all the stress, fear and cold disappeared. The emptiness left was replaced with love, warmth, and safety.

All the feeling a mate should give, yet mine failed.

The orange light tightens his hold making it harder for me to breath. Confused about its actions, I looked to Flayme to find him staring at me tensely. Although his small figure and cute face made him seem innocent and sweet, his action spoke for itself. Trying to open my mouth to ask him, but the light wrapped around my head and in front of my mouth. All you could hear was mumbling coming from my mouth as I tried to speak.

His next action shocked me.

The orange light tighten is gripped more causing black and white spots appearing in my vision. I tried blinking them away but failed miserably. My heart began to speed up and sweat ran down my forehead.

I thought he was my friend, was my last thought before blacking out.

Stretching my body as I had the best sleep ever since I got here. Tired as I rubbed my eyes before opening them. I had a weird dream last night I and Xerxes got into a huge fight and than Flayme appeared.

Anyway, I sat up on the queen bed with white silk eiderdown and pillow. I was dressed in a light purple nightgown and fully with socks. Weird, I did not wear this yesterday nor is this my bed.

Seeing the room is different as well, I stood up and walked over to the curtains that hopefully covered a window or a balcony.

And I was right.

It was a small balcony colored in white with a grey chair on the left side. However, I knew I was right about the bedroom, but I did not know I was in a different location as well. The view from my last room was a large forest, but this was a big, bright and clear blue ocean.

Where am I?

A knock interrupted my thought. I turned around as the door behind me open up, revealing a short female dressed in a uniform similar to maids.

Xerxes maids did not wear does uniforms. What is going on?!

“Hello, my name is Fabiola. I am your maid from now on. I am here to escort you to breakfast, our master wants to meet you” Opening the door more making more space for me to walk by and smiled gently when she was finished. Her English had a Spanish mixture.

I could only nod to her, walk past her and into the hallway. Light baby blue was the wall paint with golden candlesticks with three candles. I do not know how long the hallway is but left and right hand made it seems endless, and it scared me.

Passing me with a smile and guided me down the hallway. After walking what seemed forever, the hallway finally ended with a staircase. The staircase was white with different patterns, such as flowers, leaves or hearts. The walls were the egg-white color with golden decoration around it. Stairs had a red carpet in the middle of it, but the steps were white stones. As we walked down the stairs, the staircase was bigger than I thought. It had various levels, and when we had finished a few steps there was an only floor before more steps came. The floor had a chess pattern on each level.

As we walk around the corner and into the kitchen, Fabiola left me alone with her ‘master’ and closed a door behind us that I did not see before now.

Her master had his back toward me, but I got shivers already.

Who is he?

“Hello Luretica” his voice was deep with a hint of Latin. “I am Alexandrus the royal guardian, and I am here to teach you magically”

I looked him dead in the eye for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. My hands clench into my stomach as I laughed louder and harder. Tears ran down my face as I had trouble to stand on my feet properly.

Once I was done, I dried my eyes and looked at him to see him pissed. His eyes went from crystal green to blood red.


Before I could apologize for my actions, we were outside in the middle of a hurricane. Blinking a few times to make sure this was real, but it seems I won’t wake up from the dream. I watch the hurricane swirl around me as I stood in the middle of the chaos. An arm sudden grab my right shoulder making me freeze on the spot, but weirdly relaxed when I saw it was Thanatos. I thought I would never miss his presence, but he came in the right timing.

However, instead of yelling at me or protecting me from the storm he only stared at me. “Thanatos?” I asked scared as I sense the wind started to pick up. More random stuff got into the hurricane, such as leaves, deer, pick up car and water?

How is that possible?

“thanato-os?” I asked him again while shaking his body, but he did not react, and before I knew it he attacked me with his claws attach to my throat.

He is choking ME!

As he lifted my body in the air, my legs began to kick him in a mission to escape. My hands automatically went to his, trying to take them away from my throat, but failed as I began to lose my vision.

