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Chapter Twenty


“HARDER” Alexanderus yelled at me, trying to push my limits further. I was on my last push - up when an alarm went off. Stopping my action and looked at Alex confused.

“Go inside” his voice was calm yet his eyes were screaming with concern and anger.

“Why? What is going on?” Knowing he would get mad at me by asking him questions than rather running inside.

Sending me a glare with his fist ready indicates that he was not in the mood. I huffed before running toward the house, but before I could make it to the door the alarm stopped.

I freeze as a loud growling sound was made.


I was about to turn around, ready to fight with my words and body when I saw something else. Or rather, someone else.

At the end of the forest stood Britney, no shit I am mean Harper. This is too confusing. Wait... Was she not dead? I watch her die in front of me. How is this possible?

She had a dark leather suit with eagle feather over her shoulder. She reminded me of Katniss from the hunger games.

But, there was something else. She had a dark aura around her. Like the one me Flayme showed me only without the darkness.

What has happened to her? Where has she been for the last months?

Was about to head over and say ‘ are you alive?’ But Alex beat me to it.

" What are you doing here She-devil?” He spits the last word with anger, hate and distasteful. I was in shock. Did he know her?

The word hung heavy in the air. If somebody said that to me, I would cry. However, she did not react the way I thought she would.

She laughs. A lot.

Her arms went around her stomach from the pain of laughing too much. And, that is not the only thing. Her laughter was evil. It sounded straight out of a Disney movie. Creepy and scary.

She was definitely up to no good.

After laughing for five minutes, she stopped and dried her face from the tears. She then looked at me with hatred and discuss. What have I done? She was the one who kissed MY mate, but then again my mate killed her, so I guess we are even?

“Hell no!!” Amy angrily said. Where has she been?

Damn...this is too much. First, a dead girl comes back AND then my wolf finally decided to talk to me again after ignoring me for months. Is there something else I should expect while we are here?

“Alexanderus the royal guardian, or should I say Ex-royal guardian? ” she stopped for a moment and smirked knowing she had disrespected him. Then her now yellow snake eyes met mine, and she continued.

“Well, well well....look who we have here...Luretica the golden girl that does nothing wrong.” Her voice sends shivers down my back, in a not good way. If looks could kill, I would be dead now.

I was about to question her when Alex again interrupted me. “Do not speak to her like that!” He hissed and moves in front of me like a shield. She watched him with amusement as he protected me from her. However, I was not pleased. I wanted revenge for kissing my mate, and to prove myself to Alex that I was ready.

I stepped away from him and walk toward her. “What have I done to you that made you hate me? I thought we were friends” a lump in my throat made it hard to speak.

She laughed once again before answering my question. ” look barbie, I never was your friend. You took EVERYTHING away from me, and now it is my turn” Suddenly her hands were pointed directly at me as she whispered words I did not recognize.

“Elementum ego unda dico vos.

Permissum Pluit es est meus nos sic vadum exists”

Dark clouds appeared around us filled with lighting and thunder. She began to laugh again, this time eviler as she points her hands at me. I tried to run or move but my body was frozen as if I stood in cement.

As I watched the lighting get closer to me, I hear Alex shout at me while the evil bitch was laughing. I broke out of the glance as Alex was right in front of me screaming and shaking me.

“Alex I cannot move!!” You could hear the panic and fear in my voice. I stare at him desperately for help as tears form in my eyes.

“Shhh calm down, you have been training for months. Concentrated on your breathing, take deep breaths and focus all your energy on her.” His voice calmed me down but I was still shaking in fear.

“It has been a pleasure training you, now it is time for you to spread your wings” Why did it sound like a goodbye?? He cannot leave me! Turning his toward me, facing the bitch and walked toward her with demented steps.

“ALEX NO!!” I reach out to him but my arm would not move. DAMN IT!!

I watch as they began to battle. He hit her with magic spells he has yet to learn me.

“Qui affect protego,

iubas serpentibus et ligamentum meis stirpique meae domum-”

As he spoke, burn marks start showing on her skin. Her laughter became screams, and her yellow eyes turned red. She fell to her knees clenching her hands into the ground, picking up all kind of dirt. Alex continued the spell, light blue Aura with a hint of green sparkle surrounded him. At the start, I thought it was going to kill him however it was hugging him instead. It was like his shadow. Figuring it was his magic appearing, I calmed down.

