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Chapter Twenty - Two


The sky suddenly burst into flames. Dark clouds formed as the sky began to rain fire. I have never seen anything like this. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. My people began to scream in fear but when the fireballs hit the ground it did not burn. It disappears into thin air. Some stop and began to catch the fire into their hands causing them to giggle. It tickled them instead of hurting them. The magic was not dark nor white but fire. Phoenix fire, the rarest of them all.

The prophecy had started.

I hurried gettered a few of my best warriors and trackers to find the source of the fire. My men ran in wolf form while I ran inhuman. My wolf was too aggressive and angry to let out. I will lose control of him if I let him out. He has been this way since Luretica disappeared. Nothing has been the same. My pack is afraid of me.

We ran for four hours in full wolf speed but stopped when we came to a clear landscape. That is where the weird and mystery began. When the fireballs came down from the sky it did not burn us nor the forest. But the landscape was cover with burnt grass and trees on fire. I signalled my men to spread over the field to investigate the area. Without thinking I walked straight toward the middle of the filed to find a circle with green and healthy grass with a few flowers.

I bent down to find something lying in the grass. Gold heart necklace with a name written in cursive.


But what triggered me the most is my mate’s scent. It was everywhere within the circle if you stepped outside the scent dies. Where is she? and what part did she have in this?


I turned around to find one of my best trackers Joe standing at the edge of the field. Hurried toward him hoping it was some clue of where my mate is but was thrown off guard.

A body was lying with its back toward us. It was a girl. Her clothes had brunet marks on and blood. She was human. “She had a few burnt marks and a broken rib,” Joe says.

“She is still alive, get her back to the pack. I want to speak to her”

“Yes Alpha” Joe bowed and hurried toward the girl. Her heartbeat was weak but there. She knows something about my mate and I will get the answers. After an hour of searching the area, we left. No one knew of my discovery and I am keeping it that way for now.

My wolf was at not satisfied with our findings. The first day she disappeared I had hope since she bears my mark, however, it did not turn the way we hoped. When a female or male is marked by their mate their scent changes. One can track down their mate miles and miles away, yet no sign of Luretica. Some say because I marked her without her approval, others say since she had yet to mark me back the mark do not fully work. None of the rumours is true. The first week was the hardest. My hope was slowly killed by everyone around me, including my own beta and wolf. I began to seek witches while praying every night to the moon goodness. But nothing work.

Until now.

I have not been this close to her for a month and it hurt. Hurt knowing I was not good enough for her. I love her, I really do. It did not seem like it, but I was still hurt from the past.

She is my world and I will do anything to find her again. And when I do, I will lock her in the house and never let her out of my sight again. She is mine and I am hers. We are mates. I need her. If she resists and does not want me, she is in for a fight. Because I will not leave her ever again.

“Alpha, The girl is awake,” Joe said while entering my office. I was cover with papers from packs all over the world. Packs that needed help with rogues or Alpha’s hoping I will marry one of their daughters. No one knows I have a mate, but that will change. I smirked as an idea pop up. Joe looked at me confused. I knew how to get to her. I will announce that I have found my mate, luna, and queen. The whole world will know she exists, and if someone sees her (even how dangerous it is) I can get the location and get her.

“Take me to the girl”

Maya, Luretica sister was the girl. She was lying in a hospital bed covered with bandaged and needles. As I walked in her heart rise, she was scared. Good, I thoughts and smirked. Her eyes widened when she saw my smirker. I walked over to her and sat down on her hospital bed looking at her. She quickly back away scared. She reminded me about Luretica, only weaker and not the same beauty.

“Maya, Maya, what a coincidence” I shake my head as I was talking.

“You disappeared the same time as my mate, only I found you first. Why is that?” I tilted my head to the side as I moved my hand toward her ankle and gripping tightly. It was covered with bandaged and blood. Her breathing became quicker and uneven.

“I-I uh-hm” She folded with fingers not daring to look me in the eyes and looked anywhere but me. “You what?!” I gripped tighter causing blood spill out and onto my hand. She screams in pain and the pack doctor came running but when he saw me, he turned and walked the other way. Everyone knew not to interrupt me when I am mad or serious.

Maya was crying and biting her lips in pain, but I would not care less. Luretica never liked her which med it easier for me to hurt her.

“Sh-sh-she” Maya stuttered.

“SHE WHAT?!” I yelled in her face and stood up hovering over her trying to scare the information out of her, and it worked.


I looked at Maya as if she was crazy. Oh, wait...she is! Does she expect me to buy fake information? My mate is not dead. She cannot be. I will have felt it because of the mark. I would be in enormous pain, howling and longing after my lost mate. But I am not. She is still out there scared and alone, and I will find her.

