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Chapter Twenty - One

Isabel Ignis Rose

I have a sister, Anastasia. She is beautiful, brown eyes and long brown hair. She was four years older than me. She is eight while I am four. She hates me, or that is what my best friend says, Alexanderus, but I call him Alex. He is ten years old. His dad is my dads best friend, funny right?

They work together but I do not know what. I asked dad once, but he only kissed my forehead and called me a princess. I know I am a princess. I have a crown and pretty dresses, but do you want to hear a secret?

I hate dresses.

But, I have to go. Alex is calling me, we are going outside to play!!

XoXo Rose

“ISABEL!!” I hear Alex from downstairs. I hurried to close my dairy and locking it. No one knew I had one except my dad. He gave it to my birthday and told me to keep it close to my heart. Since I am a princess, I have to learn to control my emotion and magic. He told me if I ever felt angry, sad, or alone I should write it down and the emotion will disappear.

My dairy was red with a golden bird on it. I do not know what kind of bird it is, but I always feel safe when I see it.

Once, I dream that the bird was alive and we traveled the world together. I named him Flamye because he had magic, like me. Everything he touched turned into flames, but not me. In my dream, I sat on his back while he was flying. The clouds tickled me, but I liked it.

“ISABEEEEL!!” Alex scream this time. Oh no! last time I used to much time, he tickled me until I peed my pants. I was angry at him for a whole week!

I ran down the stairs while holding the thing beside the stairs. I do not know what is it called. Alex was on the bottom of the stairs staring at me. He was angry. He had green eyes with a hint of red. I asked him why his eyes had red in it, but he only tickled me. Again!

“I am sorry! I had to help Zimba to bed.”

Zimba is my cat. I loved him, but for some reason Alex and the rest of my family hate him. He looked at me, and point at something behind me. I did not want to turn when I heard a meow. “It could be someones else cat,” I said making puppy eyes.

Some say I am to mature and do not match my age. I am four, that is what mom and dad say. Alex say I act as if I was eight! I laughed when he told me that. But, when I asked my mom and dad why people say I do not match my age, they told me I was an early bloomer.

“Sure...Are you ready to go?” Alex handed me my shoes and jacket before getting dressed. Putting on my clothes and followed him outside to our garden. We have a big garden. We have a pool, moms rose garden (which I was not allowed to be in since I steal all of the flowers) And a playground.

I ran straight to the playground that is filled with toys and children. I could hear Alex yelling at me to stop, but I wanted to play. I saw my sister on to swing alone. A huge smile appeared on my face as I ran toward her. She looked up and saw me running toward her, her eyes got huge and she jumped off the swing and ran inside. I stopped and watch her run. Every time she saw me, she would run away.

She hates me.

A hand touches my shoulder. “Do not worry Isabel, She is just shy?” Alex says. Maybe he is right, she is shy, I say to myself before smiling again. He always knew how to make me smile. I nodded to him and we began to play.


I look up to where my name came from. I saw Alex standing a few meters away from me with legs crossed and hands onto his pants.


He looked nervous and embarrassed.

“I need to pee. Can you wait inside for me?“I looked at him. He was always like this. If we were outside playing or going for a walk, I had to follow him. I was not allowed to be alone for a second. Sometimes, I was more like a guard than a friend. He was too protective.

“Why can I not wait here?” I know he needed to pee.

He looked stressed and looked around. “Please, Isabel? Can you come inside and wait there for me?”

“mhm...let me think about it,” I said while pretending I was stroking my imaginary beard. I wanted to giggle badly seeing him began to walk back and forth trying to hold in his pee.

“Isabel, just joking around! Please?!” he was desperate now. Maybe, I am being mean. I was about to say fine and stand up when he ran toward the house. My eyes almost pop out, I won?


I did a victory dance in the middle of the playground alone and giggle crazy.


I do not know for how long I did the victory dance, but it began to rain crazy.


I am going to get in trouble for not leaving with Alex and standing in the rain. I am going to get sick.


I stopped when I heard my name being called. Was someone here? I waited to see if I could hear it again, but nothing came.

Mhm... Maybe I was getting sick faster than I thought. ”Coomee Heeere"

I looked around me to see if Alex or someone else was messing with me. ”Come Here"

“Alex I know it is you! stop joking around!” I was not going to admit that he was starting to scare me. He could bully me for life if I did. ” Come Here"

Now I was scared. Maybe, it is someone else? Or nobody? Am I going insane? I start backing away from the forest in front of me and toward the house. I did not feel safe enough to turn my back to the forest. The house was a safe place. But that is when I felt it. A hand on my shoulder.

I scream and run away. I ran around the house and at the main door. I saw my mom and dad in the kitchen and ran as fast as I could toward them. Halfway I began to cry.

When they saw me running and crying toward them, they began to freak out. Dad hurried to me and lifted me to him keeping me close and protected. I have never felt scared like that before. I kept crying until I fell asleep in my dad hold.

I was awoken by the sound of my name being called again.


