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Chapter Two


After finishing up in the bathroom, I walked out to change into normal clothes. Black jeans with a white long sleeve top, what can I say? I love simple.

I tied my hair up in a ponytail, put lip-gloss, mascara and went downstairs. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard my sister fighting with dad.

“It’s not fair dad!” Maya yelled angry, clearly upset about something.

“I do not make the rules Maya. This is how the werewolf government. I can not change the laws just because you love your boyfriend Maya!” Dad with a hint of disappointment.

Maya and Jack have been together for a few months, and have made their decision to mark each other. When dad found out he got furious, almost killed Jack for trying to mark Maya. Since dad is a delta, he is strongly against to break the rules. Also, it could kill her to me mark by another male that is not her mate.

I do not understand the point of having a boyfriend when you have a mate waiting for you. Either way, you will end up hurt, but Maya does not see that. However, what does she even see in Jack? He smells bad, always rude to Maya and boss everyone around like he is the Alpha. He isn’t even attractive.

However, I do not think dad will allow it anymore. The only reason he has not said anything was that mom threatened him. If he did, mom would make him sleep outside.

“Good morning mom,” I said and sat down at the dinner table to eat breakfast.

“Good morning darling, how did you sleep? Are you excited for the mating game?” mom asked a hint of excitement.

“Moooom...” I hesitated. She always asked me in the morning to see if I had to change my mind about the mating game. “You know I still feel the same. I don’t want nor do I need a mate” I mumble with pancakes in the mouth.

She and dad do not know about the dreams. In the beginning, I thought I was not serious, but a few days turned into months and years. I do not want them to worry and get overprotective over nothing.

Before mom could protest, a door shut with a bang making us jump. Dad came in shaking of angry with his fist tightened. Mother went to calm him down. He immediately calmed down and stopped shaking. He wrapped his arms around mom’s waist and sniffed her neck to calm down further. I walked away and toward my bedroom.

I was on my window- sofa reading my favorite book, beauty and the beast. Yes, I know, soon eighteen years old girl reading a Disney book, but I couldn’t help it. I am a sucker for romance. I looked up from the book to see its dark outside.

The stars shine and moon over the mountains in the south. Clouds hugged the sky while turning into pink and purple. Nature is truly beautiful. The moon started to shine through the forest. One could see the animal’s eyes shine back at the moon.

The packed house is placed in the middle of the forest. This way it was easier to shift, train or go for a run without bothering hiding from the humans. Our packhouse was miles away from the human town, and these miles were covered with thick forest.

To be honest, I was scared. Scared that my mate would treat me as terrible or too overprotective. I was also a little bit excited, but I would never admit it to anyone. Only my wolf knows. I sigh looking down at my book before drifted into the fairy-tale.

I woke up feeling something cold and soft touching my skin. Opening my eyes only to meet darkness. I turned on my lamp on the nightstand to look around, but nothing.

There is nothing there, you are paranoid Luretica.

Turning around to see something move in the corner. The window was open with curtains dancing along with the wind. I remember closing it before going to bed, weird. I went out of bed too shut the window and lock it. Looking out the window for clues, only leaving empty-handed. Shaking my head at my overwhelming feelings and went to bed.

A Week Later

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!” my family half scream, half sings when they see me coming into the kitchen. I can feel the blood rushes to my cheek of embarrassment. I hate attention, especially from my family since they can be a bit loud.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” my best friends Amalie and her twin Joseph yells running towards me. My eyes immediately widened of the speed they were coming at. Was about to run, but got a tackle instead. They both jumped at me screaming for happiness, I could not hold the laughter any longer, and laugh my ass off. We probably look like crazy drunk people lying on the floor on top of each other. Our parents were high school friends and were always together.

Amalie and Joseph’s parents are like my second parents. They are adorable and always makes me laugh. Their dad, Mark is the beta and mother, Eliza was one of the cooks in the pack. Our pack is big and therefore we need more than just one cook. They always tell us funny stories about mom and dad and their high school embarrassment.

“Are you excited to finally meet your mate?” Amalie said smirking. That evil Bit-

“Oh, darling you are growing up so fast! Come here and give aunty a big hug!” Aunt Sophie said hugging me tightly against her. I glared at Amalie knowing she did this on purpose.

Aunt Sophie was known for her hug to be full of perfume and red lipstick on your cheek. You will smell perfume for the rest of the day. I wiggle myself out of her grip, fake smile at her soon to be questioned I would get, in three, two, one...