Sensing my anger, Maya curled herself into a ball and began to cry. It seems that her wolf is reacting to her Alpha’s anger.

“Please, Alpha! I am not lying. I saw her burn in the flames. Her scream is hunting me. ” Her body was shaking as if she had been frozen for hours. She carefully looked me in the eyes with tears running down her cheek. An Alpha can spot if someone is lying by listening to their heartbeat or looking into their eyes. Her heartbeat was everywhere and hard to read, but her eyes were different. She was terrified, but of what? Me? that’s understandable. However, there is something else. Not me, she was scared of something that had happened.

I stood up, letting go of her ankle and ready to walk out. I had no interest in listening to this female anymore. She was wasting my time.

“Wh-” she starts coughing up blood. But I couldn’t care less. She was dead to me. When she stopped, she wipes away the blood with the blanket and continued her saying.

“I-I can tell you what happened” she stuttered.

Now she caught my interest. I walk toward her with dementing steps before placing myself right in front of her. Gripping her neck to pull her closer to me. “If you so much tell one lie and will cut your throat and feed your body to the rouges.” She had trouble breathing but still nodded before I dropped her roughly. She began to cough again but I was not here for it.

“Start explaining before I change my mind” She quite drank some water and cleared her throat before speaking. “It all started with Alexandrus The Royal Guardian ...”


Am I dreaming? Where Am I? It was all pitch black and complete silence. The only sound was my heavy breathing. It was too dark to see my body. I looked everywhere around me. But all I could feel was the cold and soft ground. My body was shaking with coldness. I was naked as well.

The last memory I had was with Maya and Anastasia. I knocked them both unconscious until a fire red feather landed in front of me. The warning about death to all mankind. I had to help them.

I scream and stopped up with panic. Something had dropped onto me. It was small and cold. My thoughts immediately went to thinking it was an animal. But when I stood up making it drop, it made a weird sound. As if it was metal or something similar. I waited a few minutes but it felt like hours before stepping toward where I think it is. Since it is pitch dark, I used my feet to find the object. Once I found it, I was about to pick it up the lights came on. It was too bright to see and I squeezed my eyes shut trying to get used to the bright light before opening them slowly again. But what I saw shocked me.

The object that dropped onto me was a gold heart necklace. But not only that, it had my real name written in cursive. It is beautiful. I went to pick it up but my hands went right through it. Weird. I tried, tried and tried again but the same thing happened. My hands could not pick it up. But why could I feel it before the lights came on? What is happening?!

For the first time after the lights were turned on, I looked around to find myself in a familiar place. I was still the landscape, only everything was burned. Grass, trees except where I stood. I was in the middle of a circle with healthy green grass with some flowers. I was still naked but not cold anymore. I did not feel anything. Cold nor warm. Placing my hand on top of my chest where my heart will be. Only to find it not beating anymore.

Am I dead?

But how could this have happened? I did not remember dying. I had to be dreaming, right? I tried to contact my wolf but I could not feel her presence anymore. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time, however it was like something was stopping me. As if I did not have the feeling anymore. Slowly I sat down in an Indian Yoga position before closing my eyes. I need to focus if I want to leave this place.

Hours passed by but nothing happened. I felt useless. Invisible. Not long ago I spotted Maya body lying at the edge of the landscape. She was not moving but breathing. I still have the werewolf powers without my wolf, and it sucks. Because it just reminds me of what I have lost.

Heavy footsteps were coming this way. If sounded either a giant or a few large humans running toward this location. Opening my eyes in happiness thinking I could be saved but realized they will not see me nor hear me. I watch as a few large males walking toward me but the split and walked different directions. But the one thing that stood out was him. My mate.

A single tear ran down my cheek as I watch him walk toward me. I wanted to jump into his arms and cry my heart out. I have missed him more than I thought. The closer he got the harder it was to breathe. I wanted to wave my hands, scream anything to draw his attention. But nothing. He did not see me.

Once he had reach where I sat. He bends down to my level to pick up my necklace I had forgotten about. His eyes meet mine without him knowing. Another tear escaped my eyes. Not before now I realized that I love him. I wanted nothing more than to be his mate, Luna, and queen. His everything. I went to place my hand on his cheek but one of his men interrupted me.


He quickly reacted and ran over to where his men were gathered. They stood over Maya talking before my mate order two men to carry Maya back to where they came from. They all began to walk back but my mate paused and looked back to where I sat, before turning his back toward me and walk away.

I could hear my heart shattered into millions of pieces before blacking out again.