Before I blackout I was back in the kitchen with the ‘master’ looking at me with satisfaction, while I was on the floor gripping my throat as it hurt like a bitch.

He did that?

As if he read my thoughts, “do you believe me now? Or do I need to convince you more?” his voice was darker than last time, but eyes were light red than bloody red.

I only managed to nod at him. My throat was killing me. “good, then let me start again. I am Alexandrus the royal guardian, and I am here to teach you magic.

It has been hours since the ‘incidence’ happened and my throat had still seen better days. He explained to me why I am here, but I was still confused.

“- The reason why you are here is simple. You are different, unique and special. And before you say anything, let me explain.

A long time ago before humans existed, the world only knew of animals. And it stayed like this for over hundreds of years, peaceful. However, one-night awful storm attack three countries.

The first was Esheucia. Hitting hard with big heavy waves and powerful winds that could blow away your house. All the animals in the area had left earlier that day since they can sense when a storm is coming. However, one unlucky animal got caught in the middle of the storm. The animal was not gifted with the sense and was asleep when everybody left. This animal was a wolf.

Floybia was the second country that was hit. Heavy rain made overflow all over the country. Sadly, only one animal survived the storm. The animal had climbed the highest tree in the area and clung to the tree as it watches his friends got caught in the water. This animal was a bat.

The last country is Asneau. However, it was not a normal storm. The temperature was getting higher and higher making it impossible to live. The water dried out, food was long gone as the heat made it rotten and animals died of starvation. However, there was one animal that survived the horrible and weird storm. A bird.

These three animals were later gifted by a few god and goodness above. Ofelia, Goddess of Animals made sure the species would never exterminate. Moon Goodness made sure the species would carry on, creating a mate for everyone. Year, God of Peace created peace between every animal to avoid any war or conflict in the future.

The wolf became the first werewolf, known as a lycanthrope. His name was Drogo. The bat became the first vampire, known as Prince Nicholas of vampires.

However, the last one is tricky. The Phoenix became known as the Ashes of ignis kingdom. Ashes are known as the only Phoenix existing. It will only appear once a hundred year. But, today it is known as a myth since no one have witnessed it for over a thousand ye-”

The rest I do not remember. I was in shock and still unsure why I am here. I have met Ashes or I call him Flayme. But, why me? Alexandrus has yet not told me why I am here. And to teach me magic? Can I not magic? I am waiting for someone to tell me this is a test or prank, but hours later and still nothing.


Weeks have gone by yet no sign of Lucretia. My mate, my luna. I do not know what has happened to her. It all happened to fast. Last time I saw her, was when I left her alone in the awful cold room crying. At that time, I did not see what I did wrong. But now? I regret it with all of my heart.

The guards I placed outside her door in case she escaped, said they heard her talking to herself before a bright light appeared and disappeared quickly. They hurried inside fearing something had happened to their luna, only to find the room empty.

After that, hell broke loose.

My wolf was nagging at me for not treating her the way she deserved. He hates me. He would not allow me to shift unless is was finding our mate. But, that was weeks ago. Now? I can not hear or feel him anymore. I was left with an empty heart and head.

The first weeks I had hope. I looked everywhere, even in other countries. Spain, France, New Zealand and more but nothing. The hope I once had was gone. I did not feel the mating bond anymore.

But, these last few days I have only felt anger. I was angry with everyone, even myself. I had marked her, yet I could not find my mate. I was useless, something I have never experienced before. I am an Alpha King AND a god!! yet, I could not find my freaking mate who I marked.


At first, I thought the gods above help her escaped from me. But, that is not true. Because if that is the case, then why did they give me a mate at all?

Then Elijah reminded me of something, or rather someone.


I have a lot of enemies, but he was the worst. He was once in the royal guardian teaching soldiers magic. A secret weapon only we had, but that did not last long as Alexanderus ruined it.