“Oh my goddess, you can find your mate now! Are you not excited about honey? Ohhh I remember when I meet your uncle, he was so hands-” Blah Blah Blah was all I head. She is also famous for talking way too much. I just nodded and smile the entire time not bother to interrupt her.

Thank the moon goodness for sending my mother to save me. “Darling could you help me in the kitchen?” mother voice came from the kitchen with a hint of humor. Before Aunt Sophie could answer I ran towards the kitchen with a big smile on my face. I had to bite my lips from smiling too much.

Mother only looked at me with funny eyes smiling lightly at me, knowing she saved me from losing my hearing. She shakes her head, and continue to bake a cake.

“Thank you, mom!” I said helping her with cutting up ingredients for the cake. She suddenly sighs dropped the knife and looked at me with pity. Why do I have a bad feeling?

“Something big is coming” Amy suddenly said.

“What? What do you mean something big is coming?” I said with a worried voice. She is a silent wolf, meaning she did not say much, only when she had to.

“Lucretia! Are you listening to what I just said?” Mother voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Um... yeah”

She glared at me knowing that I was lying. I sigh “No mother I did not hear what you just said” lowered my eyes to my feet finding them interesting.

“I have some sad news “biting her lip, looking at my face while waiting for me to give her a reaction. I only nodded at her with curious eyes, hinted her to continue. “It’s about the mating game” She finished softly. I gave her a reaction this time.

“What?? What do you mean you have sad news about the mating game? The mating game is already sad news! How can it get worse?! ” I was in shock.

“Calm down honey! It is nothing about you, just....” She paused scared. “Remembering when you were a child? Me and dad told you bedtime stories about the Alpha Thanatos?” Paused again to make sure that I followed. “The Royals have sent the Alpha’s in the country a warning letter about Alpha Thanatos. It...”

I interrupted her. “What do you mean Alpha Thanatos? He is a myth mom. He is not real” I said with confidence in my voice. Was she stupid? He lived for hundreds of years ago, how would this be about him?

“Lucretia. Alpha Thanatos is real.” What? Nooo... she’s joking. I laughed out loud and shaking my head at mom. Good joke mom. Ha!

She glared at me waiting until I was done laughing. I looked at her with amusement look and smirked. However, she turns around and out of the kitchen. I froze, did I hurt her feeling? The guilt travels around in my body and I went after her to an apology. I heard she turned on the TV in the living room.

“Mom I’m so-” I did not get any further and stopped. I was shocked. I could not breathe. I was shocked from was I just witnessed on the TV.

On the TV the Alpha King was holding a speech about Alpha Thanatos is entering the mating games. I was to shock to hear what he was saying. Mom put her hands on my shoulder to comfort me. I thought he was not real, how could he be real?

“He is a god” Amy appeared for the second time this day. That’s true, he is a god but why is he entering the mating game? The Alpha King answered my question.

“Like you, all through Alpha Thanatos was a myth, but he is not. He is real and entering the mating game. That is why the mating game is earlier this year. Reasons, why Alpha Thanatos is entering, is simple, he wants to find his mate. However, whomever his mate must go with him willingly or not. Thank you, I see you next week” The king waves his hand to the crowd and went off the scene.

We were sitting at the dinner table enjoying my birthday with dinner and cake. My family, friends and everyone I was close to was here. However, I did not feel complete. I felt almost empty inside like I was missing something.

“Or someone.” I block my wolf out and ignored her. There where no one I was missing, everyone is here.

“Honey are you all right? ” the mother asked looking worried at me. The whole room got silent, you could hear if someone dropped a penny.

“Yes, mom I am fine. Just tired that is all” I said with a fake smile pretending nothing was wrong. She looked deep into my eyes, not backing down. She knows I am lying my ass off. “Melody,” Dad said placing his hand on her shoulder. A sign for her to back down, however, she kept looking at me for a few more minutes before giving up.

“All right, why can’t you take Maya to the kitchen and get the cake” Mom ignored my glare and focused on dad’s hand. Maya was about to protest, but I was first and dragged her to the kitchen. I could hear Maya talking to me, but I blocked her out.

“Lucretia!” Maya suddenly said angrily. What did I do now? I ask myself. “Ignoring her maybe?” Amy commented.

“Shut up!” I hissed back at Amy and focused on Maya. “What?” I innocently said, looking at her with my puppy eyes. She only glared.” I was saying that I can’t wait to meet my mate! Oh, my goddess, he is going to be handsome, rich, an alpha an- ” I interrupted her with a shocked at her outburst.