I wanted to cry as I grip my sheets closer to me. I watch as the window in my room opened up slowly letting the curtains dance with the wind.

“Come Here”

As if my body moved on its own, I walked out of my bed and toward the open window. I saw nothing outside. Who was talking to me? I walk out on my terrace to get a better look around. I held my favorite blanket close and tight as the cold wind almost knock me down.


What is she doing down there in the middle of the night? I was about to yell or wave my hands to get her attention when she looked up at me. Her eyes and hair had changed into black. She looked evil and scary.


Is she alright? Maybe I should go down and help her. I walked out of my room, downstairs and out the main door. We had guards everywhere and cameras, but I knew away without being seen. I placed my favorite blanked by the doorsteps before crawling into the bushes and toward Anastasia. Once, I got where she stood she was nowhere to be seen. Had she left?

“Isabel, come here”

I saw Anastasia at the beginning of the forest with her hand straight out. I walk toward her, excited that she finally wanted to play with me.

Little did I know, that I would never return.


I am in shock. It all came back to me, my real name, family, everything. The memories made me happy but sadly reality called me back and broke me. I am angry, sad and heartbroken. My best friend was Alexandrus and now he is my enemy. How did this happen?

The last thing I remember as Isabel Ignis Rose was leaving the house with my sister Anastasia. Anastasia is harper and Britney. But how? Xerxes killed her as Britney but her real name is Harper Ally Johnson. She had the same name and similar looks like my maid Harper, only she was not evil but kind. But why is there a grave for Britney? Who are these girls?

My thoughts were interrupted by a slap in the face. My left cheek was throbbing and probably had a red hand mark already. I look up to see the source of my pain, oh my dear sister Maya.


“Maya?” I whispered barely.

My head began to ace from all the information and thinking. The second time I felt a longing feeling for Xerxes.

She smirked evil at my condition and laugh at me. “Are you surprised? because I am not. Look at you, first, you come into my family steal all the attention from MY parents, and then you steal my mate!! You are a slut who does not belong anywhere in this world. I should have killed you when I had the chance”

My mouth dropped. Literally. Steal her mate? Killed me when she had the chance? When did she have that?

“Shocked that I never liked you? That I knew from the moment you were dropped onto our doorsteps that you were a princess? And not only that but you are the prophecy? ”

I remained silent as she spoke. She had changed her looks, her hair was pitch black along with her eyes. I would not recognize her if it were not for her voice. Her hair was down to her tailbone and she was thinner. But not healthy thin, more like sick thin. Her skin was pale with blue and purple. She looked like she was dead.

“-Even if I am not the one to end your life, I am glad to watch you suffer”

Her words sting like salt on an open wound. It cut deep. But the worst part is not telling Xerxes how much he means to me. I regret how I acted toward him. A tear escaped from my right eye and traveled down my cheek toward the ground. I was tired, exhausted and would be dead soon. All I wished was to be left alone and never bother again.

It all happened in slow motion.

Both of my sisters were standing in front of me bullying me for tearing up. “Ahaha look at her ugly face crying!! She is such a crybaby!” Maya commented and laugh. Soon Anastasia followed, “yeah! haha she is weak and does not deserve to live any longer”

As their voices faded into the background my eyes were focused on the tear that had left my cheek. The moment it hit the ground it began to shake. It reminds me of an earthquake but stronger.

Suddenly I was back in normal time. Maya and Anastasia were panicking and yelling at each other to find out who was responsible for this. As they were busy I took the chance to escape.


I am thankful Alex made me read that stupid big book about all magic spells. I felt the rope cover with wolfbane lost its touch around my hands and freed me. I hurried to my feet and began to collect all the energy I could find before performing the biggest spell I have ever.

Forcing all my energy into my hands that were ‘shaped’ as a ball. Closing my eyes and began to whisper the spell.

Elementum recolligo huic locus.

I whispered out loud and into the wind.

Commodo mihi vestri vox.

My whisper became louder.

Elementum ignis ego dico vos.

My voice was no longer whispering.

Is est meus nos sic vadum exists.

I repeated the same spell three times. Each time my voice was louder, stronger and I collected more energy. On the last verse I heard my sisters scream and came running toward me, but I was protected. An invisible shield was formed around me as I stood in the middle of the field. No one could touch me.

I open my eyes when I felt the warmth. Inside of my hands was fire. Red and orange colors were dancing on top of my palm. I stretched out my right hand upward toward the sky and fired. A huge ball of fire shut out from my palm and high to the sky before blowing up causing it to rain fireballs.

Screams came from my dearest sisters but I couldn’t care less. The ran around like crazy drunk people trying not to get it by the fire. If only they knew it was not a real fire but fake. The fire could not kill them but wound them badly. I wanted them to fear for their lives.

A fire-red feather dropped in front of my face and landed on the ground. I looked up to see a big shadow in the clouds. I picked up the feather to find a small paper wrapped around the bottom. Opening the paper to see a short text written in an old cursive with ink.

First will be last

Last will be first

And all in between will be cursed

Death to all mankind

This is not a threat but a warning.

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