I woke up again only this time I was in pain. It felt like all my bones were broken, twisted and played with. My head was about to explode. But, I felt alive. I missed that feeling. Opening my eyes slowly to find fire red wings hugging my body. I was on my way to scream when I saw a familiar face.


Flamye had grown. His wings are twice the size along with his head and legs. The last time I saw him, he was a baby. The size of a puppy, but now he is the size of a large wolf. His feathers are on fire. Literally. The tips of his wings had a small fire but there were under control.

He is the Phoenix

After that thought left my mind a sudden and sharp pain hit my back. Fu*k that hurt. It felt as if someone was stabbing my back over and over again. The pain came back after a few minutes. It feels like contractions. Lasted a few seconds before disappearing for a few minutes. Each time they got closer to each other until the pain and the break was only seconds apart.

“AHhhh!!” I let out a scream as my tears ran down my cheeks in a hurry to leave. The pain was worse than shifting into a wolf. I felt like dying slowly. The worst part was the heath. I was extremely warm, like on fire almost. I felt as if I stepped into a volcano. Watching my memories playing in my head, hunting me for what I am leaving behind. But one memory was sticking out the most.


“... Moon tattoo appearing. I hissed as the pain grew bigger and gasp when it went away. It was beautiful, the half - moon where small, white, and surrounded by tiny stars. I loved it. I went to touch it when a hand stops me, sparks and heart entered my body. I looked up to meet icy blue eyes.”


I was out of the air. Struggling to breathe like a fish on land. If this room ad a sharp object I would have killed myself a long time ago, but I couldn’t. I loved him and my family too much to leave them. After everything I had been through, I could not just leave now.

“Stay Strong”

A voice inside my head said. But it was not Amy. It was a different voice, one I had not heard before, and it scared me. It was a strong female voice, she gave me comfort and help me breathe again. It was weird but I was desperate and listen to the voice.

Maybe I was imagining it, but it was trying to help me and I was not going to deny help. I kept listening to the voice as my breathing became better and pain started to disappear. Once it all was gone and over, I open my eyes to see I was surrounded by small fires and ashes from a bigger fire.

I looked down to see my hair was no longer black but white, also I was no longer naked. However, I was covered with sweat. But I was not complaining right now, I thought I was going to die. Carefully I stood up, however, there was a weigh on my back that dragged me down making me fall. I fell hard to the cold floor. But I was not about to give up now!

I tried again to stand up on my shaking legs and succeeded this time. Once I was up, I saw a mirror ahead of me. It was a long wall mirror with dirt on, It made it difficult to see. I walk toward and removed some of the dirt with my hands before letting out a scream.

There were wings attached to my back. Turning sideways to get a better look at my back, only to begin to cry. What is happening?! Why do I have fire red wings? And they are enormous. I can not walk with these.

However, they are beautiful. Long, powerful wings with a small fire at the tip of the feathers. I was not naked anymore but wearing a short black leather jumpsuit. I do not know how else I can explain it. It was weird but beautiful at the same time. I had black ballerina shoes, however, the one thing that stood out was a tribe tattoo.

I was on top of my shoulder and almost down to my elbow. Its a tattoo of the three creatures that survive in the storm hundreds of years ago. The bat, the wolf, and the Phoenix. They all were dancing with each other in peace. It was magnificent and wonderful.

Finally, I went to my face. My hair had turned from black to white, but my eyes were still blue. Thank god! I do not think I would be happy with white or red eyes. Something moved behind me making me look over my shoulder. I found Flayme staring at me. He flew over and landed on top of the mirror, then bend his head down to me. He gazed into my eyes before flying away causing me to fall. I looked to where he had flown to but he was nowhere to see.

Standing up and walked toward where I think he flew to. The room was small with one window and a random mirror attach to the wall. It reminded me of the mirror in Harry Potter only this room was smaller and cosy. I walked over to the window, it was small but I could squeeze through. Peeking out the window to find Flamye on top of a random branch cleaning his wings as if it’s normal to see this creature.

How did he fly out without the window open?

I open the window and let out a sigh. The cold and fresh air gave me goosebumps, I felt as if I could finally breathe. I enjoyed the cold air for a while before start climbing out the window. However, I did not expect was the height. I had to fly to or else I will fall and become a flat pancake.

Once I was out and standing on the roof, I closed my eyes and focus on my wings. I tried to open and close them carefully. It was easier than I thought, but I had a feeling the flying part is more difficult.

I had been doing the same thing for an hour now, open and closing my wings trying to get used to the feeling. Trying to be one with them, but it was difficult. I miss Amy and a random voice. The voice I had yet to return but I ignored it.

Opening my eyes before jumping off the roof.

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