“Wha-at? What about Jake?” Even my wolf was in shock knowing how they were impossible to split up. “Who? Oh, jake? Yeah, we broke up” She said like it meant nothing too her. Should she not be heartbroken by now?

“When? H- how?” I studded out. “Omg Luretica you need to keep up with my life. ”

Did I mention that she thought she was the queen of the world and everything is about her?

“I broke up with Jake because I need a strong man, not a weak normal wolf” I frown at her reply. Is she not a normal wolf?

“I need an Alpha and that is exactly what I am going to have,” she said with proud in her eyes and fixed her hair. Did I say she was also a barbie? But you probably already figured that out.

“Do not be sad Luretica, you will have a mate as well. However, not as high rank one” hint of amusement while smirking at me. I wanted to punch her in her fake nose. She took the cake out of the fridge and walk toward the dining room, not before turning around giving me a look.

“My mate is Alpha Thanatos, God of death,” She said proud and smiled. Me, however? Was shock. Did she want to be his mate? I rolled my eyes at her and gave her a fake smile and said, “Well good luck, you will need it”.

She glared. “You are just jealous because I am mated with someone with power. I will become a queen and I will make sure to hire you as my personal maid” ended with a cheerful voice. That bit**.

She walks away with the cake in her hands and into the dining room. My two best friends come around the corner, and knowing them they had been listening to our conversation. They smiled at me and said in union “They both deserve each other”. I had to laugh at them and agreed. I do not care, she could have him.

“Are you sure?”

I froze at her comment but decided to ignore it and enjoy my birthday with my friends.


The day was finally here. The mating game was starting today, I was not ready. Deep breath, I told myself trying to calm down my shaking hands. I could do this, it is easy. All you need to do is enter, hide in the forest and go home. Three days. I could do that. Taking my hand in my long black hair and into a ponytail. My ocean eyes looked over my room, it could be the last time I see my room. I shake away the negative thoughts and continued to study my room.

My big bed I begged my parents to give me on my 16th birthday with my stuffed teddy bear on the left side. Walls full of pictures of my friends, family, and paintings I have done. My sofa with the window with many fluffy pillows and blankets, and favorite books lying on the floor beside the sofa. My wardrobe is full of clothes that I love to hate and have never used. Shoes, jacket, tops more. No dresses, I was not a huge fan of dressing, I would rather wear a top with black jeans.

I sight again for the fifth time in the last minutes, rubbing my hands over my face of stress. I could do this, I could survive three days in the mating game without finding my mate. My eyes turned away from the wardrobe and out the window into the forest I dearly loved. At least I would have my sister Maya with me.

I dragged my suitcase with me out the main door and turned around to look at my childhood house and parents. I should not act like this, I mean I going to see them again. I can refuse to go back with my mate and live happily after in this house along with Netflix and books.

Maya came out the door happy with many suitcases with her, apparently, she did not mind the idea of not going back. She hugged our parents and went off to the limousine that was parked outside of the house waiting for us. They send a limousine to pick up the enters.

I turned to my parents who stood with open arms looking at me with tears in their eyes. Dad had an “I am not letting you go. Come back here and turn five years old again” look. I ran into their arms and cried. I could not stop the tears from falling and sniffed their smell deep into my lungs. My mom hugged me tight and did the same with me. Yeah, I know it is weird, but it’s a werewolf thing

I was going to miss them so much, I do not know I am going to manage without them. Their fight, their love, and their humor. I sight of their contact with my skin and emotion flying through my body. Sad, anger, love, scared, and more came storming into my body.

Coughing in the background brought me back to reality and I pulled myself from my parent’s arms. Trying my best not to run into their arms and beg them to make me stay. But, I knew I could not. I am eighteen years old, a grown independent woman and I could do this. I would make them proud of me. The driver was the one who had “a cough” and glared at my way sending me bad shiver.

I turned one more time to look at my parents. They looked at me with a proud face and a sad smile. Waving us goodbye. I fake a smile trying to hide the tears that were building inside my eyes and walk into the car. The black window made it difficult to see through. I knew that they could not see me, but I did it anyway. I put my hand on the window while tears running wild down my now red skin and whispered goodbye.

Maya sat beside me with a huge grin on her face full of excitement and happiness. She looked out of the window smiling, while I sat with tears and sadness written all over my face. I closed my eyes and leaned against the cold window, tried to calm myself down and get some sleep.

The last thing I heard was my wolf saying.


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