His voice became louder as he spoke the same spell over and over again. As her scream became louder, the dark clouds filled with dark magic above my head start fading.

The spell was working.

But, Alex’s face began showing a sign of exhaustion. His energy was low. I need to help him quickly. Closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and concentrated my energy on the spell Alex though me.


As the word left my mouth I felt the spell broke. Bones cracks as I moved my body away from the spot. Sounded like popping plastic bubble wrap.

Suddenly I was thrown into the air, landed on top of a tree and fall down twenty ft. A scream and groan left my mouth as I landed with a thud. I think I broke my arm and a few ribs. Lifting my head to see who or what caused me to be thrown away like garbage, only to see Alex on the ground.

No! Was he dead?!

Pushing my body off the ground and limped over to his unconscious and lifeless body. Kneeling by his torso checking his pulse, it was weak but there. I have to get him out of here.

Sudden his hand moved and placed itself on my cheek. A tear escaped my eyes as the scene in front of me took a toll. Placing my own hand upon his and watch his mouth moving, but I heard nothing.

“Shhh do not use your energy, you need it later”

His mouth moves again, and this time I heard him whisper a name.


It was silent but there.

Placing my hands on his torso, I began to heal him. Unfortunately, I was pulled away by a hard grip on my shoulder.

“LET GO OF ME!!” I was not afraid to be loud. I struggle against her but lost. How was she that strong?

She let go of my shoulder and pushed me onto my knees. Waving her hands, whispering words I did not capture before smirking at me. Before I could make a nasty comment at her, my hands were tied behind my back. Hissing from the pain.


“What? Cat got your tongue?”

Was her smirker permanently on her face? Because I wanted to slap that off her. “Let me go!! What did I ever do to you?! I thought we were friends!” I admit I was angry. How dare she kiss my mate and then almost kill Alex?!

Her expression went from smirker to shock and back to smirking, only bigger this time. Was she bipolar?

“You do not know?”

“Know what?” I was getting annoyed by her presence. Her smirked reminded me of the crept cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She turned her back to me, throwing her hands into the air happy. She began mumbling and discussing with herself, but all I could hear was:

‘He..... perfect......royal.....right....-’

Nothing made sense. Ignoring her weirdness and concentrated on how I am going to escape.


But nothing happened. Her dark magic was too powerful. Instead, i went with the old way.


“Who are you?”

Since there was no way I could escape without getting killed, I might as well get some answers.

“Do you not remember? Sister?”

A gasp was heard. What?! SISTER? “Stop joking! You’re just trying to mess with me!” Is this some sick joke?

She began to walk around me, hunting her prey. Sometimes she would lean in and whisper in my ear saying that I looked like our mother.

“If I am really your sister, then why do I not remember you?!” I was angry with discussing the thought of her as my sister. And I thought Maya was crazy. “Since I am going to kill you, I might as well tell you. Because you know why?” She leans in looking me deep in the eyes. She wanted to tease me, hunt me.

“Why?” My mouth reacted before I could.

She smirked, lean back and conjured a chair. “Because dead men tell no tales” I stayed quiet, waited for her to begin.

“Eighteen years ago, on the 22 August, a girl was born. She was beautiful. Moments after she was born, the whole kingdom knew of this beauty. Her name is Princess Isabel Ignis Rose, meaning promise of god. She was the prophecy. She was going to save them all with her powers and kind-hart. Yet, she failed.

After her birth, her big sister Anastasia was forgotten. All the attention was the new princess. Her parents, King Drogo II and Queen Elsa were blinded with love to notice they have created a monster. Anastasia began to kill animals and practice dark magic at age eight. She would steal agent books from their home library, run to a secret loft and practice for hours.

Practice is perfect.

A year went by as the golden princess grew older. Already at the age of one year old, she showed sign of magic. A fire would emerge from her hand if she got too excited. But then, something terrible happened. When Isabel was four year, She was kidnapped. No one knows who is behind it, however, rumours says she is still alive. The fire kept her alive to fulfil the prophecy. The fire from Ashes, the Phoenix.

You are Princess Isabel Ignis Rose.”

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