One night, a drunk Alexanderus was walking home from a bar when he met a girl. A very pretty girl. Long legs, long blond hair with sharp blue eyes. Like a model walked out of a magazine. Like any guy, he flirted with her trying to get her attention.

Let’s just say, he got her attention,

And she got the secret weapon.

He was too drunk to notice she was a witch from the enemies side. She made a spell making her look like a model before taking out her enemies one by one. She is one of the most stronger witches to exist.

After that night, he was fired from all of his titles and were not allowed to enter the castle again. He swore to revenge her, even if it meant years of tracking and learning spells, and to find the Phoenix Angel.

She or He was chosen by the Ashes of Ignis Kingdom. The Phoenix from our story of how we became magical creatures. The Phoenix only appear once a hundred year, but today it is known as a myth since no one has witnessed it for over a thousand years.

Everybody laughed at him for his unlikely promises. I laughed as well, but thinking about it now, it does not seem that crazy.

After that night, I never saw him again.


It has been a few weeks since I got here, and I am not complaining anymore. I loved it. Alexanderus has a keyword “tried” to teach me magic, but I kept failing at every spell or class. I can tell he is desperate for a result, but I have nothing to offer.

As I know of.

I have yet not told him about Flayme. I want to keep his secret close to my heart. Is not that I do not trust Alexanderus, is just that...I want to keep that cute little fluffy bird safe.

Anyway, I am getting ready for training. We train every day in different elements, like for an example, today is fire. We start with warm-up exercises, such as jogging, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. After that, he starts showing me spells to ignite a fire.

The first spell is called: Wind Blitz

And yes, it sounds cooler than it is, sadly. The spell is you trying to set fire to an object from your hand.

Here I am, standing in the middle of god knows where with my arm straight out, palm facing a random object on an old rotten stump meters away from me. Squeezing my eyes together trying to see the object better. Trying to concentrate on my breathing as well as I collect all my strength.

But, as usual, nothing happened. I wanted to scream, rip out my hair, and light matchmaking the damn object on fire while Alexanderus has his back turn. However, looking at him, he wanted to do the same thing.

He walked straight over to me, gripping my shoulders tight and staring into my eyes weirdly. The veins in his face and neck looked like they were about to burst. He was not only angry but desperate. What did he want from me? Why does he not find someone else how to have a chance to succeed.

“I understand you are angry at me, but what do you want?! We have been training every day for weeks and nothing have happened! why do you not find someone else?” Removing his hands from my shoulders and stepped away from him. My bruises from Xerxes had healed the last week. My skin was finally smooth and clear like it was before meeting him.

Alexanderus was taken back by my response but quickly returned with an answer. “THERE IS NO ONE ELSE!” he screams on top of his lungs, waving his arms around while his face turned redder by the second. I stepped further back from him, scared of his outburst. I have never seen him like this, and it truly scared me.

“What do you mean there is no one else?” I asked, softly.

Once my voice went into the air, his shoulder relaxed and went down. His head hung down in shame but, his hands were still in a fist. “You are my only hope” I barely heard him say, as he approaches me. His palm met my face, stroking my cheek with his thumb. I looked up at him seeing his eyes held sadness. He whispered again, “you are my only hope” before dropping his hand and walking back to his house.

I felt sad that I could not meet his expectations, but I had to try. Taking a few steps closer to the object and closed my eyes. Lifting my right hand, with my palm out and facing the object. Trying to concentrate on my sense and emotion is hard. My arm starts to shake off tiredness, yet I refuse to give up. I have to believe in myself.

That reminds me of Phoenix, he was the one that got me here. He is the reason I am here, and I need to make him proud. I began thinking about how we met, his strong red feathers and cute face.

A weird tingly feeling from my chest spread to my shoulder, arm and then palm before a warm feeling all over my body appeared. It was weird and good at the same time. I open eyes, seeing my arm had a red glow around it.

I looked at the object. Damn, I hate that thing.

" Quattuor”

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